Florence Pugh On Her Biggest Fan Girl Moment And Most Memorable Red Carpet Look | ELLE UK

We played a game of Ask Me Anything with Little Women star Florence Pugh. The Oscar-nominated actor revealed who she 'squealed for a good 5 minutes' over, her favourite emoji and her most memorable red carpet look - how did she choose!?

Thought you loved Florence? You'll love her so much more after this video.

*This video was filmed pre-lockdown in the UK*


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100+ komento:

how is she so sophisticated and ridiculously goofy at the same time?
your mom
your mom:
she should have won best supporting actress for little women and should have atleast gotten a nomination of best actress for midsommar. no cap
watching this after it’s been announced she’s starring in a film with harry and i love her already
Marijn Segers
Marijn Segers:
I honestly wonder if there are people in this world who don't like Florence. Because if there are, please get yourself checked
Alberto Solórzano
Alberto Solórzano:
She's one of the most beautiful actress of Hollywood right now
Lian Mitchell
Lian Mitchell:
She’s so real. She doesn’t try to act “put together” I feel like I’m listening to a friend in any of her interviews
Næp Sæck
Næp Sæck:
She and Saoirse Ronan make life worth living
Jrs Inocencio
Jrs Inocencio:
scarlett really warned her that she would have plenty of time to rest in 2020
"everyone feels a bit like a useless turd that smiles" - Florence Pugh, c 2019
Salem Dohod
Salem Dohod:
Who else is watching this cause of harry styles
Lily Pond
Lily Pond:
She has such a unique and cute laugh , it's like a cough...but in a charming way
She's such an honest and real cutie, I love watching her insta stories where she dances and bakes
I adore it but Florence sounds like she has bronchitis when she laughs sometimes.
Coffee Tea
Coffee Tea:
Imagine when Emilia Clarke and Florence make a movie together, the badassery and British charm would be off the charts 😍😍
Steph Jones
Steph Jones:
If there was ever anyone in Hollywood I'd wanna be friends with, its Florence. wicked humour, intelligent, and so lovely. :)
Victor Huertas
Victor Huertas:
wait. did this girl got a dress thats shifts from blue to green?--she wants to start a color breaking debate over the internet or what?
Emma 09
Emma 09:
She gives me such Kate Winslet vibes. So unapologetic and so real, love her
Brie Starks
Brie Starks:
she is a treasure to the world I really hope she stays the way she is.
earliest ive been for a florence interview and im so happy
Cato Huisman
Cato Huisman:
honestly surprised she doesn't have a snail tattoo yet
Florence Pugh Source
Florence Pugh Source:
Can’t wait for her to get a snail tattooed on her! And maybe even Barry the cactus 🌵
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho:
So excited for Black Widow and Olivia Wilde's movie! Omg!
Stacey Caryl
Stacey Caryl:
“Give your body a rest and let it be.”
"Well basically I made marmalade." Best way to start a story.
Florence Pugh: And this is a game of "Ask Me Anything"
Me: Okay. Hi! Will you marry me?
Jet Xo
Jet Xo:
i know im going to love the movie already
Skylar Ya
Skylar Ya:
I can’t wait to see her alongside Harry Styles
steven universe
steven universe:
She's in little women and black widow. I stan
Chelsie Christianto
Chelsie Christianto:
And now she will acting with Harry Styles😭😭😭
Anastasia Fomina
Anastasia Fomina:
Florence is that person who is super cute and you want to just say "ahh" as if you see a puppy but when she is at the same time so sexy and fierce and I just love it. She has a great personality and she is stunning 💜
I can’t even describe how much I love this woman 😩
Sunny Days
Sunny Days:
She is an incredible actress and seems like such a real girl! Her body positivity and love for food and music are so refreshing. Can’t believe she didn’t win any awards for her amazing performances in 2019 :( I was lucky enough to be an extra in little women when it was shot in Massachusetts, but didn’t film on a day she was there and I was so upset!
if anyone were to say anything bad about her i would literally beat them up. she is baby and we must protect her
I dont normally comment, but i gotta say Florence is absolutely amazing
Also the body confidence part is just. Wow. Love Florence.
Josh N
Josh N:
You're beautiful, and outshined everyone in Little Women acting.
Jag Uar
Jag Uar:
Anyone else with a hoarse laugh: awful invalid

Florence Pugh with a hoarse laugh: bloody charming
She wanted a break...in comes a pandemic forcing the entire world to take a break.
Veronica Lopez
Veronica Lopez:
I love her! She seems so down to earth and like a fun person to cook with.
Jet Xo
Jet Xo:
guess why im here...
Justin Case
Justin Case:
"Everyone feels a bit like a useless turd that smiles"
-Florence Poo
Klara Ivancic
Klara Ivancic:
i am totally not here because she's gonna be in the movie with harry styles
fleurstapes on ig
fleurstapes on ig:
her laugh is everything
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho:
0:25 - I'm not surprised haha. And i'm pretty sure Ariana has the same feeling too. She is always interacting with Florence on Instagram. I love it!
Mazi Kleanthous
Mazi Kleanthous:
That laugh is golden 💛💛 I absolutely love it
Jan E
Jan E:
I love her smoker's laugh!
Its Vytra
Its Vytra:
Her raspy cough laugh is kinda hot ngl😂
Andrew Morales
Andrew Morales:
the poo that smiles " AUUuGHHhh hAAAAUUU haAAAAA" :)
Rodrigo Alexandre
Rodrigo Alexandre:
Helena Belova in Black Widow movie. Can't wait to see you 😍🥰❤
I want to be friends with her so bad
im in love with her voice and laugh and that little hoarseness that she have 😩💗
I literally see her level of energy as to Timmy! 😍
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor:
This young Lady is the finest young Actress i have seen for many years. Her performances in Midsommar, Little Drummer Girl, especially were astonishing. She acts like she has been doing it for years, and is a TRUE talent. On a sidenote, so sad to hear that cowardly Bastards have been Bullying her online. It's a very cruel world we live in.
mary kilasonia
mary kilasonia:
Anastasia Saatre
Anastasia Saatre:
Gosh, I just love her. She is adorable and also so cute.
anéssa myers
anéssa myers:
i literally can not find a single flaw in her
Teddy Livingston
Teddy Livingston:
Whoever did the lighting on this nailed it, shout out to that person.
Olivia Afonso
Olivia Afonso:
I wish Paddington tweeted me haha
Nefera Rogerstark
Nefera Rogerstark:
Her laugh literally makes me the happiest ugh she’s a grace to this world ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Juliana Ferreira
Juliana Ferreira:
her old-lady-thats-been-smoking-for-50-years laugh is so adorable
This woman is so cute, good vibes<3
Ruby Claire
Ruby Claire:
Am I the only one who didn’t know she had an accident!??!?
Reagan E. Hunt
Reagan E. Hunt:
i love all her movies so much she's so beautiful❤️❤️❤️
Vicky Andrade
Vicky Andrade:
The best content hands down, we love Florence
damn I really love her voice
I’m not even British but I completely get why she showed extra excitement over Paddington than Ariana Grande❤️
Reece Jennings
Reece Jennings:
I would like to present you to...

Academy Award Nominee Florence Pugh, a national treasure.
Eric Prybylski
Eric Prybylski:
She's so perfect it's crazy. Personality and looks
this was the first thing i saw when i opened youtube and i couldn't be happier
Cristoff Trevor
Cristoff Trevor:
Florence is so amazing... i love her, GREAT addition to the MCU!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥💯💯😍
Rebekah P
Rebekah P:
My heart warms every time I hear her voice and see her smiling. What a joy of a person :)
anéssa myers
anéssa myers:
i love florence so much. she’s so charming and talented and perfect i can’t
Taytay Okay
Taytay Okay:
I always thought she would be so mean, and she’s actually really great on and off screen.
adela ipser
adela ipser:
She’s literally my favorite person in the world and I don’t even know her wow
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho:
0:05 - Her laugh!!
Shellany Diano
Shellany Diano:
I fell in-love with her in "Little Women" which I watched because Saoirse Ronan is my fave. Now, Florence is a new additional in my fave actresses list!
Mitchel Evans
Mitchel Evans:
A real acting talent. So glad she's getting the roles she deserves. What a beauty, too.
..and she stands eye to eye with Scarlett J. Literally.
Lucia Simental
Lucia Simental:
I love Florence so much!!! She’s so real and funny! I love watching her stories of her cooking on Instagram!!
She is gorgeous! Wow!
xava lonerganx
xava lonerganx:
her laugh is the funniest thing ever 😍💘
Cecile Canonigo
Cecile Canonigo:
Love her! Please feature LILY JAMES next!! would love to see Florence and Lily work together. 😍
i can not express HOW IN LOVE I AM WITH THIS WOMAN
Malin Hessedahl
Malin Hessedahl:
Love her in little women of Greta Gerwig 2019😍😎🤩❤💕💗 She is so good amazing actress and rolemodel and singer ❤❤❤❤
Agustine Budiyawan
Agustine Budiyawan:
She really is the cutest, the most brightest person ever
I can't wait to see her with scarlett in BLack Widow.
Madison Moreno
Madison Moreno:
I just love her! Her acting and personality is so amazing! She’s just incredible💛
The Synthezorth
The Synthezorth:
Love her laugh, so genuine.
ben emlaw
ben emlaw:
Florence Pugh is Black widow: "You took everything from me"

Covid 19: " I don't even know who you are"
michael jackson
michael jackson:
i love everything about her oh my god
Midsommer, Fighting With My Family, Little Women - she has range.
im so excited for don’t worry darling
me megson
me megson:
when she's talking about her favorite emoji at 4:51 she sounds exactly like selena gomez it's trippy
Melissa Malatesta
Melissa Malatesta:
She looks a lot like Emilia Clarke in this video.
‘Pointin to my vag’ 😂😂😂😂
honestly idrk
honestly idrk:
i love her laugh it makes me happy aaaa
София Зудина
София Зудина:
there are not enough words in any language to describe my love to this woman
Natalie Goretti
Natalie Goretti:
I love you so much Florence 💗😌😌 you’re an idol! I want to see your skincare and makeup routines from vogue!
JaxPrice Films
JaxPrice Films:
If I had the option to choose which hot actress to go on a date with, I’d most definitely choose this one 🔥
Stephanie Triptow
Stephanie Triptow:
She’s so beautiful.