Gemini Man (2019) - Epic Sniper Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

Gemini Man - Epic Sniper: Henry (Will Smith) pulls off a one-in-a-million shot.

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Henry Brogan is an elite 51-year-old assassin who's ready to call it quits after completing his 72nd job. His plans get turned upside down when he becomes the target of a mysterious operative who can seemingly predict his every move. To his horror, Brogan soon learns that the man who's trying to kill him is a younger, faster, cloned version of himself.

TM & © Paramount (2019)
Cast: Will Smith
Director: Ang Lee
Screenwriter: Billy Ray, Darren Lemke, David Benioff

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100+ komento:

He was adjusting and making all the calculations without even opening the scope. Thats just amazing.
Will Smith is so in love with himself that he plays both main characters.
Someone should make a 10 hour version of the scope adjusting.
F Eponymous
F Eponymous:
Clearly nobody affiliated with this movie ever shot a rifle.
Gonzalo Gutierrez
Gonzalo Gutierrez:
This movie looks like it could hit it big, if it was done in the early 2000
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda:
*So, are we all going to disregard the FACT that Will Smith is DEADSHOT?*
Somebody kick Will Smith from the server. He has to be cheating.
They try to be legit and then have him just eyeball/wing the lead distance
You could trade a kid playing Call of Duty a hotpocket for more accurate advice on weapon usage.
Leroy Shipp
Leroy Shipp:
That was a lot of clicking adjusting his scope. I couldn't even count the clicks it was so fast.
Yu Jin
Yu Jin:
he looked extremely suspect with that in his ear and then he decides to go up and film it.
cinamon clan
cinamon clan:
from that moment on, you got Optic and Faze Clan knocking on Will's door.
Houston Helicopter Tours
Houston Helicopter Tours:
Nothing about this movie was remotely "epic". Even Will Smith looked bored most of the time.
I edited my comment so you won’t know why I have so many likes and what the replies are talking about :)
Cameron Harris
Cameron Harris:
The windage and vertical adjustment sure aren't correct you dont just turn it it's a few clicks not 30
Tech News for Tech Noobs
Tech News for Tech Noobs:
Wait a sec...Will Smith is using a rifle, creating a situation where some people about to die!? WHERE IS HIS MASK?!?! Oh...wait...wrong movie.
He didn't shoot while moving with the target and just shot at a stationary point in front of the train.
Nice timing.
Some Math (sorry for my bad english btw):
Length of the side silhouette of a human head or neck: about 20-30 cm
TrainSpeed: 238 km/h

238 km/h = 66.1 m/s
0.3 m / 66.1 m/s = 0.0045 s

So he had a time interval of about 4 thousands of a second to hit, IF he was aiming perfect at the right point.

Forget the whole technical aspects of the rifle and sniping and whatever and think about this:
The agency Will Smith is working for,had the abillity to get one of their operatives in close proximity to the "target",who acts like a "spoter" for him.
My question: if you can get so close to your "target",then why the hell do you come up with this plan of sniping him from a mile away,in a moving train to boot,instead of just kill him up close?!
There are so many "better" ways to kill this guy,for example just intercept his coffee and poison it or send a knife expert and stabb the guy when he goes to the bathroom.
Dro Garci
Dro Garci:
Legends says will smith stayed at home to film this. He just sent it videos of his face and they deep faked him for both young and old. This whole movie is book of eli.
HDMI1 1044
HDMI1 1044:
The scenario was so ridiculous it’s comedy
Stupid 😂
Dragun Fist Gamer
Dragun Fist Gamer:
This scene is gonna turn into a sniper meme.
He was aiming for the head.
Chuck Adams
Chuck Adams:
The only thing epic about this movie is it’s failure at box office!!!!!!!
They should have made the movie about his youth ,showing why he was the best and why he was first choice in the Gemeni project Not this bullshit. Waste of the de-aging technology. I wanted to see youth and fighting style and then make this the sequel if you want
clicking on rocks
clicking on rocks:
Everything about this is silly. They even call it “epic” even though this shot has been done in movies at least five times.
Don't Get Mad Get Wise
Don't Get Mad Get Wise:
you don't pull off a "one in a million shot". by definition it happens, on average, 1 shot in 1 million. random. just f'ing fortunate. for the sniper at least.
WhiteTrash Renagade
WhiteTrash Renagade:
Weres the" epic" in this clip?"
Kenneth Shen
Kenneth Shen:
Finally I've been waiting for this for eternity
Fisher Sam Fisher
Fisher Sam Fisher:
Similar scene is in a Japanese movie
Swallowtail Butterfly from 1996.
I smell Aimbot..
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas:
This comment section sounds like a bunch of people who didn't get invited to Shot Show clammered around their phones trying to sound really tactical and smart.
No headshot only kneck

Mission failed will get him next time
That's normal, He's the Deadshot, so...
Patrick Rowling
Patrick Rowling:
Ahahahahahahahahaha! That is straight up 😂 to anyone who has ever come anywhere near a rifle!
I mean, why even have mil dots when you can just fudge a lead for a target moving 238kph?
Go home Hollywood, you’re drunk.
Isaac Schrader
Isaac Schrader:
High quality rifle right there. I can tell from the scope cap
Deadshot be cheating....
agent smith
agent smith:
this man is not getting old.
Yugan K
Yugan K:
i've never shot a gun in my life, & even i know u r not supposed to adjust the dials like that right before taking a shot.
Devin mccampbell
Devin mccampbell:
I see everyone in the comments are expert marksmen 😂😂😂
20ECO0004 Alang M Konyak
20ECO0004 Alang M Konyak:
When target moves, always shoot a little ahead towards the target's moving direction 😌
Funnier than the impossible shot in enemy at the gates
Nathan Hatfield
Nathan Hatfield:
Oh man this takes me back! DC Sniper I miss you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Leo Peridot
Leo Peridot:
So Will Smith just carried over his role as Deadshot in this movie.
Jeremiah Cherry
Jeremiah Cherry:
This movie was so bad.
Fardin Allam 27
Fardin Allam 27:
1:20 That face looks Familiar
(Hide the pain Harold meme)
Rakai Whaanga
Rakai Whaanga:
1:37 that is deadshot right there
Tony Whitmore
Tony Whitmore:
This was a good movie
Random Person
Random Person:
1:03 and 2:07 direction of train changed lol, Will how could you make in this movie? :/
0:51 I would have liked if this character was in the movie more
Liquidfox General
Liquidfox General:
how did he read this script and think "this should sell great!"
Vinnie Gigante
Vinnie Gigante:
I love how every military sniper in the comments is so broken up over a movie scene where the fresh prince is trying to kill the clone fresh prince🤣🤣
Hyderi Memon
Hyderi Memon:
I think shooter is PHD in mathematics 😂😂
Joshua Millien
Joshua Millien:
So everybody in the comments are “sniper specialist” now? Lol
Apparently everyone here are experts in using snipers
Asian_Sensation_ 69
Asian_Sensation_ 69:
He’s got one hell of a gaming chair goddamn
American Fitty
American Fitty:
I feel this reason this movie didn't do well in box office sales was due to lack of advertising, idk about you all but the first time I heard about this film was watching trailers for Joker and this film debuted shortly after Joker in theaters.
Raffael Anthony
Raffael Anthony:
Alternative title: ASMR Sniper Adjusting
Sadanand Mashalkar
Sadanand Mashalkar:
the prince of bel -air looks busy nowadays
He had me laughing when he loaded the rifle cartridge... Technically impossible. (Don't need to go into details.)
Baws Hafft
Baws Hafft:
1:19 he looks like this meme grampa who always looks desperate
What sniper you know closes one eye? None
Tonton Tholung
Tonton Tholung:
He's more handsome when he grow old 😍❤️
I could watch those first 30 seconds for hours.
A J:
He should apply hand sanitizer he just touched his tongue
Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma:
And then he evolved into deadshot .. 😂
Please notice Cupid
Please notice Cupid:
1:00 he can move that really fast
YARIK Chuvak
YARIK Chuvak:
he has human aimbot, and it’s confirmed!
Edward Adorno
Edward Adorno:
He’s so good he can adjust the scope without looking through it
Automated Comment
Automated Comment:
Math test: if a train traveling at 80 mph leaves the station at 7:10 am traveling west bound, how lo.......
Me: awwwwwww chet, I never gonna use this in real life wtf
Ill only say it once, this easily could have just been a Deadshot movie.
NoTalker _
NoTalker _:
I was thinking that’s impossible but then I remembered that he’s deadshot
Siddhanth muralidharan
Siddhanth muralidharan:
U know this scene was soo unrealistic but I love the way he loaded the sniper
When you find awm and 15 scope:
Wacky Wes
Wacky Wes:
Of course it's epic, what else can you expect from Deadshot...
Just out here waitin for ol August to roll up 😂
Nicholas White
Nicholas White:
I’m my opinion that was the only good part of the move. This scene was awesome.
Joshua Goldman
Joshua Goldman:
He adjusted his scope before looking through it? Continuity error woah
Dank Ainsley
Dank Ainsley:
Hmm me know everything about rifles so me tell everything wrong with a fictional movie
Im just waiting for the Jada and august comments here..
paco ramon
paco ramon:
Why they used an actor that hasn't age a bit in 30 years?
Charlie Odom
Charlie Odom:
Dude was adjusting Windage and Elevation like a damn roulette table!
Zejd Kazic
Zejd Kazic:
if the work goes out, it looks like this. GFS9
Leo's Custom Builds
Leo's Custom Builds:
Totally amazing how he can adjust the scope with the cover on by random twisting the dial to complete accuracy
Infernus Titan
Infernus Titan:
Epic? More like stupid. Too fake even for a movie. No wonder this cartoonish film didnt get recognize.
Aditya Mehta
Aditya Mehta:
Love will smith acting and the way he shot him in moving train was awesome 😎
Nah you can’t lie to me this is just Deadshot chilling for retirement
Vicky Ray
Vicky Ray:
1:21 What an angel!
OMGLegendary 1
OMGLegendary 1:
Imagine this movie having an internet lag and the person does what will happen?
Let's see, wind speed check, distance check, train speed check, target seat check, earth curvature check, and let's eyeball it and see if it works! 😂😂😂
mike ruston
mike ruston:
Every scope I dope I do it with my eyes closed . I always hit what I don’t aim at.
1:40 Looks like someone forgot to open the scope.
Chef de Cuisine by Avi Saxena
Chef de Cuisine by Avi Saxena:
will smith is playing both side so that he always comes out on top
thats some pubg action right there
Chris Craven
Chris Craven:
I can't wait to never watch this flick
Elliet Maples
Elliet Maples:
Yeah if this happens in real life I suspect that he would have to be able to walk on water after the shot lol
Brandi Sollosi
Brandi Sollosi:
He film a part of this movie where I live
The Devil You Know
The Devil You Know:
Please all clips with BUDDY COLE from ""THE GIFT" (2000)
Murphy Rutledge
Murphy Rutledge:
It’s amazing how many professional snipers are in the comments. It’s a movie. It wasn’t striving for realism. Sheesh.
Kelly 2552
Kelly 2552:
The Dead Eye of a Sniper is a pathway to many abilities some consider it to be unnatural
Alexandre Silva
Alexandre Silva:
Epic sniper scene? Lol this movie was the Charlie’s Angel reboot of Looper