Frankie Pangilinan sings her favorite Sharon Cuneta song | TWBA

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100+ komento:

S C:
Her speaking voice sounds like Miley Cyrus
Filipina Farming in America
Filipina Farming in America:
She maybe the one who inherit Sharon's passion for music.
Rosalie Dagasdas
Rosalie Dagasdas:
My Gosh I'm starting to love this Girl.. So classy,Smart and talented..
tiara villaflor
tiara villaflor:
I love the way she speaks. Very eloquent, nandun yung class pero hindi nakaka intimidate. Yung tipo na pakikinggan mo na lang kahit maghapon magsalita 😂 same with lorin (anak ni ruffa)
Jessa Monica
Jessa Monica:
She's the type of person I could talk the whole night. No dull moments for sure
Dayang Luv
Dayang Luv:
Wow I love the way she talks. I love listening to her. She’s beautiful and clever. She got her humor from her mom. Her face from her mom&dad. A very talented young lady.
Alvin Imperial
Alvin Imperial:
Wow yan ang public speaking....highly educated ang lakas ng apeal.....may sarili syang ganda n d NAKKSSAWA....gudluck frankie....n GODBLESS YOU....
Casually Bianca
Casually Bianca:
_teh ano yong battle scars mo?_ ah love her humor and wit.
Dalia Armada
Dalia Armada:
Can we have more of inspirational girls than flooding our feeds with Julia B.? Haha
Jhoana Andale
Jhoana Andale:
"I'm inis na inis to myself" the conyo way. Cute
Violeta Dela Cruz
Violeta Dela Cruz:
She's so eloquent!. At three years old narinig ko siya na iniinterview at nkitaan ko na sya as a smart kid.
little mixxet
little mixxet:
Voice nya and the way she talk parang c Miley Cyrus
nancy sue
nancy sue:
I like the way she speaks. I could listen to her 24 hrs
Her intelligence makes her even more beautiful. Talented, witty and eloquent young lady.
Ae-Cha 애차 Hahn
Ae-Cha 애차 Hahn:
She sounds like a politician or a Senator the way she talked 🤣
Anna Theresa Castillo
Anna Theresa Castillo:
I like her the way she speaks very indepent and very smart girl
mangyan girl
mangyan girl:
Ito ang hanap sa ms.universe✌😁uwe crown👑👑👑nito. Ma brain😂😂😂
Small Youtuber
Small Youtuber:
she's obviously smart and classy.... the way she talks portrays intelligence and finesse... pero no hate ah, mejo may kulang sa pagkanta nya...
Ms. Frankie, I became an instant fan of yours after I watched this! Way to go!
Kai Esguerra
Kai Esguerra:
I'd take these kinds of interviews any day than the ones with Kathniel, Gerald which are nonsense.
Earth Gabriel
Earth Gabriel:
The way she talk remind me of Billie eilish and a bit of a Miley Cyrus
Her voice is powerfully intimidating but articulate in a sense that she could deliver it clearly which I like it.very inspiring, smart and talented. You inspired me frankie💞💞💞
Ruby Therese Palmaira-Almencion
Ruby Therese Palmaira-Almencion:
Guys would be very intimidated by her eloquence! Love this girl!
why dont u have video call Marquez
why dont u have video call Marquez:
Hindi siya kagandahan physically but her smartness makes her very beautiful for me..i remember the question of gloria diaz sa bb.pilipinas which is more important beauty or smart? For me smart than beauty and the example is frankie
Clarizze Alcoreza
Clarizze Alcoreza:
I love her aura. She seems very friendly and not that snobby rich kids. And she really can sing. Love the tone of her voice.
CL Perez
CL Perez:
I love the way Frankie talks❤❤❤❤more of her...hehe...
Wennie Salera
Wennie Salera:
so talented naman this girl ! I'm a fan now of Frankie ❤ so smart .
Joanes Chua
Joanes Chua:
She really sing so matured I love it. It's giving me a goosebumps.
Kristel Enterina
Kristel Enterina:
Ang talino nya. 😊 full of humor😊
Jinky Benedicto
Jinky Benedicto:
She's so beautiful ❤️ I love her voice.
Mau Ann
Mau Ann:
all of u same sounds regine reaction🤣🤣
L Card
L Card:
I love the way she speaks, di maarte, yung iba ang tanda na , pabebe pa rin,
Toni Marie Jungco
Toni Marie Jungco:
Witt,w/ class and finess,oh I love her
Raine Carrasco
Raine Carrasco:
I love her now she's so genuinely real and eloquent and smart ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kathleen Rasing
Kathleen Rasing:
Just saw the whole interview, and I'm now a fan :) Awesome voice, genuine and smart! We need more youngsters like her!
Michelle Flores
Michelle Flores:
Sintonado :( hmnnn
vk pedersen
vk pedersen:
Well spoken,, beautiful english,, impressive..
Sj Sendo
Sj Sendo:
She should release her cover version of her mom's song! I love it!
Eunice Luague
Eunice Luague:
She reminds me of Kina Grannis 😍
Cris May
Cris May:
I like you Savannah, I mean frankie😘👍💕✨
Roblox xssjgx
Roblox xssjgx:
Ang talino at mature
Ellen Grace Torio
Ellen Grace Torio:
OMG I love her 💗😍
Rita Pascua Pascua
Rita Pascua Pascua:
She has powerful voice i love her
Sensei Plazo
Sensei Plazo:
I love this smart and mature talented pa❤
Btw, small youtuber here :)
LOVE wins
LOVE wins:
that deep voice❣️
Juliette Ty
Juliette Ty:
I love this girl. 💛
katrina sabdani
katrina sabdani:
I love nd like d way she s! !! So classy! !!!
Carlos Bryan Nolido
Carlos Bryan Nolido:
Shet this girl is a diamond <3
Hizam Bactong
Hizam Bactong:
Allow me to call her the rising Miley Cyrus of the Philippines. ❤
lady talks
lady talks:
I’m seeing a new Leah Salonga here🥰pati pagsasalita pareho sila smart
Eric John Solis
Eric John Solis:
I love her kind of music!
abby riola
abby riola:
Napakaganda ng boses nya!...
I love it😍😍😍 ang blessed ni mamshie sharon...
lucky lavado
lucky lavado:
She remind me of Ms. Lea I dont know y
levi mag
levi mag:
If you enjoyed VB watching this try the uncut interview on abscbn site she's got more funny moments and interesting related topics.
Mary Ann Suarez
Mary Ann Suarez:
Beautiful voice, lady with manners, intelligent woman, in and out you are beautiful.
Bong Arisgado
Bong Arisgado:
Parang Nora Jones style na music.. love it! Parang Lou Bonnevie... in her days.
Dodong Feelingero
Dodong Feelingero:
She reminds me of marigona of QandA by the way she speaks.. wala lng..
Pj Jaguar
Pj Jaguar:
She's really smart indeed!duh!
archie mistola
archie mistola:
Omaygaaaddd! Ang intelegent nyang babae! Crush ko na yata siya! Ang galing nya magsalita! 😍 👏🏻
Jovelyn jovie Segundo
Jovelyn jovie Segundo:
Super cute💞 i like the way she talk 💞
Rakim Salazar
Rakim Salazar:
She sounds like Miley the way she talk 😍😍😍
Maria Maria
Maria Maria:
I Love her 💕
Vilma Parilla
Vilma Parilla:
Wow.. Frankie is awesome. I love her.
Axl Rose Arnejo
Axl Rose Arnejo:
She sings and talks like Miley Cyrus! ♥️
Cherryl Dumaog
Cherryl Dumaog:
My gosh !!!😍😍im starting like this girl...
Lebron James
Lebron James:
Hello Guys! Subscribe ko lahat ng maglike sa comments ko tpos kau din ha subscribe kau tulungan tau po..salamat❤🙏
Archaic Romance
Archaic Romance:
PAG MABILIS DAW MAG SALITA mabilis ang utak as in MATALINO SI FRANKIE mana sa mama at papa nya! matalino na talented pa
She's beautiful and classy👌
Juvy Busto
Juvy Busto:
beauty and brain!❤️
so talented amazing voice
Jhelai Buenaseda
Jhelai Buenaseda:
Omg the way she talk is turning me on.
Anne Coleman
Anne Coleman:
Omg i love her, the way she talks, , and you can tell shes smart and very honest person... and i love her voice ....omg frankie sana magkaroon k ng show or khit magvlog ka , sarap mong panoorin
If I remember it correctly, Frankie's mother, Sharon Cuneta, was only 14 years old when Rey Valera composed that song for her.
Kaori Dee
Kaori Dee:
Miley cyrus is that you?❤️❤️❤️
Besh Cliff
Besh Cliff:
Yung nakanganga lang ako the whole time watching this videom
jenny L
jenny L:
medyo broken ung voice nia... yap shes Beautiful and talented.....
Blinkmoo Moo
Blinkmoo Moo:
The way she talked na paka talino nya😍😍
Rubielyn Gustilo
Rubielyn Gustilo:
Sana mag Guest sya sa GGV ♥ for sure masaya yun 💚❤💕💓
florie patubo
florie patubo:
para siyang si Ciara Sotto😍😍😍
I love her voice.. I will buy her album for sure
Rose chiguka
Rose chiguka:
i like the way she speak 😍
Tara biyahe tayo, samahan niyo akong motorin ang bundok ng SIERRA MADRE tara Angkas na, mag engoy sa magandang view at malamig na klima, ingat ingat po sa biyahe,
Michael Rocero
Michael Rocero:
So smart ❤️❤️
paula berg
paula berg:
Ang smart niyan, parang lea like idol
Irene kim Sarang
Irene kim Sarang:
Grabe ang galing magsalita..
Parang Lawyer lang heje..She so smart..
UGANDA Here Vlog
UGANDA Here Vlog:
I like if she can be a lawyer.
Ren.2x YT .
Ren.2x YT .:
Siya yung pag speaker sa mya pagtitipon na di ka makakatulog. Galing!
Nerhad Melody
Nerhad Melody:
I like her, 😍
hey its me
hey its me:
Im a fan now 😊❤
Iyam Paloay
Iyam Paloay:
Passion maybe but not really the voice. Maybe when she grows up older she will develop a better tone of voice. Just my opinion.
Xia yung tipong hnd pa sosyal..classy tlga xia mag salita
Mahirap Amuhin
Mahirap Amuhin:
Ang ganda nung Battle Scars na song. OMG. Ang talino, ang talented. I'm now a fan.. ❤
Alaa Rashdan
Alaa Rashdan:
So witty this girl and talented
john delacruz
john delacruz:
Sobrang alta class ng vibe. Love it
Baymax 0815
Baymax 0815:
Maganda and smart! Sound like her mom.
Jannielou Santos
Jannielou Santos:
So smart😍
I am now a fan 🖤🖤🖤
ung boses nya ❤️
JL Ligaya
JL Ligaya:
Sana mas sumikat pa sya
Miles Kennedy
Miles Kennedy:
Emminent, classy and witty