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Q. Screen Recorder?
A. Screen Flow for iOS using Mac and built in game recorder on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Q. Favorite hero?
A. Hayabusa, Clint and Saber, but for now i'm playing tank and support more.
Q. Can i play with you?
A. Please look forward of me doing "Let's PLay Event" where i play with anyone, which has 10% chance of happening because lately i have been busy.
Q. Are you a girl or boy?
A. I am a grown up person. Thank you.

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Muhammad Umair
Muhammad Umair:
This is really important in LoL WR
1. Ward - Ward is a plant that make you to get more vision, highly recommended to put in enemy bush
2. Minions - When you last hit minions you will get more gold, when minions bar become white you can instantly last hit it
3. Tutorial - I recommended you to play all the tutorial first to get more blue mote (its like bp) and knowledge
4. Free Champions - When you level up you will get a free champions, so don't buy a champions that you can get for free
5. Jungle - Don't take jungle monster, let your jungler take it, take enemy jungle monster instead

Sorry if my English is bad, and if you guys have more advice, comment down below😁
Agent x150
Agent x150:
lol wild rift: "released"

a random ml player: that's my buff

jungler: b r u h

ml player: MM MID, MM MID!!!
This guy/girl is gonna be addicted to this game promise
HUhu Stupidow
HUhu Stupidow:
For all the gamers who wanted to switch on LoL WR, this is my advice to y'all

1. Have A Hero Presence.
2. Be Open To Suggestions.
3. Read About The Runes.
4. Read Items .
5. Read Some Guides.
6. Read Champions Abilities For Advantage.
7. Make A Team Composition.
8. Counter Pick Your Enemies Champion.
9. Learn About Ward Positioning.
10. Analyze Lane Behavior.
11. Watch Champion Montages
12. Watch Pro Players Streams.
Armando Gonzalez Gaitan
Armando Gonzalez Gaitan:
Hororochan: Remember im not trolling
Also Hororo: *Put a ward in the front of the tower

Me: *laugh hard
bots in mobile legends:👁️👄👁️
bots in wild rift:💪
Hororo tries zed:

Stylish: Prrrrrr new young zed player
Louis Butas
Louis Butas:
Kayn: "Even Zed will be impressed."
Gie Ro
Gie Ro:
Just a little tip hororo chan
When playing Zed it's like Gusion you need fast Hands and Fast mentality
The combo of Zed when bullying mid is
2nd-3rd then 1st skill aim
There's also a deadly combo of Zed is the "Triangle"
My Sunshine is Turning into a Blackhole
My Sunshine is Turning into a Blackhole:
Lol: You took everything from me
ML:I don't even know who you are
Lol: You will.
Mohammad Habib Mannan
Mohammad Habib Mannan:
*Hororo Chan: Is this... Hayabusa?*

*Zed: No, Hayabusa IS me.*
Froosh Pops
Froosh Pops:
Turret: *grants true sight*
Hororochan: "imma just put a ward here"
Marco Villanueva Almazan
Marco Villanueva Almazan:
8:03 when you thought youre playing ML hahahaha
potato paradise
potato paradise:
If you want a bit of challenge go Camille, she's all about timing and engaging.
Hororo :play LoL wild rift

Moontoon:Dont forget me i make new bugs
Dimensional Warper
Dimensional Warper:
You have to be careful when jungling there. It's hard to detect enemies nearby since there are so many bushes and the jungle is really big. There are little sprouts there that may or may not give you advantages.
I love how genshin impact and wild rift released at the perfect time cuz ML is literally so broken and unbalance rn
Skullys Gt
Skullys Gt:
The moment she put Ward in front of the tower, it makes me laugh
Ken Ramos
Ken Ramos:
Hey hororo you want some tip?
Zed is the king of shadow
Ult 2 3 1 ult again to survive😎😎😎
Just a quick information for Hororo
Zed's Ulti is like Harley's Ulti the more dmg you deal while you have the mark on them the higher it deals dmg
Dark Gamer116
Dark Gamer116:
Hororo: *Struggling with controls*
Mobile Legends: *Have I thought you notging?*
Hororo chan: 11/0/3 Zed
Also Hororo-chan: "Gotta play more seriously next time"
Downtown X
Downtown X:
*I had a coma last year*
Doctor: Hey you're finally awake
Me: wow I can't wait to watch videos of Hororo Chan playing ML
Also Me: *surprised pikachu face*
Ralph Zapnta
Ralph Zapnta:
"I wanted to Garen but they took him from me"
This line really cracked me up
Your Pikachu
Your Pikachu:
So.... hororo chan finally played "the original" huh?
Dom Bendanillo
Dom Bendanillo:
The heroes have their own recall animation in normal skins :0 that's so cool
I haven't played lol before nor dota but that little detail there is so cool. I have been wanting to play the pc version of lol for a long time but i couldn't but now I'll have a chance to play this when this comes out.
Rakesh Reddy
Rakesh Reddy:
Most important: plz dnt use that stupid hyper strategy mm in this game.
Me: 6 years playing zed
Omg my eyes
Carl Clata
Carl Clata:
When seeing someone using your main champ
*"Gg ez mid report jg"*

Its a part of mastering Zed-Yassuo
Had to give up ml in my phone to install this. Imagine having genshin, asphalt, nba, codm and wr. It's getting a little cramped in my storage.
Gielian Tv
Gielian Tv:
0:28 They took him from me. Yah that is why we don't love somebody that is already taken. 🤣
jerald uriarte
jerald uriarte:
i just quit playing ml, 2 weeks from now, since i recieved the mail from wildrift. i just love playing right now because there is less toxicity (unlike ml from the start of the match to the end) maybe because there are few players. i just got so lucky to recieve the beta test early.

sorry for my english.
Luqman Hyzen
Luqman Hyzen:
Bro look at you playing my boi zed really make my eyes sick, study first how he’s skill works and how to deadly combo. He likes harley + haya + hc in 1 hero.
Wizard Gamings
Wizard Gamings:
I was so excited when I got the notification to test it early, but my phone isn't compatible with this version
Cyruz Isaiah's Videos
Cyruz Isaiah's Videos:
imagine in real game putting ward in the middle of the lane
Dexter TM
Dexter TM:
*Hororo: Playing Wild Rift*

*_Also Hororo_* : _Forgot to upload new bugs*
[DSMK] -oRev-
[DSMK] -oRev-:
7:52 Hororo really thought it would drop hp slimes hahaha
Milgar Tapado
Milgar Tapado:
1:07 wild rift really has great introductions
rehan afif
rehan afif:
Waiting for "I'm not big on sermon, broken bones teach better lesson"
死神 嵐Shinigami Arashi
死神 嵐Shinigami Arashi:
Zed was one of my favorite mid champion back in the days when I was still playing LOL
An Drei
An Drei:
Hope hororo does the same thing here in wild rift, guides us to the game.
Just Wondering
Just Wondering:
3:16 haha I also forgot to buy in pc and usually use my teleport spell
Hororo I recommended using Jin he's q good champion and high damage dealer
xJust Zx
xJust Zx:
11:56 I was like
Ignite bro, ignite! XD
Eh, not like I'm a challenger anyways, heck I don't even play lol yet xD pc sucks ;w;
Aj De Vera
Aj De Vera:
When you play wild ridt for your first time then you afk for only 2 minutes...

LOL WIDL RIFT : ban you for 12 hours..

Me: whaaaat daff...
Tomato Gaming
Tomato Gaming:
Hororo: I am not trolling

Also Hororo: places ward next to turret.
Wow. Hororo is playing my favourite champion in the game.
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster:
*Hororo plays Zed*

Me when Lolwr is released: Imma try Zed
Cali Ferrer
Cali Ferrer:
I really love that ward placing at the begging ❤️
Chloe Rabbitheart
Chloe Rabbitheart:
2:16 tip to hororo about skill taking
When jungling zed take shadow slash or 3rd skill for quick jungling
But if you are laning zed take skill 1 for faster wave clear and poking
Immediately (this applies on both jungle and mid lane zed) take 2nd skill as this is where the poking and fun begins for midlane zed its a nice ability to take due to the fact that it can poke enemies if you use skill 1 the shadow does the same skill as well which is perfect for early laning and trading (which is very crucial to decide the winner of late game interms of economy) but for jungoe zed use it to quickly burst out jungles by grouping in a jungle camp and deploying 2nd then do 3rd skill near the shadow so it can burst out and finish jungle efficiently if behind walls away from jungle for quick mobility use 2nd toward jungle spawn use skill 3 and then press 2nd skill again to tele and kill monster (if you have skill 1 use it as well before tele its best if you are near so you can have two blades hit through the wall) then bam quick jungling and this is just meant for early laning in start of matches to be efficient as possible in jungle or in lane take note in not making fun of you im just giving advice even though i never played this but recently got addicted and now im binging and learning about lol mechanics and hero mechanics(when you know too much but never tried it before(≧▽≦)) but all in all i think hororos just fine i just made a few advices and you know maybe pointed out mistakes (i mean hes learning how to i cant gatekeep or bully him)

Also pls dont give mad im not making fun of his skills its just that im giving him advice to become better (even though i never touched or played a lol match all of this is just based on hero mechanics and game knowledge) so dont go storming down and saying im a gatekeeper a toxic rat in lol playerbase im just givin advice.
For zed mains if i had any mistakes of techniques i said pls tell me whats wrong about it and ill edit it out or change it and for any players who are excited and new to lol as i am pls give them advice on how to play your favorite main heroes down in the comments. THANK YOU FOR READING (✿^‿^)
Dan Cretu
Dan Cretu:
From where did you download apk for LOL. I find a version that seems to be damaged :(( Little help
Huh,the way your playing,reminds me my first day on vain glory. Ashamed its dying 😢
Note to Hororochan: Not mocking u,just saying what I remember. Keep it up with the gameplay!👍
Magixz Gamingz
Magixz Gamingz:
Wow.. I'm impressed in Hororo-chan..
By just practicing/using skills in the fountain and when she came back in the mid Lane she already killed someone with a combo😯😯 Very impressed.. Hororo-chan is a very fast learner 😄
7:46 hororo thought green healing pebbles will drop
*Lol Wr exists*

ML and my storage: *H E L L N O*
Btw when ur playing as Zed, it's important to always burst your skills 😋. U use either:
W to close the gap, ult then burst with ur 1st and 3rd ability OR when ur close enough to an enemy, use ult then 2nd somewhere close then 1st then 3rd skill so there will be 3 shurikens and 3 spins which would deal the most damage enough for the ult proc to finish off an enemy 😋😋 hope it helps ✨

Note that the ult proc deals more damage the more damage u deal before it goes off so be sure to always hit the enemy to secure the kill 🤤🤤

Basically just use ur ult first then burst w other skills if ur going for the kill
Accipiter Smith
Accipiter Smith:
Hororo forgot to level Zed's second skill after leveling the first skill.
Hannie Hmar
Hannie Hmar:
ive always love the fact that every hero has his own unique recall
a Amxr
a Amxr:
Wild raft have awesome recall''"huhu
Lorenzo Villasin
Lorenzo Villasin:
I removed what i said so no one will know how i got this many likes
Game: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Yeah, sure!! 😂
Real Tad
Real Tad:
When you are not that good at playing MLBB and yet you're waiting for the Wildrift to be released
Ritu Dutt
Ritu Dutt:
When playing zed rely on your shadow to deal poke damage. The simple shadow combo is to launch 2nd skill near the enemy then straight 3rd skill, after you need to launch your first skill, if both first skill hit it procs your emblem\electrocute
shazia \ aiman
shazia \ aiman:
0:26 they took him from me 😅
xd lol
Abay Sultanbek
Abay Sultanbek:
Hororo: Has played moba games for more than a year and makes tutorial videos for them
Hororo in wild rift: you know i am somewhat of a noob myself
Alpha W
Alpha W:
From someone how plays league this was painfull and funny to watch good content😂😂😂
Ps: no hate
Daniel Razman
Daniel Razman:
Hey hororochan, remember triple shuriken makes 75% based on your ad dmg.
So try to make triple shuriken combo and then let ur ult kills it.
pisto palenkas
pisto palenkas:
1:48, hororo that is I ward xd you use it to ward bush and see enemy
Trickster TV
Trickster TV:
7:45 I love it when hororo try to collect green pearls but monster doesn't drop it.
Zed is one of best assassins in League, his burst capability is absolutey devastating, but he’s one of the most banned in ranked
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest:
Lol, moonton updated mobile legends so that we can practice until wild rift gets released
Pro_ bandolets
Pro_ bandolets:
“Without a sound”
RJ Ganiga
RJ Ganiga:
did you know that this champion was the legendary pick of Faker.. Michael Jordan of LOL
The One Above All
The One Above All:
Runes are also very important on champs. You NEED to use the right ones.
Rhey Gamer
Rhey Gamer:
Hororo: whats this
Me: Dont u Dare Put it in the Ground
Hororo: haha Ward goes Dinggg

Tip: Put wards on bush or The Enemy Jungle
I havent played LOL for about 5 years 😂
NGL you kinda make me want to try out the mobile version.
Me seeing the art on the video: Look like Aldous
ram hon
ram hon:
I have using zed since I was playing on pc, my combo for zed is 2nd,ult,1st or 3rd,3rd or 1st,hit,2nd,ult, and hit

Hoping y'll understand that HAHAHA zed is a hard hero to use tho
Jinx The Loose Cannon
Jinx The Loose Cannon:
Aw I remember my first time

I just fell in love with jinx
Dark Gamer116
Dark Gamer116:
Hororo and my friend: *I just got my wild rift*
Me and my potato phone: *Why am I here... Just to su-*
PC: *Why am I here... Just to be ignored*
Vale and faramis: *I know man*

(Well this comment rather looked weird)
Princess Madeline Joy Toledo
Princess Madeline Joy Toledo:
I love how you test or learn the champion's skills first before you attack the enemy and you're not greedy
Abc Def
Abc Def:
Moonton is seeing hororo playing wr
-how did you betray us hororo :(((
Zumorito Takamo
Zumorito Takamo:
3:03 ML players after seeing a Recall animation be like 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Hororo put wards in front of the turrent:
Me: 👁️👄👁️

Why so adorable 🥺😂😂
John DY
John DY:
In league if u don't use your spell or active items is called "Display" 😊😂
Hororo Chan: *places ward in the middle of the lane*

Me: 👁️👄👁️
Unknownymous Creature
Unknownymous Creature:
one of the easy combo for zed is,
place your shadow close to the enemy and then use slash to slow your enemies, and then use the shuriken and make sure both of you and your shadows shuriken hits the enemy since it will proc(activate) the electrocute rune
Believe me I'm everywhere
Believe me I'm everywhere:
*Believe me I'm everywhere*
Keitaruo Valdez
Keitaruo Valdez:
Well, i still waiting this game, i want to use Nasus( similar to aldous) and malphite( ap tank build)
Tip: dont play zed right now😂
Ki Ho
Ki Ho:
Mobile legend youtube account watching you playing wild rift haha
Por Hak ;-;
Por Hak ;-;:
How do u get league of legend plsss tell me 😭 I have been waiting since last year
Jem Legarde
Jem Legarde:
I like how Hororo-chan test those skills in the base after leveling up. Its like "What does this skill do?" hahaha.
gabo garcero
gabo garcero:
I cant believe that in just one game she knows how to play/use zed
El Chino
El Chino:
I love watching you play wild rifh <3
Just Crazy
Just Crazy:
If I where to pick haya or Zed I would pick Zed his skills looks alot more fun and can fight two enemy at the same time
Kevin John
Kevin John:
You will get used to play this in no time just like me when playing LOL on pc

I think hororo thought that was recall button😂
YEAH!! Hororo playing WR, a dream :D!