Frankie Pangilinan | TWBA Uncut Interview

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100+ komento:

Jrich Rentillo
Jrich Rentillo:
Kung lhat ng rich people ganito ang mentality at humbleness edi sana ang saya ng mundo.....
Dancen Universe
Dancen Universe:
Very well-spoken. Eloquent. She knows her stops and accent. She is fluid and spontaneous. Classy, too. Keep it up! Make your own name. Be known not because you are 'their' daughter. :)
random one migs
random one migs:
she is not self-absorbed, her depth is not pretentious, she has her mom's care-free laugh, she's respectful and polite but will speak her mind....the mega did such a mega good job!
Myth Buster
Myth Buster:
The only celeb kid I can watch all day. She's mesmerizing.
Ching Lee
Ching Lee:
I don’t wonder why Hannah Pangilinan is one of her closest cousin, because Hannah too is witty, smart and musically inclined like her. Anyone who has been watching Hannah’s youtube channel would know what I’m talking about. Magpinsan nga talaga sila. 😊❤️
She speaks english but knows how to say "po" and "opo". And this, kids, should be your #goals
Xiuni Chisaii
Xiuni Chisaii:
Be a Frankie Pangilinan in a world full of Julia Baretto.
Ahl Lui Pio
Ahl Lui Pio:
Very eloquent kid. Kahanga-hanga. Ganito dapat ang mga kabataan. Sana ito ang iniidolo ng karamihan.
Aura Lea Vergel de Dios
Aura Lea Vergel de Dios:
She looks like Pops Fernández and sounds like Dawn Zulueta 🤔. All in all she's beauty and brains. Just my opinion 😌
C P:
Siya dapat yung mga tipong modern dalagang pilipina na finafollow or magandang halimbawa... confident but respectful, not afraid to speak her mind and say what her passions are, kind.
Fareez Dy
Fareez Dy:
Its so cool to listen to her when speaking. Her voice commands authority like a debater. Such a beautiful, eloquent and classy young lady.
Myra Sevilla
Myra Sevilla:
Bat ganun? Nageenglish sya pero di nkakairita. Tunay na inglisera, yung iba pilit e. Lalo tuloy xa gumaganda.
Rusty Asplico
Rusty Asplico:
After catriona sya ang sumagot na mapanganga ka
Lucille Dumanay
Lucille Dumanay:
A young, well spoken, articulate, refined, polite and posh sounding lady. yung dka ma ooffend na kausapin siya kahit ini ingles ka niya. Ingliserang marespeto and with humility unlike ung iba na ingliserang arogante at mayabang. Kakie is raised well along with her siblings of course. Kudos to the parents, the Mega couple.
MARC Gesmundo
MARC Gesmundo:
One of the best interviews. Frankie is so smart, witty, with sense of humor, pretty and so obvious that she was raised really well... and lovely voice as well.
Lalu Lola
Lalu Lola:
Say what you want about Sharon Cuneta but i think she really did a very good job in raising a beautiful, talented, eloquent and smart lady.
kaye Lucenas
kaye Lucenas:
She's one of a kind.. a milleneal woman but speaks with wisdom. I like how she is, unlike other young teens na pa.tweetums lang, siya hindi. Kakie is so well-spoken and has a mature outlook in life.. If i haven't known her age and her background, i would think that she's already mid 20's because of how she speaks.
Angela Muneza
Angela Muneza:
I think she's more of kiko than shawie in terms of looks and personality. Altough both her parents are very articulate and confident, she is a far better version of them. Her personality shines on this interview.
Necel Bangsbal
Necel Bangsbal:
I could listen to her forever......she's so real at the age of 18 where other girls her age is so pabebe ....I love her being standing firmly on her opinion..
Christiene S. C. Villanueva
Christiene S. C. Villanueva:
Walang kiyeme, hindi self-absorbed. Matalino, very articulate, with a good heart. More interviews please!
Krizza Crescencio
Krizza Crescencio:
She seems like a really genuine person. These are the type of people you should surround yourself with.
Naapreciate lng ni boy abunda ung pggng parangka niya hndi kse arw arw nkka encounter si boy abunda ng gnyng ka straight forwrd sumgot mstly pacute at pa ahowbiz lgi sagot.
Augustus Perez
Augustus Perez:
At a very young age of 18 she's already eloquent. The way her mind speaks, makes her more beautiful. So cool and natural.
Maria Stella Ecalnir
Maria Stella Ecalnir:
parang lea salonga lng ang her age.....wala syng kapareho sa age na pa reho nya.......
I am Macky
I am Macky:
This young lady is extremely intimidating that even Tito Boy somehow felt that.
Jonabel Grace™
Jonabel Grace™:
A 100 y/o woman hiding on a 18 y/o body... 😱😱😱😱😱
marilen almendras
marilen almendras:
I think I already have a crush with this girl.. Very smart, honest, talented, humble and respectful. Love you @FrankiePangilinan!
Karl Mars
Karl Mars:
Si tit0 boy naubusan ng maayos na tanong
How nice that she had turned out to be a sweet lady. With a great talent and voice..
Mikee Estrada
Mikee Estrada:
Oh my god!!! The moment I heard her talking on this interview I fall in love with Frankie right away! Ang galing ang smart ang class! Im a fan now!!
Mary Grace Dy
Mary Grace Dy:
The longer i look at her, i can see the resemblance with sharon.. Of all her daughters, i think Frankie’s the closest when it comes to facial structure and expressions. I can tell that she’s a mature and very deep person.😊😊😊
Sonia Sangalang
Sonia Sangalang:
I love this girl. Congratulations to Kiko and Sharon for raising her well...
Agnes Gharakhanian
Agnes Gharakhanian:
She is totally intelligent, articulate, talented and someone who speaks with a lot of sense. Love her!!!!
Merci Poli
Merci Poli:
The best interviewed ever...shes so smart and I love her style...Amazing Frankie ❤❤❤
Nilda Melville
Nilda Melville:
She is so gifted musically. Very smart and eloquent speaker. The best interview I have heard in TWBA,maybe because what she says has substance.
Brandon Calvilo
Brandon Calvilo:
She is so . . . . Sophisticated, and classy, and gorgeous!
Smart too!
Her low raspy voice reminds me of MILEY CYRUS even her speaking voice OMG
Ang sosyal! Pero kahit sino makaka relate at makaka jive sya
I'm in awe listening to this young lady speak. The eloquence, the wit plus talent & beauty with a cute sense of humor... she's everything! I wouldn't be surprise if she'll be a Senator too someday...ang galing lang talaga!
She can be the Next Ms.Universe ...amazingly, she's a great conversationalist! she speaks her mind with a heart❤ bewildered to her angelic voice...accent, smartness , sweetness , and eloquence... thumbs up to her level - headed answer😆
Rujon Floro
Rujon Floro:
like her...walang kaartehan...kahit alam mo na super yaman...loveyou
Alaa Rashdan
Alaa Rashdan:
J A Salinas
J A Salinas:
Ang talino, ang husay, magaling magsalita, hindi tisay pero ang GANDA!!!
Dennis Sanglap
Dennis Sanglap:
Pwede siyang maging Miss Universe, Im a Fan...
Lhang Davz
Lhang Davz:
Frankie looks like Dominique the daughter of Greta...
Mark Molina
Mark Molina:
She is a smart and empowered girl and a genuine artist!!! I'm a big fan!!!
This is diffidently what our society needs now. Kids who knows what they want and works for it. You have everything you need around you; it's just a matter of realizing it and putting it into action.
Cyrille Saint
Cyrille Saint:
omg she's so adorable, and smart, well spoken, and just an amazing person!
Ida Faith Minerva
Ida Faith Minerva:
very eloquent! galing sumagot.even the choices of words that she uses, you can really tell that it’s well thought of. one interview that really had me glued to the screen...
Jan Michael Santos
Jan Michael Santos:
She sounded like KC Concepcion with her high pitcher voice.
Bethru Neroscarto
Bethru Neroscarto:
Mas ok ito parang walang ka plastikan
Chloe Angeles
Chloe Angeles:
I was looking for this uncut interview a week ago finally i found it.She's amazing and smart young lady.Wort to watch thumbs up..
111691 ParkHyungsik
111691 ParkHyungsik:
Before I watched this and sharon’s vlogg in her Channel, in my mind Frankie was just another celebrity’s child. But after this? Wow. I am beyond amazed. Truly.
Jhosua Aguja
Jhosua Aguja:
the way she talks its like she is a kind of girl that will force you to respect her,,
Bella Tokyo
Bella Tokyo:
I love this interview! She’s so smart and self aware. Wag sana siya masira ng showbiz
Shiela M
Shiela M:
When she started to sing, reminds me of Sara Bareilles.
Allendelon Tulawie
Allendelon Tulawie:
impressive! hands-down..
psyched amoure
psyched amoure:
Funny. Si Boy Abunda, if his guest is not englisera, he'd really talk in english - straight. Now, that a real englisera -a smart mouth englisera - is conversing with him, he can't even talk english confidently or whaaatevah. 😅😂
My GirL
My GirL:
I love her huge voice.. prang sya yung tipo ng taong boses plng mhihya ka nang mkipag usap..
Alisha Reyes
Alisha Reyes:
Kahawig sya ni Pops Fernandez. I agree she is so witty and she really knows what she’s talking about. Talino, kakainspire
rico dinero
rico dinero:
"cause they allow me so much creative freedom which is something so important to me. cause I think, like, as an artist, that's like putting out stuff that's not you, is it even art?" quotable..
Real ChesseKing
Real ChesseKing:
Girl with substance intelligent and talented
Rianne Rey
Rianne Rey:
Ohmigod! My nose is starting to bleed!😂
Seimon Gosengfiao
Seimon Gosengfiao:
She speaks like leah... she has the same wit.
Ning Tabanera
Ning Tabanera:
Wow!!!talented &pretty😊
Faye Meneses
Faye Meneses:
She is so smart and has alot of deep sensible substance.
💛💛💛 renzie 💛💛💛
💛💛💛 renzie 💛💛💛:
she's like her mom when she laughs, only in a deeper tone. 😊 and her voice is so soulful. pwera echos ah.
Joy Bulanhagui
Joy Bulanhagui:
Can Frankie host a talk-musical show? She’s so gifted in many ways and yet humble. Kudos to Sen. Kiko and Shawie for raising such kids.
Christine Viagedor
Christine Viagedor:
Love love looove listening to intelligent women ❤️❤️❤️
Shin Sora
Shin Sora:
She's so articulate and her speaking voice 😊😋😄
Her speaking voice is soo deep....while her singing voice is melodic
Reynante Mariño
Reynante Mariño:
So eloquent and classy lady....i love the way she speak.....she speaks her it....
Hava Nagila
Hava Nagila:
How tall is Frankie? Ganda kasi, very articulate tsaka deretso ang sagot pwede ilaban sa International beauty pageant...
Sheikha Mohd
Sheikha Mohd:
Very genuine, frank and eloquent speaker. One of the best interviews in TWBA.
Janet Cruz
Janet Cruz:
Wow 😲 Very entertaining interview . Love the way she talks & answers so natural
Enid Fuentes
Enid Fuentes:
just like her mom Sharon Cuneta... rich, smart and talented but very well-grounded and genuine! Continue spreading your wings, Frankie! God bless!
Mizz Foyt
Mizz Foyt:
Beauty and brains!!! I love listening to her. (fangirling)
Maria Ydiza
Maria Ydiza:
Woah. I’m already 24 years old pero parang immature parin yung insights ko. I would be so intimidated and insecure to be around with this kid. She’s so smart.
Maria Isabel Ronario
Maria Isabel Ronario:
ang ganda ng version nya Mr. DJ
Wild Daisies TV
Wild Daisies TV:
She is so smart and I can see her in journalism or broadcasting too, her modulation is amazing .
Such a sweet and real classy lady. She’s raised well.
JustG Evangelista
JustG Evangelista:
She is very humble. 👍🤗👏👏 nice voice. At sana wag ka magbago girl. God Bless!🙏 i love playing guitar also. 😁 keep it up...🙌
Pinette N
Pinette N:
She has a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul
L A:
Wow. She's a breath of fresh air from all the young'ins these days.
Paola Angela Soriano
Paola Angela Soriano:
Never seen Boy listen so much during an interview. This kid is really phenomenal.
Zarrah Franchezca
Zarrah Franchezca:
I like this lady.She’s so mature and artistic in her way.Talented 😍🎶💙
Mike Happenings
Mike Happenings:
Future dj and host, good in speaking
eye camera
eye camera:
KC and FRANKIE .... OUR new generation of the best and brightest to public service...
Pretty Zhai
Pretty Zhai:
Gusto ko ung version nya na Mr. DJ pls lounge this album ehhe
Jennivie Pira
Jennivie Pira:
Omg I love you. I was mesmerized by how you answer questions and how you presented your thoughts. Looking forward to your music
Shereen Yummy
Shereen Yummy:
Dec Roca
Dec Roca:
Smart young lady 👍
Halo halo Lang
Halo halo Lang:
She'll make a stunning and smart beauty contestant.
aysaleyah B
aysaleyah B:
She looks and talks like Miley💜
I’m A Couch Potato
I’m A Couch Potato:
She can be a VJ too, I like how she acts her spill as well.. I’m watching her on MYX 💕She’s magaling and classy
Nekkies Life
Nekkies Life:
tameme si Tito Boy ...
Eurose Mortel
Eurose Mortel:
Worth to watch this interview!! Wow Frankie!!
Yo!! She cute, love the low tone voice, confidence, and personality.
Sasha Sirena
Sasha Sirena:
She looks like pops fernandez.
Jazz Jessica Sarang-oy
Jazz Jessica Sarang-oy:
Classy and smart girl. Really love it
She sounds her age, especially her thoughts on NYC.