[FULL] Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2020 - BTS Cut

0:00 Intro
1:25 Black Swan
04:41 Make It Right
08:23 Boy with Luv

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100+ komento:

Jasmine Valencia
Jasmine Valencia:
I swear, they don’t need the GRAMMY’s, the GRAMMY’s needs them..
Anjali Seepaul
Anjali Seepaul:
I hate when they know they are tired but they still perform with their heart and soul I really appreciate all their hard work 💖💖💖saranghae
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat:
*V* : Visual and Vocal King
Ma Army
Ma Army:
Taehyung looks so beautyful with this hairstyle
Taehyung's hairstylist needs a raise...
That curly hair hits differently
ethereal splash
ethereal splash:
Tae's voice is deeper than the ocean and Jin's voice is higher than my grades. Periodt.
Doha Jeon
Doha Jeon:
V in make it right looking directly into my soul😳
Park Sarah Jeon
Park Sarah Jeon:
Taehyung really wants to kill us🤐💜
Nextlife Dreams
Nextlife Dreams:
The comment section is full of praising TaeJin
I'm here for thaaatttt
Faruk Khan
Faruk Khan:
I just can't breathe when I see V
My life
My love
Kim Taehyung
yUo tOOk a SaMpLe oF mY pAsTa
yUo tOOk a SaMpLe oF mY pAsTa:
They dont need GRAMMYs or BILLBOARD to prove themselve
shenica williams
shenica williams:
TAE is the most handsome person on earth love bts
Taehyung amazing deep voice
Beautiful face and best dancer
So hot
May Heartfillia
May Heartfillia:
Who else thinks Black Swan performance is better when they dance with barefoot?

Just me? okay..
Edit: Thanks so much for the 600+ likes
Anamika Akter
Anamika Akter:
Taehyung's visual is out of the world
Kim Tae Hyung's Fan
Kim Tae Hyung's Fan:
Tae looks so good. I badly want a fancam of him.
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat:
Tae U have given us millions of reasons to smile, to adore u !
I promise u i will stan for u nd BTS whole my life!
Please stay happy and healthy !
tae sweet night
tae sweet night:
V stage presence is no joke
maddie H
maddie H:
Taehyung is the most beautiful man alive. I mean he looks ethereal (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
Sylvia Wangu Njathe
Sylvia Wangu Njathe:
Jin looks like he's the big hit ceo fr 🥵,, king of visuals and he doesn't try much
Yessy Yohana
Yessy Yohana:
Tae looks so handsome with curly hair oh my god
love to see taehyung so happy and enjoying the virtual concert, stay save and stay healthy BTS
priya A
priya A:
I cant have boyfriend now that Taehyung has set my standards so high
Taehyung was born to perform. I love him. His voice always make me feel something. ALSO THE RANGE HE HAS OMG.
The Lachimolala
The Lachimolala:
Someone : Nobody is perfect

So many likes thank you fam
Rajeswari Mohapatra
Rajeswari Mohapatra:
Tae...I swear he is stealing the show...Like how can someone be so perfect????
Phani Laureen
Phani Laureen:
I love you so much...
Kim Taehyung
Amina Farhane
Amina Farhane:
OMG... TAEHYUNG !!!!!!!! OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😻😻😻😽😽😽😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😘
Clarissa Hanjaya
Clarissa Hanjaya:
V V V V V so prfect..
Today is the death of millions of ARMY.

Why? Because of:
-Namjoon’s cool hair and perfect rap
-Jin being a visual and vocal king
-Yoongi’s rap and lace top
-Hobi’s black hair and intense stare
-Jimin’s angelic voice and graceful dance
-Taehyung’s deep voice and curly hair
-Jungkook’s stable vocals and irresistible charms
MD Zahidur Rahman Badal
MD Zahidur Rahman Badal:
Tae's smile is so cute🤗,They all are looking so handsome and so angelic voices😍😍
Ana Maria Bertfonsia Siep
Ana Maria Bertfonsia Siep:
Taehyung:apa kabareu?
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat:
*Taes voice takes me to another world ! Nd
Taes looks kills me always i see him!
So nothing remains Normal and natural when it comes about KIM TAEHYUNG , every thing about him is heavenly*
Min Nicola7
Min Nicola7:
No wonder all the comments are about tae.
The curly hair floored me!
Neena Blossom
Neena Blossom:
Black Swan JINNN will be mesmerised forever.
Anjali Verma
Anjali Verma:
Tae tae in all black 🥵🥵
Liu Lou
Liu Lou:
I didn’t see sweet comments about ether Hyung line and I’m 🥺🤚🏻
Yoongi my wrecker of all wrecks. I see and hear you lil meow meow. Keep flowing and hitting each word hard.
Jin... my bias of all bias’s thank you for your presence itself. You’re WWH and that’s that.
RM a legend. A president. A leader. A smart and handsome man. Keep leading BTS and army in the positive direction in a horrid world.
Hobi the performance king. Keep being ADORABLE AND A SAVAGE. You are golden.
Maknaes: vocal legends.
Keep working BTS. We love EACH of you. OT7.
Nyia’s World
Nyia’s World:
Okay cause yeah am I the only one who thinks Tae looks so fine during this whole concert 😍😍🥵🥵
Muzhgan Yousofi
Muzhgan Yousofi:
Perfect as allaways butttt vvvvvvvvvvvvv Kim taehyang it’s a crime why your so handsome
People: Angels are mythical creatures
BTS: Yes. Yes WE are
Me: dies when I look at them
Sarah Liam
Sarah Liam:
As always, another wonderful and unique performance by Taehyung. Each performance shows different details and unrivaled stage presence. A wonderful soulful voice that can be strong and sweet at the same time which is quite rare and excellent vocal quality. And he also is incredibly gorgeous and totally different from the artificial faces of kpop. Taehyung isn't for a kpop group and trying to replicate his look and talent is silly. He has an unique shine.
Yolii FD
Yolii FD:
C H:
Kim Taehyung the beauty.. The Greek God... 💜💜💜💜
Just Tae
Just Tae:
hello vocals the name is Taehyung , Kim Taehyung !
kookie koo
kookie koo:
i swear taehyung is looking right into my soul
miss.shizuka sumi
miss.shizuka sumi:
I am her coz of Tae/v
Puune Darang
Puune Darang:
Depression says bye-bye listening BTS songs .

Ah their vocals and beauty of V can't be measured it's eternal💜💜
Ariana C
Ariana C:
The comments : Taehyung 💖💖

I mean I don't blame them
Rin F
Rin F:
I really love the comment about tae's, which filled the comment.. Tae's so beautiffull, so handsome.. With his curly hair, i feel my self dying for it..
Laurentia l
Laurentia l:







BTS always my favorite boyss
Mint choco_ Soob
Mint choco_ Soob:
Seems like i'm never gonna get over with taehyung's *deep deep deep voice*
the way Make it Right has the vocal line layered with the rap line gets me every time. also, Tae hair, even sprayed/moussed down still is a bouncy fluff that is too cute!
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat:
The one who will marry Kim Taehyung will win LIFE! period
S. Combis
S. Combis:
These people exists? What planet is this? Why can't everyone look like them?
ciri_ riannon
ciri_ riannon:
V with curly hair and in a white outfit looks like an angel fallen from heaven
Crystal Camacho
Crystal Camacho:
Okay can i say that V sounds super sexy here 8:33 like wow he is handsome, i dont have enough words to describe it and he have insane vocals every member slay this whole thing
Tae looks really like a God from Greek myth with the beautiful curly blond hair. He is a serious and hardworking artist. He endeavours to make slight changes in the details of his performance while progressing so well in singing and dancing.
Jenny Lyn Molin
Jenny Lyn Molin:
Kim taehyung the most handsome ...
Eric Nam
Eric Nam:
The whole comment section is full of Kim Taehyung and I really enjoyed it. .
satya bhargav
satya bhargav:
damn like how can jins voice gets better and better with his every performance and ofcourse he looks super tall & mad handsome
Sara Taehyung kim
Sara Taehyung kim:
Taehyung ! Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg I’ve never seen someone like him he is just unique
Jin Madness
Jin Madness:
Jin is so hot and but his voice is so calming and the contradiction is killing me.
"A new discovery that Kim Taehyung is the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty."
Alcazaren Pugado
Alcazaren Pugado:
Jin visual is no joke especially his voice no joke im dyingg
Taetae's No :1 fan
Taetae's No :1 fan:
Taehyung's new artist is my new bias wrecker
janka tata
janka tata:
Taehyung has the most unique voice. his vocals are STUNNING!!!
Husna Khan
Husna Khan:
3:44 jinnie kicking the haters out
Raine Aubrey Betia
Raine Aubrey Betia:
When BTS said: I can make it right
They literally did made everything alright.

Their live vocals doesn't sound live at all, it's perfection.
Ishita Sharma
Ishita Sharma:
I'm just focused on taehyung.
Efi efi
Efi efi:
i still haven't recovered from taehyung's curly hair
jano Zmt
jano Zmt:
V voice omg killing me,,,💜💜💜so heartful😘
Firestar Starr
Firestar Starr:
I think tae should do some bollywood number lol he gives all those face expression that most bollywood actors do when they are dancing around 😁😁
Tiny Chu
Tiny Chu:
When jin kiss the rose my memory bring back when jin and halsey both kiss the rose🙂
priya A
priya A:
*Taes voice takes me to another world ! Nd
Taes looks kills me always i see him!
So nothing remains Normal and natural when it comes about KIM TAEHYUNG , every thing about him is heavenly*
Neena Blossom
Neena Blossom:
Jinn's vocals give me a Reason to Live...
Yet his visuals give me a Reason to Die.
Sophia Vlog's
Sophia Vlog's:
bts exposing their forehead
ARMY:KILL ME nowwwwwwwwwwwwww
Rana Çelik
Rana Çelik:
Jimin ✓
I purple you ARMY
Jennifer L
Jennifer L:
jin so gorgeous
Seokjinnie_ Hobiii
Seokjinnie_ Hobiii:
Jin, I- ahhhhhh, His too handsome, Jin Exposed Forehead is a cause of death😩He looks so Hot and his voice is soo angelic and Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok they're Voices is soo good😩They look all soooo goood💗Idk who's my Bias now Yoongi or Jin or the Hyung line, I can't pick💕
taehyung's glare along with his deep voice literally slaps hard ,through the screen
winter bear
winter bear:
People are saying that taehyung is trying to be mature.. But the reality is that he is still our lil child.. Cutie pie.. Isn't it armies. Only true army can see his childishness in this video.. 💜💜💜💜😁😁😁😁
janka tata
janka tata:
the most beautiful comment section: everyone is praising Taehyung, as they should
Sweet kim
Sweet kim:
god Taehyung
Ivy Pirata
Ivy Pirata:
Idk how he does it but every Taehyung hairstyle is better than the other smh
he is tunning and HIS VOCALS
v and bts i purple you
v and bts i purple you:
V looks so hot in black🥵💜💜
priti mangla
priti mangla:
Everyone : commenting about this that
Me: simple dies looking at jin
June From
June From:
Jimin’s voice is magic. He's the best performer and the way he really can give the extra spice to any song is amazing.
Yuniar Lavenia Rani
Yuniar Lavenia Rani:
Black swan is jin era💜💜
Pink RJ
Pink RJ:
wwh jin looking hotter than ever and his voice😘💕
Shalu Pradhan
Shalu Pradhan:
I don't know why but I am smiling like a stupid
Anne _angel in heaven
Anne _angel in heaven:
BTS borahae🙆‍♀️💜🙆‍♀️💜🙆‍♀️💜🙆‍♀️
Kim Tae Hyung, why i can't take my eyes of you💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍
apeksha londhe
apeksha londhe:
Taetae🙂his deep voice is killing me 🙂💜 BTS r king of the world 😌💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Preeti Sorang 8824
Preeti Sorang 8824:
Huge fan of bts and among them I love V 😜😜💖💖💖💖
Kookie Jeon
Kookie Jeon:
JK once again slayed his parts. Amazing vocals with that swag dance moves. As expected, excellent voice control and technique so he delivered his parts with ease. Shout out to my 2nd on vocals- Hobi!!!! You did so well, hope you will sing more. Jhope has alot of voice control too.Good job to the rest of the boys, another amazing performance.
projukta mistry
projukta mistry:
I think taehyung is happy now a days . I want he still happy like this his whole life . May God bless him. ARMY please give so much love to him. 💜💜💜💜💜
Princess Koriand’r
Princess Koriand’r:
Taehyung hair...sis, its KILLING ME and don't let me get started on Namjoon.
Heaven's Light
Heaven's Light:
Jungkook is right. Tae flirts a lot when he is on stage ^^,
Anvi Mittal
Anvi Mittal:
okay but jin’s live vocals are somehow better than the original songs HOW DOES HE DO THAT
Taiana Aguiar
Taiana Aguiar:
V Acabou de mostra que não é playback
Umme Ahmed
Umme Ahmed:
Tae with Blonde hair and black suit hits on so many levels.