Florida hits 10,000 new coronavirus cases going into July 4 holiday

Florida broke another record with 10,000 new coronavirus cases reported in a single day. In Texas and California, governors are adding new restrictions ahead of the July 4 holiday in an effort to slow the spread. David Begnaud reports.

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raul sanchez
raul sanchez:
this is what happens when health issues are driven by politics.
Manne Feroz
Manne Feroz:
After 4th of July, we might as well sell Florida back to Spain.... They handle COVID way better than we do. The only stipulation is that Spain will make us keep Ron De santis
Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta:
Media is gonna be responsible and government for this BS
Dianne Marie
Dianne Marie:
That is so so sad that a little boy passed away from this virus. Breaks my heart! RIP little man...♥️
Ashley Mone't
Ashley Mone't:
Good bless that little angel....omg those beautiful eyes he had, he just looked like he would melt your ❤ RIP DaQuan.
Ciccio Bello
Ciccio Bello:
😳They all got it from swimming in the water !!!!!🤦‍♂️
Shellyn Willis
Shellyn Willis:
3rd time, didnt i tell youz not to go out there getting in the water: did you not see the movie? They were all out in the water, living it up, the 2nd big wave came, they didnt see what was behind the wave; chomp JAWZ, he was eating good".
The Bastard Gift
The Bastard Gift:
At the rate we are going in more ways than one, winter is coming to America.
More Fear Mongering as usual. Notice the lack of mention of deaths? Oh, just 1, a child who had other medical problems that actually killed him. CBS you are a Joke.
Montana israel
Montana israel:
Why is the NBA starting
I feel like crying. Its so sad that an 11 year old had to die alone without his family besides him. My heart breaks.
At least rush hour traffic will be lighter when this thing finishes thinning out the herd. GO COVID-19!!
J Martinez
J Martinez:
So they changed the curve from deaths per day which was flattened to infections per day which is exploding lol joke
Support to the first responders and health care workers in Florida from New York. So sorry you have to go through this when it was so unnecessary.
Chance Brown
Chance Brown:
For the love of money
L N:
I was scared of this virus in the beginning, but once I sought info outside of Fauci, I relaxed a little. The final straw was when the government looked away during the BLM protests, even saying protesting was more important than the virus. It was then I knew I was being played. This is just about click bait at this point.
Thank you protesters. Yes liberal media, you can admit this. Mark Dice was correct.
Diego Maida
Diego Maida:
👏👏👏Trump 👏👏👏
I wonder if the protests had an impact on the surge of the virus. image all those young people yell, scream, with some without masks on. I makes since to me. Covid19 has ruined my plans for the next few years. but I hope we get a grip on it. its sad to see so many people killed by it because of people being careless.
Chris - Sol Mon
Chris - Sol Mon:
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace:
you reap what you sow
VincentKJV Spicer1611
VincentKJV Spicer1611:
Liars doing their part in bringing in. The reign of the AntiChrist. Remember he has a short reign. So keep lying he’s the father of lies whom is your father.
Florida will hit community immunity
Kellie Hickman
Kellie Hickman:
Man, you better get some damn lawn chairs and a kiddie pool from Walmart, and some umbrellas and go to the "beach" at your damn house! Get some music and drinks on ice, and have your private "bar"... don't risk your life (and other people's lives). It's not worth it!🤦🏾‍♀️
Florida should be quarantined from the US, forever.
VincentKJV Spicer1611
VincentKJV Spicer1611:
Scary...... not!
harley davidson
harley davidson:
That boy is now angel DEAQWAWN.....god loves the children
Took care of the vaccine problem can the tax payer get some of the billions of dollars back for the development of it.
Joe WIL:
More like over 10k that TESTED, and are waiting results. But hey, its mainstream media. If you place all your faith in that, well all I have to say is I hope the Kool aid tastes good
Pandas_ Oh
Pandas_ Oh:
Just stay home, lol
Kathy R.
Kathy R.:
No people in Florida are coming up here to P.A. SO, my state is going from green to yellow! Thanks TRUMP!!!!
Tom Golledge
Tom Golledge:
Stop your constant crying, open the country and get it over with,
We are on our own. Forget this administration.☹️
S G:
I met a lady from NY. She flew in and at the airport they told her she had to quarantine herself for 14 days. 🤔 NO ONE is going to come to Florida and do that.
Jesus is King
Jesus is King:
For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins that who so ever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life
Mikey Patchy
Mikey Patchy:
I don’t even want to think about flu season. I am not leaving the house for a while.
Tricky Dicky Ball
Tricky Dicky Ball:
CBS Cocaine Being Snorted
Rick Crews
Rick Crews:
Fake news
Jessica Bazanos
Jessica Bazanos:
“We wear masks for people like Daekwon.” Absolutely. Someone turn that into a hashtag and #makeitamovement. My heart goes out to his family. Praying for you, God bless you all. ♥️

Sam Dog
Sam Dog:
Im in Westchester NY, the epicenter only 120 days ago....Florida ? You are in big trouble.......
Mark Garcia
Mark Garcia:
I'm an IT admin at a 250 bed hospital. I/we create all the EMR user accounts for doctors, nurses and staff. We can see all the EMR data. The death rate percentage is dropping lower and lower and although you might catch the virus you have a higher chance dying in an automobile accident (if you remove all nursing home deaths). 29% (so far) of admits arrive and test negative but then test positive by the second or third test - 29% are catching it in the hospital. My main point is the media is attempting to promote FEAR and racial division and attempting to make everyone afraid of each other and the media is doing this for a reason...
jo smith
jo smith:
Texas Lt. Governor: Old People Should Volunteer to Die to Save the Economy and the stock market of the country." How about you?☹️
Rhonda Dockery
Rhonda Dockery:
Labs have shown heat kills the virus. This makes little sense.
EightOne Nine1
EightOne Nine1:
Last I looked Florida is #4 out of all states for overall cases, and #9 for Covid deaths.Which especially doesn’t make sense because Florida is the 5th oldest state in the country with regard to median age. Is Florida somehow extra immune, or are the death numbers off?
cold340 t
cold340 t:
This is looking more and more like a Lab Created Bioweapon! Is it just me? Logical question! Who's benefiting?
ghost rider
ghost rider:
Florida will have it the worst. I mean they already have an aids epidemic there.🤢
Petere Poet
Petere Poet:
You better hope if you are 54 and younger where a positive test does not represent a problem today. In fact that age group age 54 and below is more likely to die from a car wreck or violent crime than from Covid19. So yes, get it now. But if your in that same age group and you get the regular Annual Flue in November through April of 2021, and you get COVID19 while you have he flu, it may very well be a death sentence. So get covid now and get your body to build the Antibodies. Get it latter and you may bet in deep dodo.
No Can't Do That
No Can't Do That:
I want to know the rates at which people are dying not just the contraction rates. If a disease only kills 0.007 percent it's time to look at other ways to deal with it.

Headlines are reporting the new cases but not the number killed... Why?
Joni Angels R Real
Joni Angels R Real:
We will ALL remember in
November who has blood on their hands
“Losing many family members in Florida”
Walking Trails 777
Walking Trails 777:
Walk Good
Walk Good:
Stop testing people who have zero symptoms....that's called being a hypochondriac
Fleur Bandito
Fleur Bandito:
Anecdotes are not statistics.
D N A:
Democrat States good.
Republicans States bad.
Melissa Slaughter
Melissa Slaughter:
Everyone's got to have the sickness
, cause everyone seems to need the cure.
Jim Jackle
Jim Jackle:
We are now seeing the results of 13 days straight of the cop hating protests. Why was the media silent back when the protests were happening? They should have been telling people to stop the protests due to Covid 19. If you looked at many of the cases right now, I would bet most of them either attended the protests or are family members of someone that attended the protests.
backyard guy
backyard guy:
liars to the people
Steve V
Steve V:
Walk Good
Walk Good:
Awesome!!! The more people tested, the lower the death toll goes down!!!
Jesus is Lord Forever
Jesus is Lord Forever:
Next they are going to say the virus is spread by cash so they need to get rid of it and go digital. Just in time for the mark of the beast 666 coming soon. Wake up folks!!! Seek Jesus Christ and turn off your “Tell A Vision Programming”!!!!!!
Michael Newell
Michael Newell:
Don't worry don't Trump doesn't care!
More cases means more people with antibodies, that's good news for us , bad news for the virus. The MSM wants you to believe this is the end of humanity which it is not!
Tricky Dicky Ball
Tricky Dicky Ball:
CBS Conned By Syndication
Tricky Dicky Ball
Tricky Dicky Ball:
CBS Craniums Being Split
Tricky Dicky Ball
Tricky Dicky Ball:
CBS Communist Broadcasting Station
Fear mongering bs
Space Without Distance
Space Without Distance:
Has Florida ever done 10,000 of anything else in a single day?
Richard Young
Richard Young:
Would all the humans just die already 😮 signed a 🌲😵
Tricky Dicky Ball
Tricky Dicky Ball:
CBS China's Broadcasting Station
Lt Dan 1969
Lt Dan 1969:
65 shot, 18 dead, 47 wounded in Chicago last weekend Talk about a specialty dangerous weekend, July 4th in Democrat Chicago.
tony guanatos
tony guanatos:
...and people are surprised about this outcome after everybody with a functioning brain knew this was going to happen with the early reopening,why are people surprised again?😲
Swaggy DopeMan
Swaggy DopeMan:
To all the people that don't believe in Covid-19. I hope you get it and give it to your loved ones and as you and your loved ones are in the hospital you will realize it is really when the doctor enters your room to tell you that they didn't make it. Hopefully you'll learn before this happens however it seems like it's not going to happen.
Richard 303
Richard 303:
CBS = communist broadcasting systems
D. Mc
D. Mc:
More like Florida and the media has hit over 10,000 lies. Number of lies increasing by the day.
Tony Costas
Tony Costas:
Florida is dying economically.
DeSantis is killing our state.
He thinks he’s still torturing extremists in Guantanamo but now he’s doing it to Floridians.
It’s not in him to get our state through this.
Jayp 3
Jayp 3:
Everyone is acting like people don't die everyday from other things lol. We aren't going to live forever. Give me liberty or give me death! Even if that means dying from a virus.....that 98% of people survive from. Get right with Jesus and death won't scare you so much.
Mr Silver & Black
Mr Silver & Black:
They have turned on 5g towers that's why people are getting sick!!! The media won't cover the dangers of 5g!!!! Do your research!!!
harley davidson
harley davidson:
You cannot stop the creators plan of rebirth,,,,,unum
kaiser sosay
kaiser sosay:
Congratulations if you protested!! 10,000 winners!!
Viruses do not thrive in the middle of summer. Only the mainstream media is spreading this nonsense.
Jesus is Lord Forever
Jesus is Lord Forever:
Lies lies and more lies!!!!
Nixon said “The American public wont believe anything until they see it on tv”
There is a reason they call it “See BS”.
I kept waiting for the mandatory crying scene in these types of videos. Finally got it towards the end. The truth is the number of new cases is irrelevant. How many new deaths are there? Less than one percent of patients with this virus will die. Have you even seen any statistics on the flu? CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010. We're being duped, America!
Gary Brooks
Gary Brooks:
Re-elect Donald Trump for president for 2020
Deb Reed
Deb Reed:
Quit giving people contaminated test! People are fine,Dr. Fauci at the beginning said it was the flu! Elite are pushing for vaccine & chip! They want it like China! Have a heart attack died with Covid 19! That is where they get numbers! All Fake,was the flu! Yes people die with flu yearly! Same amount of deaths as last year,all lies! Vaccines only hurt your body! You better check & see what junk is in vaccines & quit being so trusting!
Laurie Sarno
Laurie Sarno:
Not enough. Needs to be 10 times that. Herd immunity will be established the sooner the better, then slimy CBS and the rest of the media will need to fabricate another fake "crisis"
WE DONT obey restrictions.
Hebrew For Christ
Hebrew For Christ:
24/7 brainwashing of the Covid 19 reports. More than 50 million people died every year around the world and Covid 19 is the only thing these idiots can report on daily.