FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL *junior year*


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music in this video
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Music by Jillian Rossi - txt me when u get here -
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Music by Ryan Little - Lovesick. (Nomad's Heart) -
Sour Strawberry - Caroline Manning

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Jackie Clemente
Jackie Clemente:
Maya Botrus
Maya Botrus:
So you’re telling me she had NO makeup before she did her makeup?? Her face is SO smooth... tell me your secrets 🤫
TM Creative Direction
TM Creative Direction:
I'm acually kinda jelly over this girl like she's got the looks, the house, and the school. Like me over here looking like a burnt muffin have the house the size of a mushroom and a school full of roaches 😌💅
Jordan's life
Jordan's life:
Caroline looking good when she first wakes up
Martha Beaney
Martha Beaney:
Anyone else form the UK and are amazed at the uniform, we have to wear blazers, long skirts, ties and shirts with no exceptions lol
დ ƚȥυɳαɱყ დ
დ ƚȥυɳαɱყ დ:
uk schools : **Students literally have to pay on a non uniform day at school.*
Trina Turner
Trina Turner:
We’re not even gonna talk abt her KITCHEN AND ROOM 😭😭😭.
*bro this girl is literally so rich compared to me*
**i can't even afford to get more than 2 pairs of shoes**
Her uniform: ** cute, same style as mine but less rules..**
My uniform: **polo, skirt, SCHOOL jacket.**
😂😂I want a uniform like her 😭😭😭
Zeenia Charania
Zeenia Charania:
Dang I wish I had “logic” and “ethics” classes tbh the kids at my school could use them 😬
Your uniform is so cute- mine is literally a bright blue ugly dress thing smh
Brenda Osindo
Brenda Osindo:
When she said, “Now I’m gonna do my makeup” I thought she already had makeup oh dang she’s so pretty 🥺❤️
Kayleigh Nicholson
Kayleigh Nicholson:
“I’ve never actually worn a school uniform before” : my British self who has been wearing a uniform for 10 years: 😳😳
cameron sowards
cameron sowards:
caroline:*wakes up looking like she’s wearing a full face of make up with perfectly clear skin*

me: *cries in acne*
Megan McDonald
Megan McDonald:
I bet so many boys at her new school are going to be crushing harrrrdddd
Let’s be honest here she’s living all of our ✨d r e a m l i f e✨ 👁💧👄💧👁 but that’s amazing for her because she earned it
A n a d e l a y
A n a d e l a y:
Me : *watching* all of Caroline’s videos during *quarantine*

Can anyone relate lol?



(Btw I’m not begging for likes you don’t have too like this if you don’t want too!)
Faith Masara
Faith Masara:
Their uniform is really cute mine looks like a picnic basket
Minty's Sketchbook
Minty's Sketchbook:
Love or hate school?🤔

Love/hate relationship=like 😂
Dose “cOrOnAvIrUS” not exist over there Or Whatt!! She’s over there living her best life and I’m over here watching YouTube and 1:07 in the Morning 😭!!
Roscoe &stanley
Roscoe &stanley:
Why does she always look like she has makeup on even if she doesn’t!!!!!!
Ash Len
Ash Len:
I didn’t even know she was from Austin Texas like I’m from San Antonio Texas🥳🤠
Lanka Ramsey
Lanka Ramsey:
your schedule sounds like the school schedule in the Netherlands, everyday we start at a different time and end at a different time
emery fayette
emery fayette:
absolutely no one:
caroline: rocks a school uniform
Ruby Vincent
Ruby Vincent:
It’s actually like so upsetting that Caroline goes to a Christian school and doesn’t have to wear long skirts or fully black shiny school shoes but yet in a public school in England the skirt can’t be above your knees...IM SO JEALOUS! Plus the blazer here are thick in my school and there also black so when it’s hot your legit dead 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Sour strawberry popped up on my Spotify and I’m like “OMG ITS CAROLINE!” 😌💕
Pao Guajardo
Pao Guajardo:
are we going to talk about how she was listening to girl in red or like we're just going to ignore that??
Isabella Sanchez
Isabella Sanchez:
sorry but did it bother anyone else when she said “that one 70’s show” lol
Milana Piggott
Milana Piggott:
Caroline: Exited to wear uniform

My British self: Yeah why just why
sia sarasia
sia sarasia:
I wanna see "in school day in my life"
《W O N D E R》
《W O N D E R》:
Bro everything she does is so aesthetic-

The school system that Caroline has right now is very similar to Australian schools except stricter in some states. Eg. locker, uniform etc
lina malfoy
lina malfoy:
this is the lightest uniform i’ve ever seen
bc my school is

- Iris blue OR white polo shirt crested with the St. Maurice School logo (long or short sleeved), AND
- Navy blue boys pants (pull-on or dress pants), OR
- Navy blue walking shorts (permitted during September, October, April, May and June only)
- White uniform blouse (long or short sleeved), AND
- Blackwatch plaid V-front jumper crested with the St. Maurice School logo
Plain navy blue tights or plain navy blue knee socks OR
- Iris blue polo shirt crested with the St. Maurice School logo (long or short sleeved), AND
- Navy blue girls pants, OR
- Navy blue walking shorts (permitted during September, October, April, May and June only) NOTE: the blouse can only be worn with the jumper, the polo shirt can only be worn with the pants/shorts.

GRADE 7-12
White oxford dress shirt with button down collar and crested with the SMS logo (long or short sleeved) Navy blue school dress pants (pleated or flat-front)
Crested navy blue school tie
Navy blue or black dress socks
Black dress shoes
White tailored ladies blouse crested with the St. Maurice School logo (long or short sleeved) Navy blue school dress pants for ladies, OR
Blackwatch kilt (no shorter than 3 inches above the bottom of the kneecap)
Crested navy blue school tie
Plain navy blue tights, plain navy blue knee-highs, neutral nylons, full length black or navy blue leggings with the kilt; OR Plain navy blue socks with the ladies pants
Navy blue or black dress shoes
BOTH SEXES (Optional garments)
♦ Navy blue knitted button-front cardigan crested with the St. Maurice School logo
♦ Navy blue knitted V-neck sweater crested with the St. Maurice School logo
♦ Navy blue knitted V-neck sleeveless vest crested with the St. Maurice School logo
Note: Grade 12’s may wear their Admin-approved Grad Sweatshirt as part of their uniform
zoe bernabe
zoe bernabe:
no ones gonna point out how she literally listened to girl in red at the end.... ok
Shakira rizzo
Shakira rizzo:
Me: why does her school uniform look so good 😔
Tonie G
Tonie G:
imagine having that much time in the morning lmao
Janayah Carandang
Janayah Carandang:
Caroline : she wears a skirt above her knees to school.
Me:I wear a skirt that short and get dress coded :-:
Her: alright imma do my makeup now

Me:wait she has no makeup on!?
sophia delarosa
sophia delarosa:
omg we’re literally opposites, i’ve gone to private school my whole life and just transferred to public
waittt your uniform is actually so cute, my school has the ugliest uniforms istg your so lucky :(
Its currently 1:19 am and I have school today and I’ve been saying

“Ard last video”

Since 9pm.....
Damaris Iulia Dumitru
Damaris Iulia Dumitru:
She is literally living in a movie and I'm here for it.
Reese Forlenza
Reese Forlenza:
Y’all get half days- my school makes us go the whole day no masks we start in 6 days though 😂😂
Shreshta Guniganti
Shreshta Guniganti:
You’re EXITED to wear a school uniform? Oh hunny you know nothing
Ava Xu
Ava Xu:
yeh, her face is so smooth, she probs uses such good facial creams and stuff, shoutout to her !
Yara Naman
Yara Naman:
This makes me proud To go to private school, even though I hate the uniform, and I don’t get to pick my own like ✨cute✨ notebooks and stuff or do makeup but this makes me excited. 😂💞
Amy McNay
Amy McNay:
caro : ive never worn a school uniform in my entire life
me : havin worn ONLY school uniforms my entire life : 👁️👄👁️
S Rodriguez
S Rodriguez:
caroline: lives
me: wish i were heather..
no one: me watching caro while in class
Ellie Jackson x
Ellie Jackson x:
your so lucky to have a cute school uniform, mine is horrible lol💗
veronicas only
veronicas only:
when she did the matches thingyy i was like "thiSS plAce aboUt 2 bloWWooOo" 😂
Legend _
Legend _:
when caroline said “fun fact” i thought of: fun fact actually really really sad fact i CaNt SwIM..
Larissa Karski
Larissa Karski:
Imagine being able to choose the pieces in your school uniform 😆😂
Tati Lee
Tati Lee:
I’ve literally watched this over 5 times it’s just satisfying to me lol 😂😁
Caitlin Connors
Caitlin Connors:
Omg your private school is way less strict on dress code that ours we have to have the schools shoes there skirt there shirt and no sweatshirt unless it’s the schools one
Lacey Pearson
Lacey Pearson:
Explain to me how she looks so gorgeous when she wakes up- I look dead💀
*me watching her and she’s so organized and I’m here and like “ hmm. I should be organized too!” I watch her while I clean my room and make my room look nice lol
Kylie Howard
Kylie Howard:
wait she had girl in red at the end
Dina Ashe
Dina Ashe:
When she said ootd I felt like she was alisha marie
caroline:"ive never worn school uniform before."
me:lives in england so has to wear uniform all the time.
Flora Hicks
Flora Hicks:
Caroline: shows a skirt that’s above the knees
Me: *chokes*
caressa lor
caressa lor:
Lmao, she looking all cute and all, I wake up for my 1st day, eyes all red, im looking pale :(
Abigail Ericsson
Abigail Ericsson:
who else wished they looked like that when they woke up! ⬇️
ok lol
ok lol:
Going to school on the 8th I'm so scared lol
Leilei Plays
Leilei Plays:
Imagine being organized in your kitchen ooo I want that felling 🤪
frxnch tulips
frxnch tulips:
Let’s just appreciate how organized Caroline’s kitchen is...

Omg so many likes 😮
Small YouTuber here :)
"I only like my sandwich when is cut in a triangle" Finally I know someone that like it like that haha
life as lexi
life as lexi:
caro you will wanna change your channel about now because it still says “where i’m a sophomore in high school” and now you’re a junior 💕❤️
Ash Dream lol
Ash Dream lol:
How is your face still so beautiful when you wake up when I wake up i look like a depressed dog 😌
Ac Winston
Ac Winston:
HUGE FAN! i just saw this girl named aylah grappo she did your song and is a fan to it would make her day for u to comment or something ..... i dont even know her...
Grace McDowell
Grace McDowell:
I flipping love her kitchen it’s so neat but like broo how does she keep it like that
My life And me
My life And me:
*I legit don’t wanna get outa it*

I feel you.
T xddy_bearxo
T xddy_bearxo:
Omg l love everything about this l love you!!<33
Annabelle Mitchell
Annabelle Mitchell:
is it just me or does this girl have literally everything like wow.
Hailey Jaidenne
Hailey Jaidenne:
no one:
literally no one:
caroline: goes to school looking fresh and pretty 🍄🌈💕✨💗🧞‍♂️🌷
Me: sees her skirt above the knee and wearing makeup and wishes it was me
Also me: *cries in British private school*
xxR Axx
xxR Axx:
She is like the definition of "organised"
Gabriela Nielsen
Gabriela Nielsen:
the way u pronounced “sol de Janeiro” was sooo cute hahaha I’m from Brasil and that name is in Portuguese!❤️
Helen Gmichael
Helen Gmichael:
Imagine looking like that when you wake up😍😍
Annamaria Witek
Annamaria Witek:
This is how many people love her new song Sour Strawberry
You know it og uniform if it's from Land's End LOL
Anika Pasharikovski
Anika Pasharikovski:
Your skirt from the thumbnail is one of the skirts we are allowed to wear at my school and I got so scared for a hot sec
Sara Maliqi
Sara Maliqi:
Like how is the feeling of waking up early and not having eye bags
Bailey Cunningham
Bailey Cunningham:
I love how you have your life so put together then there’s me
delfina demonte
delfina demonte:
She is VERY pretty but in this video she's SO gorg omg
Shungan Pachico
Shungan Pachico:
It's so cool seeing her now like hitting millions because I was here from the beginning seeing this queen grow bigger and bigger every day love u caro💕
Emily Tapia
Emily Tapia:
that outro is everything
Jasmine Fernandez
Jasmine Fernandez:
Listen up after u wear uniform for a week ur gonna hate ur life so ur lucky you never have
Karen Kane
Karen Kane:
SOOOOOO she is lucky she gets to wear that and not in have to wear in Ireland
dhruti pradhan
dhruti pradhan:
lmao i thought she was already wearing makeup before she sat down to actually so it 🤦‍♀️
when she said, “now I’m gonna put my makeup on”, bruh i thought she already had makeup on-
Sahana Bettegowda
Sahana Bettegowda:
Jokes on u I had to wear uniform for 9 year
Fishing Northern Tennessee
Fishing Northern Tennessee:
Caroline waking up like she did her makeup and skincare.

Me waking up looking like i got hit by a TRAIN

This is my bro.s acc btw
Karissa Walsh
Karissa Walsh:
"that one 70s show" 😩😭
Lina Liza
Lina Liza:
One tip I can give you as someone who has gone to a Christian private school in Texas my whole life DONT and I mean DONT get in drama it spreads like wildfire also don’t get with the wrong crowd cause then you’ll be stuck with them no turning back k by love you and good luck 👍🏻
I couldn’t see the difference with makeup cause your skin is flawlesssss omg
brooklyn moreno
brooklyn moreno:
i went to heb & got ginger snaps too omggg they're so good!!!🧡
Leilani Gee
Leilani Gee:
Imagine having a good looking school uniform like that at a private school at my public school our our uniform is so much more strict