Gaël Monfils vs Alexander Bublik - Round 1 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020

Gaël Monfils vs Alexander Bublik - Round 1 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments from the match that opposed Gaël Monfils and Alexander Bublik at the first round of #RolandGarros 2020. Alexander Bublik won 6/4 7/5 3/6 6/3.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

100+ komento:

Always liked Bublik, always thought of him as a mini Kyrgios very talented just needs to find the motivation which came out in this match and here’s the result
Monfils hasn't looked the same since he missed an opportunity to defeat Djokovic in Dubai. Plus, the lack of crowd in the post-lockdown return to tennis may make it more difficult because he seems to thrive on the crowd's energy. Less crowd, less to draw on. So that may possibly not help him.
Arthur Van der Kooij
Arthur Van der Kooij:
How is bublik suddenly pumped to win? Never seen him so motivated
Plushka Plushov
Plushka Plushov:
so no one would appreciate and accept the fact, that the point on 0:13 can easily be the shot of the tournament? amazing hotdog lob btw.
BUBLIK can win without any PUBLIK...
Sebastián Sapag
Sebastián Sapag:
RG's Channel: where the ads are longer than the highlights
Pedro Djangani
Pedro Djangani:
The white kyrgios
Sir Benjamin The Bold
Sir Benjamin The Bold:
Discount Krygios strikes again!
Nooo, not in the first round already :( always love watching Monfils play
Hasher 435
Hasher 435:
How monfils Lose the first and the second Set?
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
It’s a shame there were hardly any fans to watch these two entertainers play.
Robin Remy
Robin Remy:
Casual on the run lob tweener. Welcome to the Bublik show, ladies and gentlemen.
Bublik finally seems to take his career more seriously. I´ve been watching his performance in Hamburg last week and he really played with a lot of discipline. But what´s wrong with Monfils? The season started so well for him but now he´s amassing a string of unnecessary losses.
Vicious Mixes
Vicious Mixes:
up a brake in every set. 3-0 in the first, set point in the second that's quite the choke. Coming from a Monfils fan
Corne Van Gulik
Corne Van Gulik:
One of those matches Monfils could’ve won but didn’t.
Set points in the second set
Won the third
A break ahead in the fourth.
Putain Monfils on dirait que tu mérite pas ta place dans le top 10
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami:
minfils game, which relies on athleticism will betray him as he gets older and better athletes come around
Lubomir Radev
Lubomir Radev:
One of the most fun matches today
Michele Gavelli
Michele Gavelli:
Happy for bublik, he seems he started enjoying playing tennis. Monfils is in a slump btw, he started the season really well but he has now lost 4 matches in a row... hope he recovers for the indoor season, but I think he misses the crowd.
Monfils is in a slump.
Максим Куров
Максим Куров:
Дырку от бублика получил Монфис))))
HAHA 468
HAHA 468:
1:02 Monfils had an accident...
Bublik was thrilled to see the news about the Borat sequel coming out soon so he decided to put extra effort today
Djiwangga Adie
Djiwangga Adie:
0:09 that ball boy thought the ball was going to hit net
dr. constantine
dr. constantine:
Красота просто! Трюкачи! Саня, наведи шороху в топ-50!
Richard's World Traveler
Richard's World Traveler:
Bublik did the Monfil's shot on Monfils 😀
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat:
0:12 shot of the day
0:13 that's pretty much a tweener topspin lob lol
Leon Stanić
Leon Stanić:
Wooow what a tweener <3
0:12 What a shot!
Alek Hardik
Alek Hardik:
Монфилс поздравляю с тем что стал играть как Свитолина! Может в скоре ещё лучше неё заиграешь, ахаха
Hugo Lau
Hugo Lau:
That tweener would have been the shot of the tournament if it was played by the big 3. So casual and subtle. Outplayed one of the most athletic players on the tour.
I am actually a fan of Federer.
Monfis need. audience
Milcent Orodio
Milcent Orodio:
As much as i love monfils, i was secretly rooting for bublik. Both were entertaining to watch and that underarm serve is just evil
French open now!!
Kojo Degraft-Johnson
Kojo Degraft-Johnson:
Double break up in the first set, and an ace way from taking the second set. You end up losing in 4 sets. Very very disappointing. Not to mention this is his most preferred surface..
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Let's goooo- wow, Zverev has been replaced!
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor:
Monfils - one of the most talented and infuriating tennis players to watch!
kevin shelly
kevin shelly:
Bublik at 6’6” moves very well and covers the court, seems he has some momentum. Not surprised Monfils lost, after losing the first set, Monfils only comes back to win 25% of the time.
If Bublik gets his mind in order - admittedly a big 'if' - he could be something special.
That's the match we want~~Congrats for Bublik!
Castor grognon
Castor grognon:
l'important c'est de participer :o))))
0:13 not 14
this match seems like a good reminder why most of the players play mostly on the baseline. they dont have a clue nor a plan attacking the net. dropballs without any idea or without the opponent out of position. just bad tennis.
Peters Jean Paul
Peters Jean Paul:
0:13 usually the crowd would have gonne crazy with a shot like that, but wait, oh yeah I forgot there’s no crowd
Purple Coffin Man
Purple Coffin Man:
Covid I feel like interrupted Monfils' momentum. He's not been himself lately
Javier Hotcontent
Javier Hotcontent:
0:12 terrific point
Haejoon Lee
Haejoon Lee:
Damn, too impressive with Bublik
I. Nardone
I. Nardone:
I love Monfils!
Too much pressure to do good in France 🇫🇷
Yessss...monflis out...ahahaha
Nine Nine
Nine Nine:
Bravo !!!
Pettit Lawn Care
Pettit Lawn Care:
Both Monfils and Fognini go through hot and cold spells. They're in a cold one right now.
N Ostreff
N Ostreff:
Bublik picking up speed.
End of an era.
Bublik is so cute 😍
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
Well played Buba ;-)
Хакер Хакерич
Хакер Хакерич:
Go, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 🇰🇿 🇰🇿
Nick Andez
Nick Andez:
il va pouvoir retourner stream sur twitch !
Артём Карамзин
Артём Карамзин:
Donut McMuffin
Donut McMuffin:
man, what happened to monfils, he was playing at a top 5 level pre-pandemic
два клоуна нашли друг друга
Harold Nicholson
Harold Nicholson:
Smh 2nd worst lost after Djo 🤦🏽‍♂️
Cameron Nichol
Cameron Nichol:
Playing against Bublik in these conditions with his erratic changes of pace would be an absolute nightmare hope he has a deep run love watching him play.
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons:
🤯 Monfils was 5-3 40-30 up in the second and gave it away?
Федор Малкинсон
Федор Малкинсон:
Great job Alexander!
Evan Karatzas
Evan Karatzas:
I watched this game while eating coco pops
The Dogon Witch Priestess
The Dogon Witch Priestess:
Is Bublik covered head-to-toe in tatts?
Jorge Augusto
Jorge Augusto:
Bublik unexpected n cool win! Congrats
Kottesito Channel
Kottesito Channel:
when nobody or few can be at RG the highlight shut be longer.
If there had been a crowd.
Monfils would have won this.
Udayan Kapaley
Udayan Kapaley:
US Open did such a great job at highlights. These are so few and so short. Hoping for better...
Vladyslav Diumin
Vladyslav Diumin:
Nice, Bublik!
Marcio Tavares
Marcio Tavares:
0:49 2nd set Monfils 5-3 serving at 40-30; next point 1:03: 3rd set, 1-0 Bublik (he took the 2nd set 7-5), deuce... I know RG wants to sell their products, but this is too much.
андрей енютин
андрей енютин:
Все дело в кальсонах🙊🙊🙊.
It's all about underpants.
i told you guys that bublik is the guy to keep an eye on ever since youtubes of his challenger tour title wins showed up! that was 3 yrs ago. and now he is a well recognized player!
mohamed kerfal
mohamed kerfal:
Super "Bubble-Kid"..!
What's with Monfils playing all cute these days?
Glip Abazza
Glip Abazza:
Bublik enemy.
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
Bublik played tennis for the money ---> no tennis for 6 months = When tennis resume, it's time to collect some coins after no income for 6 months
Simple logic why he's pumped. Plus, Bublik has decent 2019, probably aiming for a title for his own around this time or 2021.
Ruby Giraffes
Ruby Giraffes:
Gael lost? What exactly happened?
Alberto Cagetti
Alberto Cagetti:
Some magic from Bublik
Brigg Solis
Brigg Solis:
it looks so cold
Jack Lo
Jack Lo:
Haven't watched atp tennis in about 7 yrs, noticed seems like drop shots are used a lot more than before...
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Damn Bublik is fast and hits like a truck. Kinda like Monfils. Definitely someone to watch at this year's RG.
Серик Темирзаков
Серик Темирзаков:
Kazakhs believe in you
Qincent Rusca
Qincent Rusca:
Monfils lost the 2nd set.
Typical Monfils
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
Really Monfils... really?
Айдар Рамазанов
Айдар Рамазанов:
Абдибек Каскабайулы
Абдибек Каскабайулы:
Before covid i hated bublik, hated him watching play but post covid he has been one of the best players in the tour. Im so excited to continue watching his journey, he is going to be top 30 next year.
Damn monfils chocked
Серик Темирзаков
Серик Темирзаков:
We believe you will be in top 10
Diyar Zhussupov
Diyar Zhussupov:
Woooowww, Bublik. Didn't expect such play. And yea, LETTTT'SS GOOOO. Qazaqstan is supporting you!
Gael monfils....oh my
Que c'est navrant, un bon joueur comme lui, déjà qu'on en pas des masses, mais lui il a un gros potentiel et chaque fois il peut pas aller au bout d'un grand chelem
Bublik has found what I keep hoping monfils and kyrigos figure out. Hes found the happy medium between taking the game seriously and messing around and having fun
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson:
Ugh, clay
Dluckss PG
Dluckss PG:
Happy for bublik great guy
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi:
Monfils on a skid