Frankie admits that she is not into K-Pop like her mother and sister | TWBA

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Armando Bahaghari
Armando Bahaghari:
Finally found a girl who doesn't like kpop.
Why make Julia trend for something irrelevant when we have a girl like Franki where people can learn a thing or two.
Drunk Fanny Price
Drunk Fanny Price:
Gosh this girl! Very smart, knows her own mind, speaks articulately, classy, beautiful.
Rain Forest
Rain Forest:
She is very young but talks with authority and substance. What a good speaker! Really impressive!
Rosalie Dagasdas
Rosalie Dagasdas:
I love the way she talks.. More mature and smart
Kat Cordova
Kat Cordova:
The moment she opened her mouth to speak
What I like about Sharon’s children is they can speak fluent English and fluent in Tagalog as well. Legit rich kids.
Jk Barrera
Jk Barrera:
Most if not all of the Pangilinan kids are really eloquent and articulate. Even Maricel Laxa’s and Gary V’s children make people’s mouths drop in awe once they start conversing with each other. Aside from being really smart and witty, they grew up with really great values. Its admirable how awesome the parenting genes are in this bloodline.
Beanie Lover
Beanie Lover:
Her voice commands authority and leadership. Yung tipong pang cabinet secretary ang dating. Smart lady. I would never be surprise if she follow her dad's footsteps.
Ma Leah A. Galas
Ma Leah A. Galas:
"If girls cant feel comfortable in their own body and if girls arent allowed to do what they want with their body, then what kind of world am I growing up in?" - Frankie 2019
Maret Villa
Maret Villa:
She sounds very mature, smart and very articulate. Not pabebe at all.
Frankie has class brains and beauty. Very humble and sweet at the same time! Wish all these showbiz girls are like her . I notice that some of these girls are just so focus about their looks. I hope they can talk more sense when being interviewed. Very inspiring and refreshing to watch young ladies like Frankie who are very smart that you don't cringe while listening to them talk!
Hannah Camel Calotes
Hannah Camel Calotes:
Im a fan of KPOP. And Frankie explained her reason of not liking KPOP very well that instead of getting mad, I'm awed cause she only speaks nothing but the truth. She explains it professionally like you can't even argue. She is so smart and matured. 😍😍😍
Bagay to mag lawyer ang ganda at galing magsalita
Georgia Ferrer
Georgia Ferrer:
Shes impressive in her talking skills and the language knowing shes just entering college ..
connie del rosario
connie del rosario:
She appears to be so strong personality but girl, she talks with so much sense! I like the way she speaks her mind, so direct but with sensitivity! Good job Frankie!
L E O:
Give this Lady a microphone and make her a TV Host NOW!! Wit and Eloquence...Impressive😍
Arlene Magno
Arlene Magno:
I'm not a fan of K-pop too. You are so smart Frankie. When, I watched this episode of TWBA, I became a fan of this girl.
Rude Vlogger
Rude Vlogger:
Frankie, can I have your intelligence please. I could really use it for our Thesis defense. Hahaha
Roxanne paran
Roxanne paran:
The way she talks is very much like her father like the intonation and pace. She's also very smart and classy like her mom.
Kim Kibaps
Kim Kibaps:
Kudos to her parents raising a young woman with substance. Coming from a kpop fan myself, I understand her point of view. Just because she's not into it doesn't mean she hates it.
CVince A
CVince A:
Finally someone i can relate with when it comes to kpop somehow, i dont support them not just because of their music type (preferred classic, rock, aesthetic and indie type of music) but mostly because of their narcissistic perspective, which is very bad for me, they can just love and accept themselves for who they really are and not go through some plastic surgeries, beauty enhancements, body alterations and heavy makeups.
In this short interview, i really like her as a person, she's not your blind typical fan girl, though I'm not saying that all kpop fans are blind and clueless, some knows more about their flaws and its dark side but still chooses to support them!!
Jenny Santua
Jenny Santua:
Prang lawyer yung tone ng voice nya.ganda
Polaris. G
Polaris. G:
Thats the epitome of sexy-- smart, elegant, classy, confident, knows what she exactly wants. Bravo!!!
Cookie Cortez
Cookie Cortez:
a politician in the making... Speaks with Substance.. beauty with brains... like if u agree
Hiro Lacang
Hiro Lacang:
This bit was so much more substatial than the caption. Wow. What a fine lady indeed. Very classy.
Jade T.
Jade T.:
Clearly a raised-well, outspoken and genuine lady. I love her already. Looks like she loves books cos shes smart and full of words of wisdom. 💕
Au Fer
Au Fer:
Wow this lady is so smart, rational and an excellent speaker at her age. 'Luv this girl❤
Shane Descuatan
Shane Descuatan:
"I want them to be who they are" *slow clap*
"love yourself speak yourself"
florida aguada
florida aguada:
So bless si Sharon her daughter smart and intelligent😍
Arizona Diaz
Arizona Diaz:
She reminds me like Lea Salonga, the way she talks!
I so love the tone of her voice!
Constance Moore
Constance Moore:
Finally, someone speaks the truth about the Kpop industry. Very well spoken.
Beth Mays
Beth Mays:
Yes! I'm with Frankie in regards to Kpop artists. :)
Juan dela Cruz
Juan dela Cruz:
you bet!!!
all the things she said about kpop is so true . im a kpop fan but i agree to this.
Zel Ezl
Zel Ezl:
Akala ko maarte base s athumbnail pero nung pinanood ko na.. wow! astig niyang sumagot sa mga tanong. :)
Larrah Reuyan
Larrah Reuyan:
Im seeing a Ms. Universe.
Marcky Bassi
Marcky Bassi:
Me future sa Politics tong batang ito. New generation of public servants!
Me: why is she on my feed?

after the 1st Q&A...
Me: glad she appeared on my feed👍❤️
I could listen to her talk all day
Jia Balbarino
Jia Balbarino:
A lady with a class 💁

Edit: Woah! Thanks for the likes, didn't expect that much (Advance) hehe
lailanie VILLANUEVA:
First came in my mind
Her voice sounds like Miley Cyrus.
green pastel
green pastel:
Looks and talks like her father. Her laugh ❤️
mangyan girl
mangyan girl:
Sana sumali ka sa bb.pilipinas .beauty and brain .Ito ang hanap ng universe✌😁😁👑cgurado uwe crown nito👑👑👑
KeeDee Vlogs
KeeDee Vlogs:
The way she speaks really so intellegent and shes elegant as well
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez:
May I just say that a lot of people changed their minds about Frankie. Very elonquent lady. Keep going Frankie ❤️
Honey Degamo
Honey Degamo:
Sana ganito ako makapagsalita during my IELTS speak test..hehehe
Lilie Mai
Lilie Mai:
She’s really smart, like never a dull moment 👌
How she talk and the way she speak makes her more beautiful😊
Estela Gabaca
Estela Gabaca:
The way she talk , classy and intelligent. Proud mega
Langga Undray
Langga Undray:
Wow the way she answered it shows how smart she is, She is very smart girl and have a nice voice.
Daniel Maravilla
Daniel Maravilla:
Talino netong si Frankie! Ate Shawie must be really proud of her. ❤️
April Joy Cinco
April Joy Cinco:
Buti nalang d siya mababaw mag-isip unlike her contemporaries. Such a fine lady. I can listen to her talk all day, I like her.
No Name
No Name:
I love her, she is so well spoken, smart and beautiful!
ً ً
ً ً:
i am personally into kpop too, but what she said is true, and i can agree. some entertainments/companies treat their artists awful, but not all companies does.
Marie Chloe Bido
Marie Chloe Bido:
Clever young lady! This is an example of what any millennials should follow.
Xes Zki
Xes Zki:
Pretty & smart. I agree with her about a lot of things esp on feminism & kpop 🤣
Marilou Evangelista
Marilou Evangelista:
I Love you Frankie. God bless your family. You're beautiful and smart.
Cris Quiao
Cris Quiao:
Hindi ko akalain ganito siya sumagot.Pang Miss U matangkad sya y filipina beauty.
pat Rome
pat Rome:
Natural beauty! The more u look at her the more you see the real beauty! And most of all the way she talk..its absolutely amazing!
Casually Bianca
Casually Bianca:
Beautiful, classy, and smart.
ben patrick
ben patrick:
Ang talino sumagot. nanlalamon! ❤️
Jadine Coldheart
Jadine Coldheart:
Ang laki na ni Frankie, pati yong boses.. am getting old na talaga. 😅😅😅
Gotwicestraypinktan tzy
Gotwicestraypinktan tzy:
"If girls aren't allowed to do what they want with their body then what kind of world am i growing up in"

I just love this
Kadj Kadj
Kadj Kadj:
Eloquent, simple lang pero smart sassy dating...
Wooow. Time flies so fast.
Maia Eugenio
Maia Eugenio:
Don't forget also the harassment from the executives of the entertainment industry.
abby marcelo
abby marcelo:
*The pangilinans are just, ugh their minds!*
Andieniable .
Andieniable .:
Beautiful Lady!

Gandang Sharon and Kc
Talino ni Kiko Pangilinan. Bravo!
riza liu
riza liu:
I admire ms. Sharon on how she raised her daughters as a smart and good persons
A few minutes in this vid. I am sold to Frankie. Girls like her run the world.
fv nn
fv nn:
I see her 10 or 15 years now, campaigning. Sharon and her father must be proud of her.
Junee's Blogs
Junee's Blogs:
She is so smart. I love her so much❤️
Khee Nicole Contreras
Khee Nicole Contreras:
She is so mature I love her accent...I onced in her point about the kpop industry I love how she explained it very clearly
Ivy Co
Ivy Co:
Wow even when she speaks. She sounds articulated
nins torres
nins torres:
Bagay sya maging anchor sa CNN, AnC, etc. Wag lang syang may kinikilingan politically. 😂
she’s so eloquent! she’s the opposite of KC! Frankie deserves a show on her own!
Miss Plazo
Miss Plazo:
The next Miss Universe awww❤ She talks so fast but Sooooo smart and elegant❤
ooo 0
ooo 0:
Omg I love her! "What kind of world am I growing up with." Wow!! I'm soo impressed. She's not afraid to show us her beliefs. We need more of that confidence, di lang sa kabataan pero people of all ages. And I love her voice. Parang Kathleen Turner type of confidence. Beauty and brains ren si Frankie
Chis Tine Joy
Chis Tine Joy:
wow she is so smart and I really like how she answers the question genuinely!! #RoleModel
A part of me loves korean entertainment especially on how their artist are when performing but I cannot agree more with Frankie because they are mistreated in a way and some even commit suicide because of the hardships they are going through. They are such talented individuals. I hope even if it can't be done in one move, slowly their industry be more humane one step at a time because they are not only interfering in their professional but more on their own personal life. From forcing certain looks up to their love-lives and more. If only they are given a little bit more freedom.
M Carlos
M Carlos:
She is right. Kpop and Shout Korean artist are not well compensated, can you imagine Gong Yoo star in Goblin has 2 Million dollar neth only compare to Enrique Gil who had 3 million dollar.🤔
Anne Jane
Anne Jane:
She's also a great writer 👌
Anya Vien
Anya Vien:
She’s smart the way she talks.the good thing is her voice love this lady
Raspberry Zheeree
Raspberry Zheeree:
Pang beauty queen ang sagutan nito... So smart! 👏👏👏👏
Niña Krizelle Mendoza
Niña Krizelle Mendoza:
A proper lady here. 👏
Madz Dulay
Madz Dulay:
I really love how she answered the questions 😍
Silverlilyremz Watanabe
Silverlilyremz Watanabe:
Yan ang pagpapalaki! Magaling na ina si Shawie!
Ericka Niña Nolasco
Ericka Niña Nolasco:
The way she talk, Wow!.. she is so smart and classy.. & I also agree with her about Kpop..
Chesca Rodriguez C,
Chesca Rodriguez C,:
She has more class and more eloquent than KC,just my opinion though.
Oh I'm loving this daughter of Ms. Sharon Cuneta!!! Especially on her stand about KPop
Allan Cabactulan
Allan Cabactulan:
WOW, she is beautiful, intelligent too.
Nestle Janella Pampo
Nestle Janella Pampo:
I did not expect that she has a very deep voice. I love her
Ayeisha Gee
Ayeisha Gee:
Oh my gosh, this girl. She really talks with sense. Love it. As much as I also love Kpop, I am definitely with the things Frankie said about the cons or flaws of the Kpop industry. Just praying for the good health of these idols.
Aloy Mago
Aloy Mago:
Matalino ❤️
Purple Bangtan
Purple Bangtan:
I liked the way she talks not pabebe at all very mature sassy classy intelligent 🤓 Ma’am Sharon is so very lucky!
Rey Vincent
Rey Vincent:
This is one of the best guest of Boy Abunda. It's not like an interview but a conversation which you'll not get bored to watch.
Onin Tria
Onin Tria:
I believe parang nung napangasawa ni Sharon c Sen Kiko... c Frankie ay magiging future President ng Pinas if Im not mistaken...