FARMVILLE 2 MY DREAM FARM LEVEL 195 | FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2 is farming simulation game on Android

Music: In-Game Music

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Rhinox Gamer
Rhinox Gamer:
Bro U Don't Have An Idea How Much I Love This Game....
Jenny Bluestin
Jenny Bluestin:
If someone need something simply try **
Its cool for everyone!

ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිa
Liezel danganan
Liezel danganan:
I'm not a fan of online game but when I gave this a try, I can't stop playing it specifically in this time of pandemic. ❤❤
bing bong your opinion is wrong
bing bong your opinion is wrong:
The nostalgia tho....
Fahim Huq
Fahim Huq:
I love this game I have a hole ocean so that I have a lot of water every 10 second
robloxman 87
robloxman 87:
Ahaha imagne having a roblox charater as profile pic hahaha
Goodbye Farmville!
This game made me so happy! 😞
Tell me this is just a dream
Sabarre John Nathaniel
Sabarre John Nathaniel:
This is like Heaven to me, I was too young to be addicted in this game. I was on 5th grade to play this game, now I'm 1st year college. Its's been 8 or 9 years 😮.

My friends was playing this game too, same with Social Wars, Social Empire, Dragon City, Tetris, Icy Tower, Mutant Genetic Gladiator. Man! I can even still remember those facebook games untill now. But now it's time to say goodbye. I missed all facebook games on facebook.

I wish the time would come in which I could play this games again with my friends. I want to bring back the vibe and memories. But I have to finish school first.

What about you? What is your story about facebook games? Especially farmville 1 or 2? 😊
100 subscribers without uploading
100 subscribers without uploading:
*Shit! I have to wait till level 195!* 😑
David Stevenson
David Stevenson:
really nice layout..... i haven't expanded as much as you have.
Mice Decierdo
Mice Decierdo:
Omygad! Such heaven! And satisfying!
OVER LIGHT اوفر لايت
OVER LIGHT اوفر لايت:
Bro we forgot ab the vid and star danceing alredy
Elvira Torres Gonzalez
Elvira Torres Gonzalez:
pues cuantos niveles tiene !!
yo voy apenas en el 79 y este es el 195 !!!
Kuletzz me channel
Kuletzz me channel:
❤❤❤woooooow..mine im still in level 44☹
Panther Claw
Panther Claw:
Magnificent 😻
Alessandra Radu
Alessandra Radu:
Wow... Such an awesome farm
erin g
erin g:
im only level 19 and this is making me wanna spend all my money on keys
Alexandra Penalba
Alexandra Penalba:
Cool vid 😎:)
Samantha Phillips
Samantha Phillips:
I've been playing this game for about 5 years now. I love it. Any suggestions on a good co op to join?
Maricar Balingit Boniao
Maricar Balingit Boniao:
Favorite game since 2015
Rosie laracuente
Rosie laracuente:
I love this game
Marko Trivunovic
Marko Trivunovic:
Good job.. it's awesome to see this 😀
anita govaerts
anita govaerts:
Het spel staat al dagen geblokkeerd, en dat wanneer de aap in het spel is gekomen. Alles reeds uitgeprobeerd maar blijft hetzelfde. Kan dit opgelost worden
Jaya Karthi
Jaya Karthi:
Wow super.... I m 25th level
PJ Tech Gamer
PJ Tech Gamer:
How do you get, you have lot of patience
PH-Resistance Spiritual Battle
PH-Resistance Spiritual Battle:
Goodbye Farmville
Neptune The Space Cowboy
Neptune The Space Cowboy:
Anyone in an active co-op?. Drop name so I can join plz
Sharon Angela
Sharon Angela:
But music isn't good since the game has uploaded old music is the best and soothing
Limuel Ramirez
Limuel Ramirez:
Wow it such talented yow nice design
Jhona Carino
Jhona Carino:
Gusto ko pong maglaro ult ng farmville..marerecover q po b ung old farmville q? Ng dinownload q ung farmvile back to zero ult aq..same account nman po gamit q
Emon Aja
Emon Aja:
Hello bro im your subscriber
Can you provide me your second account of farm ville 2?
Samantha Phillips
Samantha Phillips:
My game has been running slow and freezing up. Does anyone know what I can do to help it?
ken warner
ken warner:
House of Friendship always needs great players most don’t last long in our coop !
Hamza Berba
Hamza Berba:
I love your farm
Glenda Roberts
Glenda Roberts:
Love this game. Only been playing it a week. Up to level 31 with $2 mil. Cannot wait to have one like this!
Gabrielly BorgesTin
Gabrielly BorgesTin:
Crystal Lagat
Crystal Lagat:
Wow your farm is beautiful
Marko Trivunovic
Marko Trivunovic:
Good job.. it's awesome to see this 😀
Stans Stereo Gamers
Stans Stereo Gamers:
When i ask for a help from my co op mates to complete my oder at Marie's board i don't get any timber? Why is that do you know?
paulette ponthieu
paulette ponthieu:
bonjour besoin aide
je voix vous arriver a tout changer moi jai un soucis mon fils a changer l heure de mon pc et j'ai mes arbre dans 15j et pu Evénement savez vous comment je peut récupéré svp
mostafa allam
mostafa allam:
i have this game my level is 16
Man you farm best and I love this game so much
Maream Mstafa12
Maream Mstafa12:
سلام علیک
عندي تلیفون أندرويد أبحث في play هذا اللعب غير قابيل للتطبيق
Sharmin Akter
Sharmin Akter:
Is it off line game?
Naheed Rahi
Naheed Rahi:
can anyone tell me y suddenly i lost the coop and my store house items?
Lokesh Sharma
Lokesh Sharma:
whats with the animals , why they look happy
Me gustarían tener de todo en la granja
Did you get any cheats for the keys or..?
vibhum kapoor
vibhum kapoor:
Do anyone have any idea to get unlimited keys (its a humble request please b honest) actually i have hacked it by cheat Engine but now my keys are in negativity (-1530) anyone know how to fix this please helppppppp
Katy Brown
Katy Brown:
I haven’t played FarmVille in so many years
Maria Andrade
Maria Andrade:
Esta lindo su FarmVille yo voy en 88 me falta 😃😍
Naty Garcia
Naty Garcia:
How did you get those animals' star trophies?
Arumugam A
Arumugam A:
Can you post data file of your farmville 2
Allison Tate
Allison Tate:
Used to play daily but quit. Level 83.
Manuela Schotten
Manuela Schotten:
Hello everybody. Can someone Help me, maybe. I'm Level 78 and I don't know, why I get no more 40000 points. Is this normal?
Pram 1892
Pram 1892:
How to upgrade the craft?
Bhumika Dutta
Bhumika Dutta:
How do i get the cheat version like yours....plzz rply
Sweta Sarki
Sweta Sarki:
The game freezes
бро фор
бро фор:
How did you download the cheat
Nancy Gray
Nancy Gray:
How much of your own did u put into this game because I find I play them games I have put real money out purse into that take fun out the game ?
Nhi Linh
Nhi Linh:
How you get the keys?
dharani r
dharani r:
Friend how to get keys
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar:
Tum sab kaise game open ki
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar:
How do we open FarmVille 2 because I install the game but the game was not open ismein bahut kuchh likh raha lekin game open nahin ho raha hai
Kathy V
Kathy V:
its not working for me
Shin Blox Gaming
Shin Blox Gaming:
Hey bro can you sell 200 strawberries and I will buy that 200 strawberries okay bye bye👍🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓
Fahim Huq
Fahim Huq:
Are you play pubg
Rishi banota
Rishi banota:
My game takes 30 min to load...
MuSic Lovr 19
MuSic Lovr 19:
play free fire
Adelaida Banigon
Adelaida Banigon:
Sana all