Florence Pugh Eats 11 English Dishes - Mukbang | Vogue

Florence Pugh was recently nominated for her first Oscar for her performance in 'Little Women,' and she's celebrating with a twelve-course menu of English cuisine.

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Director: Rom Bokobza
Editor: Robby Massey
Visual Director: Samantha Adler

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Florence Pugh Eats 11 English Dishes - Mukbang | Vogue

100+ komento:

Ellie May
Ellie May:
So basically, English food is meat covered in bread.
Nagisa Anju
Nagisa Anju:
she is sooo cute, can't believe i've watched this sooo many times
So I’m here after knowing that she’ll star in a movie with Harry styles.
Mae Wobniar
Mae Wobniar:
sometimes i forget she's british because her american accent is SO GOOD
Candace Swart
Candace Swart:
*florence sees butter on the mashed potatoes* "That's sO NAUghti!"
let's be honest it's not your first time watching this
Random Chanell101
Random Chanell101:
i still cant believe she got LAURIE in "little woman" and now shes gonna get HARRY STYLES
Hannah Shojaeemehr
Hannah Shojaeemehr:
Who’s here after we found out that she’s going to be in a movie with Harry Styles?
Widyati Jatin
Widyati Jatin:
She is not eating. She just took one bite of each dish while explaining the taste.
That's totally not a mukbang but more like food tasting video.
Abigail Thompson
Abigail Thompson:
I love how she doesn’t just eat it, she tells the whole back story of the dish. Love that
florence wearing a louis vuitton dress while drinking a juice box is my aesthetic
Elaiza Salboza
Elaiza Salboza:
Mann.. harry styles and florence as jack and alice in dont worry darling🤯
Harry Styles
Harry Styles:
i can't wait for DON'T WORRY, DARLING
Ayra Awan
Ayra Awan:
who is here after knowing that she'll be in a movie with Harry Styles?
Jillian Heidingsfelder
Jillian Heidingsfelder:
this whole video is just me wishing i had a british accent
Stephanie C.
Stephanie C.:
She has lots of charisma, not annoying at all. She is like full of energy and expresses it very natural oof loved her
Who’s here after it’s announced she’s gonna be in a movie with HARRY STYLES
Nnek Nnaks
Nnek Nnaks:
Florence Pugh: MMMmmm...

makes us want to try those food
chanel babe
chanel babe:
This is the most fanciest mukbang ever to be honest.
Samantha Danzalan
Samantha Danzalan:
The fact that she will soon have a movie with Harry Styles blows my mind. They're going to be the hottest on-screen couple ever.
Malaika K
Malaika K:
That was the driest Shepard’s pie I have ever seen
Cassie Wilson
Cassie Wilson:
“Every persons childhood was full of ribena” truer words have never been spoken
sunflower vol.6
sunflower vol.6:
Florence played the role of Amy where she ended up marrying Timothée Chalamet and now she's playing Harry styles' wife in "Don't worry, darling" honestly, she's living every girl's dream ever. BTW,I love her so much☆
Alina Samreen
Alina Samreen:
Everybody's like they can't wait for "Don't worry darling", but I can't wait for Black widow!!
This is why I’ve never seen a vegan British person
She’s so adorable, her little ‘mmmmm’s while she’s eating are so cute
ethan crust
ethan crust:
everytime she says “mmmm” my troubles go away its so soothing
Swampy Wetch
Swampy Wetch:
Get yourself someone who looks at you the way Florence Pugh looks at that victoria sponge xD
Dia Thapa
Dia Thapa:
She lowkey looks like Sabrina Carpenter.
P e a c h !
P e a c h !:
She's like what i imagined a princess is, when i was a child
I like how vogue disguised the ketchup in a tea pot.
I'm immortal
I'm immortal:
The fact that there is no sausage rolls in this disappoints me
Hufflepuff Girl
Hufflepuff Girl:
I have an addiction to watching this video
Rittika Choudhury
Rittika Choudhury:
I always hated Amy but Florence’s acting just changed my whole perspective. She seemed so charismatic and elegant 😊. Absolutely loved the movie.
The way she uses a knife to place condiments on her food instead of dipping makes me feel like uncultured trash.
the way that she gets to play harry styles’ wife

She looks like a little girl playing dress up.
sun and moon
sun and moon:
is it just me or do a lot of english people have a husky voice👀
Bella Blake Violet
Bella Blake Violet:
I love the “That’s sooo naughty” about the butter
maria christensen
maria christensen:
I don’t know why, but she gives me “Alice in Wonderland” vibes, but in a more well-mannered calm way.
Renee Vincett
Renee Vincett:
not me watching this because she’s gonna be in a movie with harry
oh, to be florence n getting to kiss harry styles
Ipsita Panda
Ipsita Panda:
"Is that melted butter?" "That's naughty", I fell in love with her right then 😂
Salma Adawi
Salma Adawi:
The fact that her and Harry Styles will be starring in a film together is incredible, I literally can’t wait to watch it
Florence Pugh: literally just eating

4 million people: *interesting*
Channel Channel
Channel Channel:
Bruh if I was her I wouldn’t even talk I would just finish all the food.
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho:
“Ribena, I know what you drinkin” - Kanye West
Lea Mamuya
Lea Mamuya:
I’m here after hearing about her movie with Harry LOL
Michelle Crisostomo
Michelle Crisostomo:
I didn’t know Florence Pugh was British until this video.
Jrs Inocencio
Jrs Inocencio:
she's gonna be in a movie with harry styles 🥺
Harry Styles
Harry Styles:
the way both harry will get to act with her and timothee acted with her- lucky men what can i say?
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi:
Who's here after seeing Florence in Black Widow?
Mariam Haroun
Mariam Haroun:
I can't be the only one who's bothered by all the wasted food
Genny's Computer Account
Genny's Computer Account:
No one:

Florence: That’s so NAuGhtY!
Bat Recon
Bat Recon:
Watching this during covid pandemic, unemployed, no income, no benefits, and bare minimum food in the fridge and cabinet is torture.
Yevangelina Andreus
Yevangelina Andreus:
Can someone please tell me the background track that’s playing what is the name?
lilith from neverland
lilith from neverland:
yelena's accent is really good
Miguel Angel Rivera
Miguel Angel Rivera:
I never realized how little I knew about British foods.
It’s unhealthy how many times I’ve watched this.
Sati Ice
Sati Ice:
My favourite ASMR ever. She is so charismatic person ☺🥰
a simp for rodrick heffley
a simp for rodrick heffley:
It’s the only watching this bc she’s gonna star in a movie with Harry for me 😔🤚🏼
Haunted Mushrooms ASMR
Haunted Mushrooms ASMR:
She is one of those people who really rarely smiles during her discussions yet she comes across entirely friendly and relaxed.
Hanna Ndun
Hanna Ndun:

"Aw, it's so moist," was my favourite moment.
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez:
Here before everyone comes after she stars with Harry styles on the movie.
Sunardi Wahyunin
Sunardi Wahyunin:
Can't believe I get to see her with Harry Styles playing husband and wife. Dream come true
Norlynvir Ninto
Norlynvir Ninto:
I love how she is not the picky type of eater. She eats everything and she's talking about food like it's her best friend. 😂 Love her.
Nicky McNeil
Nicky McNeil:
Yeah that didn't look like bubble n squeek, to me either!
Yes but who made all the food? They look incredible!
I hope the food that she only tried one bite each plate will not be wasted after the shoot..
Alvin Jon Viduya
Alvin Jon Viduya:
She has this down to earth, magnetic personality that makes you want to be with her more and more.
La Vie En Rose
La Vie En Rose:
My question is who is going to eat the 'leftovers'.
Julia Harding
Julia Harding:
i love how she goes "mmmm" on almost every single dish.
Caitlin Holt
Caitlin Holt:
Florence is such a kind soul!! she’s also so herself which I love about her!
symphonia girl
symphonia girl:
She is gorgeous but she looks like she can do mean girls movie vibes I don’t know why 😁
Alexa Jenkins
Alexa Jenkins:
Wow I really like her! I only clicked because of the new movie but I actually enjoyed the video!
Ally ASMR:
She’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
Mari Sori
Mari Sori:
Florence after every bite, really enjoying her food: MMMMMMHHHHH
i’m here after hearing she’s starring in a film with harry so now i’m going to watch all these videos of her lmao
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson:
She is absolutely Breathtaking. The Sexiest Woman in Britain! Love Her ❤️
ihdya 86
ihdya 86:
I have been a massive fan of hers since watching little women a while ago , i've probably watched this 10 times and every other of her film (except midsommar i can't). Knowing her boyfriend , Zach is good friends with harry (aka the love of my life since 2013) excites me in a way thinking they might know each other. Since their personalities go so well , kind , cheerful and genuine.

Knowing that harry's gonna be in a whole new movie as a husband got me screaming , and then I found out Florence is casted as the wife....man , my wildest dream. Truly.
Still can't believe it till this day , so excited!!!!!!!!!!
Grace Franco
Grace Franco:
Whoever came up with the concept for this video deserves a RAISE and a PROMOTION. It was so entertaining but also I’m officially a Florence Pugh stan
Angelina S
Angelina S:
It’s almost like youtube knew I’d do a deep dive into Harry’s new costar when this randomly showed up on my feed
Israt Fatema
Israt Fatema:
So recent comments are all about she working with harry styles 😍😍 Lucky girl
secondary school skits
secondary school skits:
Nadia N
Nadia N:
Lol! She’s adorable and I love her accent
Thuc Nguyen
Thuc Nguyen:
She looks like the most ordinary girl but her on screen presence is no joke. All of her performances really stick with you.
Watched this months ago. And then again. And again. And again. And then I dream of this.
Юлия Литвиненко
Юлия Литвиненко:
I looove how she is doing her "mmmm", it's so cute and definitely gives you appetite
The socialist within me feels so uncomfortable...😂
ellie x
ellie x:
whose here after her and harry styles are to be in a movie together?
Karla Lee
Karla Lee:
when she said “that’s so naughty” to butter on the mashed potatoes 😭😭😭
Shafinaz Anwar
Shafinaz Anwar:
This is not a Mukbang. This is just trying stuffs.
Esther Satori
Esther Satori:
Not a mukbang unless you finish it sorry but editing shows that's not the case, I call foul
Vanessa Kilpatrick
Vanessa Kilpatrick:
For the people saying she’s not finishing the meals how could she eat all those dishes whole and not be full half way through she was saving room for the dishes up next
Nicole Coy
Nicole Coy:
she's so gorgeous i'm in love with her
Ria Rayappan
Ria Rayappan:
I NEED this as a series!! Saoirse Ronan doing Irish food, Deepika doing Indian food 😁😁 c'mon guys!
Aaron Paul Dy Lusanta
Aaron Paul Dy Lusanta:
watching this video makes me fall in live with her even more, so adorable