Fire Force Season 2 – Opening Theme – SPARK-AGAIN

"SPARK-AGAIN" by Aimer

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Tokyo is burning, and citizens are mysteriously suffering from spontaneous human combustion throughout the city! Responsible for snuffing out this inferno is the Fire Force, and Shinra is ready to join their fight. Now, as part of Company 8, he’ll use his devil’s footprints to help keep the city from turning to ash! But his past and a burning secret behind the scenes could set everything ablaze.


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Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Aimer has a unique and beautiful way of singing, she nailed this op
No lie, my phone almost combusted from this heat.
Fun fact: *this isn't your first time here*
I can’t be friends with anyone that skips this intro
Sagun, Zachary Gabriel S.
Sagun, Zachary Gabriel S.:
Like: Season 1 Op Inferno
Reply: Season 2 Op SPARK-AGAIN
Kristi 0
Kristi 0:
How many spoilers do you want in your opening?
Fire Force: Yes
Liam Ahern
Liam Ahern:
So Joker is related to Burns...

Mary A
Mary A:
So Joker is related to Burns...

k. Didn't see that coming.
Student Christopher Flores
Student Christopher Flores:
I showed this to my dog

Now he’s a hell hound
Yoga Andriansyah
Yoga Andriansyah:
Sho: my Adolla Burst can stop time
Shinra: so it's the same type as my Adolla Burst
Shayon Page
Shayon Page:
(fire force ends)
producers: HoW AbOut A WAteR FoRCe
Mochi Sugakookie
Mochi Sugakookie:
My sister: lets skip the opening

Me: *looks at her in disgust* látom
Mark Moore
Mark Moore:
Okay anyone else got blue balled from yesterday's episode with the Joker vs Burns "fight"
Genechris Entertainment
Genechris Entertainment:

Me: ....but Fire Force tho.
Kira Zer0
Kira Zer0:
Trailer 1:02
What we got: Episode 13
The Dragon King
The Dragon King:
Who Else Get The CHILLS, When You See JOKER In OP??
AR Gamer
AR Gamer:
This is horrible..

the volume can't get higher :(
Gaige Schaal
Gaige Schaal:
Yikes, that's an awful lot of Pillars loyal to the Evangelist...
Yudhis Striker
Yudhis Striker:
When she sang out Shinra Banshou

Perfectly timed with Shinra and Sho


Chrissaiyanjojo8487 knight
Chrissaiyanjojo8487 knight:
I just noticeable that they had a sign that this is coming to adult swim toonan-toonami whatever yeah got that right that time around and where did that WE WON'T BE IMTIMEATDE STUFF ON TOONAMI Came from?
Ahrar Rahman
Ahrar Rahman:
Friend : yo, where's the skip-intro button ?
Me : *latom*
Ariel de la Cruz
Ariel de la Cruz:
OP designer: how many spoilers do you want?

Producer: YES
Bruno Penezić
Bruno Penezić:
When the evangelists jump from the building and when they show every squad, naruto nostalgia feels
Aimer the queen! But that aside, am I the only one who wants a reboot to Soul Eater?
Adrian cook
Adrian cook:
Me: not all of the opening are gonna be bangers
Fire force: hold my adolla burst
Cassius 2206
Cassius 2206:
When that "Hajimannai yo"" hits. My favorite part of the song.
0:40 Hi, my name is Inca and you're watching Disney Channel
1:05 There’s just something so casual about how he takes this attack that I love so much.
B-492 -sriram
B-492 -sriram:
At first you might thought JOKER is a bad guy
But it turns out he is the one who is helping Team 8...JOKER is the best
Dumb Anime Nerd
Dumb Anime Nerd:
I really wanna see Burns vs Benimaru vs Joker , as they are the only characters that feel like they'd actually exist, they feel like actual people lol.
Accelerator Vrum Vrum
Accelerator Vrum Vrum:
this op feels like old op's in battle shounen animes
its nostalgic
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins:
She's called Aimer cus her songs never miss...
honestly just here for that first part where the giant fire lady grabs tf outta the air
Mary A
Mary A:
Shinra Ban *sho*

*Sho appears on mark*

ʜᴀʏ ᴛᴇʀ
ʜᴀʏ ᴛᴇʀ:

“I’ll just spark again”
The amazing Skippyman
The amazing Skippyman:
I’m going to be honest, I have listened to spark again so much that I kinda think it’s better than inferno
Mmeli Zuma
Mmeli Zuma:
Who Else clicked here before watching the 1st episode of season 2
I've never seen this show but it looks fire tbh
Ball for life !
Ball for life !:

Everyone’s phone: 🔥 🔥 🔥
Corey Parks
Corey Parks:
This brings back memories of Soul Eater.
hyper_ eternal
hyper_ eternal:
You imagine if iris was a Pllilar 😏
It's good, but the original just can't be beat.
Juli 97
Juli 97:
Man imma miss this OP
Raymond Kunkel
Raymond Kunkel:
I love how Inca's hood is a callback to Medusa Gorgon.
Shaheer Maqbool
Shaheer Maqbool:
0:32 Tamaki has converted him LOL
So, the emos fight over who gets dominance on the world.
Just started watching the series a few days ago. Looks good!
There wasn't a "this will grow on me" with this opening. Straight banger when it first came out
ro onion
ro onion:
1:03 this is a lie. It's lying to you. Do not get your hopes up....
Kiwi Crackers
Kiwi Crackers:
That Benimaru vs Joker sequence gave me chills, damn.
Jan Rei
Jan Rei:
Girls: Don't play with fire you might get burned
Me and the Bois: 0:54 - 1:14
1:28 and the last picture is where the budget ran out
inca's hoody is same as medusa in Soul eater ... easter egg of the same autor :v
Kid Corey
Kid Corey:
0:37 Company 6 sure is takin Corona serious. Props ladies 🙏🏾
BeZerkEr Unlimited
BeZerkEr Unlimited:
America:drops bombs
Japan: Not hot...
Japan: Atsuei..
Danilo Gomes
Danilo Gomes:
I know that this is not your first time here

Welcome back and enjoy
Long Wang
Long Wang:
The drop in this op gives me Fighting Gold vibes
0:32 This is me everyday.

Edit: Pause at the right frame.
Fans: Did you do it?

David Productions: Yes

Fans: What did it cost?

David Production: JoJo part 6
ken kaneki
ken kaneki:
This is not my first time here😭♥️
Desmond Alohan
Desmond Alohan:
Was bingeing this and everytime I was about to skip the intro my hand would stop moving. Help.
Leandro Viloria Anquilo IV
Leandro Viloria Anquilo IV:
"Chorus of the song ended"

Me: again.
Facu 10
Facu 10:
1:03 - 1:09 ¿alguien mas sigue esperando esta pelea? ¿ademas de mi? :'v
Yoboi Boy
Yoboi Boy:
The best part about new anime openings is when you’re a manga reader and instantly get all of the references.
Welcome back, we know this isn’t your first time here
Aaditiya Upadhyay
Aaditiya Upadhyay:
0:32 can't wait to meet that guy! He seems like a wonderful person who everyone can get along with!
OVER Wicked
OVER Wicked:
If you havent watched the anime ,and stumbled upon this opening . U will not get the hype :p
the pink haired one looks like ichika nakano, who else agrees :p
C. Who Dat
C. Who Dat:
1:24 damn didn’t realize I was watching Black Clover
i ve watched all of season 2 so far and i never saw vulcan’s girlfriend in the op she's wearing an 8ths uniform i hope that means shes gonna join
Brandon Leslie
Brandon Leslie:
0:32 Lool Assault doing his "research"
Isaiah Wasan
Isaiah Wasan:
tbh fire force is kinda the only anime that can say "I'm gonna fight fire with fire"
Game Bond
Game Bond:
Better visuals than s1? Yes
Better song than s1? Nope
Animators: So, how many manga spoilers do you want in the op?

David Productions: Yes
Farhan Farooque
Farhan Farooque:
I just thinking is what kind of opening in season 2. AFTER LISTENING. ITS NAILED ITT TOO much FREAKING AWESOME
Gabriel Ramaj
Gabriel Ramaj:
0:31 omg he's Assault,the guy who Iris and Tamaki nearly killed😂
Yeet & Delete
Yeet & Delete:
Just realized that 0:03 - 0:08 shows the eight pillars
Cameron Taylor
Cameron Taylor:
That shinra banshou hit different
Never knew Aimer was a third generation pyrokinetic

If anyone doesn’t get it The point is that she makes fire and this song is fire no pun intended.
Anuj Daniel
Anuj Daniel:
1:06 to 1:13 The best part of the opening ended up being fake! :|
Was really expecting them to throw hands....
Yurnero The Juggernaut
Yurnero The Juggernaut:
0:32 manga readers know this 😂
Spades Of Izzy [SS]
Spades Of Izzy [SS]:
0:32 The man is vibing
Yo Fress
Yo Fress:
This is the best fire force op in my opinion
1:15 looks like sho and Shinra are about to fight so Iris began praying for the hostility to subside
Jake Branthe
Jake Branthe:
I'd like to propose throwing Inca to the goblins from Goblin Slayer
Martin Aguiluz
Martin Aguiluz:
1:03 - 1:13 Well that was a F*cking lie😒 I was really looking forward to that triple threat. It sucks when OPs hype events that don't actually happen. But at least Joker and Licht's (kinda) backstories were cool.
1:06 when I mop the floor

Mom: What the hell r u doing
Cursed Susanoo
Cursed Susanoo:
0:03 that scene reminded me of Digimon Adventures when they D.N.A. Digivolve
Just reminded me not comparing
Vincent Huynh
Vincent Huynh:
Did you guys know that apparently the next OP is already posted on Shonenzup?
Manas Nishad
Manas Nishad:
This anime is literally and figuratively FIRE!!
0:40-0:43 Your Watching Disney Channel
Sapphire Ahmed
Sapphire Ahmed:
How does this feel so nostalgic, when it has barely been a year since the 1st season?
bubble moos
bubble moos:
0:07 oi who are those in the flames. I see a boy and other people
Matheus Bezerra
Matheus Bezerra:
Best opening ever
mona lisa
mona lisa:
this op feels so nostalgic for some reason
Man I'm really disappointed by the newest opening this is such a better opening
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue:
Just be honest with me.

This isnt your first time comming here.

Edit = for that guy who replied first. *Y E S*
Riegel Aquino
Riegel Aquino:
Mom: (About to beat me)

Me: Sister,start the prayer.
Alifah NS
Alifah NS:
I just finished this anime and why nobody told me that AIMER SANG THE OP I LOVE HER OMG
R A:
What normal anime watchers think: *dope op this is fire!*

What manga readers think: *did you just spoil the entire series?*