Florence Pugh on Little Women, Oscar Nomination & Meryl Streep

Florence talks about finding out she was nominated for an Oscar, letting her parents know, who she's planning to bring, acting with Meryl Streep, and growing up in Oxford.

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Florence Pugh on Little Women, Oscar Nomination & Meryl Streep

100+ komento:

parker th
parker th:
Florence's voice sounds like she smoked too many cigarettes but if that somehow made your voice soothing instead of grating. I love her
Becca Reid
Becca Reid:
I love that everyone is now a Florence Stan.
Honestly, she should've been nominated for Midsommar, that is her true standout performance! I'm glad she got recognized anyway, and she was amazing in Little Women but, damn, Midsommar was the cherry on top. That woman can act!
Jason Adams
Jason Adams:
Stop asking the little women cast about bloody Meryl Streep. Let these actors have their moment to shine
Elijah Stevenson
Elijah Stevenson:
Anyone who thinks she deserves a double nomination for Little Women and Midsommar
ESV _:
“I was wearing some clothes. Don’t worry.” Good job. Don’t be creepy, Jimmy. Stop thinking about it. We’ve moved on from that already.
Her success reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence at that age: a cool new likable actress seemingly pops out of nowhere, is extremely talented, and receives huge critical acclaim at such a young age.
Erin Sajonas
Erin Sajonas:
Amy was always my least favorite March sister, but after watching this version of Little Women, her portrayal and the way Greta Gerwig wrote her made Amy my favorite character and I rooted for her until the very end! So glad she got nominated. Very well-deserved and I can’t wait to see what she does next
If Kate Winslet and Hayden Panetierre had a kid...
Sarah W
Sarah W:
Jimmy Kimmel bringing up the topless thing sounded so pervy.
Rahaf Al-Ammari
Rahaf Al-Ammari:
Who is here after we found out that she will be in a movie with Harry Styles ??
Freudian F
Freudian F:
very unnecessary topless joke from jimmy.. jimmies never disappoint in disappointment.
Jessica Bennett
Jessica Bennett:
Did he really have to mention the fact she was topless twice... like she was asleep leave her alone. Just a bit sleezy 🙄
1:57 "Are you sure he didn't hang up because you were topless at the time" ... Kimmel! What are you doing!?
She is so hot
Isabella Petrillose
Isabella Petrillose:
jimmy is so irritating but i have to watch cause it’s florence
Black Widow starring 2020 Oscar nominees Scarlet Johansson and Florence Pugh.
Should've been nominated for Midsommar too
Michael S
Michael S:
Whoever hasn't seen midsommar, go rent it! So original/weird and she's great in it.
Crystal Slayz
Crystal Slayz:
Literally the most beautiful girl in Hollywood right now
New Message
New Message:
I still can't say her name without doing 'hand lasers'.
elle goes to the cinema
elle goes to the cinema:
Torn between liking for my girl Florence or disliking for Jimmy's creepy behaviour.
Big Boy
Big Boy:
She has a got a distinct & hypnotic strange voice.
Wellington Oliveira
Wellington Oliveira:
If the world was fair, she would have gotten her first Oscar nomination for the movie MIDSOMMAR, but anyway...
Roseee R
Roseee R:
She literally gets asked all the same questions for all her interviews. Maybe he should try and ask something interesting for a change? 😂
Gilbert Garces
Gilbert Garces:
Fighting with my family.
Little Women.
Now Oscar nomination

Biggest rise for Florence in only a year🏆😌🤗😍
Tanisha Itagi
Tanisha Itagi:
I just came to here see how she speaks and all
Coz just now I read she is gonna act with HARRY STYLES ,,, (don't worry darling ) I hope the interviews tht thy r gonna do later r comfortable and amazing like this one......I'm so excited for the FREAKING...MOVIE
Joseph Andan Sheppard
Joseph Andan Sheppard:
Florence: plays a wrestler in a movie with the Roc

Me: huh

Florence: plays amy march, gets nominated for an oscar

Me: HUH? Rushes to theater to watch little women.
Chris Shi
Chris Shi:
All hail the *MAY QUEEN*
LJ Brown
LJ Brown:
I think I speak everyone who supports Florence Pugh when I say this pew pew pew pew pew pew pew
Santis -
Santis -:
I can’t wait to see she in black widow!!!
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt:
Love when she says soz meryl. The American audience did not understand that
Jimmy seemed creepy when he showed that pic of her
ehh jimmy's comment about her being nominated and Meryl not was so distasteful and the way he kept going on bleh why was that necessary?
Will C
Will C:
But does she feel held by the Oscar nomination?
aj pat
aj pat:
Her performance as Amy March is really damned spectacular. She deserved her Oscar nomination.

Now, everyone are really looking forward for her showdown with Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow in April by this year.
Issa Rae's Body Double
Issa Rae's Body Double:
The second topless joke was cheap and gratuitous. Gross.
All I have to say is, MIDSOMMAR!
Al Mizal
Al Mizal:
“Will your parents behave themselves amongst the various stars?” Grow the f up! The audacity like the “stars” are any better. Psssst 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ando G
Ando G:
Her accent gives me life
Alice Brookes
Alice Brookes:
florence: "just because I grew up in oxford doesn't mean I'm smart"
also florence: *starts talking about osmosis*
Midsommar. Snubbed for Best Actress. Should have been a double nominee with Scarlett
Brooklyn 98
Brooklyn 98:
When she got casted in little women I was like “lmao who???” And now I’m like “that’s my wife” mainly cos of midsommar
yea ight
yea ight:
Damn she’s fine. Can’t wait to see her in black widow.
Jimmy imitated her pronunciation of “banana” lol
M. H.
M. H.:
The shock you feel when you find out they’re British...
Cak Redi
Cak Redi:
Florence Pugh's name is so British it might be on Agatha Christie's novels.
Eric Wood
Eric Wood:
She is so polite, it’s nice to see that in actors/actress
Ned Achilles
Ned Achilles:
Florence is really the perfect cast for Scarlett.J 's sister, i mean she's so fckin sexy !!
Jeva Samy
Jeva Samy:
How many of u read little women ??

I did
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
Everytime I watch Kimmel interviews I wonder why they picked HIM. He's the opposite of charisma and simply not a good interviewer
she did so much better in Midsommar, her accent was too perfect, she was beautiful, the acting was the best she’s ever done honestly.
jenna aaliyah
jenna aaliyah:
3:59 this laugh SENT me 💀😭
Hogfart S
Hogfart S:
A young Kate Winslet: magnificent acting and beautiful without plastic
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern:
She's f****n' gorgeous! She has the same type of sexiness Kate Winslet has.
The Council of Nine
The Council of Nine:
Academy Award Nominee Florence Pugh.
This feels so good to write, and even better to say loud!
She looks like chloe moretz. Even the voice is same.
could she be any more perfect? extremely talented actress with range, beautiful, cool voice, good personality, and she can sing. she’s made to be a star
She's great and will probably be the only actor to try a Russian accent in the MCU and keep it :P
Jannela Peralta
Jannela Peralta:
She sounds like selena gomez especially when she has her american accent on
Jiateng Wang
Jiateng Wang:
She is sweet. Yet during the movie I kept thinking maybe she should have played the elder sister instead of Emma Watson.
Chris Pines
Chris Pines:
Im very sure Florence will be an A lister for a long long time and win oscars multiple times. She is far more intelligent than that JLaw girl
Elise Buzzell
Elise Buzzell:
spare hand in marriage ma'am?
Visual Vellichor
Visual Vellichor:
Ok but Jimmy went a little overboard with the jokes about her being topless, is it really that relevant?
Kirk Plissken
Kirk Plissken:
Knocked me out with her performance in Midsommar, a beautiful, charming and talented woman.
Ece Özcan
Ece Özcan:
I literally thought she was American. In little women, she had such a natural accent!!! So goooooddd
Susan Lam
Susan Lam:
is it just me or do you just LOVE her voice - so raspy and perf
Chiko Chonny
Chiko Chonny:
Florence Pugh acting on a movie with Mery Steep? Nope, Mery Streep acting on a movie with FLORENCE PUGH!
emmanuella edah
emmanuella edah:
love florence her relationship with saoirse eliza timothee is gold heard she was going to be working with HARRY!!!!! love her more
Negan The Crusher
Negan The Crusher:
One of the most beautiful and most talented young ladies I have ever seen. She can Act in short words. She will definitely rock Hollywood coming years. Her voice, I don't know others, but for me, it's such a sexy and likable.
she's dating Zach Braff? Wow, good for them.
Richard Welsh
Richard Welsh:
Came here after watch Midsommar, love this actress. Feel like she is going to last the test of time.
Florence is incredible! The interview was uncomfortable to watch though, real creepy vibes from the interviewer and he spent like half the time talking about Meryl Streep instead lmao
Florence is God's greatest gift to human kind , she's so adorable.
Ani Rose
Ani Rose:
She’s so incredibly gorgeous. Catch me over here in the corner sweating 🥵🥵
“Like my little pony or something like that” come on kimmel... you can do better than that
k tom
k tom:
Gorgeous eyes and sexy voice.
Lia Shaffer
Lia Shaffer:
I feel like i asked myself *why did he say that* way to many times

*p.s. Florence made Little Women for me*
I love her accent and i love her more the movie called "fighting with my family". Beautiful movie.
My, my, it's Lady Macbeth herself!
Kathy Bauman
Kathy Bauman:
Kathleen Turner resemblance. Florence at 24 is someone to watch. Darling!! Cool dress 👌
saffron eliza
saffron eliza:
florence : i’m not smart

also florence : OSMOSIS
Maylén Diurno Russo
Maylén Diurno Russo:
She did make funny comments and they didn't laugh enough! I'm loving her already, she is easy to like
skyline bright
skyline bright:
So beautiful n very talented I loved her on Little Women n Midsommar she’s a phenomenal actress
jimmy kimmel is a creep about the topless thing
Dragorad Drakce
Dragorad Drakce:
She is our new Black Widow!!!
I think that she is gonna be amazing.💗💝💓💕
Julia Enerio
Julia Enerio:

i thought it sounded like a fart...im sorry
Alondra Samira
Alondra Samira:
I wish in the nicest way possible they talk about if she would invite Zach to the oscars with her and I feel sad for all the negative attention there relationship is getting I really like them together
A Billion Views Challenge 0w0
A Billion Views Challenge 0w0:
What she's saying somehow reminds me of Fighting with my Family.......
Adam Parry
Adam Parry:
I love her so much she just has that aura
feed me sushi
feed me sushi:
is it just me or is this audience half asleep?? i hear no laughter at all? anyways she's a lovely woman. might search up her other work. also might have a slight crush on her 👀
Mildred Ituarte
Mildred Ituarte:
Her laugh reminds me of Tommy wiseau’s laugh. And it’s really contagious. She’s too cute
Neil Busmente
Neil Busmente:
As soon as she said “mad” all I could think of is Florence as Danaerys.. imagine
Aussie Disney Girl
Aussie Disney Girl:
'We have a state called Florida' - I died of laughter
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez:
I love her so much, she is my dream
Love their personality
I first saw her in Outlaw King. By the time she's in the scence w/Chris Pine when the characters have sex for the first time I was very intrigued by her. It wasn't the sex scene tho, even tho she was great in that, they both were. I can't put my finger on what it was. That's what makes someone a compelling actor and makes them a star. She stole that movie. She was amazing in Midsommar. I watched most of The Falling last night and she was the only reason to watch it. I really like her. It has nothing to do w/how cute she is, she give performances that evoke emotion in me. I really love her. I love Streep, Hanks, Mathew McConahey. There's a few more actors, but not most. Robert DeNero is overrated. Al Pacino is pretty good.
Muhammad Sameer
Muhammad Sameer:
0:05 Florence’s face
Zahra Idrishi
Zahra Idrishi:
Oh look, a young Kate Winslet.🤍

Of course by saying this, I am not taking away her individuality, she just gives me Kate vibes onscreen.
Andy McGuire
Andy McGuire:
"And then I called my dad, and... he didn't answer. Neither did my mom or my sister... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA No-no-no-no!"
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck:
She was so amazing in Little women!!! Can’t wait to see her in Black Widow!!