Giannis Antetokounmpo Will Sign With The Miami Heat in Free Agency According to NBA History

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Night Warrior
Night Warrior:
If Pat Riley gets Giannis in a room it's over.
Shonen Anime
Shonen Anime:
This is a big dub for the heat whether they get him or not👏
Ogugua Anunoby
Ogugua Anunoby:
I GUARANTEE (in my best Charles Barkley voice) that Giannis will pull a KD and sign with the team that best him in the playoffs
DatsTuff 100k
DatsTuff 100k:
Lebron: Gets drafted in 2003
Giannis: Gets drafted in 2013
Lebron: Get first mvp in 2009
Giannis: Gets first mvp in 2019
Lebron: Goes to Maima Heat in 2010
Giannis: Goes to Miami Heat 2020
Lebron: Goes to Cleveland Cavaliers 2014

Let me know what y’all think
Bren DeZen
Bren DeZen:
Giannis on HEAT will be the driving force to make me quit my Knicks fandom. Sorry..
alp kulaksizoglu
alp kulaksizoglu:
Giannis fits the culture perfectly. If he wants to win, he needs to go to Miami. If he wants to win with Bucks, he can go back later just like Lebron.
i didn’t know ‘NBA History’ was a source
Noushauga _
Noushauga _:
The Heat definitely needs a big man with defense, if Giannis can play alongside Bam in the paint im all for it.
Berleezy's Scared face
Berleezy's Scared face:
Mike: did I forget to mention I’m giving away a ps5?
The Beast
The Beast:
If Giannis goes to the heat they are a shoe in for the finals
Petros Tokadzhyan
Petros Tokadzhyan:
Only people who watched the premiere can like
As long as he doesn’t go to the Warriors, I’m cool.
This is what I’ve been saying for the longest. Bam & Giannis both share the same agent, you don’t think that agent isn’t in Giannis ear about this Miami Heat team. Giannis can say all the nice things but the fact of the matter is, if they don’t win a championship, he’s gone. Milwaukee doesn’t have many attractive trade assets imo or large cap space for a Max star. Miami wouldn’t have to trade for Giannis, they can wait for 2021 and keep the team intact AND sign a Max star...that would be Giannis.
If the Heat get Giannis they will dominate this decade.
Don’t care, kcp is goated, he hit clutch shots in the playoffs
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele:
As a Heat fan, I really wish to happen if Giannis could sign up with the NBA Florida team from his free agency which I do believe Erik Spoelstra would be a suitable coach for him
Wilmar Rosario
Wilmar Rosario:
"If you can't beat them, join them"
Dirty Sanchez
Dirty Sanchez:
“Is it that tampering” 🤣🤣 giannis got jokes but idk why when people with foreign accents make a joke it always 100 times funnier
Royko Farm
Royko Farm:
Giannis is perfect fit for the Heat and GSW.
Titus Baldwin
Titus Baldwin:
It’s going be a wrap once pat riley come in the room with trophy’s and rings
Rohin Shibu
Rohin Shibu:
One like=one prayer for bronny 🙏
kristen munson
kristen munson:
Im a bucks fan I want him to leave and get a chip he my favorite player ever
D .mcfunkerdoodle
D .mcfunkerdoodle:
I swear, two seasons and it's like people want no Stars to go to the Bucks.
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin:
The dumbest fans: “But will Giannis sign with the team that beat him in the playoffs?“ If this is a question you’re asking, you are living on a low frequency.
Nainoa Kapu
Nainoa Kapu:
Giannis signs with Bucks:
FlightMike: The Move we All Expected
JL Mob Productions
JL Mob Productions:
The Greek Freak gone take is talents’s down to South Beach 🏖😭😭🔥🔥
Jonas Nascimento
Jonas Nascimento:
That KD move was more of a "I don't like the culture of my team, you just broke all regular season records and you guys just got 2nd place so it won't be as foul a if you guys won 🤷🏽‍♂️" the warriors didn't need him he needed them
Titus Baldwin
Titus Baldwin:
I was saying this he should just sign with Miami they have a better young team and shooters and dawgs
Smartypantz 69
Smartypantz 69:
POV ur waiting for a “this aged well” comment or “this didn’t age well”
John Rey Macoy
John Rey Macoy:
If this become reality. This will a rivairy in the making I wabt to see them in the finals it's gonna be awesome..
Gilli wan
Gilli wan:
”fully loaded Cavaliers squad”
this is too funny😂
As soon as mike said who kcp's agent is, I was like oh shit he got a point
Andres Velasquez
Andres Velasquez:
I told ya this like 2 years ago, but lets go Giannis 2021 to the Heat.
Anthony Olid
Anthony Olid:
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas:
Summary: "Giannis to the Heat because Rich Paul did the same with AD to the Lakers."
Justin Brennan
Justin Brennan:
That would make allot of sense for Miami if they afford all those amazing peices. Wow they would have it all and answer for AD. Next year will be allot more difficult full season and KD and Golden State back!!!
I want Giannis to go to the Raptors. And if not Toronto then Miami
Anthony Hauck
Anthony Hauck:
Well since you put it like that he’s goin to the heat
Marvin Estrada
Marvin Estrada:
Giannis with jimmy would be troubled because now AD anit gonna be comfortable on offense
Dae Da Don
Dae Da Don:
“iM hEaTeD bRo”😭😭😭😭😭
TheFlightMike is the Goat🐐 I swear😭😭😭
Imagine the east when Giannis goes to Miami... Giannis, Jimmy, Bam, Goran, Tyler and Nunn vs Kyrie, KD and Caris
Romaro Covington
Romaro Covington:
If they land him in Miami stakes definitely will rise trust the universe 💯
Anderson App
Anderson App:
What's up Mike, I have been watching your content for a few years now via various different accounts and I can definitely say you have improved a lot during that time frame.
Your depth of knowledge and wide coverage of the league is impressive.
Keep up the grind player, we appreciate you out here. 👊🏽
It’z Money
It’z Money:
He going to the warriors
Eric Barajas
Eric Barajas:
That’s interesting flightmike wanted to be a dentist, dentist get paid over 200,000$ a year according to google. That’s good money.
Ty YT:
Nobody IN LA in a bandwagom laker fan. Only bandwagon clipper fans
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura:
There’s so many parallels to LeBron & Giannis right now
Solo West
Solo West:
Mike this actually makes sense. Chances this may happen I say 60%. If it does the heat will be straight dogs. 👍
Bro loving this content 👌 🔥🔥🔥
If giannis goes to heat they champions 2021 idc they got insane depth the got the jimmy leadership and the giannis MVP talent IDC
I been saying it about the Heat all season and for 3 years watching my home team... And that’s that they was missing pieces and now a piece that would’ve got the other 2 wins that could’ve possibly beat the Lakers... The Miami Heat arguably are one of the best team ball squads we seen in years... So this video comes to me as no shock and is very much possible of things to come next season... I’m glad you made us aware about them having the same agent... Like mentioned in your previous video Miami is a destination and we are going to catch a big fish during the off season...
Manuel Torrecampo
Manuel Torrecampo:
Im solid heat nation excited if giannis sign to the heat..
Brett Eakins
Brett Eakins:
had mike’s intro music stuck in my head today, this man knows how to market😂
Devine n’ Abby
Devine n’ Abby:
Bruh if Giannis goes to the heat imma be hype I’m so excited for that if it happens he gonna look fire in the heat jersey and a heat and La rivalry would be awesome to see these next few years 😤
Colin Mgbeke
Colin Mgbeke:
That cav squad was “fully loaded”???? lol yea right
Mr. Nut
Mr. Nut:
I feel like bam specifically been pushing for giannis on the team all season. Rumors are bice cant wait to see what happens. Go heat
Alan R
Alan R:
Giannis should go to the Lakers with his brother, and he’ll finally win a ring.
Benjamln Lewis
Benjamln Lewis:
That's some serious chip talk right there ,Heat get Gainnis, Bam stays home, JB, gets hyped, Hero b comes just that. Dragic with that vet bench.
Bring Ur damn lunch pale, it going 2 b a 2 martini
lunch baby.
Fardin Sajid
Fardin Sajid:
Excited for this!
Nintendo Nerd
Nintendo Nerd:
He finna say that he’s gonna take his talents to south beach and join the Miami heat 🤣
Nigel Snow
Nigel Snow:
“go ahead freak” most disrespectful thing i heard all week😭
Rachel Rechnitz
Rachel Rechnitz:
Also the nba all star draft second round giannis picked kris middleton but after that bam adebayo you could even check the nba all star draft video I am not lying
when i saw "The Miami Heat" instead of the Golden State Warriors i almost started to cry lol
Trippie Free
Trippie Free:
Um need him to make a PUSH what would you say they did this year
Levon Joseph
Levon Joseph:
SO Bradley Beal AND Giannis going to MIA?? Mannn please 😂✌️ With the BS
Seidon Hertz
Seidon Hertz:
I still like the idea of giannis with GS it’s perfect
There one thing you forgot to mention. Lakers have Giannis Brother!
Sam Tzabery
Sam Tzabery:
I have one name. "The Godfather"
Cam the Hustler
Cam the Hustler:
KCP getting a 18 million dollar contract while Trippy redd claims he has 11 million
Christian Groth Lifting
Christian Groth Lifting:
I've been subbed w the notifications on send that ps5 my way 😂🙃
Fresh Hawaii
Fresh Hawaii:
The only win the Milwaukee got against Miami was when Giannis was out.
PackerNation 12
PackerNation 12:
It’s actually hilarious how you want him to leave Milwaukee so bad. if Giannis stays you the first person I’m coming to
I haven't had him in my reccomend for a hot minute even tho I'm subbed... I had to look him up to find a video.. any1 else have this problem?
Devine n’ Abby
Devine n’ Abby:
That reaction got me dead 😂😂😂💀 Love you’re content new subscriber but I’ve been watching a lot of your vids lately keep it up ✊🏾🙏🏾
The Rockout Lab
The Rockout Lab:
The pelicans finessed them cus they got way more the next year 😂
David McKnight
David McKnight:
🤯🤯🤯🤯 this sounds like straight facts
You are such a professional!! That means your approach and incredible content!! 😃
James Henry
James Henry:
Subscribed and post notifications on‼️
Stephen Wiafe-Amoako
Stephen Wiafe-Amoako:
this man said tampering dont count on all star weekend lmaooooooooooooo im deadddd
I swear watch this man go from 20k Subs to 400k in months Respect The Grind Bro 🖤
SEI my name
SEI my name:
Great insight bud. Love the editing and putting that all star pick clip at the right moment
Michael Kinghorn
Michael Kinghorn:
If the heat get Giannis, I dont know how they could loose a game
Kingmaker Inc
Kingmaker Inc:
Completely makes sense. Wouldn't be surprised at all if giannis goes to the Heat esp after another early playoff exit next season
Insane mobile Gaming
Insane mobile Gaming:
Hey mike are you giving away a PS5 lol love you though
D3ngfrm 51
D3ngfrm 51:
Come on man I was looking forward to “mic check 12 12”
JayronzHD X
JayronzHD X:
“According to nba history” 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
mike jones
mike jones:
You're reaching!!
but it's a damn good reach.. and like you said, I won't be a bit surprised when it pan out the way you described it.. good video
Love your content, keep it up man👌🏼☺️
The Real Talk Show
The Real Talk Show:
I remember that reaction video 😂😂😂
Leonardo R
Leonardo R:
Y’all forgetting the warriors, they have steph and Kay, dramond and Wiggins for trading peace’s and the 2 overall pick which they might get James wisemen
Charles O'Neill
Charles O'Neill:
Yoo that reaction I'm crying 😂😂😂
aj dodji u moj kraj da ti jebem mater bre
aj dodji u moj kraj da ti jebem mater bre:
Bro I've been watching for a lot now but realized iwassnt subbed,hope I win that ps5
Iwillslapyou sir
Iwillslapyou sir:
I take my hat off to Mike, that prediction was legit
John Ledger
John Ledger:
He staying in Milwaukee he has this big ass mansion being built right now as we speak in downtown Milwaukee he not a sell out like half these over players and Milwaukee bucks owners have the money to surround him with a champion ship team
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton:
Nobody want to see giannis heat they want to see him with the warriors
If Giannis joins the Heat then it's KD 2.0, that's the same team that almost swept him last season. 🤷‍♂️
Eric Carmen
Eric Carmen:
I would like to have a PS5 so I can catch up on NBA 2k21. Right now I'm playing 2k17
LB So Wavy718
LB So Wavy718:
I knew LeBron was going to the Lakers since his 2nd year (2016-2017 season) in Cleveland. All the signs was there.
Will K
Will K:
He said fully loaded like J.R. Smith wasn't starting for that team. He said it like they had 5 all-stars like the golden state warriors did.
Sleek S
Sleek S:
One of the best intro by far 💯 I agree all points with this video.
Joseph Duncan
Joseph Duncan:
Interesting. I'm playing MyCareer on NBA2K21 and... Giannis goes to Miami.
...then I see this video.