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This is a cover song mainly sung by Arijit Singh in Sonu ke titu Ki sweety, covered by Digbijoy Das. This Song is dedicated to Mr. Saurav Talukder, Who is no more with us, but for sure he is living in our heart. Vocals: Digbijoy Das On screen: Digbijoy Das, Debangshu Das, Deborshee Das, Swastik Sarkar, Eshani Kundu, Speacial Appearence: Subhajit Talukder Music Label: TR Studio
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Kamlesh dhakar bhilwara
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Dosti Shayari Status ? | Dosti Status Shayari In Hindi | Best Friendship Status ?|

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sunil choudhary
sunil choudhary:
Jo Jo apne friend se pyar karta hai plzz like and comment ❤❤❤️❤❤️❤❤️
Anvesha Naik
Anvesha Naik:
Happy Friendship Day in lock down
Sanchali Roy
Sanchali Roy:
Happy World friendship day 💞
A k Khan
A k Khan:
A friend's died btt friendships never die miss u meri kminiio,,😭😭
Jally Laskar
Jally Laskar:
happy friendship day
ranjeet kumar
ranjeet kumar:
I am very lucky I have a best friend. Many classmates are jealous of us always tried to broke our friendship but all the time they had failed. No one broke a true friendship
Subhash Amraskar
Subhash Amraskar:
😇😘😘😊Happy friendship day.... in the lock down....i miss all of my life line friends....i love you so much.... 😇😊😊😊
lilly world
lilly world:
Happy friendship day

New friend
poonam Devi
poonam Devi:
Miss you my friend circle.
Shailesh Mishra
Shailesh Mishra:
😭 Who are missing their Friends I am missing my friends
mantri chiranjeevi
mantri chiranjeevi:
A friend is the one who knows the rhythm of your heart and who is ready to tune his heart with your rhythm....
rojina begam
rojina begam:
Happy friendship day everyone
Sampurna Mishran
Sampurna Mishran:
Song of the day
Ansh Chaubey
Ansh Chaubey:
Status King
Status King:
पल भर में टूट जाए वो कसम नही,
दोस्त को भूल जाए वो हम नही,
तुम हमे भूल जाओ इस बात में दम नही,
क्यों की तुम हमे भूल जाओ इतने बुरे हम नही..
Happy friendship day 😎
Sarthak Sahoo
Sarthak Sahoo:
Happy friendship day.......
H.H Fashion
H.H Fashion:
Happy Frindes ship Day 😍☺
prasnna parida
prasnna parida:
Think you
Ridhi Agarwal
Ridhi Agarwal:

Happy Friendship Day To Everyone those who are reading my comment😘😘
sahanaj's cooking vlog
sahanaj's cooking vlog:
I miss you my friend
Lilawati Kumari
Lilawati Kumari:
Happy friendship day
Jitendra Pandey
Jitendra Pandey:
I loved this song very much because when I heared this song I cried a lot
Nikita Bharati
Nikita Bharati:
Happy friendship day to my dear friends and miss you a lot 😭😭😭😭
Bijayini Sahoo
Bijayini Sahoo:
Happy friendship Day
Premananda Bora
Premananda Bora:
Happy friendship day to my all friends
Sanjay Kumar Patel
Sanjay Kumar Patel:
Mast hai
mafia lyrics status
mafia lyrics status:
New friendship day status
Sasmit Kumar
Sasmit Kumar:
Happy friendship day my 3 besties! 🥳
Prapti Dey
Prapti Dey:
Happy friendship day. Be safe and healthy
vattikonda srinivasarao
vattikonda srinivasarao:
Beautiful friendship song .I like it.
Raju Raju
Raju Raju:
Happy friendship day to all my friends
meme parrot
meme parrot:
my hus lol ok my friend lolok
Emicom Yai-Chel
Emicom Yai-Chel:
Happy friendship day l an gonna wish my friend☺😍😉
sejitha shamsudheen
sejitha shamsudheen:
Happy friendship day in lockdown
virat Rajput
virat Rajput:
Happy friendship Day guy's 😘❣️
Its all about zindagi
Its all about zindagi:
Beautiful videoo ! "Sometimes friendship is just undefined"😁,happie friendship day .
Padmaprabha ಇಂದ್ರ
Padmaprabha ಇಂದ್ರ:
today is happy friendship day
sanjay kulshrestha
sanjay kulshrestha:
I am missing my friends
sai Pydi
sai Pydi:
Happy friendship day to India peoples
Vijay Mishra
Vijay Mishra:
Love u Paglu friends l love you so much 💕💕💖💖❣️❣️💘💘❤️❤️
Jabiulla Mahammad
Jabiulla Mahammad:
I miss you my friend in lockdown
Swapnil Lingayt
Swapnil Lingayt:
Rial Frined bdi mushkil se milita hya.😍😍☺️☺️🙂🙂 Happy frindship day my all friend
Happy friendship day.... ❤❤💖💕
Nusrath Mojib
Nusrath Mojib:
I miss you my best friends
Hooria Qazi
Hooria Qazi:
I like this friendship status too much . Thanks for sharing
Lilawati Kumari
Lilawati Kumari:
Best Bros
Best Bros:
Also you Happy friendship day , thanks for give us this lovely video.
Rambabu Nagde
Rambabu Nagde:
Happy friendship day
Knowledge Pedia
Knowledge Pedia:
We all miss our friends in the present situation this video is for all people who miss their friends.
Mayur Neve
Mayur Neve:
Happy friendship dayyy.... To all
Pallabi Mukharjee
Pallabi Mukharjee:
I miss all of my favorite friends
happy friendship day to all❤
Tech My Gyan
Tech My Gyan:
you : मैं अच्छी हूँ ना ?🙃
ME : दाग तो अच्छे ही होते हैं 😋🤣😋
Wow wonderful and amazing and best of the best... Happy friendship day to all
Aman Hlk
Aman Hlk:
Happy friend ship to all
Diksha Singhal
Diksha Singhal:
Shriniwas Sharma
Shriniwas Sharma:
Happy friendship day😍😍
Rinki Das
Rinki Das:
Happy friendship day all you tube frnds🥰🥰🥰🥰🍫🍫🍫💞💕💕
shilpa rane
shilpa rane:
Neha Shandil
Neha Shandil:
Happy friendship👭 day
Judhesti Rao
Judhesti Rao:
Happy friendship day yaar miss u so much in lockdown
Binodini Nanda
Binodini Nanda:
Happy friendship day to all
Happy friendship day to all..!!!😀😊😊❤❤
Arohi Kapoor
Arohi Kapoor:
Happy friendship day.......!! ❤😍🌟🎊✨👍
Sushma Dhingra
Sushma Dhingra:
Happy friendship day 🎈🎈
Amit Day
Amit Day:
Happy friendship day in lock down👏😀😇🤗
Nisha Babu
Nisha Babu:
Happy friend Ship day 🎉
Alpha The Crasher 2018
Alpha The Crasher 2018:
Wer will off gehen einfach ja schreiben und nr schicken 😂😂😂
Gyaneshawar Bade
Gyaneshawar Bade:
Aap sabhi ko 💖dil se Happy friendship day☺☺👍
Gulafsha Khatoon
Gulafsha Khatoon:
Happy friendship day didu ......😊
poonam Devi
poonam Devi:
Miss you friends Kaash...Jldi se school khul jaye . Fhir milke nye nye kand Krege 😂😂🤣. School building bhi hamare bina bore hori hogi. ☺☺love you friends
Nousad Alam
Nousad Alam:
Happy friendship day guys
shilpa rane
shilpa rane:
i love my best friend
Jagtaaar Singh
Jagtaaar Singh:
Happy friendship day from me to all of u
Aaj friendship day hai..kon kon mera friend banega.. whatsapp number de😊😊
Srikumari Maharjan
Srikumari Maharjan:
Vidya Naik
Vidya Naik:
Happy friendship days
Shazia Parveen
Shazia Parveen:
Happy friendship day in lockdown
Afnankandoth Kandoth
Afnankandoth Kandoth:
Happy frndship day miss u a lots😍,jasraaa
radhakrishn radhe
radhakrishn radhe:
Miss u friends
Parfulbhai Rajyaguru
Parfulbhai Rajyaguru:
Happy friendship day
Deepika Khandelwal
Deepika Khandelwal:
Happy friendship day
Ankit Prajapati
Ankit Prajapati:
Happy friendship day
Mitali Rajkhuwa
Mitali Rajkhuwa:
Happy friendship day
Mendhi Rabina
Mendhi Rabina:
Happy friendship day
FuLL of Fun
FuLL of Fun:
Happy friendship day
nm azmir hussain
nm azmir hussain:
Happy friendship day
Akankshya Priyadarshini Swain
Akankshya Priyadarshini Swain:
Happy friendship day
Puran Sahu
Puran Sahu:
Happy friendship day
Markand Dua
Markand Dua:
Happy friendship day
ratna ratna
ratna ratna:
Happy friendship day
yukti kapoor 21
yukti kapoor 21:
Happy friendship day
Deepan G
Deepan G:
The best one day 😍👬👫
Apeksha Shinde
Apeksha Shinde:
👭Happy friendship day my friends 👭
Avinash Shukla
Avinash Shukla:
Happy friend ship day
Pemba Lamasherpa
Pemba Lamasherpa:
Happy Friendship day
Soni Kaur
Soni Kaur:
Really I miss my school too much
Technical Gamer
Technical Gamer:
Happy friendship day