Germany and the Cold War (1/2) | DW Documentary

For more than four decades, divided Germany was the epicenter of the Cold War. The border severing East and West embodied the animosity between the US and USSR. The smoldering conflict threatened to escalate and destroy both German states.

The Cold War was persistently present in the two Germanys - both on the political and military level, but also in everyday life. On the one hand, there was the race for technical progress, the fear of bombs and rockets, the struggle for moral superiority over the other side: and on the other, doubt about each state’s policies, and those of their allies.

How did Germans experience this Cold War? How did it shape attitudes to life on both sides of the Iron Curtain? This three-part documentary asks political actors and decision-makers in East and West, but above all contemporary witnesses from divided Germany, what experiences they had in the period between 1945 and 1991. Who were the winners and losers in this brutal stand-off between communism and capitalism? The demonstrations on June 17, 1953, the construction of the Berlin Wall, the major demonstrations in Bonn against Pershing missiles, nuclear strike drills, employment bans in West Germany on members of the German Communist Party, the opening of the Wall, the collapse of the Eastern bloc - all were events that shaped people’s lives. This is their story and the story of Germany in the Cold War.


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Big Sky 1991
Big Sky 1991:
I lived this. Daily. I patrolled the East/West German border, and occasionally the Czech border. I visited then Partitioned Berlin dozens of times, to include trips into E. amazing time. I took thousands of photos, video. All historical documents now. The Berlin wall was built on my birthday...and I was there when it came down. Amazing times.
Kaushal Kumar
Kaushal Kumar:
Love the way DW shows Historical events in its documentaries. I have learned more from DW than my school.
Shaofat Kalam
Shaofat Kalam:
I am always so happy that East & West Germany became the Germany of today and did not become another KOREA... Hope I will see a unified Korea while I am alive.. That would be quiet a historical moment..
"War is destructive. It is destructive to both the winner and the loser, and it sows the seeds for future conflict. The damage is not only to material things, but to the nature and character of entire nations of people who are traumatized. Humanity has not matured enough nor has grown in wisdom enough to recognize the absolute truth of this. That is why outright warfare in the Greater Community, particularly on any kind of large scale, is extremely rare, particularly amongst secure and advanced nations.
A quote from a free online book by Marshall Vian Summers, titled *Life in the Universe*
Total. Package_
Total. Package_:
I've never seen so many historians in a comment section.
Burhan Ilyas
Burhan Ilyas:
What man has to go through if faces a war. May peace prevail.
As an Austrian, this conflict shaped the world of my parents so profiundly yet i know so little about it. Thank you for contextualizing so many things i had heard before. This is how school schould teach modern history!
Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment
Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment:
This is an interesting video. These same things ga repeat under different names.
Who else here loves historical documentaries about facism and Marxism?
Borisz Finta
Borisz Finta:
I love the fact that you tackled this subject, and it is nicely done in quality DW style.
I just wish that it's a bit more in depth, and not so brief on certain subjects.
Also a couple of points: not a word about questionable denazification in the West and nothing about German manpower shortages. Also you rightfully present that the space race was a massive part of the cold war so then not to mention that it was Wernher von Braun and his team who helped the US to develop it's own rocket is a clear miss.
Is this because he was a devoted Nazi too?

We know that the commies were the real bad guys, however we know that the true picture is much more complex than that.
Kind Regards
peter hopkins
peter hopkins:
Having been a planner for delivering the final solution for Russia and Germany, when we war gamed and exercised delivering the final battle we meant to ensure there would be no survivors in Central Europe if we had to defend ourselves. Having stood with the East German Border Guards holding their guns on me I had no doubt how long they would last. It was some day when the entire East German Air Force landed an RAF base, the Cold War over. The activities of British, Soviet, American and French missions is quite surprising, with military visits to each others sectors searching to see if others were preparing for war. If caught spying they would beat you up and eventually hand you back. The East Germans would put a tail on your vehicle as it entered East Germany, so you would drive your car very slowly until their car had clouds of steam coming from their grill - their engine had seized, and you could then go anywhere you wanted. What brought the Iron Curtain down was British and American music radio stations broadcasting to Easteners and the Russian conscripts copied all the music for people at home, and as English was taught as a second language the youth realised we did not want to hurt them.
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
6:56 -> not that difficult as it was just transitioning from one tyrant's rule to another's.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith:
"The key to any lock is not the key, . . . . the key is not to have the lock."
Did you know, 25,000 western pows held by the nazi when liberated by the soviets, were never returned. Very likely sent to siberia.
Jessica Dugger
Jessica Dugger:
Amazing! I am so excited about this year and that means fashion 💋❕
marie conneely
marie conneely:
its a shame that considering how new this unified country is & who helped them for years after what they did, they seem to think they run the eu, i may not have agreed with thatcher on alot of things but she was right about this, 2big & bossy for there good,
Marco Möngke
Marco Möngke:
I wonder how much of the people living during those times have heart problems because of MAD.
Moto Hyun
Moto Hyun:
Highly Educatinal ! D.W
Documents Video
DPRK & ROK KOREA. is still
On going political ideology
We must study& LEARNS
From Germany how they
Reunited one Germany! 삶!
ska punk OI! alternative living
ska punk OI! alternative living:
Russia liberated nobody there about themselves and they that's why they wanted to be on aldorf Hitler's side.. the Russia liberated nobody and didn't care about the way they never did..
They defeated the wrong enemy.
7:07-"Antifa schools"....sounds familiar.
Luke Ceffer
Luke Ceffer:
Every time you start watching a video alike you get the same message: How the poor people could handle the stress of cold war, etc. Imagine Russians wining about their space exploration, nuclear tests, and weapon race all the time. That would take allot of documentary channels.
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
26:26 he thought ''cosmonautics" it turned out to be cosmenautics.
"Holla an der Zolla", LOL!
Maverick Scott Wingman
Maverick Scott Wingman:
This is showed how communism is evil.
Ŕobert Cramer
Ŕobert Cramer:
ĎW. is a very profesinol, honest and intriging group.
So now we know were the 'Antifa' organizations begun....
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
12:52 Erich Honecker was the architect & executive builder of the wall.
& then the wall collapsed on him &
red-converted former Hitler Youth member Egon Kranz salvaged the wall barbwire to wrap Erich Honecker in.
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
10:11 the Kremlin forbade Eastern Europe from accepting the Marshall plan.
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
3:45 ... replaced with rape pillage murder
Shaofat Kalam
Shaofat Kalam:
Ahhhh the USA, always the hero and Russia, always the evil... I know Stalin is a monster but from statements given here, it really seems he didn't want the Germany divided... Fantastic documentary again DW.. Bravo..
Random Dude
Random Dude:
Wow, haven't seen Vladimir Pozner since the Soviet days.
mohamed ali
mohamed ali:
why are you closing the subtitles , i cannot watch the film without it , please turn it on this film is very important
I never noticed it before but you can see through Neil Armstrong when he is climbing down the shuttle.
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
11:06 it's really & cruelly ironic that the emblem for Berlin is a bear.
In the last days of Berlin, Goebbels' last newspaper was named "Panzerbar" the "Armoured Bear"
with the image of the Berliner bear carrying a shovel and a panzerfaust,
while the giant soviet armoured bear was crushingly approaching.
Ann Ohalloran
Ann Ohalloran:
Both sides and their nukes almost got us all killed. Hubris and ego and greed for power.
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
41:27 no, not eye-to-eye, one pair of eyes look up to the moon & the other pair of eyes look down from the moon.
I hope there will be no communism again
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
16:32 they can always go to the soviets, there the taxes would be tripled.
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer:
Was that Mark Felton I heard at 4:59 ?
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
20:23 the Pankow regime volkspolizei was nowhere to be seen
Joe Caver
Joe Caver:
At 36:23, the reason why we are still alive today is because of the secret service officer who prevented that soviet submarine captain from launching a nuclear missile during the Cuban missile crisis.
Peter Townsend
Peter Townsend:
Such a beautiful documentary well done DW
Great docs DW you my channel)) greets from Czech
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
19:21 good old Stakhanov
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
17:35 that's the spirit.
Kid Mohair
Kid Mohair:
the word "communist" was co-opted by the various regimes
in the Soviet sphere, in the same way that the word "conservative"
has been lassoed by the radical reactionaries in the US and elsewhere.
Those regimes were never "communist" in anything but name,
and the same is true of the sois-disant "conservatives" in the US.
Max Headrom
Max Headrom:
Can anyone tell what were the reasons for Adenauer to demand that West Germany joined NATO before starting negotiations for pan-Germanic elections? Thanks!
Chris Master
Chris Master:
00:15 Anyone else notice the woman trying to escape through the barbwire fence doesn't realize the escape hole is only open below her knees? She soon harshly discovers this truth, with her face.
Leo Geekiyanage
Leo Geekiyanage:
Did Germany forget their crimes during WW2?
the real BLACK FACE
the real BLACK FACE:
32:48 AHHHHHHH 😁😁😁😁😁😭😭😭
Shreeyank Singhvi
Shreeyank Singhvi:
Dw news
A doc on racism in nazi Germany
Raj Mulchandani
Raj Mulchandani:
Again blaming Russians... 😁😁😁
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
28:39 & no wonder he thought that, don't the soviets have Popov-the-inventor-of-everything ?
ali ali
ali ali:
20 million people
Ohh my god
Very huge lost
Nice of the russians to ignore stalin's non agression pact with secret protocals to divide up eastern europe like the baltic states. and poland. This pact gave hitler a free hand in a war with britain and france.
Tobias Unknown
Tobias Unknown:
The economic and political integration was what helped Germany in its recovery. The Marshall plan was politically successful while economically irrelevant. The Marshall plan aid for Germany was a loan that would be USD 13bn in todays money. 90% of the aid went to other European countries. In turn the reparations that Germany paid for WWII would be around USD 2'000 bn today.
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
7:49 Germans are very familiar with such sights.
Matt Biden
Matt Biden:
Stalin wanted Germany united...... Under USSR control.
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
When the reds tried a putsch in Athens, Greece, December 1944, Churchill said famously :
"Democracy is not a prostitute picked up from the streets by a man armed with a tommy-gun !"
Aco-Alex Nikolov
Aco-Alex Nikolov:
MEDIA WATCH LIFE TYRANTS BURLESQUE KEEPS ON & on GOING...Hmm.. how interesting...,,,,////''//??!![[[]]]
Jānis Rišis
Jānis Rišis:
Both powers left here a huge mess.
The gringo King
The gringo King:
Ok wow I was not expecting to see the Russian get blame for the Cuban missile crisis because the us had missile in 🇹🇷 pointing straight at Moscow before the Russian had the idea to put missile in Cuba
vadermask//mass retaliation
vadermask//mass retaliation:
We fought on the wrong side!
John Mclaurin Mclaurin
John Mclaurin Mclaurin:
Stalin was a demon
Electrophorus Electricus
Electrophorus Electricus:
The Germany of today is a joke. Germanistan! 👍
We should have let Stalin have the entire country.
Like always DW... Nice job!!
Inga Nodie
Inga Nodie:
What did we learn children never attack a Slavic nation you be turning yourself into your west nightmare.
Armin S
Armin S:
Just Duck and cover!
John Moore
John Moore:
Thank you for such a great public service
Mr Long Head
Mr Long Head:
Im starting to have Marksist ideology
Robert Alpy
Robert Alpy:
Look and cover had been calculated to save lives. The greatest danger to life even miles from the epicenter, was the collapse of structures onto the people within. In that case you can bet your ass a desk can save your life.
1st comment
Charles putnam1982
Charles putnam1982:
5:35 now they say 27,000 ks of dead soviet citizens.
Well bad old 'dolf could account for 7,000 & Awfoul joe for the remaining 20,000.
Add them to those he joe, killed between 1917 & 1941
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez:
Well that's what happens when you invade Russia.
Woi Ian
Woi Ian:
Add english subtitle outomatic Please
ska punk OI! alternative living
ska punk OI! alternative living:
People should not be surprised about Russia's action because Russia was supposed to be a Nazi Germany sites to begin with.. but Nazi Germany betrayed them by invading Russia... it was in Russia's interest to fight alongside the west but never thought okay I'm the West in the first place..
Cinthia Guiña
Cinthia Guiña:
European' countries was destdoyed in the war but none in underdevelopment as sudamerican's's curious
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong:
How could you not feel sympathy for the Germans? You think those young boys wanted to be there fighting and watching there friends die for something that even if it went their way would only maybe barely benefit the actual soldier in the future, I think if they had a choice they would not want to be doing war
Jignesh Prajapati
Jignesh Prajapati:
How to learn english language?...In video explain very well ...I speak hindi and gujrati language...
Lewis H
Lewis H:
God bless Russia and Putin!
Cosmo Ray
Cosmo Ray:
The Cold War was a Military Industrial Complex's war.
Scare the people and they will be force to spend more on military companies who manufacture all the weapons of destruction.
The Cold War was not a "battle for dominance" because it was Russian neo-colonialists seeking world domination. The US was seeking to contain Russian neo-colonialism and imperialism under Communism. The 1945 Allied occupation commenced the beginning of 45 years of Russian colonialism and oppression. Worship of Stalin, love for Russia, mass deportations, arbitrary executions, killings, torture, silence of criticism, brainwashing, looting, the starvation and neglect of German people, and ludicrous and hypocritical propaganda characterized the Russian occupation authorities and the puppet regime in East Berlin after WWII.
Abbas Huseynzade
Abbas Huseynzade:
I am very sad Because Germany lost the War
Max Headrom
Max Headrom:
I liked that the video did not forget to mention the price the Soviets paid in WWII. Amazingly, Stalin treated German POWs better than the Nazis treated the Soviets. War is terrible and here I'm not trying to excuse how the Soviet Army behaved - but the Historic situation must not be forgot so we try not to repeat it. Unfortunately, the UN - a creation that aims at avoiding this to happened again - received it's first blow from the US during the Korean war when MacArthur decided he would not respect the UN's decision to divide Korea along the 37th parallel.

The space race had nothing to do with space but with missiles - the same rocket that man to the moon was used to take an H Bomb to the USSR - and vice-versa. Khrushchev - who was the very opposite of stupid - feared war and did all he could to protect the USSR. The Cuban missile crisis ended up with the US removing their missiles from Turkey. I think we must remember that Secret Service officer who stopped the submarine from launching the bombs - he is one of the greatest heroes in human History since he allowed it to continue.

Nice documentary, DW! Thanks from Brazil.

The documentary, hopefully, will remember English speakers of the connections between Western Europe and the US and why there's the alliance called NATO. Hopefully, in the future, a recognition of the Soviet effort in WWII can bring Russia closer. Unfortunately that will not happen until the Russian State recognizes that Ukraine was the member of the Soviet Union with the 2nd highest loss of lives, in relation to the total population, in WWII - the first was Belarus. Perhaps I'm too hopeful but I find no reason not to be - the alternative is hell.
Norbert Rosendahl
Norbert Rosendahl:
Es gibt einen neuen „kalten Krieg“ und der deutsche Propagandasender holt das Material aus den Archiven.
PG trojka
PG trojka:
USSR lost 20 million but Germany lost 9 million. Percentage wise Germany lost more of it's nation's population than USSR.
ali ali
ali ali:
Divided by the imperialism
Bintang Pratama
Bintang Pratama:
Subtitle please
Muzwir Malawat
Muzwir Malawat:
Please add indonesian caption/sub
George Macpherson
George Macpherson:
No we know why there is too much German influence in the European Union. There is a theory that the moon landing by Neil Armstrong wasn’t real.
CJ's tube Jack of all trade
CJ's tube Jack of all trade:
Superb doc. Thanks DW.
Dima Fed
Dima Fed:
fascinating. we should always remember our history. so that we don't repeat mistakes
Gym Guy
Gym Guy:
Love from Afghanistan 🇦🇫
Rob Lucci
Rob Lucci:
I really do live for these type of documentaries, well done again lads, I just hope the next one will be even better!
You completely misrepresented the Cuban Missile Crisis on 2 points.

1) The crisis was started by the US when they deployed missiles of their own in Turkey and the Soviets found out about it.
2) It was not a de-escalation which both sides saved face. The Soviets cut a back door deal with the US where they backed down publically while the US removed their missiles quietly several months later while no one at the time noticed.
Tereve Tol
Tereve Tol:
Since 1945 America has sent thousands of its youth to defend the borders of Germany. I myself served there from '71-'73.
Slaab Nick
Slaab Nick:
And people want socialism and communism In the United States lmao