GCSE Chemistry - Differences Between Compounds, Molecules & Mixtures #3

This video covers:
0:21 - What a molecule is
1:11 - What a compound is
3:11 - How to use brackets in a chemical formula
4:48 - What a mixture is

This video is suitable for:
- All tiers
- All exam boards
- Triple and combined science

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Rhianna Rajput
Rhianna Rajput:
I just wanted to say I’ve recently started watching these videos and they are insanely helpful, especially when revising.
Buliga Vasile
Buliga Vasile:
Out of all the youtube teachers i know (and I know a lot of them) you're explaining the best, please never stop what you're doing
Honestly, Ive been so bad with my science, even until now when I am in year11. I`m getting grade 3s and 4s in science which I don't like, but I`m never going to give up. I`ve only watched 3 from the start of your chemistry playlist and I`ve learnt so much. I love your videos and as coronavirus has stopped exams, I can try harder to get grade 7s. Thank you so much!!!!
bart hessing
bart hessing:
The video series so far is very well explained, i like the fact that you are not in a rush to overwhelm us like most other channels. It feels like i can genuinly learn and digest the material, my compliments and thank you!
Nambuya Lydia
Nambuya Lydia:
Ure a blessing. ....uhm dat damn voice lovely
Blaze Master962
Blaze Master962:
I am in Year 8, revising for Tests and these videos are so simple and easy to understand. When revising, I would always recommending searching for the topic on this channel.
Anushka Gupta
Anushka Gupta:
I’m studying for this science based competition which is hard to study for because the material is on new topics, but you make it so easy to take notes, revise, understand, and practice! This is my favorite science channel!🙂🙂
Imranrexses Is cool
Imranrexses Is cool:
Thank you very much I’ll will come back to tell you my score for my test. U are 10x better than my teacher
It does help to understand what is the difference between compounds and mixture, thanks a lot!
C R:
ty this is good stuff
Koh Gerald
Koh Gerald:
@Cognito I have been watching your videos and they were good and I finally managed to understand. Thank you.
Lottie Loup
Lottie Loup:
I have a chemistry test today I hope i can do it lol
Anastasia Akram
Anastasia Akram:
Couldn't thank you more
Dua Zia
Dua Zia:
Alfie Chamberlain
Alfie Chamberlain:
I am year eight having to watch a gcse video wtf
Gaming pizza
Gaming pizza:
Why would anybody dislike these vids?
you are made of your ancestors
Caiden Kempt the nonce Hunter
Caiden Kempt the nonce Hunter:
No captions
George Reeves
George Reeves:
Lorenzo Panagi
Lorenzo Panagi:
Danieel Repin-Moazzam
Danieel Repin-Moazzam:
This is hard but a year 8 doing GCSE level video. It’s crazy. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Artic wolf gaming
Artic wolf gaming:
this video was useless to me personaly