Giannis Antetokounmpo Wins #KiaDPOY | 2019-20 NBA Season

Watch the best defensive plays from the 2019-20 #KiaDPOY Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks!

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So you're telling me that he just won mip, mvp, and dpoy in a 3 years. This is just different
DeMarvelous DeChosen
DeMarvelous DeChosen:
Seeing as how Giannis has the wingspan of a pterodactyl im not too surprised
I was really confused for a second seeing a full stadium. I've been so used to empty ones lol
Kian Dave Bucol
Kian Dave Bucol:
The best thing about his defense is that he'd rather get posterized than give free points
Sijan Grg
Sijan Grg:
He’ll be the first since Jordan and Olajuwon to win MVP and DPOTY in the same year
When god created giannis, he was in a good mood.
MrBrettStickz YT
MrBrettStickz YT:
Akumpooooo ur literally 86’9 congrats
Jan Andrew Magluyan
Jan Andrew Magluyan:
Great season for the greek god. Hope he'll soon get a ring.
no future at all
no future at all:
Can't believe he's just 25 years old. He has a lot of years to add more accolades in his resume.
Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker:
MVP coming guaranteed
William Tshepo
William Tshepo:
He's definately winning the MVP
Young Freeman
Young Freeman:
Anyone that thinks he doesn’t deserve it doesn’t watch basketball and thinks blocks are the only defensive stat
Pls help me reach 50k subscribers without a video
Pls help me reach 50k subscribers without a video:
He went from a Kevin Durant body to a muscular Hulk. He put in the work. Well-deserved!
Julie Paris
Julie Paris:
He surely can’t win DPOY without being the MVP as well.
Fingering Things ✔️
Fingering Things ✔️:
Would be wild if he won both MVP and DPOY this season
William Turnquist
William Turnquist:
The reason I like the pick so much is that he’s the only player that is truly a menace on the perimeter and in the paint, where Rudy can block better, Kawhi can defend the outside better, Giannis is better than 90% of players for both
TheTruth IsKnown
TheTruth IsKnown:

In the same yr would be the best season ever by anyone
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Giannis Antetokounmpo:
Thanks thanks. I am very happy for this award, but it would be perfect if the Mvp also gave it to me
NeMaKoS_ KiLLaZ_
NeMaKoS_ KiLLaZ_:
Giannis definitely deserved this , as well as the mvp that i believe he's gonna get.For anyone that thinks that someone else worths the mvp more than Giannis is just stoopid.This guy puts like 30+ points in every game,he gets a lot of rebounds and also make assists. It's the first time that i see a 7ft player who can do almost everything, meanwhile other players in his height can't even run.If you wanna trash talk about him it's ok but everyone knows this facts
Elijah Richardson
Elijah Richardson:
Great Season For The Greek God. Hopefully he gets his ring soon
Igor Cabral
Igor Cabral:
And now that Giannis is getting recognition I am seeing a lot of haters, that's Humanity for you
The Essence
The Essence:
Man his defense is electrifying
E B:
Did the nba just give Giannis the dpoy bc he didn’t get mvp? I saw a bunch of ppl saying stuff like that I’m generally curious
Now all he needs is 6th man of the year
You just know flight gonna flame Akumpo😂
Abel Andariego
Abel Andariego:
We all know he’s the MVP. If they end up giving it to LeBron it would be RIDICULOUS! Cuz if LeBron were averaging Giannis’ numbers, the debate wouldn’t exist
Γιάννης Μπ
Γιάννης Μπ:
Shold have won it last year as well , but fk it happy for it this year. Justice.
Clippers fan 13
Clippers fan 13:
Give Giannis the other award he deserves them
LeBron will place 2nd in MVP votes while AD finished 2nd in DPOY votes. Giannis won them both. It's crazy to think how you win both awards in a single season.
jef cergos
jef cergos:
The Best COMPETITOR in the Nba. Should win MVP too. Congratulations!
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment:
Could you imagine driving in for a layup and hearing Giannis chasing you. I think i’ll hand it to him instead.
The GreekFreak shines again. God bless him!
10k subs without videos
10k subs without videos:
It was a close one between him and AD but he deserved it
Hekima Martina
Hekima Martina:
1:21 Got his revenge from last year💪💪💪💪💪
dim sdaw
dim sdaw:
5:14 : Pretty much sums up the bucks as a team. Giannis gives his best effort to step up their game but just when any of his teammates needs to do the same in a tough situation he hits the rim, as stated by the disappointed commentator...
Lane living
Lane living:
He's in that Hakeem Mj class
Make Africa proud brotha
Greek Freak💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Mc Kool Aid
Mc Kool Aid:
He literally has a 56 foot wingspan
Subscribe for Good Luck
Subscribe for Good Luck:
To literally the 1% who's Reading this, stay safe, God bless you and have a good day!
Kornel Pierzchniak
Kornel Pierzchniak:
When you play against giannis you already know you're getting sh**ted on lmao
Sergio K
Sergio K:
8:27 in 4 seconds he steals the ball in defence and dunks in offence !!!!
Kinshasa PR.
Kinshasa PR.:
Imagine Giannis and Luka on the same team! 😲
His commitment to actually use his length in the paint is plausible, but his awareness of passing lanes is crazy!
Daniel Henke
Daniel Henke:
Angry Sammich
Angry Sammich:
Akunpo you're literally 45' 6" you should win everything
I'm a Milwaukee fan, and it's really hard to say with a straight face that hes winning a ring tok this year, but DPOY and MVP??🤩
Wayne Sanders
Wayne Sanders:
AKUuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmppppppooooooo that's what happens when ur 85'7
When will the mvp be announced?
sleepy guy
sleepy guy:
Can't wait to see Flight's reaction
FEAR 2k:
Giannis should of got mip 😂 he gonna be one of the greatest
Titus Trey-Frazier
Titus Trey-Frazier:
Well deserved 🙌🏼💯
Olando Lawrence
Olando Lawrence:
i really thought ad shouldve won but im still happy for my guy
This dude keep running and jumping then win DPOY. epic. hahaha
Ridgemond Takunda Muranda
Ridgemond Takunda Muranda:
NBA: Giannis is the 2020 NBA DPOY

Giannis: That's a great pick!
big lipped chode
big lipped chode:
Flightreacts be like: Well if your 89'16 u should win it
He definitely deserved it. Congratulations from an OKC fan 🤙
Jayson M Patumaka
Jayson M Patumaka:
Giannis getting the MVP now he's got the DPOY been leading his team all year now getting rewarded!!
PinoyMillennial inJoypreneur
PinoyMillennial inJoypreneur:
Wow he deserves it..and the MVP award.🙂
Ryan Hallberg
Ryan Hallberg:
“Is giannis a defender? I guess... I guess.”
Losers Pros
Losers Pros:
Man It’s really hard to work on handles crossover and off the dribble , I wish I was tall and just train sprinting like gannis .
He really is the modern Shaq, this is awesome to watch as a basketball fan
10:36 that's insane
Jayden Truter
Jayden Truter:
I'd be doin that too If I were 75'10"
Santi Poveda
Santi Poveda:
Now we just have to wait for the mvp video
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez:
Screw this man! He is too OP i the 2k21 demo 😂😂😂
Ana Pedroza
Ana Pedroza:
deserved to win but u will not get ring today and more comming years!!
O T B J:
Giannis' LENGTH is such an advantage..
Makes you wonder about the other appendage we can't all see. 😂😂😂
Bro it should've been Rudy Gobert what you mean? I mean he susp-
Nah im kidding. Giannis definitely deserves this!
this video makes it seem like he get 4 blocks per game 😂
No way....AD should have been DPOY
Dominick Alexander Diaz Ángeles
Dominick Alexander Diaz Ángeles:
Alguien habla español y también es fanático de la NBA?!😎❤
Mawitea4m Mawitea4m
Mawitea4m Mawitea4m:
Bet he would won mvp too.
He been doing the best on both ends.
Eli Maestro
Eli Maestro:
The Greek God back at it again. Great season
Sup Re-up
Sup Re-up:
AKUMPO...ur literally 65’9
Harry Beckenbauer
Harry Beckenbauer:
Congratulations on MVP too
nowitos wagers
nowitos wagers:
He not winning the title tho 😂
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson:
Im happy for Giannis he’s come a long way.....But I wanted AD to win
Charlee Matthew
Charlee Matthew:
Rayford Adam
Rayford Adam:
When did the award ceremony happen I'm confused I got 0 notification
AD be like: but I'm that guy Ayyyyyyy Deeeee
فنان كورة مر من هنا فنان كورة مر من هنا
فنان كورة مر من هنا فنان كورة مر من هنا:
You deserve it buddy 🙌🏾
Aadhi Ash 018
Aadhi Ash 018:
My 3 favorite players of the NBA this season:
Damian Lillard
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Jamal Murray
AK Buckets
AK Buckets:
11 mins of stealing and blocking shots...than right after takes it down court as the PG and turns it into a fastbreak offense.

He is DPOY and if he doesn't win MVP than it would be robbery.

This team would be a first round exit in the east without him.
Vic Robbins
Vic Robbins:
How nuts would it be if he was the 1st unanimous MVP to earn a DPOY as well. He’s on pace to be the 2nd unanimous MVP in history rn
Kid Flashy
Kid Flashy:
He’s got a serious case for the best PF of all time if he gets some rings and probably has the most dominant prime behind Shaq.
Luigi Castillo
Luigi Castillo:
4:04 dem legs extending
The NBA01st Legion
The NBA01st Legion:
So sure the dpoy, and mvp gets his team gentlemen’s sweeped in the second round.
1:21 that crowd cheer though goosebumps..
brozaiah 0642
brozaiah 0642:
I wanted ad to win but I'm happy for giannis
Gratz Giannis! 💪🏾
Should've won it last year...back-to-back MVP and DPoY💯
A-list Basketball
A-list Basketball:
Uploaded another video🔥🤘
Juanito Dacua
Juanito Dacua:
The best thing in it is this award all happen in regular season ..

Sooner breaks out heart with this blinded hope that bucks gonna win the chip..
Solo Rap Lyrics
Solo Rap Lyrics:
11:05 Angry Embid 🤣
Putra Kriswanto
Putra Kriswanto:
Good conten bro!!!!
Luke Pannell
Luke Pannell:
Humanoid Banana
Humanoid Banana:
Akoumpo you're literally 8'7 chill out
Roberts osawaru
Roberts osawaru:
I am happy that Giannis won the defensive player of the year award. I personally feel like Anthony Davis should have gotten it but Giannis deserves it.
pi cruise
pi cruise:
This is preposterous! I've read that there is only one guy who has been breaking stats records year after year. Just ask ESPN and his youtube fans. He is the goat.
Stavros Skarmoutsos
Stavros Skarmoutsos:
Γιάνναρος!!! 💪