Final Battle Scene | Jurassic World

The final battle between Indominus Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Velociraptors as it appeared in Jurassic World.


About Jurassic World:
From Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic World immerses audiences of all ages in a new era of wonder and thrills where dinosaurs and humankind must learn to coexist. Jurassic World is set against a global backdrop of diverse locations, with a sprawling story grounded in believable science and populated by distinctive dinosaurs, heroic humans, and cunning villains at both ends of the evolutionary spectrum.

Cinema's only dinosaur-driven live action franchise, Jurassic World has earned three Academy Awards® and over $3.6 billion worldwide across four films. Its cross- generational appeal can be attributed to audiences' enduring fascination with dinosaurs and boundless imagination, both nurtured by each new installment. Jurassic World is more than a film franchise. It is a larger-than-life destination for exploration, discovery, and epic adventure. Dinosaurs live again, and they live in Jurassic World.

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Final Battle Scene | Jurassic World

100+ komento:

I remember seeing this in theaters the WHOLE CROWD WAS CHEERING like A SPORTS FESTIVAL at the fight!! It was THE HYPEST MOMENT xD hahahaha
Shadow 989
Shadow 989:
This movie is already 5 years old? God does time fly by.
wait why does this have a thousand likes its been a month-
Mosasaur was just trying to sleep but had enough of his neighbors fighting
Don’t let this distract you from the fact she outran a 30ft T-rex in high heels.
Bowser Bros 2
Bowser Bros 2:
I feel bad for a velociraptor that got thrown in the fire
A guy with a phone
A guy with a phone:
Press f to pay respect for Delta,Charlie, and Echo
Blue: New player
Rexy: Casual player
Indominus: Hard boss
Mosasaurs: level 100 veteran that was offline
Yarie Stefan
Yarie Stefan:
"are mosasaurus are more stronger than ind-"
This film is 5 years old but it’s still lit here in 2020 🔥💯
David T
David T:
Raptor: We good?
Trex: we good, you did alright little one.
Thesalty Scholar
Thesalty Scholar:
The most amazing part is the woman surviving all of this in high heels
Render 42
Render 42:
**Rexy and Blue beating the I-rex**

Mosasaurus: **sips wine**

Scott Murray
Scott Murray:
"Open paddock 9!!"

"Ah, ah, ah, you didn't say the magic word, ah, ah, ah..."
No kidding, when thr gate opened, the whole cinema howled and clapped like crazy.
She's doing all that running in high heels. THAT is the most unbelievable part of this whole movie
Rexy can almost outrun a jeep, but can't outrun a woman in heels.

She's getting old.
Jamel Virgiawan
Jamel Virgiawan:
Indominus Rex : Nazi Germany
Raptors : British & France
T-Rex : USA

Mosasaurus : Soviet Union
Raeden Wither
Raeden Wither:
Are we just going to ignore the fact that Blue was jumping from one back to another
The cameraman was actually John Cena

the dinosaurs didn’t see him
Sammi 5662
Sammi 5662:
Mosasaur: eats irex
Irex * screaming for dear life *
Trex and blue: 👁👄👁
I still don’t understand why they haven’t learned from the first 3 movies not to play with dinosaurs.
Rexy: *at the end when retiring* "I am too old for this sht..."
Blue is the new player:
T-Rex is the veteran of the old games but little experience with the new ones

Indominous Rex is the hacker
Mosasaurus is the veteran of the new games
Ian Roth
Ian Roth:
I like when blue comes out of nowhere and helps the t- Rex
Would've been hilarious if the Tyrannosaurus just ate her then went back to the cage lmfao
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne:
Mosasauras is that lvl 100 player doing side mission's.
There's always a bigger fish.
Gabriel Salazar
Gabriel Salazar:
And to think, at this exact moment 5 teenagers are dealing with a Carnotaurus
sticksosaurus productions
sticksosaurus productions:
Rexy: *is about to kill indominus with blue to get bigger snak*

Mosasaurus: *MY SNAK*
This was straight up a WWE wrestling match. Especially with that Mosasaurus with that RKO out of nowhere...
Ira MorsNox
Ira MorsNox:
I love how the Mosasaur is just a side character in the entire movie, but is the main reason the Indominus Rex was killed so quickly.
Claire pulled out Rexy like she’s the final Pokémon she had to face the champion with
Larry Dinis
Larry Dinis:
Indominus: *drowned*

Indoraptor: *stabbed*

Universal: *what other ways can we kill a hybrid monster dramatically*
Rai Ravens
Rai Ravens:
Hold on, hold on, yes, woman in high heels outruns a t rex. Miracle. But, did anyone spot how a 7 stone kid defeats a 20ton indominous in tug of war?? Weights approximate of course, but still!
Everybody here hatin' on the high heels, but is no one gonna talk about how just one guy and a teenager have enough strength to be able to stop Indy Rex's claw from dragging the little kid away? And the fanny pack strap holds for almost 10s?
You think blue is loyal? The camera man risked his life for 4 movies and still didn’t die.
Derp Stars
Derp Stars:
Indominus Rex: Hello my fellow raptors-
Raptors: It was never meant to be
T Rex: Prepare for trouble
Mosasaurus: And make that double
Indominus Rex: WTF?! This is rigged!!
Magic Wizard
Magic Wizard:
anyone noticed when blue charges the indominus the lost world theme plays for a few sec
One of the most iconic battles in Jurassic World.
Andy Wood
Andy Wood:
What I love most is the final look Blue and Rexy give each other. Like:
Rexy: thanks for saving my life
Blue: no problem, sis
Alex Chink
Alex Chink:
T-rex and Indominus Rex: Those two kids fighting in class Velociraptor: That one friend that always help out Mosasaurus: The Quiet Kid
Jack Wywrot
Jack Wywrot:
Spino: hey rexy that’s my skeloton
Rexy: NUPE
Edit: thx so much I’ve never gotten this many likes
Kain Macleod
Kain Macleod:
I have a t shirt with Rexy on it. It’s red and says “DANGER!” At the top
Shaik Feroz
Shaik Feroz:
This is basically Humans against Covid 19 and mosasaurus is vaccine
T-rex is us
Blue is safe distancing
indominous rex is COVID 19
Raya Granum
Raya Granum:
3:54 the entire theatre held their breathes, we knew who was coming.
Rufus T. Firefly
Rufus T. Firefly:
It’s cool that the T-Rex is the original one from the first Jurassic Park movie.
Is nobody gonna talk about the fact Rexy could outrun a Jeep but not a woman in high heels?
San Kao
San Kao:
Claire: Miss me?
T-rex: So finally you have chosen me to hanging out!
Jezreel cds CDS
Jezreel cds CDS:
It funny because the indomines Rex is goi g against his parents because she is mixied with a raptor and a t-Rex 🦖
The kid characters have about as much depth as a plate filled with water
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee:
T-rex & Raptors: F2P players
Indominus: P2W players
Mosasaurus: Credit card debts
I swear, every time I see this movie, it makes me cry. It's like, seeing the childhood I missed for 14 years. It made me feel like a kid again, it's what I needed.
A Random User
A Random User:
Most people: How the hell she run in high heels?

Some people: Anybody notice how TREX crashed thru Spino skeleton?

Very little people: CGI is amazing

Me: I dont remember Claire screaming "RUN" being so terrifying and traumatic.
Light Edges
Light Edges:
i just love this scene! I remember in the theaters that the whole audience was going WILD. Yes, they loved the entry of Rexy. Rexy and Blue vs Indominus. The Mosasurus scene was excellent.
000236 000236
000236 000236:
*Every Dino is gangster until motha effing T-rex arrives.*
Hinengakau Cameron
Hinengakau Cameron:
How shes running with heels is beyond me!!
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange:
Owen got his girls back. Animal loyalty. Never ever abuse the trust of your animals, whether domesticated or wild. Cherish whatever relationship you have with an animal.
Abe The Amazing
Abe The Amazing:
Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and Owen Grady.
The only men that aren’t afraid of dinosaurs.
7:17 “What the hell man, that was so my kill!”

naitik singh
naitik singh:
I wish Chris had shown this intelligence in avengers infinity war
Mandy Wenzl
Mandy Wenzl:

Mosasuraruas be like: Yo! Can I get some peace and quiet for once?
They're all probably thinking:

"Why did we raise the I-rex"

Kamil Ren
Kamil Ren:
I don`t know wjy, but every time i see this scene im literally crying, its so goddamn beautiful, whole fight and the way rexy strikes indominus with blue is just unspeakable, everything is great, as old fan of orginal trilogy, fan of rex, fan of jurassic park, that was best present that move cloud give me
6:34 cool to see Blue hop on the T-rex's back for a second!
someone made dinosaur noises without even knowing what they sound like
Hugo The Dog
Hugo The Dog:
I can just imagine the Mosa trying to sleep and hearing all the battle going on, then when the Indominus, Rexy and Blue all start roaring she just jumps and grabs the Indominus while saying ”I told you to quit it out!”
Say what you want about this movie, but the last 10 minutes are amazing.
Mavi 02
Mavi 02:
Imagine if the T-Rex tripped and died , then that's where the movie ended
Indominus rex: i fear no man but that thing


it scares me.
If not for the longer arms, Rexy would have absolutely wrecked the indo
Massai Shuler
Massai Shuler:
Who’s here after watching camp Cretaceous
I loved those raptors, they keep giving blue the spotlight and left the three out and gave them deaths like random dinos.
Tuna No crust
Tuna No crust:
It’s like all the dinos were tired of the indominous bs..
shawnda mccormick
shawnda mccormick:
I hate seeing Echo and Delta getting killed in this scene. Charlie was hard enough early on getting fire bombed.
Arnau Garzaran
Arnau Garzaran:
IRex: Nooooo, i can win this fight
Mosssaurus: Jajjaj Indominus Rex goes glugluglu
James Rogers
James Rogers:
One of the things that bother's me is, Why did she have to say "Run to the Dino expert"?
Malakii Wright
Malakii Wright:
mosasaurus: ima bout to end this mans whole career
-swipes outa water and grabs i-rex-
blue and rexy: peace man
mosasaurus: om nom b-
poisonous stream
poisonous stream:
T rex:never thought id fight side by side with a veloceraptor
Blue:what about side by side with a friend?
T rex: ay i could do that
Liam Aguas
Liam Aguas:
indominus: hard
blue: week
Rexy: strongest
Moasaurus: easy
moe pwint phyu
moe pwint phyu:
She could run in high heels professionally. If that was me, I sure would be trumbling like earthquake is happening upon me and I don't know. I would literally be eaten by Rexy for a million times.

How could she run with that I mean???
benj melad
benj melad:
Thanos: u should have gone for the head....
**thor getting time machine**
Alex! The Demon Boy
Alex! The Demon Boy:
I remember when i saw this in the cinema
the crowd literly started _SCREAMING_ at the top of their lungs
at 3:49 4:52 and 5:18 i couldnt even hear the movie after 😂
The scary part about these films is that humans would actually be this ignorant and build this if it was possible
Deepak 008
Deepak 008:
she outruns a dino with heels.

nike : miss lady shoes exist!
Syn Gates 6661
Syn Gates 6661:
It’s been 5 years and I still get chills when I see Rexy emerging from the darkness
Reem Hudaib
Reem Hudaib:
Blue got some skills he survived one hit from an in Dominus and escapes every explosion in my building Dominus Rex get it on
· D A R K G I R L ·
· D A R K G I R L ·:
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith:
I don't care how little sense this made, a T-Rex teaming up with a Velociraptor to battle a T-Rex/Velociraptor hybrid will never not be cool.
7:17 pause that moment for a second, there is when you realize that Rexy is at least a decade older than the other 3 girls
Adelaida Javier Rodriguez
Adelaida Javier Rodriguez:
Blue,rexy,audience: prepared for the epic fight of the century


6:15 TRex: Ummm. could use a little help over here.
6:20 Blue: I'm on it.
Ounyon Lokenga
Ounyon Lokenga:
Indominus Rex: Fighting Blue and Rexy

Mosasaurus: *It was at this moment that he knew*
Is it just me or did she let that T-rex get unnecessarily close before she started running?
Easter egg: when Rexy burst through the bones look at the skeleton it’s a spinosaurus from Jurassic park
Samved Iyer
Samved Iyer:
7:51 I felt Rexy was almost going to bump her chin on the ground.
Lia Zubanov
Lia Zubanov:
Mosasauras and I are very alike, here let me show you how:

Comes up to surface to eat and on eat
Eats giant things like a big steak
Has no indigestion
Are we Just gonna ignorethe fact that she outran a T-rex in high heels?
Kevin K
Kevin K:
Fun fact: The skeleton that the T-Rex breaks through was the spinosaurus.
TheMuskyRat -_-
TheMuskyRat -_-:
T.rex and Blue: Give up we won
Indominus rex: It’s just a flesh wound
*Gets attacked by mosasaurus*
Also Indominus rex: alright we’ll call it a draw