Friendship Day Mashup 2020 | Tamil | Joshua Aaron ft. Ahmed Meeran | Aishwerya

Here’s an International Friendship day special upload compiling some chart topping friendship songs featuring Ahmed Meeran and Aishwerya Radhakrishnan! Hope you guys enjoy this! Happy Friendship Day Everyone :)

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Programmed/Arranged/Mix and Master: Joshua Aaron
Ahmed Meeran
Aishwerya Radhakrishnan
Edit: StudioJA
Recorded at: ‘Phone recording’
Executive Producer: Arun Shivanand
Production: JARecords

Song List:
Kadhal Desam - Mustafa Mustafa
Sakkarakatti - Taxi Taxi
Ninaithale Inikkum - Nanbanai Partha
Nanban - En Frienda Pola Yaru Machan
Chennai 600028 - Natpukullae Oru
SRIDHAR - Natpukkillai Ellai

#Mashup #FriendshipDay

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Joshua Aaron
Joshua Aaron:
Hey Early Squad! Here's an exclusive Whatsapp Status video! Download and show it to your world!
Ak Lostxout
Ak Lostxout:
varsha cheela
varsha cheela:
Ppl are saying they are leaving online classes to watch this
Me: r u guys attending online classes?? 🙄
Jerome Santhiyagu
Jerome Santhiyagu:
Ahmed meeran looks like nivin pauly
Who agree with me
kannan koduvayur
kannan koduvayur:
Aishwerya is just killing with her expressions while Ahmed and Josha Killed us by their songs... Vera level mashup... Happy Friendship Day to all...
Anybody left online class to listen this song😆😃
Salamon Sala
Salamon Sala:
Many songs will come and go but mustafa is always💝✨🔥
Jeyashree Thoppe
Jeyashree Thoppe:
i really see many people skipping their online classes and hearing the way i am also doing the same....
Rufus The Legend
Rufus The Legend:
I am telling no one can defeat Joshua Aaron for his Mashup
Blazing Souls
Blazing Souls:
Any antakshari fans here...?

By the way.. great mashup once again 🔥
trisha V.R
trisha V.R:
Who wants Quarantine mashup part 3???like here👍👇
Rufus The Legend
Rufus The Legend:
Aishweya's face changed a lot
If u compare from Quarantine Mashup 1 to this
Vaishnavi R
Vaishnavi R:
Joshua Aaron fans like 👇👇

Such a soulful voice makes my mind free
Chaaya Chandru
Chaaya Chandru:
Third guy looks very much likes Nivin Pauly.
Rufus The Legend
Rufus The Legend:
Aishwerya u sound like an ANGEL, so sweet
U three Hands off
audiobook veera
audiobook veera:
I dedicate this song to my whole friends,,..
Rza Ifz
Rza Ifz:
Songs are good. This Aishwarya's actions/reactions only unadjustable and tooooooo much.
This 3 combos have separate fan base💜💙❤💛🧡💚🖤
Most of the comments be like: i left my classes to watch this

Staffs be like: Am I a joke to you!
(mindvoice : notifications pushed! dey nangalum pakanum than da. Iru class mudichutu pakurom)
SriDharan Sri
SriDharan Sri:
The third man is like nivin pauly
jeeva rajakumar
jeeva rajakumar:
Wow enjoyed a lot...Semma guys😍😍😍...Joshua aron anna's fans hit a like here....😋
Viru 44
Viru 44:
Addicted to Aishwarya expression...
Hasan Fzs
Hasan Fzs:
Her Mamamama lips are faster than my Hair growth... 🙄
Abhishek Gangan
Abhishek Gangan:
മലയാളികൾ ഇവിടെ❤❤
swetha vj
swetha vj:
Alam Arshad
Alam Arshad:
Blue shirt Nivin Pauly Look
Infant Joshua
Infant Joshua:
If she reduces overacting maybe this would have been nice ..please tell her to be natural
srinidhi s
srinidhi s:
Nothing is more painfull than missing our friends
Missing my friends
Shafni Ahmed
Shafni Ahmed:
But miss. Aishwarya dance over ahum podhu light ah irritate pannichi
Mathapadi all three semma performance
sweets art kitchen
sweets art kitchen:
You are one of my favorite mashuper ....... Mass mashup👍❤️
Naresh Naresh
Naresh Naresh:
Ahmed meera fans hit a like ❤️👊
Veera level mashup ❤❤❤
Niyanthri J
Niyanthri J:
A fan of these three singer's songs...
Super combo...
Mr gamer Mr gamer
Mr gamer Mr gamer:
Loved it❤Joshua aaron anna's voice👌😍
loved this mash up.....literally listened to this a 100 JA!!!!!
Fathima Thasbiha
Fathima Thasbiha:
Mass combo 😍 Joshua 😍
I left my online class to hear this 😂😂🎊🎊🎉

Edit : thanks for so many likes 👍😊😊😊
Aftr noticing JA sir's notification.. me (attending online class) sir I got an important video to watch so pls let me disconnect 🤗🤗🤗 indeed a worthy watch hats off Astonishing.. AR mam AM bro🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Devi KS
Devi KS:
Aishwerya is killing by expression and other legends r just killing by voice I love them
Ponnu Thomas
Ponnu Thomas:
Nithyasree.....????? 😢😢

Powli 😘😘😘💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️
Asusual JA and Ahmed are awesome.. Felt like aishwerya over reacting..
Balakrishnan Thampi
Balakrishnan Thampi:
Anybody here skipping online class?????😁✌️
nafi ahamed
nafi ahamed:
After hearing this mashup aishwarya is my crush🤘
Suhail Ahamed
Suhail Ahamed:
Thinck it was motta rajendran voice. “Super pa”!!!😂😂😂😂
Gee Mathews
Gee Mathews:
Can u do more Malayalam mash up 🥰
Vijaya Thangaraj
Vijaya Thangaraj:
*Joshua! We badly need your original track like caramal kannale* ❤️❤️#JAsquad #loveyu
Life is All About FUN
Life is All About FUN:
Awesome,nowadays I listen only to your composition ♥️♥️ immersed to the feel .. good work keep going ..
Pls try some malayalam Hindi Tamil mashup ..
Alle malayalis 😋??
Regards: Life is All About FUN
naveen 2
naveen 2:
*Aishwarya is looking weird 🙄*
Vishva joshua
Vishva joshua:
The girls reaction is osm and flawless ❣️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️song vera level
Rose Rose
Rose Rose:
This girl is pretty❤
Senthil Nathan
Senthil Nathan:
JA fans Mattum like panunga😍😍
Nithyashree akka comment
Priya Sk
Priya Sk:
Just awesome like friendship.....
Samprath Shanbhag
Samprath Shanbhag:
Joshua Aaron u are awesome❤️
Others: I'm bunking online classes to listen to u guys singing ...
Me : you guys attend online classes ??
Rufus The Legend
Rufus The Legend:
Joshua Aaron
This is from ur fans
Ur Mashups are unspeakable
The beginning till the end
Telena Dsouza
Telena Dsouza:
Awesome 3...omg words...pleasent ...genuine presentation...
Happy friendship day to all my unknown friends🤗
Akhil K
Akhil K:
Nithyasree fans like karo.. ❤️
Lakshmi Balraj
Lakshmi Balraj:
You guys are the bestest.... Unexpected treat.... Perfect Trio 👍 My Favorites in Single frame ❤️ Thanks for this treat Dude's 😍
Marshall Harshit
Marshall Harshit:
The song is superb.... But where is nithya... ☹️☹️
ramalingam kuppan
ramalingam kuppan:
You need to tell how you do this I just love it 😘😘
Thanusha Sai
Thanusha Sai:
Tagged my friends....They love this Mashup so much...U guys did a great job.... Always JoshuaAaronSquad⭐♥️
Sharadha Rathna
Sharadha Rathna:
Super bro even you are my friend so happy friendship day
Alan Philip
Alan Philip:
Aishwerya's expression man..😍😍😍😍
Jessy Stephen
Jessy Stephen:
Joshua... slightly looking like Harish kalyan💙💙
U guys are Awesome as always ❤️
Chozhanangai Chozha
Chozhanangai Chozha:
Voice of ahmed meeran.....awwwww☺☺😍😍
Thameema Yasmin
Thameema Yasmin:
Joshua voice sammmaaa🎤🔥🔥
Divya Namashivayam
Divya Namashivayam:
When did you apload next video sir please make it soon
Abdul Kareem
Abdul Kareem:
Aishwarya voice always sweet 😍
Pavun Vetrivel
Pavun Vetrivel:
Super mashup super amazing needed more mashups from you antakshari mashup part 3.....
dexter aryan
dexter aryan:
That smile from Aishwerya was the icing on this lovely musical cake
Julee Jaya
Julee Jaya:
Ultimate😻...Happy friendship day😊
Isaac Paul
Isaac Paul:
Lovely bro and cool ♥️
Jnbasha Nawab
Jnbasha Nawab:
Any Valentine mashup fans here ??
Vaishnavi R
Vaishnavi R:
Part 3 start panra munadiye part4 yeppa varum nu wait panravanga

Like here👇👇
Sudharshan Reddy K
Sudharshan Reddy K:
Bro, plz do one full Telugu Mashup
Nagarajan malar mani
Nagarajan malar mani:
Really super guys.. Keep on rocking .. Enjoyed ..
goodgirl Subs
goodgirl Subs:
Mesmerizing mashup for friendship day😊
Happy friendship to my friends and to my youtube mates😊💕💕👏
Superb mashup especially Ahmed Meeran - oru pathai neeye pothu thandaai...😍😍👌adadaaaaa
And asusual Joshua Aaron - mustafa as remix wowwww😊👏👏💕
Ebi Jingtian
Ebi Jingtian:
Awesome bro.....i really love it........
Jasra fathima
Jasra fathima:
East or west *Mustafa Mustafa* is always best 💜
Stylishstar Raju
Stylishstar Raju:
Next mashup when bro
Buma Devi
Buma Devi:
Wow it's really osm....waiting for ur next vdo
Love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rampam Anusha
Rampam Anusha:
Musthafa musthafa... 🥰happy friendship day all..😍
Kalaimani Azhagan
Kalaimani Azhagan:
Happy delayed friendship day 😍😘😘😘😘😎
Avlina Suresh
Avlina Suresh:
Amazing bro...😀😀
minion tom
minion tom:
Missing @nithyashree💕
Sivaraman M
Sivaraman M:
1:03 ma ma ma ma ma ma ma nice 😇❤️🥰
Super bro this good to hear
Arun Poojari
Arun Poojari:
Without seeing ur video hit like button 🥰
Die hard fan 💪
Sunder Sunder
Sunder Sunder:
Monisha Nisha
Monisha Nisha:
missing aajeedh in this combo
വിഷ്ണു കണ്ണൻ
വിഷ്ണു കണ്ണൻ:
മലയാളി മുത്തുമണിസ് വായോ😊
Wow awesome friendship day Mashup... Happy Friendship day guys..
Vanaja Gayathri Swaminathan
Vanaja Gayathri Swaminathan:
Love love love❤
viji dinesh
viji dinesh:
Any antakshari fan here??? Part 1😍
sarath kumar
sarath kumar:
Mustafa Mustafa... friendship song forever and ever.
ammuz amz
ammuz amz:
I was eagerly waiting for another one...... .. so happy to hear ur voice again...💗
50k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
50k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge:
Super bro 😍