First Day of School!!

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That's Ellie For You
That's Ellie For You:
Dave: what do you want to be when you grow up?
Claire: a mother!

You know why she said that? Cause Ashley is the best mother ever! ❤
Dave: “Ok are you guys ready for PE?”
June: “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
Rebecca Moreno
Rebecca Moreno:
I love love love the way Claire and Carson always include time for June. When June said my turn to sing her song Carson just stopped playing and waited for his baby sister to sing her song. He didn't complain without hesitation he just stopped and turned to listen. And he was gonna build a castle for Claire when he grew up. You can feel their love for each other without a doubt. You two are the best parents ( and teachers) ever. Without a doubt!!!
Dana Clements
Dana Clements:
Claire is so smart. She can be the President of the United States, a Doctor, or anything!.....
Leonie Henrich
Leonie Henrich:
Everyone is like: Oh ashley is such a good mother! or The Kids are so cute! or They're such a good family!
but noone says: dave is such a good dad but I think this channel exists just because of him so dave: i really respect you! Go on like this❤❤
Anna G
Anna G:
Who else thinks that they have the most adorable children ever?
crafts & edits
crafts & edits:
"i'm gonna build a castle for Claire"
so cute! most kids i know would NEVER say that for their siblings
Can’t believe Claire harmonized the wheels on the bus 😭
Relle Tan
Relle Tan:
Claire: “My teacher always said when you’re done, there’s other students who are still doing, so I can add more details”

That’s such a good attitude to have since young, especially to make use of the time! I’ve learnt something from Claire too :)
Shruthi Karanam
Shruthi Karanam:
Their little interview was the best
Dave : What you'd do when you grow up ?
Claire : I'd be a mother !
(She loves Ashley so much, as a
mother 🥰😭)
Carson : I'd invent things and stuff.
I will build a castle for claire !
( He loves claire more than anyone
or anything 😍🥺)
June : ( with a concerned look )
I'd be JUNE..!😍🤣
( Self love people ..🥰🥰❤)
Finja Stoeveken
Finja Stoeveken:
Its nice how everyone's talking about Claire and all but Carson is so underrated, like he is also one of the purest kindest children I have seen and the way he treats his sisters is amazing ♥
Dave: what do you want to be when you grow up?
June: i'd be june

Me: she wanted to be just herself. For some wanted to be someone else or cannot accept themselves that's why they pretended to be somebody else for them to be accepted by people around them 😔
"Are you nervous for school?"
*this is honestly the most genuine family ive ever seen*
June has the most beautiful curly locks ever! I would recommend not brushing it as it's terrible for her hair. There's this thing called the curly girl method which a lot of us curlies like to follow. I hope you get the chance to look it up so June can have the support she needs! :)
"I want to be a mother."
Claire, you make my heart swell with hope for the world.
Dave: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Claire: "A mother"
June: *"No. I be June"*
•Chill Gilli•
•Chill Gilli•:
I will be so shocked if Claire doesn’t become successful, she’s so smart and talented and amazing! How is she so gifted 😭!

New subscriber btw!
This child adding in harmony to Wheels on the Bus. What even.
Sugi Jebamani
Sugi Jebamani:
Dave:- What do u wanna be when u grow up
June:- No I be June
😂😂 She’s so adorable
marvee callera
marvee callera:
Dave : What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Claire: I wanna be a mother
( so sweet ) Cause the way Ashley taken care of them and she's the best mom..
June: No! I be June
Carson: I am going to build a castle for Claire

What a lovely family ...
Alauna C
Alauna C:
June can sing!!! Sing it Junie!!!!!❤ 😱 I like the idea of u guys homeschooling a LOT better than online bc it can be difficult to understand and tech issues can occur... (Speaking from a high schooler.)😘✌😊 Love ur growing fam.😆❤ and Clair you'll be a wonderful mother like your mom, June- U BE U GIRL!!! And Carson you'll be the best builder EVER!!!😆😋😁
"Where's that bus it's late"
Cyndia Gilbert
Cyndia Gilbert:
I would homeschool in today’s world if I had young kids. As a teacher, normally I’d say kids need the social that a school can provide. But that’s not possible right now. And your kids get lots of social opportunities and they’re wonderful kids. You are wonderful parents and I’d bet you’re great teachers. You’ve already taught your kids so much! They have more manners than any kids I know.
Emily Trixy
Emily Trixy:
Dave: What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Claire: I wanna be a mother

And the look in her eyes 😭
Dave: what do you wanna be when you grow up
June: no, I be June.
Me: yes June! Dang, kids be getting more savage by the second.
Joyce Nicole
Joyce Nicole:
"What do you want to be when you grow up"
"I'd be a mother"

Grace Colaw
Grace Colaw:
Oh my gosh. I literally almost cried when Claire said “I want to be a mother” and then Carson said “I’m going to build a castle for Claire”
HeFe 008
HeFe 008:
I am just amazed about you!! Not only are you great parents to your kind and loving kids and treat them with so much love and respect, but also you are great teachers to them! I love watching you interact with your kids, gives me peace and joy
dehydrated water
dehydrated water:
"I'm going to build a castle for Claire" he's the best brother ever
Hazel Old
Hazel Old:
‘My teacher used to say ‘When you’re done, there are other students working so add more details!’’ Well remembered Claire 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘
Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer:
When a lil girl said she wants to be a mother, it shows how successful her mother is.
I wanna be a dad 😍
Finley Hill
Finley Hill:
I've been homeschooled my whole life (14 years) and when I see other parents start homeschooling their kids too it makes me so happy!! I think that being homeschooled has made me grow very close to my parents. It may be hard at first when you haven't done it before, but it is really fun to get to know your kids better!! I love watching your channel!! Stay safe!
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen:
June's sooo cute when she sings in the music class!! Anyone thinks she is just like little Claire?? Just me? Ok ...
Om Auto
Om Auto:
I laughed, I cried, I was inspired, and I felt guilty that I wasn’t the father I could have been. For those of you that have small kids, you only get one chance. Don’t work 80 hour weeks for ten years and miss it thinking that money will bring you happiness. Nothing matters except love.
Eleanor Every
Eleanor Every:
Claire: ‘I wanna be a Mother’ Carson: ‘I’m gonna build a castle for Claire.’ June ‘No I’m June!!’ - All of these answers have me like😭😭
Faith Family Farm
Faith Family Farm:
Awww Ashley and Dave, I’ve been following you all since Claire’s first Little Mermaid video at age 3 - you are the only YouTubers I’ve ever followed faithfully - and this video brought me happy tears!!! I was homeschooled starting in second grade just like Claire, along with my younger siblings, and I LOVED it beyond words. I taught Montessori and music lessons after earning a Masters in Music, and am now a young mother homeschooling my three little girls and homesteading with my husband. One of my girls’ favorite “homeschool lessons” is going out on the homestead helping Daddy. There is so, so much to learn by living, doing, loving, and being together! Ashley and Dave, your kids are richly blessed to have you for their teachers! There will be ups and downs as you know, but you are giving them a tremendous gift. I know you’ll be treasuring the time together - and we will be treasuring the videos 😍
Papas Concert Practice List
Papas Concert Practice List:
Dave : What do you wanna be when you grow up?
June: I be June.
How cute is that?
So much better than sitting in front of a computer for 5 hours!!👏👏👏👏a happy family!!💛
June looks so much like Claire when she closes her eyes and has her hair up.
Ash Equestrian
Ash Equestrian:
"What do you wanna be when you grow up?"
Claire: "I wanna be a mother"
June: "No! I be June"
June is so cute, it literally cracks me up 😂
Sarah E
Sarah E:
Great job making the first day of school an amazing memory even if they can't go to the classroom with all of their friends. I think it was a great idea to homeschool, Ashley is a great mother so she'll be a natural teacher. Sitting in front of a computer all day is not the best way to learn but I know teacher's will try.
Brooklyn Vest
Brooklyn Vest:
“I wanna be a mother,” -Claire
Tasnima Begum
Tasnima Begum:
I’m actually disgusted for some reason I had to see a few comments hating on this beautiful family
Taking out all of there flaws( which I don’t believe are true)
Be better there just a humble family
Lindsi Belvin
Lindsi Belvin:
Aww Claire said she wants to be a Mother!!! She’s so mature and and Ashley’s the best mother ever. I still can’t get over it, Claire’s going to be the best mother too!
G Shabx2
G Shabx2:
Love you guys, love following you. I don’t think I’ve ever commented. Today you picked my favorite sport, brought back memories. With that being said, I highly recommend to tech them a sport wearing the proper shoes and wardrobe. Put time into the class for them to change in & out of their clothing and shoes. Keep them safe from getting hurt, like ankle twists, etc...Keep teaching!
michael michaud
michael michaud:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Claire:A mother
Carson:A person that invents.ill build a castle for claire!
June:No,I be June.
Adventures of Indigo
Adventures of Indigo:
Pretty sure everyone would love school if they had such great rewards and responses to them. You guys are amazing!
Zahratun Nisa’
Zahratun Nisa’:
Dave:”what do you want to be when you grow up ‘’

June:”no.i be june’’
Jan Leyba
Jan Leyba:
I loved how Dave walked the kids down the street and then said: “where is the bus, it’s late” shortly thereafter Ashley pulls up...
This reminded me of when my kids were younger and I homeschooled them. It was so fun! You will hold these memories forever. I still homeschool my youngest son who is now a sophomore. All the rest have graduated and have left home and have jobs. It’s definitely different homeschooling one child versus several but I still try to make it fun. To make it less lonely we have chosen to use the same curriculum as his best friend and they zoom each other for math and Literature.
Hannah Crenshaw
Hannah Crenshaw:
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Me too. 😂
Lumos Maxima
Lumos Maxima:
claire has the body of a 8 year old, the emotional maturity of a 20 year old, and the voice of gods best angel
H Barlow
H Barlow:
Ha! June wants to be "June" when she grows up! She's adorable 😍
It's Afia
It's Afia:
Claire's voice is like an angel singing
What do you want to be when you grow up?
June: "No, I be June!"
Annika Ericksen
Annika Ericksen:
Dave: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Claire: I want to be a mother
Carson: I want to invent stuff

When I was little:
My dad: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: I want to be a mommy
My brother: I want to invent stuff
Naked Formula
Naked Formula:
Dave: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Clair: ::Dramatic Pause:: “ A mother”
Me: ::Burst into sobs::
Sooooo, we're a private school and we've been back to school for 6 weeks, and today when i got back from school, we learned that someone in our grade got corona so now we have to stay home for 14 daysssssssssssssssssss!! AND MY B-DAY PARTY WAS TMRW AND MY B-DAY WAS MONDAY ;-; (sadsadsadsad)
Terri Smith
Terri Smith:
Dave: asked each one what they wanted to be when they grew up and June gave a great answer.
June: NO. I be June. (Wonder what the No was about).
Kaylee Ginsberg
Kaylee Ginsberg:
I'm glad to see that they enjoy learning because now all people in school do is complain about it, my siblings do it, my friends do it, i even find myself doing it when really we should be happy we have this opportunity. I have been to places where a proper education cost more than most families can afford and those kids would give anything to go to school. Stay curious and keep your love for learning Claire, Carson, and June cuz once you finish school your really gonna miss it. Dave and Ashley keep up your amazing work with your three wonderful and brilliant kids and best of wishes for you all.❤
Fadak .R
Fadak .R:
When Clair said she wants to be a mom I was like *awwwwww* that's so sweet
Leviosa 1984
Leviosa 1984:
Awe...Claire wants to learn how rocks form at such a young age. She’s so inquisitive!!! Enjoy your school year Claire and Carson.😁💕
Geetally Gee
Geetally Gee:
🥰 Dave & Ashley, that was a great adventure you took us on at the CROSBY ACADEMY❣️even getting there by bus, and no shoes required 👟 you’re both wonderful & talented yourselves, your extraordinary love is reflected in your parenting, you are blessed. 🙏🏼
Claire with her “super special” personality & talent is a bright light, Carson is the best brother ever,
June is well, JUNE! Those faces Juney😊 Thanks for sharing all this goodness. “Super excited” to meet baby Crosby 👶 Love y’all ♥️
smurf s2
smurf s2:
i was really confused about "going to school" without the masks and stuff
than i was like "oh. i see."
Bella Patel
Bella Patel:
Carson BIT his string cheese stick. What do they teach these kids in school? 😂
Tasnima Begum
Tasnima Begum:
British schools are open and a lot of corona cases are coming in
gail bader
gail bader:
I kept saying to myself "why are they going to school barefoot?"
Shaeli Petroni
Shaeli Petroni:
June is the cutest little thing especially with that curly morning hair!!!!🤣🤣🤣 Carson is the kindest brother ever!!!!! Claire is so kind and loving!!!!! I love you all!!!
Valeria Badillo
Valeria Badillo:
The way claire said she wanted to be a mother I teared up!!
Judith McFarlane
Judith McFarlane:
You will be so much more happy teaching the kids at home. I homeschooled both my girls. They tested out as Juniors in high school when they were in the 5th grade. Both have gone on to get college degrees, paid for with scholarships! And when they have wanted additional degrees, they've worked to save their money then gone back to school. No debt.
juanita auelua
juanita auelua:
Claires dad wat do u want to be when u grow up claire I want to. Be a mother Claire sounded so grown up saying that it was like she had thought about the question I love how Carson said I'm going to build Claire a castle that just shows that Carson loves his big sister and June she is cute i love how the kids get alone with each other Claire takes the role of big sister so well she is a really good helper to her younger siblings
Andera Aldridge
Andera Aldridge:
Carson is so sweet “I want to be an Inventor I am going to be a amazing inventor to make Clair a castle
Hope Brideau
Hope Brideau:
When Claire said she wanted to be a mother that warmed my heart
Ukur Bahan
Ukur Bahan:
Claire's:cutie pretty 🌼🌈
Carson's: cute handsome ❇️
June:very cute so cutie like a cutie pie💜💜🌈🌈❇️🍎
Brenda Matley
Brenda Matley:
the time has gone so fast! And June is so big.
Venus De Milo
Venus De Milo:
They all are so smart and adorable children!!!!!
Claire looks so attentive when she's listening. she and Carson are gonna be great students
Dave: What do you want to be when you grow up?
June: NO!
swaran singh
swaran singh:
Dave: June what do you want to be
June: No i be June 🤣😂
june's expressions while she was singing made me remember of Claire 🥺
Please Help me get 100 Subscribers With No Videos
Please Help me get 100 Subscribers With No Videos:
who actually thought they we're going to a real school (not that the crosby elementary school won't be good)
Victoria Parks
Victoria Parks:
Just saying, they are great parents. More people should be like them. Very attentive which is so good for their kids. No yelling is such a good rule every family should have.
I think they show a fantastic example of how you should raise your kids in a healthy environment. Honestly, very impressive. Love their videos so much!!
LeeAnn Gorne
LeeAnn Gorne:
“I’m going to build a castle for Claire.” Carson is such a classic sweetie!
Ewelina Kopanska
Ewelina Kopanska:
Clare- I want to be a Mom :) oh.. she is a wonderful girl.
Hehehe! When the kids were waiting for the bus, I was thinking why don't they have any shoes on?! Is that a new Covid school rule?!😉 😁 Great job Ashley and Dave👍👏👏
Day 1 down ✅
Clark K
Clark K:
My thoughts at 5:01: They had us in the first half not gonna lie
Robin Adams
Robin Adams:
What a great 1st day of school! I taught Kindergarten for 34 years and I always had my students draw a self portrait on their first day. Carson’s self portrait was amazing! June has a good ear for music and sang the Eensy Weensy Spider so well. Precious! Claire is the sweetest big sister and very talented! I love Crosby Academy!🍎
It's Afia
It's Afia:
The way you have quality family time skocks me alot😭😭
Barbara Martin
Barbara Martin:
My favorite part was June’s expressions when looking in the mirror!
Brooke Thompson
Brooke Thompson:
Dave asks June: What do u wanna be when u grow up!? June: WHAT!? Me be June. 😂😂😂😂
Josh M.
Josh M.:
Your kids are so adorable. Especially when it's the first day of school. I thought you guys were actually going to school for a second there. Love to the entire Crosby family.
Esther Dommerholt
Esther Dommerholt:
For about 16 minutes I was a part of your family. It's so inspiring to see how there is room to grow in any aspect when love for each other is always nr 1
khalid Almehdar
khalid Almehdar:
Awww your kids r adorable protect these little angels at all cost💖💖💖
Cynthia Slebodnik
Cynthia Slebodnik:
May God bless your school year. I homeschooled years ago, plus taught K and 2nd, and the most exciting part is seeing the light bulb go off when they catch onto a new concept.
Spring Torres
Spring Torres:
Carson: You just kept telling me to try harder every time and I did 🥺❤️😍
Sára Komárková
Sára Komárková:
What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Claire: I wanna be a mother
June: Noo! I be June
Carson: I am going to build a castle for Claire

Oh my god, they're all so cute🥺
Erica Love
Erica Love:
I remember when claire was 4!!! 🥰🥰🥰
“What grade are you going into?”

“Welllll, I forgot!”
Sally Wilson
Sally Wilson:
June claire the second .Go music gohomeschool.
Amy Keller [Student]
Amy Keller [Student]:
“I want to build a castle for Claire” 🥺🥺🥺