Fighting the flu with ultraviolet light

As the deadly flu season continues, a doctor is working on technology that uses ultraviolet light to kill the flu virus in the air. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook explains why this technique is safer than using regular UV rays.

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100+ komento:

Dick acapelo
Dick acapelo:
I am here today march 27, 2020 because of covid 19.
Anns Account
Anns Account:
This is the same network that is mocking the President by saying the same thing at a press briefing this week April 2020. Must be they forgot this piece of news.
2018 worst flu season in years...

2020 hold my Corona Beer.
Cyrano de Bergerac
Cyrano de Bergerac:
Inb4 YouTube bans this 2 year old video coz Trump mentioned the technique.
This is rich! CBS news now thinks that even musing about the possibility of such a thing is crazy.
George Christ
George Christ:
thinking of buying one for my house to prevent the coronavirus :)
Where is this tech now? We ,if effective against covid-19 should be setting this up in massive amount worldwide.
Life With Us
Life With Us:
It's 2020. Where we at on this?
Roy Rice
Roy Rice:
FACT: UV “C” is for sanitization purposes only and burns the skin much more rapidly than “A”or “B”. Check it out!!
Moriarty Red Pill
Moriarty Red Pill:
YouTube’s algorithm sending me gems this morning.
They had to switch themes back to drugs...not surprising!
Ruud Kraan
Ruud Kraan:
Why hospitals have no UV filters? The best saving against virus and other flu virus.
Paul Zenco
Paul Zenco:
Yeah. MSM: first criticize Trump, then do research, then be ashamed for being, again, wrong, and fake news.
Thank you Mark Dice!
Electric Universe Eyes
Electric Universe Eyes:
COVID-19. This IS the most viable solution!
Hibiscus Angel
Hibiscus Angel:
I feel like I got corona virus in dec / jan :/
Covid 19
Nuris Lampe
Nuris Lampe:
2 years ago and no one has learn
Q Universe
Q Universe:
SEARCH Ultra Violet blood irradiation , they are using that therapy since 1940
Just picked up a ballast and UV bulb for it! To so I can reuse my respirators :O
julius c
julius c:
Turn it on. Leave the room.
e v
e v:
I have a few in my house, one runs all the time all the time in my HVAC system. Just be careful with them.
Stefan Weilhartner
Stefan Weilhartner:
light with the uvb wavelength of 295-320nm will make your body produce vitamin d which protects against viral attacks
Dont Stop
Dont Stop:
covid19: Hold my cough
Nara49 Veera
Nara49 Veera:
What is the frequency of uv light and what is the recommendation for an unit volume (1 cubic meter) of indoor air.
me and mine
me and mine:
Wow.. an amazing discovery of something already well known. Btw..strep was a known precursor to the Spanish flu. Sore throat.
K's Account
K's Account:
The guy at the end 😂 yeah... More drugs is the way to go 😡
I just bought one off eBay
Ded Ede
Ded Ede:
Vitamin C and vitamin D from sun light.
got me 2 UV light filters from Homedics today, seems legit.
Catalyst - D B
Catalyst - D B:
Far UVC light? Why is it called “Far” C band UV light?
A lot of those frequently touched surfaces (hand rails in subways) would do better if made from copper alloy. It's well known that copper and copper alloys are anti microbial
Oliver Morgan
Oliver Morgan:
I know the coronavirus is the epidemic now presently too much illness in the world than greatness.
Privacy Valued
Privacy Valued:
There are probably millions of undiscovered bacteria and viruses out there that aren't good for us. We only seem to care and pour research dollars into it if they affect sinuses or bowels. That one day you felt exhausted for no particular reason? Probably fighting off some undiscovered disease.
Jay M Yandoc
Jay M Yandoc:
Thank you for sharing this how can I get this?
I am confused other research said UVC is harmful
Empire Vampire1
Empire Vampire1:
Helllllllooooooooooo why is this 2 years ago
no one expected the spanish inquisition
no one expected the spanish inquisition:
Nice i thought about this!
Pedalapu Chandrasekhar
Pedalapu Chandrasekhar:
Its really great idea sir, after listening about the corona virus, i flash the properties of UV rays. Thank you sir, you invention make me approach easier.
Mark Norville
Mark Norville:
Yet Donald Trump has mentioned this in the past few days and people are thinking that he is crazy. So hang on a minute.
Henri de Feraudy
Henri de Feraudy:
A lot of viewers are missing the point: David Brenner is advocating we use "far uvc" which is different from "normal uvc". The usually cited frequency of the former is 245 nm, which is a peak of an emission by a discharge in mercury vapor. Far uvc on the other hand is harder to produce. The usual frequency is 222nm. At the time of writing lamps for the latter are barely on the market and are much more expensive than the latter. The frequency 222mm will *not* cause skin cancer or hurt your eyes like the 254 nm light.
If anyone can keep us posted on availability of 222 nm please reply!
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
I’m pretty sure UVC breaks down the cells even human cells? Wouldn’t that cause cancer on a hyper scale?
Vlaj. Co
Vlaj. Co:
Be extremely careful with uv-c spectrum. I have 250w mercury lamp ampule for sterilizing workspace and material brought in. In a matter of seconds you will get problem with eyes. Always cover your skin and use some welding protection for eyes.
Mazni Ahmad
Mazni Ahmad:
The cheapest way without spending money on special light bulb is to use our natural resource; sunlight.
Alex Armani
Alex Armani:
Private Snapper
Private Snapper:
covid 19 kryptonite ?
Grove Flix
Grove Flix:
I need uv light night is coming
Schneider Gee
Schneider Gee:
Now we could use in the pandemic
Worst flu season?

COVID-19: Ha! What a Joke.
mustafizur rahman chowdhury
mustafizur rahman chowdhury:
Great thing to understand
Daniel Nolan
Daniel Nolan:
May 1st if your state is still locked down protest at the governor's house or stay home and watch your rights walk away
Luke Mhirizhonga
Luke Mhirizhonga:
Same news today with covid 19.
James Lance
James Lance:
I'm here Because...Just Because
Aaron [email protected]:
Huh! No economy shut down.
Is covid-19 all this while
Can you recommend a UVC light that will sterilize a small 20x20 room hooked to a timer on a long extension cord outside of the room ?
H H:
Yes. So this was my idea before see this video.And havd question can use led uv type. Thanks for how answer me.
0000 00000
0000 00000:
Please think about using electro magnetic waves to make specific vibrations enough to ward off the viruses.
lyndon lyndon-watkins
lyndon lyndon-watkins:
Got a ultraviolet fly killer in my kitchen do the same thing.
Ricardo Maggiore
Ricardo Maggiore:
Uvc cooks your skin and eyes!!!
Can we illuminate the lungs somehow with far - uvc?
killer Pulse
killer Pulse:
Umm I thought UVC was the most dangerous form of UV light
that's good
Ashuin Sharma
Ashuin Sharma:
oh boy.. did we know.. ??
can we have this everywhere?!?!
Keith Jones
Keith Jones:
Before jumping the gun and trying to install a uv that may be harmful ,a qualified HVAC man can install a uv in you HVAC system .out of sight out of mind.
4D Chess Player
4D Chess Player:
UV Light you mean......the SUN can destroy the virus
christopher decastro
christopher decastro:
So what the spectrum?
wave haven
wave haven:
Works too good.... a few lights vs a global shutdown
Important- do *not* look directly at UV light, *and* you can test yours to verify it's genuine- not a cheaper knockoff
First Last
First Last:
What if they put those lights in the double doors at stores? Then when people walk in, they are disinfected?
Kevin Mu
Kevin Mu:
Humanity needed the Avatar but when we needed he vanished.
Sōshi Miketsukami
Sōshi Miketsukami:
Now look at us
M Piper
M Piper:
Why doctors always want to pump drugs into you while a UV light could possibly do the same thing😒
UV light helped my sons severe Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis that he's had since birth he's now 24 years old with small controlled areas... before he was really sick , I thank God and my son's medical team UTMB Galveston ~ League City, TX for trying it ❤
Joe Fung
Joe Fung:
Same though, but Is necessary any authorized person to operate ?
Gringo In Paradise
Gringo In Paradise:
I'm an award winning neon tube bender. I am looking for investors or a grant to help me develop a UVC tube with the 222 nm and also the 207 nm to be used in operating room to shine on an operation while taking place. This would eliminate C diff merca and bacteria the up to this point has been allowed to settle in to the open wound. it's a large problem due to many operations taking place.
Hadley Scott McIntyre
Hadley Scott McIntyre:
What about the blacklights. And this medical grade uv is used in air duct intakes
Nolymit Multilingual Robot with High Tech Products
Nolymit Multilingual Robot with High Tech Products:
How to resume a normal life without catching the Wuhan virus? Some high-tech products have helped with this! We have made a video to educate the public for a while.
Larry Robinson
Larry Robinson:
Why is this not tried on the coronavirus ?
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith:
This causes skin damage as well as eye damage
Aurelio Quibranza
Aurelio Quibranza:
Why not use it in our mobile phone?
Càbdulaahi Gaabow
Càbdulaahi Gaabow:
Great we first identify the virus second we fight UVC Raditions. UCV Survelliance system because virus moves easily in ťhe environment so people become negligence less awareness of the pandemic so they lose about severity disastrous humankind deteriorations virus Sar2.
Snark Marks
Snark Marks:
You could put this on an endoscope.
Uvc litterally burns you and creates ozone though
Joshhua Ray
Joshhua Ray:
Ozone machines work better.
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat:
And God said "Let There Be Light!"
Marcelo&Ilda Hernandez
Marcelo&Ilda Hernandez:
If possible can that be used or built like an airport scanner walk thru and placed in public areas?
Shahariar fardin
Shahariar fardin:
So it can break through clothing as well or open skin
Bathsheba Todd
Bathsheba Todd:
Why not try this light healing all
Alex Gourdikian
Alex Gourdikian:
Who watchin in 2020 like....they did this 2 years ago but now everything getting shut down????
A Wise Idiot
A Wise Idiot:
What happens when the viruses and bacteria build a sort of immunity to the far UV-C...
4orses Heron
4orses Heron:

1: Can lack of resource cause such a detrimental reshuffling of our futures as to hinder our motions and movements to other areas?

2: Does COVID change when given UV light at differing concentrations?

3: Could stabilizing the immune system and supplementing with UV light treatment help the body adapt stability (resistance) to COVID?
Phil Golyshko
Phil Golyshko:
These bulbs can be dangerous if caution isn’t used. I’ve literally sunburned my eyes with less than 30s of exposure to a dim-looking bulb. That was intensely painful but healed quickly (18 hours). That being said, I plan on using the UVC bulb in my HVAC system to sanitize stuff. Full protective gear of course. Can’t be too careful
Oh yes the 2018 flu was terrible. A bad strain. I caught it and missed 2 weeks of work. I was 22 years old and felt like I was close to actually dying
William Rice
William Rice:
RGF Reme Halo is the answer for your home
Alfred Janiten
Alfred Janiten:
After a recent event in Hong Kong where people attending a fashion event were exposed to dangerous levels of short wave ultra violet energy, I decided to make a video on the different types of UV tubes available on eBay. That includes the dangerous UV-C type that can cause eye and skin damage.
One thing I missed in the video was the importance of UV in the making of vitamin D in your body. A reasonable amount of exposure to sunlight is actually desirable.
Good UV versus bad UV. All available on eBay.
Càbdulaahi Gaabow
Càbdulaahi Gaabow:
Why then now Coronavirus super germs fight
Emmanuel Bernard
Emmanuel Bernard:
Can u use this light on blood?
Avery Evans
Avery Evans:
please don't buy a UV light because you think it will prevent the coronavirus