First Day of School vs Last Day of School! Alisha Marie

Can we all agree that the first day of school vs the last day of school is completely different? haha which first day vs last day scene was your fav? xo -Alisha Marie
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Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about Fiirst Day of School vs Last day of school!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!

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HAHA hopefully you can relate to this video a little bit... when is / was your first day of school?!
Sophie K
Sophie K:
Who else is binging Alisha’s old videos. Stay safe everyone❤️
Jeon KookieX
Jeon KookieX:
My childhood has appeared on my recommended page again :’)
Khanak Bharti
Khanak Bharti:
The amount of times I’ve watched this video 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Why did i read the “back to school” in the intro as “ black lives matter”
Ain’t no last day of school in 2020 it’s stay home all year
Lauren Cliff
Lauren Cliff:
Who’s watching this during corona time ayeee
Tiffan Y
Tiffan Y:
“Yearbook” if you know what I mean lol 😂
_coleenmae _
_coleenmae _:
Who’s binge watching schoolisha in quarantine because of extended summer vacation??
Teagan Pruett
Teagan Pruett:
Who else is watching this in July 2020 in quarantine 😝
Elisabeth Joslin
Elisabeth Joslin:
watching this video in 2019: OMG she is so accurate!! i pay attention so much on the first day!!!

watching in 2020: first day of in person school vs first day of online school

coronavirus kids where u at???
Annika Guerena
Annika Guerena:
This should be named “First Day Of School vs Second Day Of School”
Alexis Economopoulos
Alexis Economopoulos:
Alisha’s older videos are literally a vibe I wished she’d go back to doing these videos!!! yearbook
Who’s watching this in 2020 and yearbook
Majda Fati
Majda Fati:
2020 anyone trying to remember how good school was
Zo hi Na
Zo hi Na:
Ashley: my name is mizzzzz Edna's Johnson
Ashley: just call me ENNA
Leighsaiah Brinice
Leighsaiah Brinice:
Who else is the opposite? cuz I hate the 1st day of school
Cupcake Playz
Cupcake Playz:
Everyone wanted school to end but 2020 be like we got your back corona virus comes everyone be like SCHOOL COME BACK
Easton Smith
Easton Smith:
Ally Roy
Ally Roy:
I’m watching these videos to remember when I was actually happy to go to school and wasn’t in quarantine:(
Anna faltz
Anna faltz:
Who is seing this in 2020?
Participation was sooo relatable. I litterly fell asleep in all my classes cuz id be up til 3 watching abime
Mariama Dewo B
Mariama Dewo B:
I realate to 1st day of school getting ready and eating
Elle 1807
Elle 1807:
Don’t we love it when YouTube allows us to rediscover ICONIC videos that were the thing like 3 yrs ago
Molly Willcocks
Molly Willcocks:
“Yearbook”I do the same as they say and they said “YearBook”
KidCreations 1
KidCreations 1:
I wear black on the first day of school since its the funeral of my happiness.
Audrey Ann
Audrey Ann:
Last day is like everyday I'm on my period 😭
Zazruo RGB
Zazruo RGB:
Me watching this vid on gcq: ugh miss that even though I hate waking up early (the first day ok)
christiana ieong
christiana ieong:
Umm I’m the opposite my first day is the last day of school here my last day of school is the first day for school
Lol but if u don’t understand me comment if u do understand me like stay saffe everybody
Avi Virdee
Avi Virdee:
I've got a question
Do all schools in America not have any uniform?
Because here in England you only get to wear your own clothes in college and uni but high school and primary school have uniform
Diamond Cookieoftruth
Diamond Cookieoftruth:
leave a like and that's one more prayer that corona will stop
Fun Cat Queen
Fun Cat Queen:
The truth is I never had a messy locker in my life. In school and am prepared and organize for class.
XXKate PlaysXX
XXKate PlaysXX:
Who else is watching this in 2020 and going to school soon or did went already
Me! Oh and yearbook!
“Comment yearbook if you see this”


I liked my own comment:)
chipcat gamer
chipcat gamer:
Wait were going back to school I thought they were joking 😂💀💯
*the year 2020:*

*First day of school:* productive, you look really good, you’re in a very enthusiastic mood and *in school*

*Last day of school:* in your pajamas, in a zoom call with your class, eating cereal on the side and snapping your teacher’s face with sc filters
ThariniSri Arnepalle
ThariniSri Arnepalle:
"Year book"
Anisha Trimbakkar
Anisha Trimbakkar:
1:26 this is me picking my clothes for online school..
Ok so life is.... welp :/ lol
Ok so life is.... welp :/ lol:
I am literally never ready in the morning tho
Haley _
Haley _:
Exactly three years later.. and this has to be the 100th time I watched 😂😂😂
SxnSet Starz
SxnSet Starz:
She has the messy hair
And the baggy clothes.

But perfect nails.
lil s.p.
lil s.p.:
Zara Faisal
Zara Faisal:
Who always binges on Alisha’s old videos when its back to school time! Just me....... okay 🥺
Mary Ann Simpson
Mary Ann Simpson:
•cringey Gabi•
•cringey Gabi•:
Remember when we used to have school? Lol
(Written in quarantine 2020 if anyone is reading later)
Livie Kate
Livie Kate:
Me: watching Alishas old videos to keep entertained in quarantine
“Yearbook” eeee
Strawberry Jamin
Strawberry Jamin:
while i’m binging alishas old vids remember when we actually went to school in person
its_ Mochi
its_ Mochi:
Other techers: 👁️👄👁️
Christine Dobson
Christine Dobson:
Who's watching this in the year 2020
This is how many
bintang audrey
bintang audrey:
POV: You are watching this in 2020 bc it was in your recommendations and you realise that times were way better 3 years ago :')
Vlogs With Emily
Vlogs With Emily:
My locker stayed clean all year

(I didn’t decorate it)
Trisha Knight
Trisha Knight:
YEARBOOKKKKKKK! Teacher: hAi aM eDnA tHe TeAcHeR, yUsS wE gUnNa dO....mind: wat are we gunna do...? Teacher again: wE nEeD tO kNoW hOw mUcH fOoD tHe cHiCkEn nEeD PpL?!
Augustina Ukokobili
Augustina Ukokobili:
Everyone needs to school to learn and get good grades and become smart.
Crayon Gudetama
Crayon Gudetama:
Honestly for me the last day of school is way more exciting than the first
Brookie Cookie
Brookie Cookie:
Me in 2020:I never had a last day😢😷
Lorene Rassam
Lorene Rassam:
“Year book”
I’m watching during quarantine stay safe everyone❤️❤️❤️
Emma Read
Emma Read:
Yes I know this was made 3 years ago
But it’s fun to look at when we didn’t like school
Now I miss it 😭
Ekaterina Stojanova
Ekaterina Stojanova:
Fact: you are not in full screen
m m
m m:
I remember watching this in 4th grade and now I am going to be a freshman 😭
m & s
m & s:
"Yearbook" 😂😂😂 lol
SunnyBlossom C:
SunnyBlossom C::
My locker stays clean and organized other than a few papers in some spots.
LUCY Snow:
My first days of school are diffrent I go to a boarding school so there are no lessons on the first day juts unpacking nit checks and we get measured each year to make sure we’re growing. And on the last day we juts play loads of games preform a play win award do swimming again no lessons my school is awsome and I’m going back in three weeks and I’m so excited
tippy smith
tippy smith:
Who else watch old video of Alisha Maria in 2020
It’s crazy how this was uploaded 3 years ago.
On the first day of school I’ll have like 15 pencils and then I slowly start losing them until asking for pencils is like a daily thing 😂
Kayla Minii
Kayla Minii:
Just to see how much Alisha has grown .. makes me so happy .. ❤🔥still so relateable tho 😂
Ines Telles
Ines Telles:
I saw the thing so
Manca Ilinčič
Manca Ilinčič:
Am I the only one that is sooo excited for back to school and gets really organized but at the end of the year....


Edit: So I'm not the only one. 154 people are the same😂
•Addison EDGE•
•Addison EDGE•:
ALISHA PLZ BRING THESE BACK!!! Love your vids btw! ❤️❤️❤️
Catharine Brooks
Catharine Brooks:
Yearbook, I LOVE THIS! It’s so well done!
This was at the top of my recommended lol
ღXx. Snowbell . xXღ
ღXx. Snowbell . xXღ:
Hahah this year “start and end of school” the start will be online and half in school but the end will be in school full time
Kassidy Alfred
Kassidy Alfred:
Whos watching in Corona time

👇 and "yearbook"
Kelley Ritter
Kelley Ritter:
It's been so long since ive watched alisha and i regret it i love this channel!!!
Addison Lee
Addison Lee:
Wait...this is way more accurate than I remember
Otaku Lei
Otaku Lei:
WAAAHHH 🥺🥺 I'm so proud that I'm a fan of urs since 2015 🤩🤍
Kayla Theiss
Kayla Theiss:
Anyone else binge watching videos from 2015-2017 because they're more fun than back to school vids from more recently.
Reina Alfaro
Reina Alfaro:
Who's watching this in 2020 while being in Quarantine BTW yearbook
h i j r a h t u l
h i j r a h t u l:
You know what my locker is full of K-pop * well no one ask 😂*

Thanks for reading 😊❤✊
Tej .M
Tej .M:
Honestly, to be this feels like 8th grade vs 12th 😂😭
This should be called
Expectation vs Reality
Alisha: comment yearbook if you see this

Me: Races to comment section to see who commented it.
Misaki Jung
Misaki Jung:
Getting up for me is like the last day of school 🤣🤣🤣
U mean going to to prision vs finally getting released from prision back knowing ur going to have to go back
Vipul Jain
Vipul Jain:
Wow I never realised how much I loved this into its A+
Paigey Waigey
Paigey Waigey:
I’m watching these types of videos because it’s my last day of school!!
It’s Rosie B
It’s Rosie B:
I didn’t have a last day of school because of coronavirus.

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Edit#3 thank you for 152
t0xic. killer
t0xic. killer:
When the teacher said to call her ms.edna but then alisha said : oh I will Mrs.jhonson
Sarah Dowding
Sarah Dowding:
Delia Doherty
Delia Doherty:
CEO of saying “hmmm🤷🏼‍♀️”
Armanda Kazemekaite
Armanda Kazemekaite:
Honestly i would be so much more excited to go to the last day of school than first day of school.
“YEARBOOK” oh wait it’s 2019 whoops! 😳
Brynley Goshorn
Brynley Goshorn:
I’m actually going to school this year and I’m in 8th and I don’t get a locker cause “ they’re for the 7th graders”🙄😤 but idk because I can carry my backpack to class!!😁
Sneha Jagadeesh
Sneha Jagadeesh:
I legit thought that she was eating butter at 1:44
x._tricia_. x
x._tricia_. x:
Alisha's videos used to get more views than some artists that post M/V's!!!!
Melody Lu
Melody Lu:
I can relate to first day of school but not the last day I could scream out happiness 😃
This is how many times Alisha went “hmh” 🤷‍♀️
YEARBOOK!!!!! one of the most embarrassing things