FATHER LARRY FARAON passes away at 64| Host of Veritas Healing Touch pumanaw na!

Fr. Larry Faraon dies at 64 in July 2020 | Father Faraon host of Veritas Healing Touch pumanaw na

Father Larey Faraon or also known as the "healing touch" died sunday morning . He was known as healing touch because of his radio show on a Church-run radio station Radio Veritas. At age 64, Father Faraon passed away. It was due to pneumonia. He died past 3 in the morning on Sunday. He was tested negative for covid 19 rapid test and right now, everyone is still waiting for the RPTCR result.

Rest in peace father. You have contributed so much in this world. People will not forget your goodness to everyone.

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Random TV
Random TV:
R.I.P. Father Larry Faraon
Macario Malaluan
Macario Malaluan:
R.I.P. Father Larry Faraon.
Marga Lima
Marga Lima:
Condolence to father faraon we will miss you... Rest in pesce
Erlina Padilla
Erlina Padilla: