GE2020: Long line of voters at Teck Ghee Primary School polling station

#GE2020: This was the queue to enter Teck Ghee Primary School polling station at about 10.50am. The Singapore Elections Department says there are "longer than usual" queues at some polling stations due to additional safety measures put in place in light of COVID-19. (Video: Lydia Lam)




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Tony Ng
Tony Ng:
Govt is self-serving. No consideration for the people
James Lim
James Lim:
Today i witnessed a polling agent trying to "help" a senior voter to use the self-inking pen. She made it clear her party of choice is the opposition, but the polling agent stamped on the ruling party's box and quickly fold and put away her ballot paper. Outright dishonest.
LC Yong
LC Yong:
I am 77 yrs old with medical problems. I was given a time slot of 8 to 10am for balloting. I went to the polling station at 9.50am but was told that I have to join the queue. I don't mind queuing along with people of my age groupand time slot, but many (I could recognise neighbours and friends) were definitely younger and came earlier than their allocated time slot. I almost fainted having to queue for an hour before my turn to vote. Really bad experience!
Des Chan
Des Chan:
PAP is helping Opposition to gain more votes
mike teo
mike teo:
Poor setup at Polling Station. Senior citizen had to queue over an hour.
Google Android
Google Android:
Songs & Sounds
Songs & Sounds:
I am so happy to see PAP letting everybody see with their own eyes what poor planners and managers they really are !!! Hahahahahahaha !!!!
New Citizens: thinks the queue is irresponsible for elderly.
Polling paper: X Lightning ⚡
Ultraman Lim
Ultraman Lim:
Stupid! The people planning for so many senior citizens to vote at this short time band need to be sacked! Shows a severe lack of understanding and planning from the authorities.
Yang Yul
Yang Yul:
I'm worried cause my ahma and ahgong have to wait for so long and are so vulnerable, what if one person gets covid-19? Then the entire generation of senior citizens in that neighbourhood are infected?
Muhammad Fendi
Muhammad Fendi:
WHAT HAPPEN TO OUR COUNTRY? HOW WE LACK EMPATHY... Don't they ever DARE say helping our elderly live with dignity when they're risking it this Covid19. And our elderly are the most vulnerable. I'm ashamed as a Singaporean! Shame on us.
you see the queue.. can you imagine how many of the elderly were initially convinced by PAP's sweet talk at coffeeshops and walkabouts to vote for them, and then they change their mind because of how long they have to stand under the hot sun for long duration just to vote for someone that promised them something but didn't deliver...
Megalord Ng
Megalord Ng:
I was talking to a hawker while waiting for lunch, she was fuming mad her 95 year old mother waited for 2 hours (i think at yishun or somewhere north)

Said to be torturous. Auntie and shop owner were openly cursing and swearing. They asked if its too much to divert crowd to others with less people. I thought, haven't the government considered such a possibility? We can plan and react so well for LKY funeral, yet we cannot plan ahead of time knowing it's critical time
Lin Mingwan
Lin Mingwan:
Look at the amount of Elderly. Absolutely atrocious, they should have seen this coming and now they are risking elderly lives. Can you imagine standing under the hot sun like this? Even young voters wont be able to tahan, let alone elderly
cheng soon hwee
cheng soon hwee:
Firstly, PAP could not handle Covid-19 properly at the initial stage. Now they cannot handle the polling station and putting our elderly parents at such high risk of being infected with the virus. Totally shameless idiots!
Kok Kokson
Kok Kokson:
Sad to see the Long queues under the hot sun putting us at risk of COVID 19 infections.
No compassion for the citizens!
Poor old folks
Gio Ng
Gio Ng:
Before Que: i'll X ⚡
After 1 hr: ... I'll X 🌞
Polling extended to 10pm
Hope they keep a Keen eye on ALL the polling boxes
razali abdul aziz
razali abdul aziz:
Long queue !, Most of them are over 58 year old, wondering which party they vote?
Konglim Khoo
Konglim Khoo:
first time see queue so long. what the fish? why did this happened?
Nicholas Benedict Goh
Nicholas Benedict Goh:
Simply embarrassing.
The Specialist
The Specialist:
Aiyoh why do like this to our elderly... Asking them to stand at the hot sun waiting for 1hr or 1hrplus wth...
Songs & Sounds
Songs & Sounds:
Keh Kiang! How Liang! Sia Suay! Elections during Covid-19!
I am so happy to see PAP letting everybody see with their own eyes what poor planners and managers they really are !!! Hahahahahahaha !!!!
AAG - Real Estate Ng
AAG - Real Estate Ng:
Really no brainer, they should have a separate queue for the elderly & handicap and not make them stand or q for so long................
God's Amazing Grace
God's Amazing Grace:
knowingly that election during this crisis time is going to be challenging
and still proceeding with it = irresponsibility
Google Android
Google Android:
Why election NOW with the Covid 19 and look at the Singaporean and they risk their life regarless old and young. Why can't wait??? 😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎
Des Chan
Des Chan:
How many in the queue will be frustrated and vote against PAP? 🤔🤔🤔
Megalord Ng
Megalord Ng:
On hindsight, if planning a GE during a pandemic is met with so much difficulties and poor planning, how do they plan to walk us out of the pandemic? Its far harder to walk out of the Pandemic!
Muhd Haekal
Muhd Haekal:
And u creating a new clust
Compassion and Care ?
Does this look anything even remotely close ?
R Tan
R Tan:
Q-management also cannot manage properly. How to trust them for next 5 years? Vote wisely. Really no compassion for old folks.
Papa Roti
Papa Roti:
Paid millions but ELD cannot think. Good for nothing paper fellows cannot empathize. Aircon office too cold and too shiok.
Bernard Fernando
Bernard Fernando:
This is crazy! It should never have happened and an election should not have been held in such a dangerous times!
God's Amazing Grace
God's Amazing Grace:
just be prepared for post election clusters emerging

bcuz of long q and wearing disposable hand gloves deemed as time consuming,
eld do away with gloves!
God's Amazing Grace
God's Amazing Grace:
1st time in Singapore history
10 opposition parties in this election and
1st time extended to 10pm
Aunty Tay
Aunty Tay:
wow, this is madness
Scarly x Vlogs
Scarly x Vlogs:
this is so disheartening to see that the elderly are not being taken care off properly..
Eric M17
Eric M17:
Best pay...planned all this ...omg....liao liao future 😥
Ali Abdul Kader
Ali Abdul Kader:
This ELD is a no brainer why say 10-12 everywhere long qeue
Constance Oh
Constance Oh:
老天爺心疼也爱新加坡人民,今天天气真好,沒下大雨,没大太阳, 希望下來 14 天,大家都平安健康。
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh:
Their brainwashed the senior citizen
the queue at my house is longer...took me 40mins to vote.... in a pandemic and so many people.... joined queue at 4.55pm and left the place at 5:35pm...
So ridiculous
Long queue and long life Singaporean!
Deooish Z
Deooish Z:
thought unlink cases increase alots....and this long Q, no comment at all
Gathering of 5 people or less
Wow 👍👍👍
Tan William
Tan William:
Very POOR Planning! !{
Meiqi Chia
Meiqi Chia:
Should e vote online.
Taufik Tuman
Taufik Tuman:
This shows a lot about our present government. A simple thing like this is screwed up. How do they handle our massive cpf investments? Mixed feelings here. Hopefully, those voting for them will change their minds during the long wait. Irresponsible to be holding during this period, and screwed up big time!
razali abdul aziz
razali abdul aziz:
Something should be done , for those aging voters for the next 5 years
Third Eye
Third Eye:
F.... so stupid....not those people.. but the planner
Brendadirk Cramplescrunch
Brendadirk Cramplescrunch:
Better not hear about a cluster arising from this... irresponsible planning. So sad to see all the old people standing for so long.
Lim Jin
Lim Jin:
Our old folks are eager to vote them out.
Siao Jony
Siao Jony:
Hoped eveyone go according to their recommended time so that numbers are well spread out
Constance Oh
Constance Oh:
People from the same house - will go together. The not so young will have to fetch or bring their older parents and assist them - simple logic - the allocated time slot - did not work. Many families in Singapore are of this pattern. Either parents stay with children or children still staying with parents. Don't expect them to make 2 trips - just for the polling exercises which should not be call in the first place during a C-19 pandemic. ELD / PMO and President - better do some soul searching after the polling days. If community case surge over the next couple of days.
bubble tea bubble tea light o
bubble tea bubble tea light o:
Can't the gloves be distributed while they r waiting? Set up tables for them to take n wear gloves along the queue. Take temperature person also go down the queue
Dave Tan
Dave Tan:
What a Leesaster!
Thank you Lee Hsien Loong, in your ward some more
numb3r three
numb3r three:
People queueing up just so their life could be rule by others.
God's Amazing Grace
God's Amazing Grace:
with all the temperature screening, hand sanitizing and some "struggling" to put on disposable hand gloves,
time is already spent and wasted!

so many elderly people in the q
they will be exhausted standing for so long
Beatrix Ng
Beatrix Ng:
How many of those people were elderly? Seriously, can we please give priority queues to the elderly instead of making them wait in line like the other younger people?
Nox Bobby
Nox Bobby:
and 2 weeks later
Mohamed Razif
Mohamed Razif:
Talk so much. End up vote pap. Every 10 people in that line, 6-7 will likely vote pap anyway. Lol.
Faris Hafiy
Faris Hafiy:
Waaaa.. so long
Sean Hoo
Sean Hoo:
they cannot give chair lah . Covid leh
Richard Wong
Richard Wong:
ELD should be held to task for the ill arrangement. Extension of voting hours is a joke.
Wow! Mostly mature voter
Mr Singlish
Mr Singlish:
Goverment making people wait like this the elderly will still vote for pap.
Wolfer Wolfer
Wolfer Wolfer:
So pitiful, how can this happen?
Hope that COVID can still be contained after GE
I’m also belong to AMK grc, this is my pri school lol P.S: thank god my polling station only took me 5-7mins.
Vincenzo Di Biasio
Vincenzo Di Biasio:
Quante belle pecorelle tutte in fila!
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim:
Great to see the people of this country working hard it. Thank you for your contribution!
Dharma K
Dharma K:
SGUnited.....jia u PAP n my fave PM Lee Hsien Loong Stay Strong n Healthy u have done your BEST
ELD must be reformed and civil servants assigned to stations held accountable! No bonus and D grading for the work year!
Kian Gee Phua
Kian Gee Phua:
The aged people above 90 years old should not have to vote.
My mother 90 years old is too old n she don't even know the candidates besides she can't even decide who or which party to vote for. She told us she will just follow others how they voted.
It does not make sense that these elderly people so blurr still need to vote.
Lily Tay
Lily Tay:
Yishun also no glove
joeNjudy whoknows
joeNjudy whoknows:
Why like that?! I did my around the same timing and it took me like 5-10mins only of waiting...
Aton Baba
Aton Baba:
all autopilot
sum loo
sum loo:
all uncles and aunts.
g paramaeswary
g paramaeswary:
Aljunied voting at Xinghua Primary school no gloves.
It was a breeze. No crowd at all.
Coffeebud Hong
Coffeebud Hong:
Heard many didn’t go at the time slot given, they go only when they free
isaac ozil
isaac ozil:
This is call first world country😆👍
Mickey Mice
Mickey Mice:
Gone case
Wa lau ! Q so long in Tampines and Teck Whye. At Marsiling, two polling stations, block 203 & 204 void deck. No hot sunlight and no long Q, less than 30 minutes. Make voters face the hot sun. Lucky no rain.
K.Y. Phua
K.Y. Phua:
SG Government wants it's citizens to VOTE n is MANDATORY!! It should NOT be organised in this way which in our past n previous 4 Elections was a 10-15mins wait. It's disheartened to see SG citizens in this long long queue which is a minimum 1&half hrs queue wait. DO WE DESERVE IT?? Pls write in to COMPLAIN n give FEEDBACKS so tt this matter is seriously looked into n future ELECTIONS n Future Generations will NOT BE facing similar situation.
(1) What does it mean by giving time slots?
(2) What is Priority queue? One long long queue (waiting 1&half hrs is PRIORITY QUEUE?
(3) Those Frontline ppl in charge are NOT MOVING THE accumulative backlog QUEUE, therefore those arriving on time slots given have to queue even WORST.
(4) i see so many aged n very old people standing in tt long long queue. Pls send in ur video-clips, COMPLAIN pls.
(5) I checked the queue line every hr, it gets longer NOT SHORTER n our time slot given was up. REALLY FED-UP!!
Alwyn Huo
Alwyn Huo:
Long queue everywhere early in the morning... people never follow timing... how... can stop them?... then they will have another set of complaints...
Desakotakampoeng Desakotakampoeng
Desakotakampoeng Desakotakampoeng:
Done on purpose.?.Mayb a strategy. ?..ppl got fwd up...go home...and guess wat?
fong -
fong -:
Besides bottled drinks, the govt should be proactive and prepare some plastic chairs for old folks to sit on instead of having them queue like this in the open. Why are those old people with walking aids not given priority to vote?
Calvin Tan
Calvin Tan:
Wow. Used to vote at teck ghee 2 elections ago. Luckily my polling station changes to just a block next to me here in amk. Just voted with no queue at all. In and out in 5 mins. Just bad planning that causes elderly to stand without shelter for so long.
Some people couldn't follow their allocated timeslot because they had to work
Some families with elderlies just went to the polling station together
Some people saw the ELD website/passed by and saw that the queue is quite short so they went down even though it's not their timeslot.
In short this timeslot thing is a major fail. Does ELD know that not everything works on paper?
Ownself check ownself
What a disaster
Mal HT
Mal HT:
I was with my 89 yrs old mother in the morning.There were many younger voters standing in the line.
Whats the point of giving time bands when its not followed.It would had been better if different lanes or sections were set up for the seniors to Q then they would be segragated and have shorter wait.
So embarrassing! Poor organisation
Malcolm Is Awesome
Malcolm Is Awesome:
ELD basically messed up their manpower allocation. YCK CC had 2 queues (A & B). A had a queue lasting 1.5 hrs while B had a non-existent queue. A stone throw away is Presbyterian High School. LITERALLY NO ONE WAS WALKING IN... @ELD you sure it’s due to covid-19 measures??