Forged in Fire: TOP 7 WEAPONS OF SOUTHEAST ASIA | History

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Countdown the top 7 weapons of Southeast Asia in this all-new Forged in Fire compilation. #ForgedInFire
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"Forged in Fire" features world-class bladesmiths competing against each other to create some of history's most iconic edged weapons.

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Watch all new episodes of Forged in Fire, Wednesdays 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at
Hentai Connoisseur
Hentai Connoisseur:
Can't believe that "Asian flipflops" weren't here
Space Monkey
Space Monkey:
Doug Marcaida is a weapon of south east Asia.
Yen TheCat
Yen TheCat:
They’re wrong with the principal how to use the keris, keris only use for stabbing and shallow slice... why? We use poison on the keris blade to make death not the blade itself.
Ucup Gaming
Ucup Gaming:
The theory from Indonesia, Kris has something to do with black magic if he is hit by Kris but he is not hurt, it might be the beginning if you hit Kris you could burn / get bad luck.
Edit:Kris could be used for santet or Killing without touching, this is the most dangerous sword
Christian Zaragoza
Christian Zaragoza:
“Please surrender your Glock”
AA Soleader
AA Soleader:
I love the way they recreate this beautiful and well crafted weapons from southeast asia.
Im from Philippines 🇵🇭 and I really like this show👍

Also me: "It will keel"
Fake fans: I'm just here for IT WILL KEEL. 🌝
Real fans: I'm here for the amazing craftsmanship, competition, and for IT WILL KEEL.
Isaac Ammann
Isaac Ammann:
I didn't even know that Panabas is one of the deadliest sword in the world HAHAHA I just use that for cutting grass and crops
Aku Nino
Aku Nino:
I'm from indonesia, its to big and the curve must be deeper for Keris, cmiiw
Ragil Fransyoki
Ragil Fransyoki:
over-confidence vs humble man
William Roderick
William Roderick:
Im from indonesia and this is so cool its 1 am here btw
Abdurraheem Lapasanda
Abdurraheem Lapasanda:
they should put the ultimate asian weapon here .. the "ASIAN SLIPPER" my mom used that to me and ive gotta say its very effective
Mechanical_ Joker
Mechanical_ Joker:
I don't know why I'm watching this with 6 assignments due tommorow
Jerrod Tham
Jerrod Tham:
I wonder where those pigs and lambs goes to after the show.
Jester Entertainment inc.
Jester Entertainment inc.:
I like that most of the swords are from Philippines
Eddie Crooks
Eddie Crooks:
The mutual respect between winners and losers is one of my favorite parts of this show
Yasin Anuar
Yasin Anuar:
Some of these weapons are shared throughout the Maritime SEA's region because of our common history.The Golok and Keris are widely used by the people of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Southern Philippines because Majapahit empire.
As for Kampilan(Philippines), Panabas, (Southern Philippines), Klewang (East coast Malaysia), and Pandat (Dayak of Borneo), those could be localized.
"and i know all 24 grandkids are gonna be excited for Grandpa"

Who hurt this wholesome man?! 😭
efry blanc
efry blanc:
It says something when ONLY Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia only mentioned

All and all, the weapon it just crazy cool and freakin lethal

And the construction of the Jawanese Kris, that Steve made is so on point, and also so well done
Green TV
Green TV:
Proud Asian and a Proud Filipino, Philippines nambawan ☝️
Joko Hirihito
Joko Hirihito:
4 Blades from the Philippines wow🤯
Moro Kris
And the very historic Kampilan❤️
keith bassett
keith bassett:
Its wonderful how the Forged in Fire competitors have an amazing sense of sportsmanship and respect for each other.
I love how Doug said kampilan. That pronounciation is solid.
Jerrod Tham
Jerrod Tham:
What is “KEEL” means?
Daniel Awesome
Daniel Awesome:
"This weapon, sir, will-"

*cuts to cutting*

That's... Kinda disappointing.
ja ron
ja ron:
"Your Weapon, Sir, can destroy Skynet."
Rogelio Baclig
Rogelio Baclig:
Gulok use for chopping woods.
Panabas is use in farm, cutting grass and other unwanted crops
Kampilan is iconic sword used by early Filipino Warriors.
Putu Widiarsa
Putu Widiarsa:
the Kris or keris is more mystical and ceremonial use than practical. Legend says you only need to whisper the name of designated target to the kris and it will be look for the target like a smart bomb. It is held by higher class in military rank. Often kept as trophies for the winning side.
15:50 "It had that warp when it got here"

Not something you wanna flex bro.
Vonlesther Dolormente
Vonlesther Dolormente:
there's another Philippine sword we called it "bulo" i hope they try to make it . im from the philippines 🇵🇭
Rammlied 91
Rammlied 91:
The best show ever made, if only the could host it on other continents aswell and do a world tournament it would be even better.
andx errorbrain
andx errorbrain:
im from SE asia the best way to cut bamboo is to cut it diagonally, straight cut will ruin the bamboo
just edited for the hearth
Justin Fresnido
Justin Fresnido:
Proud Southeast Asian here. It feels good seeing some weapons/cultures from your region to showcase around the world
exseed 77
exseed 77:
It says something about Filipinos when 3 of the deadliest south east asian blades come from your country. We are natural born psychopaths aren't we
Bakpao RasaJaya
Bakpao RasaJaya:
Keris is more like dagger/knife. But there is some keris that long. But not as long as sword. Like little longer than dagger....
Big Oof
Big Oof:
Let the smiths forge a Burmese sword that stays balanced vertically on the palm when placed. Would be fun to watch.
Love the history being told behind the weapon man
Keris from java..
Well the man who make keris is not just make weapon. But there is have a magic power from older tradition
Han Mendoza
Han Mendoza:
43:35 "Your weapon will cut"
The guy: "That's all I ever wanted to hear"

Look how happy he was 😂😂😂
Its always bothers me when westerners made Keris they LOVE to make it straight like a sword. Im not talking about the wavy edge but the whole curvature of the blade. A KERIS blade is suppose to BEND slightly downward, that is one of the MOST important feature of a Keris. It supposed to bend down almost like a a turkish Yataghan not straight like a sword.
Affan Arifin
Affan Arifin:
actually keris is secondary weapon used when army lost his sword or spear, and just middle level sociaty or upper who have this keris.and usually passed down from generation to generation
I was waiting for an Indonesian sword and load and behold there it is the Keris
And there's also the Dayak tribe swords! Heck yeah!
Demon Windu
Demon Windu:
the blade at 31:25 is probably the best looking one in this show.
Paka Pedro
Paka Pedro:
17:08 what a humble guy
Soviet Something
Soviet Something:
Doug's face after a kill test slow mo when he isn't the one performing it cracks me up sometimes
Ahmad Syamil
Ahmad Syamil:
Southeast asian weapon special trait
: Critical damage 100%
average hyuman
average hyuman:
Alternative title: south east asian agriculture tool being used as a weapon🤣
Khup Vangluah
Khup Vangluah:
"It will keel"
Even though Ray's blade performed better, I think the deviation from the design is considered breaking parameters.
Khendra Aira Oria
Khendra Aira Oria:
The philippine blade must be pronounced "gooh-lok" not "guh-lock"
Mimo Devi
Mimo Devi:
Btw, "keris" Is not long blade sword, it is a short blade sword. 🤗
Hsi Hsi
Hsi Hsi:
Best of all “he got the money but I got all the fun”...
Nik Ibtisam
Nik Ibtisam:
I'm so happy they included the Klewang. The weapon is a very important symbol in my state and is even symbolised further in the architecture of traditional houses there. It's also said to be the favorite weapon of the legendary Cik Siti Wan Kembang, The Queen of Kelantan of her time and one of the founders of the kingdom. I'm so glad the design is followed rather well by the competitors as well.
Jacob de Jesus
Jacob de Jesus:
Gives Doug a vegetable peel, "IT WILL PEEL"
Charlie E
Charlie E:
I hated that cocky guy in the episode with the curvey blade(can't remember it's name) he was just annoying
Hollow Of the Abyss
Hollow Of the Abyss:
Keris, Both a weapon and spiritual object, the keris is used for display, as talismans with magical powers, weapons, sanctified heirlooms, auxiliary equipment for court soldiers, accessories for ceremonial dress, an indicator of social status, and/or a symbol of heroism
Legend says It was used by Shamans as a Vessel for spirits.
schweiser schweiser
schweiser schweiser:
I love this i hope they add some new chalenges.
Renaldi Dian
Renaldi Dian:
Im so proud being Indonesian And Javanese As well seeing my heirloom that i Will wear When im gonna married
Raphael Inghels
Raphael Inghels:
My god these Kris are the straightest I ever saw 😂
Angga Bhaskara
Angga Bhaskara:
Empu gandring bangga liat keris go internasional 😁😁
Edel Tomines
Edel Tomines:
Yo! I'm from the Philippines just sayin 😁❤️
laurence aquino
laurence aquino:
45:21 He got the MONEY i go the FUN.
Dude i love that
Killer Ghost
Killer Ghost:
They forget to put magic in kris, fire magic or lighting magic is fine for starter.
Tot ter
Tot ter:
Bruh my grandpa uses our gulok or itak as panabas I don't know what's real anymore
I dont know why but hear doug said "it will keel" is satisfying
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo:
When the 2nd panabas was tested and it sliced the pig in just one swift, it gave me chills..
I was imagining our ancestors using that to "keel" those conquerors.. It gave me satisfaction. LoLs.
The keris is way too big than the original version 😔😔
Ibrahim Yahya
Ibrahim Yahya:
Omg there's a kris from Indonesia i love it😆
Waitt there's more from Indonesia thx for history channel to show every our weapons 🤘
James Christopher Cirujano
James Christopher Cirujano:
Where's the father's belt buckle? In the hands of my mother, it will keel.
captain chaos
captain chaos:
I love how some of these guys turn up like fancy dress shop only had this left.
Michael Cabiles
Michael Cabiles:
most of the weapons are from the Philippines. its a sign of its warrior history
Kampilan sword of LAPU-LAPU
Im proud to be Filipino
Nata Hadi
Nata Hadi:
btw that not how it work you can't swing that with direct hit like an axe but you need took angle first and then swing it
Mark Aron La Guardia_
Mark Aron La Guardia_:
The second judge is like the goofy voice filter
CORNeto premo deBIDA
CORNeto premo deBIDA:
panabas that rey has definitly the right panabas we used to have... for me he should be the winner. just saying
Aishwary Chatterjee
Aishwary Chatterjee:
3:27 I saw what you did dere, audio editor. xD
Robert Anthony Bermudez
Robert Anthony Bermudez:
Those kampilans are tiny! 😅 I can still remember holding a authentic one (forged by t'boli tribe) and it is a long and heavy sword.
ian campehios
ian campehios:
in Mindanao we have this weapon called "TABAS", or KANATAS
Hieronymos Gaming
Hieronymos Gaming:
Cool I bet lapu lapu is smiling recreating whis weapon🇵🇭🇵🇭
Samarth .M.Varshi
Samarth .M.Varshi:
"This weapon will ki-"
Hendra Mulyana
Hendra Mulyana:
Some of the ancient Keris are made from meteorit stone
Leonila Salen
Leonila Salen:
We have Golok (gulok or itak as we call) and Panabas (other name sakatero) at home left by my late father who was a farmer. These weapons are really farmers' tool in the field these days.
I feel proud as a Filipina when the Philippine history is being told as the weapons' history is being told so. 🇵🇭❤️
Virgle Phillips
Virgle Phillips:
Down theres 13 commercials in this video, It's a good thing I wanna watch it.
spank me dio
spank me dio:
im from the philippines and yeah we can keel
CBR taco
CBR taco:
I am surprised there no Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Laos or Cambodia weapons.
Trend's TV
Trend's TV:
nice itak from the philippines❤️
Steve's Kriss is actually the best looking piece in the competition Ive seen so far.
Yandere Neko
Yandere Neko:
Huh didnt know that was the name Glock im used to calling it itak or bolo
2:55 he needs an ax... Housecarl enters. I wanted to say Huscarl but nothing works in English.
suhuujezz 3241
suhuujezz 3241:
keris weapon from indonesia, and im from indonesia
i like this chanel, god job team
Dude called him out on the fail swing lol
Wildan Athar
Wildan Athar:
You have to learn more on how to make the keris... From what I learnt, keris is made from mix of several iron. It also have many other art on it. Also the hulu or the handle is rich of art.... In conclusion, they can improve that later
I didn't know Mark Twain was still alive! ( 15:20 )
John mark Buenavista
John mark Buenavista:
Wow didn't know that pilipino had that kind of sword.
Proud pilipino's here🤗
Halen Burck
Halen Burck:
i felt like jo was boutta kill someone with that pandat
Lionel Calixto
Lionel Calixto:
Do you have top7 weapons of middle east?
Aerove Axel Calugas Asilo
Aerove Axel Calugas Asilo:
Mom Here's my School Card

My Mom After Seeing It 29:11
Glenn Long
Glenn Long:
I don’t know why but I just saw (THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE)