Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI over Jeffrey Epstein scandal

"The truth, as alleged, was almost unspeakable": prosecutors declared today after the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.


She stands accused of facilitating and contributing to his abuse of underage girls and women in a 17-page indictment. It says she had been in "an intimate relationship" with Epstein during the 1990s - and describes in detail how she allegedly lured young women and girls into his clutches - accusing her of being present, and participating in the abuse.

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Ary Pandit
Ary Pandit:
They either gonna kill her or say she died of Covid-19
So sorry to hear about her suicide next week :(
Oscar Oteiza
Oscar Oteiza:
Prince Andrew must be definitely sweating right now😂
Oscar Osei
Oscar Osei:
So tragic how she killed herself next week. Tragic the camera in the cell stopped working too.
So when’s her funeral?! 🤔 Wonder how she’s going to ‘die’?! Comment below.
Aba Ifeoma
Aba Ifeoma:
All the powerful people she has dirt on, I'm shocked they found her alive!
Chris Gee
Chris Gee:
Ghislaine Maxwell didn't kill herself
Jake Downey
Jake Downey:
Im heading to Vegas to put down 10 $ to say she makes it to trial. She probably wont but if she does I’ll be a millionaire.
Garrett Fulton
Garrett Fulton:
Clinton had 26 documented flights out to that island.
Why hasn’t he been arrested???
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh:
Epstein didn't kill himself
Tony Tunbridge
Tony Tunbridge:
Prince Andrew must be so pleased that she's been caught - now she can tell the FBI about his involvement.
Dwayne Dalton
Dwayne Dalton:
Suicide hotline - "How can I help you?"
Hillary - "I'd like to place an order!"
B 6341
B 6341:
Lets hope she spills her guts on ALL who were involved , and big heads roll.
Yorkshire Rose
Yorkshire Rose:
Tomorrow’s News: Ghislaine Maxwell has committed suicide whist in custody. An inquiry will be launched to investigate sometime in the next century.
Suicide Hotline: "May I help you?"
Hillary: "Yes, I'd like to place an order..."
Not a "British Socialite" a TRAFFICKER of girls and sick woman who groomed girls for sexual abuse.
Prince Andrew finally started sweating yet?
Ruth Hawkins
Ruth Hawkins:
I hope she talks before they silence her
Marlon Blade
Marlon Blade:
Keep the prison guards awake!!
Wood Worm
Wood Worm:
Of course they show him with trump and not the Clintons
Fly on the Wall
Fly on the Wall:
1 of those dislikes is Prince Andrew.
B Williams
B Williams:
I wonder where all the seeds Epstein planted are, and what celebrities are raising them as their own children. Just a thought
Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself. Oh wait.
Hazel Cabrera
Hazel Cabrera:
Okay so y’all arrested her but what about all the men involved and those who are on the flight log ??? WTF IS GOING ON
Deep Water
Deep Water:
Wonder when her guards will "take a walk"?
For a future record: Maxwell didn't kill herself or died because of covid.
No wonder Prince Andrew doesn't want to talk to the FBI!
Peoples Republic of Ninj
Peoples Republic of Ninj:
Another suicide while in custody perhaps???
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez:
Prince Andrew is done unless Maxwell dies in prison.
Anita Brewer
Anita Brewer:
A body will be cremated the day after her alleged suicide. She’ll never get to trial.
Tony Tunbridge
Tony Tunbridge:
I reckon she will spill the beans - she is not going to want to spend 35 years in jail.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
Wolfgang In London
Wolfgang In London:
They use that one clip of Trump...but fail to mention the Clinton's involvement...typical biased Channel 4.
Chosen One
Chosen One:
Every so often the machine will eat itself.
Danny Marino
Danny Marino:
Guess the didn’t wanna show the pictures with the Clintons
James Littler
James Littler:
Fingers crossed she drops this Andy Windsor dude in the proverbial.
Voice of truth
Voice of truth:
She’s dead and doesn’t even know it
Alex Jones told us ten years ago
Justine Brown's Bookshelf
Justine Brown's Bookshelf:
I like how you show Trump but fail to include Bill Clinton, who flew Epstein’s Lolita Express to his private island 26 times.
Rex Stout
Rex Stout:
I want to know why Ehud Barak was photographed in disguise and entering Epsteins house. And why all the other names in his black book habe not been questioned by the authorities.
Zoe Slaterz
Zoe Slaterz:
So basically the FBI didn't know about Ghislaine's involvement until everyone found out in the Netflix documentary? They knew about Epstein a long time ago, they obviously knew nothing. Hopefully they can get what they need from Ghislaine before she mysteriously commits suicide.
Megan McKenzie
Megan McKenzie:
She will be singing like a canary right now. There will be a lot of rich, entitled creeps seriously nervous out there. I am happy.
Rita King
Rita King:
Will Prince Andrew answer questions from the FBI?
Don Anderson
Don Anderson:
Everyone has the same thoughts,like Gomer Pyle always said “Surprise, Surprise,Surprise”
username required
username required:
O to be a fly on the wall wherever andrew is right now...probably the toilet.
Sharon Keel
Sharon Keel:
Throw away the key 🤬🤬🤬 there’s no crime more heinous!
Mark Russell
Mark Russell:
That's sorted his unusual lack-of-sweating problem. Probably cleared his bowel obstruction too. Result!
Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy:
James Bond will knock her off.
And we all know who gives him his orders.
Brainstorming Plus
Brainstorming Plus:
Moreover, even children can understand that prince Andrew is absolutely GUILTY!!!
Smiling Bob
Smiling Bob:
Arrested by the southern district of NY so we all know what's next. She is being told what to say now.
Gus Jackson
Gus Jackson:
“I’ve no recollection” is not a denial. It is an answer used to provide a claim of memory loss later if proved to lying.
black sabbath
black sabbath:
The great awakening Q
Esperanza Orozco
Esperanza Orozco:
hopefully she exposes everything, Ghislaine has a whole lot of power even in handcuffs. Everybody involved needs to be exposed and jailed.
Ghislaine should be sentenced for the lives of each victim.
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez:
She's sick
Shaun Attwood was talking about that for long time #NOSWEAT Andrew was seen with Her...
Live footage of Ghislaine pls.
Where is she, we are only seeing old pictures!
Smiles For Miles
Smiles For Miles:
Don't give her bail. I don't think we will see her again if she makes bail.
Stephanie B
Stephanie B:
3:10 "before his _apparent_ suicide." That says a lot.

I wonder when they'll be reporting on Maxwell's "suicide" next.
I thought no one knew where Ghislaine was.... Funny, that.

Me thinks they work together.
Solly vs. The Mole-Men
Solly vs. The Mole-Men:
Gee, you think she will squeal on the rich and powerful. Like the Clinton's?
Ema Girlie
Ema Girlie:
I wonder if this the start of what people been talking about, the indictment of people in high places who are entangled in this Epstein's pedophilia web.
As long as it's not one of Prince Andrew's bright idea's showing up in drag to try and fool the FBI which would be on a par with his BBC interview. Yes stranger things have happened at Sea
Alex O
Alex O:
The SDNY will probably direct her to exonerate Bill Clinton in her testimony
I’m pretty surprised she was still in the US
Dardan Dema
Dardan Dema:
A suicide will be faked, shee will move to Israel to be reunited with her lover Jeffrey Epstein,,and the sheep will go on with the drama for years to come
Michael Casey
Michael Casey:
Welp she’s dead
Darrell Terry
Darrell Terry:
If they don't immediately hide her she will get the Clinton treatment just like Epstein got . She's probably already singing like a song bird .
Carpe cervisiam
Carpe cervisiam:
she must be dying to have her day in court
Nedsta *
Nedsta *:
Does anyone remember when her Dad fell off his Yacht and ' Drowned ' years ago.
Manchester Bee
Manchester Bee:
The heat is on and the sweating starts for many. She'll stop breathing soon 😂
Carlos Turcios Olivera
Carlos Turcios Olivera:
And suddenly she dies of covid19...
Alina B
Alina B:
So...she was PLAIN SIGHT!....I wonder how she negotiated her arrest with the FBI
andrew kelly
andrew kelly:
Her Dad was a nasty man (RIP!)
albert Sordi
albert Sordi:
The MOSSAD has "seven ways to sunday" (per Chucky Schumer) to take care of their operative Ghislaine, before she talks.
Macsizzle Mcfee
Macsizzle Mcfee:
What about flight passenger logs to the island
Fallout -Clash of Clans
Fallout -Clash of Clans:
Will she die in custody too?
Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra:
Send her to the chair!!! GET THE ROYAL TOO!!!
She needs to spill the beans on EVERYTHING ASAP before she is terminated!
Elias Salcedo
Elias Salcedo:
She will get Epsteined in Barrs perfect storm.
MacGregor Mathers
MacGregor Mathers:
She slithered away u to that tech guru’s mansion. He lied a year ago to the press. Said she wasn’t there anymore.
Why does everyone assume he’s even dead? He could have paid himself out of the situation and maybe chilling on a different island somewhere...
Kayode Kuponiyi
Kayode Kuponiyi:
I’m the 1st to comment....
She should pay for the atrocities of her dad....
Jane Catlow
Jane Catlow:
My goodness, P.A. is a lying toerag.....I wonder whether he is sweating now?
Shel Chicago
Shel Chicago:
Yes! There’s justice in this world after all!
Prison Mike
Prison Mike:
Hillary and Bill Clinton next, they’re the next level up in all this evil child trafficking. Once they’re punished the next level up after that is the Rothschild’s
Scott Brown
Scott Brown:
Why don't they mention the child sacrifises? Fox news disabled comments, of course.
andrea bella
andrea bella:
So is it all “habening” now??? It’s been so long
Beatrice and Eugenie are very worried right now. 

They know the truth.
Dan V.
Dan V.:
No 3am swat team raid? I guess that's only for Trump supporters like Roger Stone.
* Hopefully she has been with the FBI for weeks giving a deposition and was officially arrested today to formalise the procedure. Could be the FBI’s time to settle old scores with Mr President 🤞🤞🤞
LivIng The Dream
LivIng The Dream:
About time in my opinion 😡
Mickey Mic
Mickey Mic:
Hypothesis: She will become another water walker of Justice!
Debra Salt
Debra Salt:
Mr. Epstein is alive & living on his Island in the USVI
The FBI must maintain her safety like Hannibal Lecter.
Behind glass with 24hr watch
In fact her cell should have live CCTV so the whole world can watch.
Trump is linked to all this the FBI can use this to oust Trump.
No love lost between Trump & The FBI
Please # Live Stream Ghislaine Maxwell
Tim Bolt
Tim Bolt:
Thank God, for Justice.
Robert Stillwell
Robert Stillwell:
X10... she’ll end up dead, soon.
Took them long enough....the Netflix documentary exposes everything!
I bet the Mountbattens will do a perfect Windsor tie knot...