FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL GRWM 2020 (junior year) *in person*

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL GRWM (junior year) *in person*

hey guys! for today's video i'm bringing you guys my annual first day of school grwm :) i know this one is coming a lot later than in previous years but hopefully you guys enjoy it nonetheless! stay til the end for a little update on my posting schedule for this year and why i haven't been as active lately.. love you all so much!

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everyone’s going back to school but here in new zealand it’s literally our last week before we have a break 😆
Unice Liu
Unice Liu:
bruh how does carina look so good in the morning
Fuzzy Cow
Fuzzy Cow:
No one:
Carina: making everyones day better by posting💞
lush’s cybercafé
lush’s cybercafé:
y’all i’m going back to school tomorrow , pray for me , i know i need it 😭😭

edit - the first day was literal hell , the second was a bit better , but school is literally killing me 👍😀🔫
*bianca noelle*
*bianca noelle*:
idk how people have the time to watch tv before school i get up like 10 minutes before the bus comes💀

small youtuber💗
A K:
First of all. Take your time Carina. Managing YouTube, sports and studies is no joke. We all understand that and support you
Secondly.... congratulations on 10 months anniversary. In two months Thomas and you will be together for one whole freaking year..❤️
Shania Charles
Shania Charles:
Your so lucky I started online school like 3 weeks ago.
brooklynn oldroyd
brooklynn oldroyd:
i was so excited for school to start but now I’m kinda bored of it haha
riley elizabeth
riley elizabeth:
me on the first day of school: gets up at 5:45 and gets home at 4:00

carina on the first day of school: gets up at 10:45 and gets out at 2:10
finally an in-person one, I’m in-person too😫
happy lil gurl
happy lil gurl:
Carina is such a mood all the time. Love u
Sana Nasir
Sana Nasir:
Funfact : you can't breath while smiling

Lol you can just wanted you to smile ily and have a great day ♥️
Ps . I also make yt videos and my goal is to reach 1k and hope it happens soon
Simplee Summer12
Simplee Summer12:
Who else wishes they could meet Carina?!? She inspires me so much especially with my own channel 🥺💕
s a r a h
s a r a h:
me : i’m bored
youtube notification: carina’s vids
me : yeyyy omgg love her sm!💘🥺
Totally Maya
Totally Maya:
I’m taking a lot of APs and Honors classes too so I get how stressful it is! take all the time u need and we’ll always be here no matter when you upload!
Simplee Summer12
Simplee Summer12:
Let’s be real, Carina has like THE BEST VIBE EVER!! 🥺💕
s a r a h
s a r a h:
how is obsessed with carina’s vids ? ➡️
love u carinaaa❤️
Rain La Fay
Rain La Fay:
I totally feel your pain—I’m having so much trouble tryna balance school and youtube! (but I love my current school so it’s all good) Don’t stress about uploading and stuff, and make sure to make ur mental health a priority, and I hope school goes amazing for u 😊
Bella Lilliman
Bella Lilliman:
I love you just like how relatable you are <3
Janna's world
Janna's world:
U are so aesthetic and productive i wish i could be like you 😂ur so pretty and gorgues u dont need makeup 🤗💖💕✨
kylie reeder
kylie reeder:
she’s like the older sister we all wanted
Dana Ryu
Dana Ryu:
ok but is anyone going to talk about how gorgeous she is
l. g
l. g:
my whole school year has been online since may because my school year starts on April, so in conclusion haven’t seen my school since January 🥺🥺🥺
Malvynia Myrten
Malvynia Myrten:
I literally was so lost last week without carina
Zahra Vlogs
Zahra Vlogs:
Anna's CraftyCorner
Anna's CraftyCorner:
thomas bumping his cookie with carina's is the cutest wth
heyyy! 💜 I went back to school too and in person 🤍
Ojuotimi (Leona) Wood
Ojuotimi (Leona) Wood:
I understand that is literally me right now 😂❤️
CocoNut Coolie
CocoNut Coolie:
I am going to a new school tomorrow.. I'm SUPER nervous. Wish me luck! Have a good day! <3
Dayana M
Dayana M:
Who else thinks she’s so beautiful and amazing 🥰❤️❤️
Georgia Lily
Georgia Lily:
Everyone : i'm going back to school
Me : ya'll, i need to stay here locked by the quarantine
Iara Silva
Iara Silva:
Ho my I'm actually early
By the way your beautiful
Giselle C
Giselle C:
my school in Australia started a couple months back *in person*, I'm bored of it now lol
s a r a h
s a r a h:
love this sm carinaa!<3
I wish I knew
I wish I knew:
Carina's editing is literally on fireeeee ❤️😘
- i wish i knew
Omggggg I'm early💕🥺
I love you Carina 🌟
christine tagle
christine tagle:
whenever she posts my day j gets better automatically i love it
bro my junior year started sep 1 itself. 20 days into classes and i'm barely alive.
how come i'm still 15 but in grade 11?!?
Edward Lee California USA
Edward Lee California USA:
I'm proud for you girl like yassss your routine is so good carina you are my favorite fan for youtube channel girl cause you are romantic God bless you and your family as well 💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💓💓💓💞💞💞❤❤❤
L U C Í A C:
Omgggg yay finally new video!!! I love so much your content❤️
Dhrumi Patel
Dhrumi Patel:
Love these videos ❤️
honeypot films
honeypot films:
carina’s vlogs are literally the best!! especially her school vlogss
- honeypot films
Lieke van dokkum
Lieke van dokkum:
I am sooooo excited!! Lets gooo! Hope you see this ❤❤❤❤ I LOBE YOUR VIDEO'S SOOOO MUCHH🦋🦋⚡⚡⚡❤❤❤❤
Raul Flores
Raul Flores:
No one:
Everybody watching carina waking up
Sydney T
Sydney T:
whaaaaa your so lucky I have to wake up at 6:30!! school starts (first period) at 7:35 AM! i am remote learning until October 15th😭 anyways ilysm!!🤍xoxo
ᴛᴀʟɪᴛʜᴀ ᴛᴇʜɪʟʟᴀʜ
ᴛᴀʟɪᴛʜᴀ ᴛᴇʜɪʟʟᴀʜ:
All the inspiration I get for my channel comes from you. love you Carina. Your the most realist Youtuber and motivate me soooo much.
Mariyam Bashir
Mariyam Bashir:
Such a queen ♥️✨
I started school yesterday and Im already done I just know I am gonna be so stressed and at the same time I wanna keep my channel going but its already harddd lmao
candela dubuisson
candela dubuisson:
love this videos and love u!
Stefan Steyn
Stefan Steyn:
omg! i've been waiting for this one <3 turn it up :) you inspire me so much 💖
Akira Mya Lattan
Akira Mya Lattan:
I can taste them Mc fries thru the screen
Saniyya Manaal
Saniyya Manaal:
It’s ok carina we understand ❤️ also we know how hard junior year can be
Paridhi Thakur
Paridhi Thakur:
just subscribed to ur channel
so glad i did ... <3
Finally someone with an in person one I’m also doing in person and I’ve been searching for a video for it that’s I got this notification love ya ❤️
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole:
I've been back in person for 2 months and I love it although yes we also have to wear masks 💜
bianca daroza
bianca daroza:
Hello dear💜
Eu amo os seus vídeos😍 mesmo não entendendo oque você fala😂🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
m a i r e a d
m a i r e a d:
When I’m early I always like the video immediately, but when I’m late I never really think about it until they tell me to like it in the video 😂

Anyone else? Also love you Carina! 🥰
Karina Navarro
Karina Navarro:
School starts at 12?WTH. mines start at 7:30am and have to wake up at 5:30 everyday
kazeem isiaka
kazeem isiaka:
My fav youtubr has posted <33 so happy 💗💗 I've been waiting...🦋
evie robson
evie robson:
i've been at school for 3 weeks already 😂
sel bbb
sel bbb:
me watching this during my break between online classes yeyyy
Emma Wu
Emma Wu:
no ones gonna talk ab how her lock screen is her and thomassss 🥺🥺
Paula Dutton
Paula Dutton:
Luv you carina!!!
Julia Portella
Julia Portella:
You are literally the best!! I love your videos so much <3
she is so sweet Love from India! Got to know about you from Zoya ;)
c’est moi boo
c’est moi boo:
we can choose and i chose online, flu season coming soon 😌
emilie lynch
emilie lynch:
Tala Barakat
Tala Barakat:
I had my first day of school in person as well!! I wish you the best of luck carina, and to whoever is reading this💓💓 Have a beautiful day!!
me being a foodie those cookies looked soooo good 😻
omg tennis ganggg
saurav sharma
saurav sharma:
Hey Carina, I love your yellow hoodie. Do you like going to school?
Amazing Tuber
Amazing Tuber:
me everytime watching:let's skip the makeup part
Zejneb Basic
Zejneb Basic:
Jahnavi Nayak
Jahnavi Nayak:
you are seriously making our quarantine wayy better by posting such good content :)
love you so much! ❤️
and imagine you replying to this comment ahhhh!!!😭❤️
You just start and my finals start at Saturday till Thursday:) and here we go my holiday start 🥰❤️
s a r a h
s a r a h:
love uuu carinaaa<33
carina loves the word essentially lmao
Karina Kular
Karina Kular:
you don't even wanna know how excited i got when i saw carina posted
Donna Jashel
Donna Jashel:
I don't know if Carina will notice me but someday I want to meet her in person, she's so humble and joyful person keep safe❤️
niya chanel
niya chanel:
I wish my school was open, cause online is stressing
missed you so much! uwu
Precious Chepkemoi
Precious Chepkemoi:
Ayy whose the early bird one watching this
Madison Fitzalan
Madison Fitzalan:
The confusion that came over me when your alarm when off at 10.... I get up at 6...
Annisa Nur Aulia
Annisa Nur Aulia:
It's okay Carina if you can only upload once a week, we still love you 💕✨
Tina Anton
Tina Anton:
I am literally like 3weeks after school starts and I dying
s a r a h
s a r a h:
carina i love thisss!<33
When it's 1:30am nd you have an exam tmr you open yt to stream carina videos cause they the best motivation for me and she posts a video omg. ILY carina. Like the vid now please.
Ag eats
Ag eats:
I'm in grade 11 and taking pure science is drowning me in so much work that i've to complete🤧
Carina is so inspiring, so much that she inspired my channel ❤
Miranda Berggren
Miranda Berggren:
Anastasia Yakukhina
Anastasia Yakukhina:
love u🥺❤️
Arren Redd
Arren Redd:
Question: One a scale of 1-10 how much you enjoy going to school?
Madhulikaa Chakraborty
Madhulikaa Chakraborty:
As soon as I saw your notification I literally jumped like anything though it's 2:30 midnight in India n I do hve online classes in the morning but guess what who's here
Sudath Perera
Sudath Perera:
I'm literally obsessed with ur videos
Alvina Muneer
Alvina Muneer:
School starting in 4 hours😩
I wish I could meet youuu! Your so nice!
Shela Lausa
Shela Lausa:
I magine ate carina heart this❤️
Callie Nicole
Callie Nicole:
i literally have a break for a week for school, i started beginning of august
Nessa Equine
Nessa Equine:
lol it’s funny that your just starting and my schools closing cuz there’s a suspected case
Nieve Snowling
Nieve Snowling:
i went back in person ages ago its ✨ hell ✨