GEM to MAX - Clash of Clans UPDATE!

Clash of Clans Update - Gem to MAX in Minutes!

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99 komento:

Everyone: enjoys update, takes their time..
Gerson Nickolai Fontamillas
Gerson Nickolai Fontamillas:
Is it me, or just that 1234 gems really hits good
Me hurts when using 50 gems
Galadon: probably uses gems to clear Gem box
Nick Roosh
Nick Roosh:
in no cash clash he's been in town hall 11 for about a month now, and we're still waiting for that episode...
Nathaniel Ter
Nathaniel Ter:
Did I see right? He had over 63 book of hero’s!
Nick Roosh
Nick Roosh:
Champion king:*releases*
*money has left the chat.*
I did the same thing in coc private server... Gemming and maxing out the walls
N8 Dawg
N8 Dawg:
Galadon; while it isn’t 14 pekkas, you could make a 12 pekka smash army and call it DODECAPEKKA

Edit: just found out the word for 14 is tetrakaideca which sounds SO MUCH COOLER. Like think about this: TETRAKAIDECAPEKKA -> 14 pekka army
Me:lets save the gems 💎
Galadon: lets spend the gems on walls
Btw luv your videos ❤💕😍
1K Subscribers before 2021
1K Subscribers before 2021:
I literally Cried when seeing the gems spended.
yellow dragon
yellow dragon:
"So I did some farming off-camera"
Marvellous Lyrics
Marvellous Lyrics:
Galadon: The money that I earned in this video is not for charity coz it's gem day.
Love you man form NEPAL.
Sharaz Ali
Sharaz Ali:
Hey galadon. Series idea here. Road to level 500. Trying to get level 500 on your main account.
Or another idea is completely achieving all achievement on your main account. Long time viewer maybe 5/6 years. Love ya
Gallydon Gallydon where is the famous "Use code galadon " Quote - Galadon.
Atom Artz
Atom Artz:
Only if someone could give me 10 dollars to buy that Champion King skin.
Is no one gonna mention how it says January 9 on the top left corner
Subbing to everyone who subs me
Subbing to everyone who subs me:
2:31 somebody say that it is real. Wow!
14:00 DANGGGGGGGG 1234 gems on last wall!
Suat Can Dayanıklı
Suat Can Dayanıklı:
When ı saw the title, I clicks instantly.
1K Subscribers before 2021
1K Subscribers before 2021:
Me:Happy getting a Book of Heroes.
Galadon: has 37 book of Heroes.
Me:Left the chat.
joel george
joel george:
If I had even 1 wall upgrade cost gem
I would buy that Skelton king :-(
Imagine giving away this account to a subscriber 😂
Chetan B.
Chetan B.:
Other Creators: Here are my Sponsors

Galadon: Whats a sponsor
Nishit Saini 9230
Nishit Saini 9230:
Galadon bro I am giving like because you have invest lot of money, gems , magic item and madels.
This is amazing
Gallydon has ginormous amount of magic items that I haven't ever in my entire clash career had.
Mark Aquino
Mark Aquino:
Im late. Watching from Philippines!
And am still saving my gems to buy 5th builder😢😓🤕🤕
FSB Tidfut
FSB Tidfut:
I won a gold pass on this specific live stream for typing the name of yesterdays video first but I never got messaged
Teresa Gonzalez
Teresa Gonzalez:
When your a free to play player lol.
gems: am i a joke to you!
When you said gotta turn on sound effects, I seriously thought you were going to say the king uses code galadon
Those timers kinda make me want to continue playing clash even less, and with every update it’s only gonna get worse, soon I’ll be waiting half a year for a cannon
how does he have more subs than beaker, but has way less comments, likes, and views?
James Nunn
James Nunn:
It was painful watching him upgrade one wall at a time
E̷H̷Z̷A̷N̷ A̷B̷D̷U̷L̷L̷A̷
E̷H̷Z̷A̷N̷ A̷B̷D̷U̷L̷L̷A̷:
Look at the money he is spending just to entertain us love you gala❤️love
At the start of this video I’m like how is this 17 minutes long stretching video
Hrishikesh Sawarkar
Hrishikesh Sawarkar:
Thats called galdon....geming up all update really feels awesome
Extremedare Bros
Extremedare Bros:
Bro like 4 days ago I was talking about level 125 heros
Ayden Uusitalo
Ayden Uusitalo:
Day one of asking for this account
Henry Scheper
Henry Scheper:
nobody when they see him highlight don in galadon:

Me: his name is Don!
Dakshay Saili
Dakshay Saili:
Gem to max is back miss this series
Can anybody tell me what he usually puts in his clan castle for this hybrid attack ??
I already knew that Gallydon had gemmed the Halloween update because before watching the actual video I had visited his base and it was already maxed out.
Magma Warrior
Magma Warrior:
Thank God you reminded me to put on Code Galadon before purchasing the Champion King!I almost forgot!Also,I felt the pain when you started upgrading Walls with raw Gems!
Jack Gonzalez
Jack Gonzalez:
why didnt he use rune of gold for walls
Anjan Mondal
Anjan Mondal:
When you are high on weed!
Thanks for reminding me to use code BEAK in the shop :)
Martin Zhang
Martin Zhang:
I’ve already seen this on the livestream 😞
Saurabh kumar
Saurabh kumar:
What will happen to me when i use the creator's code like "galadon".
Can anyone tell me plz.
Tejas Kompala
Tejas Kompala:
My first time watching a live stream in fb is galadon just maxxing out his account last 5 walls
Sayooj .R
Sayooj .R:
13:00 Does elixir cost less gem than gold
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
Wow clash of clans has been going on for a long time now I remember i ise to play it in middle school
Jonathan Dowie
Jonathan Dowie:
I told u I would still come watch the video in the live stream even though u said we were except was great seeing it live
Recreational Gamer
Recreational Gamer:
I am from india and I am your huge fan
I had never buy a single gem in coc
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey:
The vacant tombs animation and sound effect is same as that of the graves you collect of the enemy troops that dies on your base
Also, can you please ask supercell to give us lvl 8 air sweepers they do not match with th13 scheme
Aika Snow
Aika Snow:
you should change the title to "watch because your poor" 😑
Adam Abdelazeez
Adam Abdelazeez:
I love that I was the top 50 people who watched this but forgot to comment dang
Anoop Mohan
Anoop Mohan:
The best series ever made by galadon gem to max keep it going man came here just for this !!
عمران العبادي
عمران العبادي:
I saw the full stream and I'm going to watch the vid
(I am the guy that have morti in his profile pic)

Edit: the vid is done great job🌚💛
Liam is not a boomer
Liam is not a boomer:
My first snow was in summer in July 8
Priyansh Patel
Priyansh Patel:
this time code galadon was maximised 😂
The Depressed Cat
The Depressed Cat:
Those little barbarians in the king ability also get skins with the champion King
Marcell Cortez
Marcell Cortez:
We’re my OG that
Wr3d Raghav
Wr3d Raghav:
👈I spent my most of time in "Recording","Gameplay","Editing and Uploading".I need all my Brothers and Sisters support🙏...😭😭😭
Jose Flores
Jose Flores:
Imagine clash of clans having taxes
- Utaha-Senpai -
- Utaha-Senpai -:
I still want the champion skin sooooo bad, its the most awesome king skin yet
Gabriel Delos santos
Gabriel Delos santos:
Why didnt u use league medals for the archer towers?
Eddelman Franco
Eddelman Franco:
Galadon u can just go to the shop and buy the loot instead of using so many gems on the upgrade
Liz Hansen
Liz Hansen:
Put Challenge king up 4 gems 1500 After or something like that!!!?🥺🥺🥺🥺
kingscorpion 65
kingscorpion 65:
Yah know when a new update drops even if you don't want to we need to use code galadon, come on guys we all know exactly why!
Mikehunt hunt
Mikehunt hunt:
Bruh no need to start rappin, take ur time
The new obstacle sound effect is pretty lame. Other than that it's pretty alright
RJ Langen
RJ Langen:
This hurts to watch
Mr. X
Mr. X:
I literally know its painful for galadon but for keeping us up he wastes his money🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️.........
Galadon says it is painful to watch the gems go. For me, it's satisfying cause I know I will never be able to do this. So it's extremely awesome to see it done.
Shakeel Najarali
Shakeel Najarali:
I feel broke after watching
Why Ur upgrade time of archertower, army camp, hiddentesla are less??
LM - 06ST 790839 Springfield PS
LM - 06ST 790839 Springfield PS:
Hey galas on this is like ur first time not haveing 30 million gold and elixir normally u end up with 30 mil

I can wait for the new update
Subbing to everyone who subs me
Subbing to everyone who subs me:
Galadon:- GEM to MAX
Free to play players: - :o
Blessen Daniel
Blessen Daniel:
Me who watched live, watching again😌
Abhi Gowda
Abhi Gowda:
Waiting for this since yesterday
Joined your discord and I love it. Ty for creating this
Fang OP
Fang OP:
i burst into laughter when i heard you saying not to tell supercell about..uh oh?
i swear if they add more levels to the king and queen at townhall 9
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey:
Finally a new 'use code galadon' part 🙌 👏
Geetha Vijayan
Geetha Vijayan:
You know what ??!! I was waiting for this very video since the update released 😁😁
Midu Jayaprakash
Midu Jayaprakash:
Are you gonna make a new series of clash of clans cause you have started a new account in Just Galadon clan
Harneet Rattoke
Harneet Rattoke:
This video upload on 15 October
But oh her phone Or tab see date
Bravo Hairston
Bravo Hairston:
They nerfed th 10 for no reason
Manikanta Sai Kumar
Manikanta Sai Kumar:
7:43 what is that gold thing??🤔🤔🤔
Shrujan Kharwadey
Shrujan Kharwadey:
Is the upgrade cost of walls has been decreased.. Because to level up from 12 to 13 it takes 6000000 gold
Deazz Nuts
Deazz Nuts:
Mad lad spent two hundred dollars on gems spends them on WALLS
Avish Rohil
Avish Rohil:
For a small moment I had more gems than galadons main base. My life is complete
Animators Inc.
Animators Inc.:
Hey Rip galadons bank account
Could you gem to Mac my town hall 13 😂
One of my earliest comment
u spend 300$ , and i m crying ❤️
Gaurangi Agarwal
Gaurangi Agarwal:
I saw 2 people claiming that they are first. So I will take 2nd place 🥈🥈
CoC keeps making new updates because they know galadon will buy their whole store everytime.😂