‘Ghostbusters’ Star Rick Moranis Randomly Attacked

Rick Moranis, star of the 1989 hit comedy “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” was sucker punched Thursday morning in an unprovoked attack on New York City’s Upper West Side, according to the NYPD. Surveillance video shows the assailant approaching Moranis, 67, and punching him in the head near the actor’s home on Central Park West. The suspect, wearing a black “I heart New York” sweatshirt, then calmly walks away. In a statement, Moranis said he is "grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes."

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Coward wouldn’t have done that to somebody his own size.
Call it what it is: a black racist attacked an old white man on purpose.
Peacepiperf20 Timmy
Peacepiperf20 Timmy:
Literally the only celebrity that doesn't deserve this. :(
If this didn't involve a celebrity they'd be able to hide it from you
Pee Noice
Pee Noice:
He was attacked because he was white, old, isolated and couldn't defend himself or in other words a hate crime.
Rick Moranis taking a mostly peaceful stroll in Manhattan.
LOL at "randomly." Nothing random about this racist hate crime.
Matthew -
Matthew -:
Why is there no "black man punched white old guy" in the title? That's unfair. Call it what it is.
johnny gladstone
johnny gladstone:
Why is that black people attack white people and this isn't a hate crime ?
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Must put the suspect to prison
Flat Top
Flat Top:
It was a hate crime for sure who punches a little old dude like that he’s only 5’3
C S:
If the races were reversed, do you think the media would call it a hate crime?
Madeline H.
Madeline H.:
Poor Rick. I hope he’s doing alright and that this jerk gets caught.
John J
John J:
Hate crime. Weird race isn’t mentioned when I’m sure if it was Ernie Hudson hit by a white guy they’d sure mention it.
Ahh the future of race relations looks promising.
Ronan Radio
Ronan Radio:
he didnt shun the spotlight his wife died and he quit to raise his kids
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson:
This is what the media has created.. congratulations media.. you’ve caused black Americans to think every white person is an enemy.. hope the karma is sent you way x 100
Clarence Jones
Clarence Jones:
A white man just brutally attacked an unarmed black man’s fist with his face. Somebody call Ben Crump.
“I dont know anyone that deserves to be chopped up and fed to a hungry plant”

Mmmmm sure you do
Ryan curry
Ryan curry:
*blurs face of victim* “It’s Rick Moranis”
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy:
Having grown up in Toronto in the early 80's, all I can say is that you don't do that to a fellow hoser, so TAKE OFF EH! Hope Rick is ok.
maga mag
maga mag:
Imagine reverse situation,what an outrage it would become..
Andrew H.
Andrew H.:
"Hope the guy is arrested !" For unprovoked attack/ hate crime.
I hope Rick sues you all for hiding the fact it was a hate crime
Brenda Natal
Brenda Natal:
This was a straight-up race attack no doubt
It was a racial attack
John Douglas
John Douglas:
Imagine the headlines if a white man randomly attacked a black man?
Josh Hernandez
Josh Hernandez:
Why doesn’t it say “black man attacks elderly white man “ in headline?
Would say that if other way around
Why is media not mentioning race. Looks like a black on white hate crime.
As other people have commented....why isn't everyone up in arms as this is one of many like this, a hate crime. If the races were reversed it would be getting triple the attention, riots and looting would be happening. Ridiculous.
I.E KiD:
Awe hell no homie just hurt my favorite childhood movie dad 😡
Aurélien Fuentes
Aurélien Fuentes:
the democrats destroy NY, they will destroy the us
It was a mistake, he thought it was Chris Wallace
Amy Harris
Amy Harris:
This is why someone needs to become a vigilante and find these types people .
C S:
I wonder why the media did not call it a hate crime? Whatever could the reason be?
Call it what it is, a racially motivated hate crime.
john boi
john boi:
An absolute gem of a human being. This man gave up Hollywood fame after the passing of his wife to raise his children and give them a beautiful life.
Love this man. Protect him at all cost humanity, not too many real ones left 🤟
Judging by Rick's Twitter page he's a staunch lefty, let's see if this changes his tune...doubt it.
Hopefully there's enough cameras around to follow him home.
Toby Barton
Toby Barton:
No mention of possible hate crime or that attacker was black.
Imagine if a white hoodie had punched Samuel L Jackson
Imagine being so low you punch an old man....
It’s the elephant in the room. A certain crime demographic is obvious here and nobody wants to say it out loud, but here goes: Hoodies. Avoid people with hoodies.
Coming soon: "Honey, I armed the kids!"
Garrett Sheldon
Garrett Sheldon:
Our boy Rick , we’ve missed you. Don’t let this set the tone.
Jacqueline Jones
Jacqueline Jones:
The level of disrespect is immeasurable.
johnny johansson
johnny johansson:
Another black on white hatecrime.
This was a racist attack
Mark K
Mark K:
Random you say? - Have you taken a look at crime stats? Do you point out that this man is BLACK just like you would if any white would have done something like this? No you would make a racial issue about it. This was a racial attack, and the media ignores this.
Fake Giggles 666
Fake Giggles 666:
This was a racial attack because he is white. It's happening all the time now.
It wasn't random, it was because he was white and didn't pose a threat to the jogger.
stephen hunter
stephen hunter:
"Peaceful protester gives 67 year old man high five"
Saurabh Chaudhary
Saurabh Chaudhary:
“New York is back baby!!!”

P.S: Looks like a hate crime to me
Rinaldo Gandolfi
Rinaldo Gandolfi:
CNN: 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' star uses face to break innocent black man's fist.
Diatomic Joker
Diatomic Joker:
Is this what white privilege looks like? Probably still find a way to blame the white guy.
Raymond Li
Raymond Li:
If moranis is black and the attacker is white, would have been called racist
Blazing Badger
Blazing Badger:
I got to see him at a comic convention in 2019 and he's such an amazing guy I'm glad he's okay
Constant news stories of a certain group of "men" committing violence... this is way I always side with the cops
Micah B.
Micah B.:
That guy who punched him will be found, and the Internet will tear his life apart.
Jonathan Nagel
Jonathan Nagel:
The suspect remains at large because I don’t know any New Yorker, especially on Central Park West, who wears “I ♥️NY” clothing.
Luke Snyder
Luke Snyder:
Every incident/video like this gets Trump 100K more votes. Just saying.
Dawson D
Dawson D:
“New York is back baby!!!” - Bill Burr 😂😂💀 but fr tho I hope rick is okay
Kevin Hunt
Kevin Hunt:
I don’t see rick going to a blm Talley anytime soon!!!
Joe Prokhorovka
Joe Prokhorovka:
It's the Knockout Game. Moranis was attacked because he's WHITE.
Mike Hartman
Mike Hartman:
Obviously a hate crime but no one wants to acknowledge it.
Racism is NOT cool. Lets not pretend this was anything but that.
Janemba 112
Janemba 112:
CNN would already have a nice bold headline "WHITE SUPREMACIST VICIOUSLY ATTACKS BLACK MAN" if the race was reversed
If this was the other way around that city would be burning right now. I’m done even trying to help anymore.
Jose Canseco
Jose Canseco:
"Dont turn your back on black." Lmmfao so true
Imagine if the races were reversed
Lord J
Lord J:
“Newt York is back baby”
Bill Burr
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
"The attacker was a white man in a MAGA hat" Jessie Smollett
What a coward. He purposely decided to randomly attack someone who looked inferior to him. I hope the prisoners show him no mercy.
Vote Early in Person If You Shop in Person
Vote Early in Person If You Shop in Person:
The attacker seems to be left handed, but why is the video so pixelated? This is tragic and I hope Mr. Moranis fully recovers asap.
Big Jim
Big Jim:
Why would anyone want to attack Rick Moranis? He literally seems like one of the nicest guys out there..
john wayne
john wayne:
CNN has nothing on YouTube about this, because public commentary wouldn’t go along with their propaganda. Hate crime. Hate crime hate crime. Hate crime. Hate crime.
Ineffable Perception
Ineffable Perception:
Suspect is so tough, I'd love to see him come forward...typical coward
Ajay Rulezzz
Ajay Rulezzz:
Beaver Boy 7
Beaver Boy 7:
“How you gonna call.”
“Ghost Busters!”

Well that didn’t work because the suspect is still “at large”
David Turco
David Turco:
What's the description of the attacker? Oh black, right, somehow Inside Edition didn't catch that one, thanks for doing your part Deb.
Holiday Production
Holiday Production:
Reverse it and you'll have riots for a month
If this was the other way around the headline would read in big bold letters "WHITE man, punches Wakanda (forever! BLM! <3) citizen".
"Should have known not to subject Rick to the year 2020" bruh I love Reynolds 😂
MockingJay 444
MockingJay 444:
Rick Moranis' attacker mostly peaceful.
-- MSM
The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman:
I guarantee this was a case of "oh look a white person". Probably thought he was a hero as he walked away.
"Diversity is our strength"...😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆
Joseph Roland
Joseph Roland:
"random" it was racially motivated
St. Longinus
St. Longinus:
That was a "peaceful" attacker according to Warren Wilhelm (aka 'Bill DeBlasio').
Supacomputer Revolution
Supacomputer Revolution:
*Moranis' Life Matters*
Jordan Redford
Jordan Redford:
Finally Hollywood is seeing what regular Americans have been dealing witg
steve costa
steve costa:
That happens a lot. News always says its “random”. Racial
“This one’s for ghostbusters 2!”
Kyle Dela Cruz
Kyle Dela Cruz:
"NEW YORK IS BACK BABY" -bill burr
Rick Moranis White, perpetrator Black. No racial component mentioned. Had the roles been reversed, it would be front page news for months.
A S:
“I love this town!” Winston voice
and now that everyone is wearing a mask...you'll probably never find the suspect. Great time to be a criminal. Thank god for face masks...right?
Dat Meme
Dat Meme:
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith:
0:33 I saw this woman could be the same one who played Claire dearing
Keep in mind: We're only hearing about this because Rick Moranis is famous. Imagine how much more this is happening that we never hear about...