FBI determines Bubba Wallace was not victim of hate crime | SportsCenter

Michael Wilbon joins SportsCenter to react to the FBI determining that NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was not the victim of a hate crime, and that the pull rope fashioned like a noose that was found in his team's garage at Talladega Superspeedway had been there since 2019.

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100+ komento:

Spencer Nelson
Spencer Nelson:
The demand for racism is exeeding the supply
Summary of the video...

“We are EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED this turned out to NOT be a hate crime.”
s. stoll
s. stoll:
God! Stop saying “noose”, it was a rope in a garage.
4 Fake
4 Fake:
Actually it was not a noose. Bubba Smollett.
ant ruiz
ant ruiz:
They're just gonna keep calling it a noose huh? It was a rope tied to the garage door to pull down the door. Clowns
V. V
V. V:
Why does she keep calling it a “noose”? It’s just a functional rope, tied in a loop?
Dirt Beard
Dirt Beard:
loop in a garage door pull rope is not a noose. every garage door had one.
China Flu
China Flu:
You need 15 fbi to tell you it's just a rope to open the garage door. Yay tax dollars.
Duck Speaker
Duck Speaker:
Black man _not_ victimized
Media most affected
2020 has been one GIANT red pill.
Rick Young
Rick Young:
Aimless Activist
Aimless Activist:
What’s larger than a fake story to ‘promote discussion’? ESPN is the enemy.
Uncle B.
Uncle B.:
So it wasn’t a noose? Stop calling it a noose lol. “There’s something larger here than the noose, even though it wasn’t a noose”.

15 agents for Bubba. Remember that when people talk about systemic racism.
The same goes for Jussie S. lots of police hrs. for a fake.
If the noose would have been in the winner's circle Wallace would have never found it.
Tony Hay
Tony Hay:
So the ‘noose’ was just a piece of string? That’s quite a mistake.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan:
If "Bubba" was a white guy, they would be spending all their time ripping on his name.
Hahahahaha all this over a rope to close a garage door?!?! What a joke!
Bubba Wallace and NASCAR owes fans an APOLOGY for stroking racial division and hatred!
jeff r
jeff r:
And yet she still calls it a noose?
Gary Ray Cardoso
Gary Ray Cardoso:
Bubba Smollett:
Best Race Card Driver Ever💯😂
Turns out people see what they want to see... who knew.

I'm awaiting apologies from everyone who used this as an example of racism in this country.
"Noose, noose, noose, noose.. noose.. Even tho this is fake, there is a bigger picture to this non existent hoax of story.."

My username is unoriginal
My username is unoriginal:
Am I watching ESPN or CNN at this point?
May Tataseo
May Tataseo:
So many disappointed ESPN employees , and guilty feeling whites right now
Steve Davis
Steve Davis:
We all knew that this was a lie.
2019: Jussie Smollett
2020: **BUBBA**
Maria fishnfooo Rivas
Maria fishnfooo Rivas:
It was a cord to pull garage door up or down. It was NOT a noose!!!!
Another Jussie Smollet situation!!!!!
Jake wolf
Jake wolf:
Guys! I saw a rope at a bull riding event! CALL
THE FBI!!!!!
Christopher Kupst
Christopher Kupst:
"Justice for Juicy!"
-Dave Chappelle
Blake Scott
Blake Scott:
Jussie Smollett 2.0 lmfao!!!!🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂
A lot of blacks are calling him out on it, too!
hi ali
hi ali:
I honestly thought it was fake when I found out his name is Bubba🤣😂😭🤣😂
my life 44
my life 44:
GOOD NEWS? Are you kidding me? Our country is being destroyed!!!
Mortuary Artist
Mortuary Artist:
You should be ashamed of yourself, and so should Wallace
Why did they refer to the rope to a noose.... It's a rope at that point.
Michael Brady
Michael Brady:
ESPN is the only one I see with an agenda! I am glad to see they could take a perfectly positive story and still add race baiting to it! The biggest problem I see is people's lack of historical knowledge and knowing what that stupid flag actually represented! Yes I call it stupid because I am not a fan of it but I know it doesn't represent racism!
Mitchell Parks
Mitchell Parks:
Lmfao. You can hear how disappointed these "people" are. CNN anchors were on the verge of tears for Christ sake.
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
They just keep giving Dave Chappelle more material to use on his next special
"What is the cost of lies?"
Joshie k
Joshie k:
Latest: "American Liberals mourn over loss of a potential hate crime"
The Annihilator
The Annihilator:
No one should ever watch a race with Bubba Wallace - he’s nothing but a Backstabber.
Everything's a "hate crime" when you try hard enough.
Jessie smollette approves
Dave TV
Dave TV:
Bubba Wallace and his team should now be responsible for the money spent by the FBI for this false claim
Tony Slater
Tony Slater:
It was a door pulley, not a noose! Stop praying for racism!
Did NOBODY, including Nascar, not look in EVERY other garage to see they all had similar "nooses?"
They are talking about if it was a noose and how they’d feel if it was... this is just fishing for racism
preston nguyen
preston nguyen:
"The truth is out there" - Special Agent Fox Mulder
William Schwab
William Schwab:
Reminder that the ESPYs ratings were down 81% due to the revival “WokeCenter”
V. V
V. V:
Bubba “Juicy” Wallace
For now on we are going to call him ...bubba smollett!🤣😂😂
jussie smollet about to sue for copy right infringement
Norm L
Norm L:
Bubba Smollett should be banned from nascar
Scott O
Scott O:
"Spin me right round, baby, right round..." 🤣
Carson Young
Carson Young:
I was terrified when I saw a noose this morning. Terrified

Then I remembered I was tying my shoes
Cornbeef Boi
Cornbeef Boi:
Kids the new word for today is "NOOSE".
Clay Smith
Clay Smith:
she conveniently left out that the noose was also located in other garages as well and that it was used to close the garage door.
Matt Jack
Matt Jack:
Sorry sweety, the "noose " wasn't there since last year. There was no noose.
dennis rosinski
dennis rosinski:
bill bixby
bill bixby:
JOE: Somehow I'm less than surprised.
Ca Be
Ca Be:
The ghost of Jussie Smollett strikes again.
Sean Wilkinson
Sean Wilkinson:
He needs to banned from nascar for inciting violence!
Is there a picture anywhere of the so-called noose ?
Jussie put it there.
Jiggly McSugertits
Jiggly McSugertits:
His name is just as racist as the confederate flag. CHANGE IT
G Robert
G Robert:
Notice how they keep calling it a noose
Even though it wasn’t even a noose
Chris Sparzo
Chris Sparzo:
"Hey the story didn't end up matching our narrative, but here's some other stupid, off-topic, non-sequiters that push our agenda."
Butt Quack
Butt Quack:
yall remember when espn was good?
The One
The One:
OHH REAAAALLLLYYYYY! Damage has already been done! FU MEDIA!!!!
Seth Morris
Seth Morris:
This is racism and it is called reverse racism. It can and has sometimes effected people more than regular racism. It is tricky.
James Allen
James Allen:
And anyone with a double digit IQ knew this from the beginning.
david z
david z:
She said 'thank you for coming on with this breaking noose'.
Kochart Studio - The Art Hub
Kochart Studio - The Art Hub:
"This is a good thing right?" How much more obvious can you be before you admit you are frustrated you can't find enemies to justify the damage
One mans noose is another mans pull cord
It wasnt a noose so keep calling it one cause these people want to spread hate with their lies
V J:
More great news of the left leaning socialist media failing with their fake news again. My dog ate all of his breakfast this morning. More relevant news.
David T
David T:
"Hello everyone I'm coming directly to you FOR ask a quick favor."
---Biden super commercial (best take) ---this ad plays every other ad.... this is the best they could get outta him
BLM will be demanding that the 'garage rope" by charged with hate for doing 'noose face". Bad rope!
Floyd Nelson
Floyd Nelson:
Let's tear down everything and make up stories, this sucks
Guacomole Man
Guacomole Man:
Oh my god there's a noose in every garage! They're coming after everyone 🤣🤣!
Yay! Another overreaction! You love to see it.
Percival Hans
Percival Hans:
F changing our heritage and way of life for "inclusivity." When will it end, when our history and heritage no longer exist?
Keep this in mind; the media tried to fuel the race war, and now they're backpedaling on an excuse that boils down to "we got the reaction we wanted, so it's OK that we lied".
Adam Wong
Adam Wong:
I’m starting to believe we are being fed a big racist hoax
Kyle Eaddy
Kyle Eaddy:
Yes we are having negative criticisms and comments against Bubba, because you news media, NASCAR, and Bubba made it a big deal when it was nothing. He could’ve been a real man and said no big deal and went about his business, but he went the way of a “victim” and cried like a needy 5 year old boy. So NO! Bubba is not getting a pass!
M Crump
M Crump:
I used to admire Marty smith. Grew up in the same woods as I. Now he has become a pandering puppet for ESPN. This was never a symbol of hate towards Bubba. He is Bubba Smullett
Deleted Reddit Stories
Deleted Reddit Stories:
Once again, supply doesn't meet demand🤣
Michael Plaskota
Michael Plaskota:
Juicy Shmullett number 2.
Bagrilla Jenkins
Bagrilla Jenkins:
It's not a noose, just like you're not 'news anchors'. Smdh
ESPN jumped on the hysteria instead of asking basic questions that every sane person was asking in the post-Juicy Smolyay era. ESPN is part of the Beast.
R I:
Is this another Jussie Smolett? 🤔
When ESPN start talking about some agenda, romfl.
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII:
Call him Bubba Smollett
Kamikaze Gorilla
Kamikaze Gorilla:
Jussie Smollett called. He wants his noose back.
I knew from the moment it was reported there was a "noose" found in his garage that something was up. It stunk of Smollett.
That pull cord could've been lethal.... just like the soft kitten yarn that Jussie placed around his own neck.
Rick Vazquez
Rick Vazquez:
I love how no one saying that the Rope was to pull down a garage door and that's why it's been there for so long
Ranch Dressing
Ranch Dressing:
When objects in life become things. Juicy things.