Ghislaine Maxwell charged with grooming girls for Jeffrey Epstein - BBC News

The British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell, has appeared in court in America, just hours after she was arrested by the FBI.

The 58-year-old has been charged with grooming girls for her former boyfriend, the convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and repeatedly lying about it.

Prosecutors claim that Ghislaine Maxwell helped Epstein to exploit underage girls, some of them as young as 14. In some cases they say she took part in abuse herself.

Ghislaine Maxwell had not been seen in public since Epstein died in prison last August. The FBI said she had been “lying low” in New Hampshire since December.

Ms Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing as well as any knowledge of Epstein's crimes.

Prosecutors have again spoken of their wish to speak to Prince Andrew, a long-term friend of Ghislaine Maxwell and former friend of Jeffrey Epstein.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Nada Tawfik is in New York and Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell.

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100+ komento:

I bet Andrew almost choked on his pizza when he saw this headline.
Tony Cooke
Tony Cooke:
BREAKING NEWS: Ghislaine Maxwell dies with Covid 19.

Report says: It's crazy how it cracked her neck like that...
Emily Moss
Emily Moss:
So I guess this means Prince Andrew will be flying to NY to tell Ghislaine that he can't be friends with her anymore, huh?
Edward Gross
Edward Gross:
If Andy couldn't sweat before I bet he is now.
He was assassinated. HE DID NOT TAKE HIS OWN LIFE. We are not children you cant trick us anymore
Wayne Green
Wayne Green:
i bet Andrew would be sweating bullets right about now if he could sweat
Fun fact: Eppstein didn't kill himself
Breaking news , The CCTV cameras have malfunctioned and the guards were trying to catch a mouse.
Our rights FIRST!
Our rights FIRST!:
Some big bosses at the BBC are starting to get nervous.
Prince Andrew needs to be in Jail by now, he is as guilty as Epstein!!!
Smooth operator
Smooth operator:
This comment section is gonna be a fun read 🍿
We don't need a Royal family. They're an embarrassment
the faceless Vaper
the faceless Vaper:
Prince Andrew so go and answer their questions. Because no one should be exempt, Prince or no Prince.
Everyone knows he lied his ass off when he gave an interview.
Prince Andrew has learnt to sweat again 😓
Amanda Hirschfeld
Amanda Hirschfeld:
I thinks its hillarious how everyone keeps saying Epstien killed himself. We all know he was murdered in order to protect all these sickos in government including ex presidents mind you!!!! When she ends up dead,it will be another murder,not a suicide!!!
jenny won kenobe
jenny won kenobe:
Good, next up.. Prince Andrew
Update - Maxell died by tripping on her shoe laces and banging her head on a concrrete wall multiple times. The fall disturbed a shelf full of knives that landed on her, stabbing her over 10 times.Such a tragic....accident.
Connor Cook
Connor Cook:
We want to see her in the flesh in custody. No more fakery.
James Rountree
James Rountree:
The bbc should also be accountable for the jimmy saville cover up
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega:
If she knows about the dark secrets of her father this could unleash a much bigger scandal in the UK.
Shadow hadz
Shadow hadz:
I bet the comments get removed! For good old Prince Andrew and the Royal hush!
Another generic username
Another generic username:
*’where’s the beef ?’*
She needs to be kept in a glass box in public with a 24 hr live feed just in case Killary decides to visit.
David Matley
David Matley:
BBC quite happy to report on grooming gangs in the US but strangely don't want to report on the subject when it happens in UK.
Al De Niro
Al De Niro:
This will all lead back to Jimmy Savile and the BBC.
Queens a joke, she should hold Andrew to the same laws as the people
So basically they've learned absolutely nothing since Jimmy Savile.
Darren Smith
Darren Smith:
Epstein didn't kill himself! ☺
BBC are complicit in every cover up of abuse
aSif G
aSif G:
looks like its a huge international satanic group i hope they all get caught
Looks like she's gonna meet the same end as Epstein and her Daddy. Couldn't happen to a nicer lass.
StonedZebra 666
StonedZebra 666:
Prince Andrew next please 🙏!!
Leslie Melo
Leslie Melo:
the day she “dies” will be the day everyone will finally see how powerful the rich is
Housin' Authority
Housin' Authority:
Funny how the FBI & BBC don't mention Bill Clinton.
Squaddie chat
Squaddie chat:
The tapes found at JE home, showing different famous and powerful people, NEED TO BE RELEASED.
Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew need arresting and interviewing ASAP.
I hope she makes it to court and gives all names.
Rogue Fox
Rogue Fox:
Epstein did NOT commit suicide, the bbc is an establishment propaganda machine
If she dies, people won't be so fooled the next time just remember that. People will connect the dots for sure.
i4mRy4n 2020
i4mRy4n 2020:
I suspect she’s gonna get suicide’d soon. She knows too much about too many powerful people 🙄
Josh C
Josh C:
"took his own life" what a load of bollocks 😂
Winston Smith
Winston Smith:
Ignorance is strength - for the elite who run the world and like little kids....
So glad that she Was Finally arrested by the FBI. It's about time !!!
This my fellow human beings is just the first brick out of the wall, this runs far and wide and deep throughout great power, Royal familys (throughout) security services, politics local and national levels to your favourite celebrity's and those of great wealth and power in the 1%. The child abuse/trafficking and sexual abuse yet to come out will be a scandle on a global level never seen before woven deep in to society and all over!
Rudy Mental999
Rudy Mental999:
She’s going to die of Covid 19.
I have a feeling the powers that be will either have her 'suicided' or use her for political purposes as it's election time.
Jessica Mc Sweeney
Jessica Mc Sweeney:
I just finished the Jeffery doc on Netflix damn timing 😲
Peace Lovin Warrior
Peace Lovin Warrior:
Your telling me she just happened to be in America all that time without the intelligence agencies knowing hahaha
Richard R
Richard R:
Epstein was a mossad agent. This man was using zionist money to traffic kids, then black mail those in powerful positions for his TaImadIc agenda.
YodaGrammar l
YodaGrammar l:
Just arrest Andrew
Polly 1
Polly 1:
What’s the bets the cameras outside her cell mysteriously stop working?
Another 1 for the Clinton body count
Ghislaine Maxwell and Hillary Clinton munched on each other’s carpets. I wonder if that’ll come up ?
helenlevy1 levy
helenlevy1 levy:
Prince Andrew is guilty. Jail him
Hoppy Spadge
Hoppy Spadge:
“And now, Miss Maxwell, will you tell the jury about this photo?” —- “Yes, Jeffrey took the photo upstairs at my house in London. That’s me on the right, and that’s HRH Prince Andrew with his arm around a girl called Virginia, with whom he had just had sex after they had danced together at Tramp nightclub.”
We want cameras on her 24/7.
We don't want another 'Epstein episode'.
The victims deserve justice.
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison:
MOSSAD MOSSAD MOSSAD MOSSAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just like her Dad
Milo The Russian Blue
Milo The Russian Blue:
She’s going to sing like a bird.
Alison Lee
Alison Lee:
Hopefully she'll spill the beans on Randy Andy
Roxanne Lily Maria
Roxanne Lily Maria:
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree....
So potus 45 and AG Barr get rid of the acting AG from the SDNY and viola 2 weeks later she gets arrested. Just shows you how much the swamp are protecting their own. Bring them all down potus 45.
Spartacus Maximus
Spartacus Maximus:
Oh look,..........the CCTV has just gone off-line??
Pedro Podray
Pedro Podray:
DEEP STATE BBC. Taking your orders from satanic George Soros. When you all see the truth soon you're going to be really angry. Google adrenachrome used by the elites. It happening and it needs to be stopped. Children being kidnapped and killed around the world for it. Please pass this on, it's shocking. ADRENOCHROME.
Abhishek Dev
Abhishek Dev:
"Maxwell did not kill herself."
We know this is coming.
Benedykt Ze
Benedykt Ze:
Epstein (died) in prison lol :D:D:D:D:D
Prince Andrew is the tip of the iceberg
Tracy Bell
Tracy Bell:
Draining the Swamp
Judging by who her father was, I wouldn't be surprised there are few at the BBC quaking.

Do the world a favour Ghislaine take them with you, sing like a bloody canary.
Oliver Grumitt
Oliver Grumitt:
If Prince Andrew has nothing to worry about, then he should go to the US to answer questions by the authorities there. If not, his reputation, already low, will sink even lower than the Titanic.
Scubaa Steve 2.0
Scubaa Steve 2.0:
“Took his own life” righhhttttttt
Andrew started sweating again when he saw this
T Bone
T Bone:
With so many involved in the deep state. From top down I can't wait for the release of Nicolas Tesla and Thompson brown antigravity papers to be declassified. Then Americans with there knowledge can invent Americans future. Kids today are Americans future inventors they should be giving that knowledge. They can change the future forever for the good of all Americans. Stop hate learn to love and be helpful.
Vlad Snape
Vlad Snape:
1:52 "..and more recently we learned that she had slithered away to a gorgeous property in New Hampshire" - good on the FBI Assistent Director to call it as it is. Ghislaine will probably be Epsteined in prison within the next few months.
Amar Abidali
Amar Abidali:
"Alive and Well in Israel" with a pic of Epstien's face as a yt account
josh B
josh B:
Epstein was murdered to protect his blackmailing principals, the CIA. The BBC works for the ruling elite and not the British People. You want justice? Smash the monarchy.
Rees Noctor
Rees Noctor:
This sudden twist will prove very interesting no matter what happens next. I will be watching with a close eye
ryan nixon
ryan nixon:
She will play the victim card saying he made me do it I was scared for my life she will say
Karen Hynd
Karen Hynd:
There are a good few elite people about to be outed unless she's sucicided!
Clearly the FBI are gunning for Andrew. Hard to see how he can wriggle out of this now.
dorothy valery
dorothy valery:
Next Stop! The Beloved Son Of The QUEEN Of England....PRINCE ANDREW! Ha! HaHa! Justice For All The Little GIRLS!!!!! We Are WATCHING!
mc ifty
mc ifty:
Prince Andrew will not be prosecuted. He is a royal and they get away with everything.
John Valean Baily
John Valean Baily:
And why shouldn't Andrew be grilled ? There's a whiff of hypocracy in the air.
Parminder Grewal
Parminder Grewal:
And now ....the links between Bill Gates and Epstein please
Happy Hermit
Happy Hermit: what we need is the Prince of Pork
Inb4 the "shocking news" of Ghislaine Maxwell's "suicide" in custody.
Barry Collins
Barry Collins:
I bet ghislaine dies of “covid”
Do u think they will kill her just like Epstein
Mathius Eden
Mathius Eden:
American news presenters are so fake and dramatic looking 😂😂😂
“British socialite”! Lol she wasn’t working for MI5 but for another intelligence organisation. God willing this is the start of the web unravelling and I wonder how many British politicians and celebs (other than Prince Andrew who we already know about) were “victims” of this Mossad blackmail trap? Some sweaty brows among the high and mighty this evening. Preemptively pointing out ghislaine didn’t commit suicide lol
Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang:
I got to take a cold shower after hearing this gross story.
Big Speed's
Big Speed's:
This man is a criminal and gets to decide if he wants to talk too is crazy. The system was build for a few and made to kill the minority.
David Marjason
David Marjason:
As expected of daughter like father pair.
There's a lot of powerful people who we all know that are sweating it right now. I hope we finally find out the names of the clients, time for a good old fashion purge of this infection, we need a win.
Jackie Binns
Jackie Binns:
I want to see the mug shot ! I don't believe it !
Sadaf Naaz
Sadaf Naaz:
اس طرح ہم اپنا غم چھپاتے ہیں
دل روتا ہے اور ہم مسکراتے ہیں ۔۔۔۔۔
پلیز میرا چینل سسکراب کرو
Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers:
Defund The Royals Matters

Prince Andrew: " Mummy good grief Jizzlaine has been arrested!"

Queen : " No Sweat... We'll deal with it remember your Sister in Law? "
Doom Father TM
Doom Father TM:
GJ FBI, you're only a year behind the "conspiracy theorists"
When is her funeral ?
Debbie Marquis
Debbie Marquis:
He just can't remember..there were so many..
Islam Destroyer Yohyo
Islam Destroyer Yohyo:
Ok now the BBC needs to be held responsible for covering up the Ricky Dearman case..
Betty Rose
Betty Rose:
I wonder how long she will be in prison before committing suicide?
Nvr Mnd
Nvr Mnd:
Please allow Closed Captions on this video! Why do I even have to ask, for God's sake, ridiculous.
Van Downbytheriver
Van Downbytheriver:
I just heard “Took his own life” so I’m out to find a real source of news
Dmt Aliens
Dmt Aliens:
she has been given all this time to prepare
Isabella Haze
Isabella Haze:
The heathen back yeah pon tha wall

No need to being rapte coco natty bongo