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Lexie playing with that ball thing was the cutest thing
Elana A
Elana A:
I'm a dental hygienist and mom of 4. I set my alarm for 5am just so I can get up and have coffee and watch you for an hour before my day starts. Thanks for the long vlog. I love your family!
chris Smith
chris Smith:
The dad should start a cooking channel on YouTube
Jaz Higgins
Jaz Higgins:
Gramps is the cutest.
I love how your dad compliments you it’s very very sweet!!!
Destiny Laurabeth
Destiny Laurabeth:
I literally want mindys parents to have a channel love the whole family
Love your family vlogs, y'all are so blessed to have each other, hope everyone's doing amazing and stay safe!🤗😘💕
Joan Wilson
Joan Wilson:
Please a restaurant, l love to see all of this amazing food you cook....l would weigh sooo much if l was around you. Mindy, how do you stay so fit around all of this food? Did he teach you how to cook..just wondering....great job!
Your dad is so funny 😂 he sure does looks like a nice person.
Destiny Laurabeth
Destiny Laurabeth:
Her dad is a jokester, he speaks and I’m laughing
Bríd McGrath
Bríd McGrath:
Thanks for the really long vlog mindy. I know these 40 minute videos take a lot of hard work editing them. And I want u to know that all videos are appreciated regardless of the length. ✌️💜
Would love to see some cooking vids with your Dad, he looks like he's perfected some recipes, and cooks enough to feed the 5000!!
V M:
I vote doing a TikTok with your mom and dad!! And Grandpa! 🥳🥰 Also, I’m SO ready for fall!!!
Jennifer Diaz
Jennifer Diaz:
I’ve been subscribed to Book of the Month for over a year and let me tell you! It is the best book subscription box out there! It’s $14.99 a month and you can get up to 2 add-ons for $9.99 each. Best deal for my fellow bookworms 📚 Love it!❤️
I’ve started to pull out a few Halloween things. I can’t help it. It makes me happy and with all this covid I haven’t been happy in a while.
That flamingo float is everything. Also, those oysters look delicious. 🤤
Sparkle life
Sparkle life:
🕷🕸🍁🍂🌚🦇🦉🎃👻☕I'M OVER SUMMER, WELCOME FALL! I ALREADY PULLED ONE HALLOWEEN ITEM OUT🤣 Fall and winter just speak to my soul😊
Sarah Dotson
Sarah Dotson:
I just finished “The Last Flight” based on your recommendation. Really good! I was a bit disappointed with the Epilogue pertaining to Eva though.
Joan Wilson
Joan Wilson:
Mom looks very her smile!
Meaghan c
Meaghan c:
Y’all are sooo cute !! 😇😚 oh yeah, love your side tattoo 💜👏 bahaha the editing when you jumped on the flamingo 🦩 puuuuurfect
Hannah A
Hannah A:
Ahhhhhh so excited. Yalls family days are my favorite. They remind me of my family days we have. We’re doing Christmas in July family day today and I’m so excited for that!!! Hope you and Larry and baby kitties have a wonderful day.
Kat kitten rose
Kat kitten rose:
i watched this video twice because my boyfriend kept distracting me lol. i wish there were more people like you in the world you seem so happy and full of life
Rocio Pilar
Rocio Pilar:
Love the new vlog! Also super random but I was looking up the names of next years tropical storms and there’s Larry and Mindy 🤣❤️
Heather Robinson
Heather Robinson:
I didn’t know your parents had a dog 😍 also I love watching all your videos and was super excited to see this was a family vlog! Hope you and your family are staying well ❤️
Julie Wheeler
Julie Wheeler:
You and your dad are so cute together! Your mom and Larry seem more on the chill side!
Alyson Serena Stone
Alyson Serena Stone:
Question: When it's in the 90s, my aunt's pool gets so many sweat bees. Do you guys have the same issue?
Destiny Laurabeth
Destiny Laurabeth:
I love how when mindy said the flamingo was cute and her dad said like you 😭😭 crying brb asdfghjklllll
Azucena Varin
Azucena Varin:
Lol when u said motherF! Lol something I would do
Christina Bailey
Christina Bailey:
Oh my goodness! Mindy, you had me laughing so hard when you were trying to get on the flamingo. I loved it! 😂😂😂
Stephanie Marvon
Stephanie Marvon:
My Keurig has an iced coffee setting and it gets SO much use! It basically just makes a super concentrated cup so it balances out when the ice melts.
Maribel Alvarez
Maribel Alvarez:
Your dad is such a He's such a goof, love him! 😂🤣
Loved this vlog 😍 somehow you manage to make us feel like we're a part of your lovely family😍😍
Marissa Grard
Marissa Grard:
I am so happy about this video 🖤 set my alarm so I can start my day with you! I love your family vlogs but I could seriously watch you do nothing and it would be great! Pinky the flamingo 🦩💜💜💜 love you all Mindy&larry&lexi&luna
Aww your dad is such a character! My cat also knows when I'm leaving I get so sad lol!
Liz B
Liz B:
You all are sooooo cute! Loved this VLOG! Thank you for another sweet video, they make me smile :)
Olivia Kaufman
Olivia Kaufman:
Mindy- another great vlog! I enjoy them all so much ❤️ Your Dad’s cooking looks so delish always! Maybe he needs to do a recipe vlog of the month?!
Cari Walker
Cari Walker:
Love the outdoor kitchen at your parent’s house! Never noticed it before! lol
You have such a great relationship with yr dad ❤️Wish I had that with my dad
Jessica Lempert
Jessica Lempert:
Mindy, the compilation of you in the pool by yourself had me cracking up! That's exactly how I would be. LOL
I love these home vlogs! They are so nice. Miss my own family, so seeing you enjoy yours is great:) Keep them coming.
Lauren Stottmann
Lauren Stottmann:
Oh my goodness your dad is a TOP CHEF , lol. You all always have such great meals that look sooooooooo good! Makes me hungry 😊
Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee:
Hey mindy, Larry, and beautiful kitties... love the outfit u have on u look amazing as always!!! Love the longer vlog since ur my num. 1 Youtuber by far 😁🥰😘❤ and a big hello to ur Mom, dad, and while family love u guys so so much ❤❤❤
Zaraura Chantell
Zaraura Chantell:
I'm in the UK and my family lives for Halloween and Christmas and we can't wait to decorate.
The UK doesn't have good stores like the US has😭
Nanna Patty
Nanna Patty:
Your family is so much fun. Thats the way ours is. Love ya. Hugs stay safe❤
That top thingy you’re wearing is called a.....Kimono. 🙃😉😍
Tamara Garrett
Tamara Garrett:
I love seeing your family vlogs, they make me so happy. Your grandpa is so sweet. Enjoy all of the precious memories that you can make with him..Lots of love!
Azucena Varin
Azucena Varin:
My son loves Reese’s - I’m going to have to find those you were talking about
Isha Desai
Isha Desai:
Yay!! I've been waiting for this vlog since Tuesday!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
I'm excited for the fall too!! I'm done with Texas heat already 🤣
A Girl In a Sweater
A Girl In a Sweater:
I love these family vlogs I’m so ready for fall Halloween !, I’m trying to hold off till august I’m ready for pumpkin spice !! I live in Chicago nothing nice about our heat !!! Hugs chick stay sweet Janet
Amy Jones
Amy Jones:
Love the long vlog. This is getting me through my morning while I drink coffee and clean 😊
Awesome love your family vlog’s glad to see you all back together stay safe x
Melissa Tercero
Melissa Tercero:
Good morning yay I’m so happy for you vlog’s in the morning makes my day very happy!!😍❤️💕
Leticia Cobarrubias
Leticia Cobarrubias:
I always see your dad cooking I would love to see a cooking tutorial on some of his favorite recipes. 😁
Bella Ramirez
Bella Ramirez:
Love this , I really enjoy your family blogs and your dad he’s super funny, love your mom and Gramps also
😂 Larry is smart he is like PEACE OUT ✌️
Bad idea to watch when you’re hungry. That food looks delish 😋
Brenna Husnik
Brenna Husnik:
Loving the longer vlog...especially a family day one! Your family is so sweet. Also, I can’t wait for fall either! It’s my absolute favorite. Much love to you all! 🤍🤍
Bordeaux 7
Bordeaux 7:
Good to hear from Minx that she's selling her clothes. I always wonder if she should be anonymous on one of those apps like OfferUp, LetGo, Poshmark, Mercari, and so forth. She can always do a yard sale too.
kristin leonardis
kristin leonardis:
You should by the hyper chiller form amazon! It changed my life with iced coffee!
Wendy Ellis
Wendy Ellis:
I absolutely love watching you, Larry and your family. Yours is probably the only channel I watch consistently. You guys are the cutest!!
Katherine L.
Katherine L.:
Ahhhh my favorite on a Saturday morning❤️
Flossie Flamingo! I love these vlogs with your family!!❤️
JJ Jan
JJ Jan:
Your family is so fun. I like how your dad cooks for the family. I love them oysters. Wish I was there eating them. Mmmmmm good 😋😋😋
Loved that you and your dad danced! Such a good dad 😊 my dad and I also love to dance ❤️
Amany D
Amany D:
You guys are such a cute couple, I hope you guys stay always happy and safe, love from Lebanon ❤️❤️
Miriam M.
Miriam M.:
Love the flamingo about 'Bestsie the Flamingo', lol
I love your parents so much! ♥️ i would love to go over for dinner!! Wowwwww 🤤🤤🤤
Megan Wolfe
Megan Wolfe:
Ooo I see siracha in your fridge! A must have at my house too!! Lol
Jacqueline Shelton
Jacqueline Shelton:
Loved this...I love the longer vlogs and I love family day with your dads cooking it’s always entertaining
Breanne Murphy
Breanne Murphy:
I love the flamingo! I have a flamingo floaty named Felipe and a donut floaty I have been using this summer💗🍩 you could name yours Phoebe or Felicia
Rachelle Desjardins
Rachelle Desjardins:
Your dad should have his own cooking him! I LOVE nascar and am a fan of Kyle Busch!!!
Just Livin
Just Livin:
Ok , you just blew my mind with ice coffee cubes . My world will never be the same.
Jenna Cramer
Jenna Cramer:
Excited for a new vlog. I love seeing you be yourself it inspires me. Family vlogs are one of my favs
Amy Bodie
Amy Bodie:
Love yalls family Sundays. My family use to do that before my dad and sister passed. Last seemed quiet last two vlogs kinda like he isn't feeling well. Hope all is ok. ❤️
Kristina Anspach
Kristina Anspach:
Ringo! Penny used to call them that when she was younger :-)
taylor lachelle keisha keller
taylor lachelle keisha keller:
Love watching the family vlogs! Love your whole family!!

I can't help but feel like something was "off" with your mom in this one tho. I know she (and your whole family) have been dealing with a lot in the past few months. I don't know why I feel this way, just a video I got. If so I hope she gets better!

Can't wait for more videos!
You need to try relish and fine chopped onion for the deviled eggs...perfection 🍳
Grace Silva
Grace Silva:
Horror nights was cancelled 😭😭 for sure the one in California was, I thought I heard Florida cancelled too ?
sarine zadiguian
sarine zadiguian:
I just want to say how much i adore your family! So cute! I love all your vlogs but love the family hang out days the most. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and beautiful family with us.
Christina Desilva
Christina Desilva:
Mindy’s dad is awesome! Seems hard working and loves to cook awesome food and make his family happy 💕
Paige Dial
Paige Dial:
Wahoo Larry saves he day. He is a smart man bringing the pumper. He is the man
Kristal Ferrer
Kristal Ferrer:
Mindy you and your dad are so alike love your relationship with your dad definitely goals🙌🏼❤
Christina 🖊📖
Christina 🖊📖:
Great timing. Watching you before I head off to Aldi’s.
Carrie Moore
Carrie Moore:
I just love your family💕💕 everyone was so sweet.. Thank you for sharing..
Maryam Alatawi
Maryam Alatawi:
Your Dad has a great sense of humour 😂😂😂👌🏾💕 I should sit with him & I enjoyed the video to the max ! I hope you and your family forever happy and safe 💕💕🥰
Awwwhhhh wish I had a dad that welcomed me like that. Yes she always looks pretty dad 🥰
Amy Daniels
Amy Daniels:
Really needed something positive today. Thank you 💛🥺 that Air BNB place went viral on FB!!
M G:
Looking great like always! Much love
Megan Watson
Megan Watson:
Love your videos!! Love you and Larry :) Yall make me have a better day :)
Jelynn Harding
Jelynn Harding:
How cute was lil Lexi playing with her toy! Loved the moment you had with each of your folks! Sweet family! Your outfit is so cute & flattering on you! You're lucky that you can pull off that much white girl!
Could you show us the old photos of you and larry with his police uniform on? :)
Loved this! Great job editing too!! Please do more long Vlogs like this!!
Allie TC
Allie TC:
Your dad is everything!!😂😂
Bethany Myrick
Bethany Myrick:
Love your family vlogs and your hauls are fun to watch as well. Hope mom, dad, and grandpa are okay . Love y’all!
Nerissa Staley
Nerissa Staley:
I live in Ohio I love watching you and just to say your dad is amazing
Deborah Bloem
Deborah Bloem:
I loved to see the two of you dancing! But I would like to see it in the normal ritme, not on fast forward. Xx Deborah from The Netherlands
Alez Tipp
Alez Tipp:
Spilling coffee made me laugh 😂
Saw the windex and it reminded me of the movie My big fat greek wedding 😄 Really funny movie! Did u see it?
Meghan Donovan
Meghan Donovan:
I love Lexy soooo much. She’s such an adorable little kitty and I love watching her relationship journey with her little sister Luna 😂
Joanne Brennen
Joanne Brennen:
Never had devilled eggs with mustard in them my mum always used curry powder and Mayo then sprinkle with fresh parsley 😂 I've always done them the same will have to try them with mustard one day