Exclusive: Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes to Staff in Letter as WarnerMedia Investigates Show | THR News

In a letter to her crew, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen DeGeneres addresses the alleged workplace misconduct, which was detailed in a Buzzfeed story published earlier this month. The widely-circulated piece includes a host of former employees’ anonymous accusations of racism, intimidation, unjust termination and an overall toxic work culture, perpetuated by the show’s top producers. The report prompted an in-house investigation by Telepictures parent WarnerMedia, which is said to now be largely complete.

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Exclusive: Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes to Staff in letter as WarnerMedia Investigates Show | THR News

The Hollywood Reporter

100+ komento:

Nick Milligan
Nick Milligan:
She didn’t apologise, she just further pushed blame onto her producers.
Bruce Humphrey
Bruce Humphrey:
Is it just me who thought like this, but did she just blame the show’s problems on her staff?
Shes not sorry, she got caught 😂 be kind
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire:
Blame shift.... textbook narcissist
NPC #1337
NPC #1337:
Never found her funny. Her stand up is straight up cringy.
oh, so it's her staff's fault that she treated them like shit. totally makes sense.
keith g w
keith g w:
Her show should be canceled
Supreme of Shades
Supreme of Shades:
Evil DeGeneres is lying once again..
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd:
Everyone could see the inner demon in this bot. These people that pretend to be happy all the time are usually the most evil.
Caroline Michelle
Caroline Michelle:
People only “apologize” after getting caught 🙄. Or else you’d never hear an apology from these celebrities.
Honestly, I always thought this about Ellen and now it is confirmed. She doesn't seem like a good person to me, never has.
Eric Hinkley
Eric Hinkley:
This will destroy her image, And Her show. Mark my words.
Alex Mason
Alex Mason:
I remember hearing about how horribly strict and mean she was like... 8 years ago.
gattsu glory
gattsu glory:
She didn't apologize. She is just going to get rid of everyone so she can start fresh. She is holding on to a lot of hate from when she wasn't excepted and unleashing it to her workers. She is blinded by her own rage and delusional. The people who reported called her out specifically
They should have gotten rid of her years ago.
Hunt For Adventure
Hunt For Adventure:
They only ever apologize when things come to light. Over a decade and never cared then.
Chef Zandro
Chef Zandro:
She said “ BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER “ in the end of her show but she’s not doing it. WALK THE TALK!
Justin Wyatt
Justin Wyatt:
Did she throw then lesbian card?
talk louder i cant hear you
talk louder i cant hear you:
*"in a letter" : im really sure her lawyer wrote the letter for her*
Ellen was and is DEFINITELY aware of how staff were and are treated. She’s a control freak and makes sure her producers enforce the rules with an iron fist. Numerous stories abound of guests and even journalists being told not to look at her, speak to her, smile at her unless the cameras are rolling. She’s a disgusting human being and does more damage to the LGBT community, a card she likes to play when she’s being criticised. Pathetic. Much love to the staff badly treated by this monster.
That was an apology? Let's hear some more horror stories..release the floodgates!!!
Primarch Khas
Primarch Khas:
This took to long...and she still did it wrong
Primarch Khas
Primarch Khas:
Just keep sinking, just keep sinking
Rodger Murphy
Rodger Murphy:
If she was a white male she would have been axed years ago
Hjalmar Johnson
Hjalmar Johnson:
I reject her narrative that she "almost lost everything" just for being who she was. From pretty much the word jump she had been given a cookie and congratulated for "being who she was", which is probably how she ended up with a daytime talk show anyways, as opposed to an upper mid-tier stand-up comedienne like she was before she "almost lost everything". Nice try though.
She needs to be cancelled. And dropped from Warner Bros.
Johnathon Castro
Johnathon Castro:
Ohh boooo hoooo now shes the victim. Why are most liberals filled with hate? They constantly point the fingers and blame others for there problems and self loath its sad.
Miljan Stanojević
Miljan Stanojević:
She is so lame...
Monte Murray
Monte Murray:
she gets manlier every time I see a new pic lol
Denise Rossiter
Denise Rossiter:
I do find it interesting that a lot of the stories about Ellen are in fact about HER specific behavior towards people NOT just on the show but are in fact those who have dealt w/ HER in the public on a daily basis. So, what does she have to say to THAT? Ever since that comedian solicited negative stories about DeGeneres to raise money for the L.A. Food Bank went viral, I've read a ton of stories about her bad behavior. Only time will tell if the REAL Ellen is a truly good person & got caught-up in celebrity or she’s just a shitty fake person.
Limon Cellos
Limon Cellos:
Karma is hitting Elen DeGeneres hard and all it took was a pandemic to show her true dark side.
Ellen and her show sucks . I can’t believe that horrible show employs over 1000 people . Fire Ellen. Replace with cartoons . I miss He-Man
Randy Joe
Randy Joe:
“My name is on the show and everything we do and I take responsibility for that”

At first I applauded her for taking responsibility, until I heard the rest of her comments, starting with this one:

“As we’ve grown exponentially,”

I then realized that she is taking full responsibility for the show’s success, not her wrongdoings, which she fully blames on her staff.

I think that she just sealed the doom of her show with her narcissistic, so-called “apology.”
Fit Fogey
Fit Fogey:
She’s allegedly very rude and disrespectful to her own staff. Many stories out there about her own inappropriate behavior. This looked like a big deflection job blaming other people to me.
The most unlikeable comedian still on tv... never liked shim
Helena Giszter
Helena Giszter:
I think there are two things to remember here: heterophobia is just as real a thing as homophobia. Gay people are different and react different - sometimes and more often than not their "cold, offensive or sexual predatory behaviour" are not what it seems to straight people. Ellen opened up about her real intentions, it should be enough since nobody had enough guts to repeat claims to her face despite the time and the chances given.
Ken Sowinski
Ken Sowinski:
There is an obvious problem with this videos title..."Apologizes" needs to be put in quotes, an objective reading of her message clearly shows that she offered no actual "apology". She pushed blame onto her producers and then proceeded to cry "foul" about her staff. Keep digging that hole Ellen!
Lee Lorenz
Lee Lorenz:
No one will ever raise their voice? Dont promise that. Lost everything? I dont think so.
Freedom Above All
Freedom Above All:
She got way bigger problems than her staff hating her guts. Let the real show begin...
Tita Evans-Santini
Tita Evans-Santini:
And stop scaring people for fun
Roberto Macias
Roberto Macias:
Crazy as devil she knows a bout missing kids
Diego Suarez
Diego Suarez:
She never said that she would improve herself.
Ellen DeGenerate. Besties with Epstein.
Robert Hubbard
Robert Hubbard:
At the end of her show she always says be kind to one another she needs to practice what she preaches.
Amanda milson
Amanda milson:
She is going to be charged. Maybe some jail time for Ellen is on the way.
L C:
Boo. I'm sorry but there's no way she could not have known.Do better. For her to have such a big platform and to see this is disappointing..
I am Nobody
I am Nobody:
Epstein goon. That all she'll ever be.
Yousir Cantknow
Yousir Cantknow:
*Today's politics have created some Monsters.*
J W:
She walks around with a strap on.
America's Choice
America's Choice:
She is possessed.
O331 USMC:
Ellen , I’m not sorry and I’m more of a victim then the people saying there victims of abuse on my show in which I’m not taking any responsibility for
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin:
C'mon guys, give Ellen a break, she's having withdrawals from adrenochrome
Cherith Cutestory
Cherith Cutestory:
Raymond DeLeon
Raymond DeLeon:
She hasn't ingested the blood of innocent children in quite some time due to covid. Her fans shouldn't worry though. She's been stocking up and will be back on her feet in no time.
is degenerete her real name?
The Ramil Podcast
The Ramil Podcast:
Her not knowing shows just how involved she was in the well-being of her workers and staff. That’s where the apology should come from, not pushing blame on others. Sink with the ship
As Carol King said, “It’s too late, baby.”
kg Fairgo
kg Fairgo:
Why didn't they get rid of Ellen instead of everyone else?
Those accusations sound just like how Walmart management run their stores.
Chad Matthew
Chad Matthew:
That Adrenochrome is wearing off.
James Fuertes
James Fuertes:
Just stop and go away
What interests me more is about her adrenochrome usage.
Tom Foreman
Tom Foreman:
Takes 0 responsibility then basically
hyunjin ??
hyunjin ??:
fame really corrupts people.
javi ruiz
javi ruiz:
She just blamed everyone else, but herself!!!!! Exactly what I was expecting from her.
Nick Dillon
Nick Dillon:
Based on former and current employees, people that she's interacted with outside the workplace, and the jack in the box scaring people to death amongst other things happenings on her show,, she's simply the queen of meaness. She is responsible for creating a toxic work environment where the executives were following her warped expectations, and now that she's been exposed, she's decided to shift the blame onto them. She was ahead of her time with physical and social distancing. It's sad that alot of these celebrities treat people poorly when they make it big in Hollywood because these are the same people that make them look good for their fake brands.
Julien Weiner
Julien Weiner:
First time in history “buzzfeed broke a story” was a viable sentence
Lilly VanShtup
Lilly VanShtup:
The complaints are about HER. Best to just swallow the humble pill and say, "I let it all go to my head." People will believe that more that this apology of - "Its my staff not me... I was busy dancing."
Kari Bu
Kari Bu:
Ellen clearly knew a great deal about what was going on behind the scenes... So sad she is trying to blame the producers. If she is so concerned about fair treatment, why did she never question why those she interacted with, would never look at her or speak with her? She knew!
More Thinking Needed
More Thinking Needed:
THE HARVEY WEINSTEIN SYNDROME: Celebrities are totally unaware of the indecencies that go on all around them in plain sight... until it lands on their doorstep.
James Dennan
James Dennan:
That was some impressive deflecting. She is a nasty piece of work.
Hari Om
Hari Om:
Ellen's stock has gone down significantly, her show is effectively over...
Simon Douglass
Simon Douglass:
It is nice seeing the comments are changing in the favor of the ones who were considered crazy.
“No one would raise their voice”..no work place is like that lol
Coming from the same classist that exclusively hangs out w/ other mega rich & unprosecuted above-the-law war criminals like G.W. Bush, normalizing such behavior & crimes, Ellen Degeneras comes off like an out of touch rich asshole here in this letter instead of a real "man of the people" like she intended. She just deflects blame onto ppl around her, offering no apologies or plan to correct the problems other than firing one EP (out of 3) & telling ppl to stop using her name when treating employees badly. Consider the problems solved then?!?
Miserable Ol' Bastard
Miserable Ol' Bastard:
Something smells fishy here . 🐠
This message brought to you by Summer's Eve.
For that "not so fresh feeling"
Dotdotdot Dotdotdot
Dotdotdot Dotdotdot:
Big "stars" have big pull, especially when the show bolsters your last name. You did nothing to better the workplace. You were well aware of the misconduct.
Joe Gerr
Joe Gerr:
She needs to grow her hair out to hide those ears or with all her money needs to get them sewn back closer to her big head.
S L A V G H T E R S E A S O N:
When her behavior is not being told to the media, then she wouldn’t be sorry :/
The reality finally comes out.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
"in a letter" : im really sure her lawyer wrote the letter for her
Only sorry when you’re caught.
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny:
Dory deserves an apology.
Arundhati C.
Arundhati C.:
Just wow.
I wanna know who’s just sitting in a room like:
-shane dawson-
-jeffree star-
-aunt jemima-
-jenna marbles-
She should learn from Conan - at least he cares about his staff and even involves them in his show. Total opposites.
Mister JK
Mister JK:
i thought she was the problem.
kolim jone
kolim jone:
"in a letter" : im really sure her lawyer wrote the letter for her
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
"in a letter" : im really sure her lawyer wrote the letter for her
Nobody had a problem with Ellen until she was caught on camera chumming it up with George Bush at the super bowl.
Adam McHenry
Adam McHenry:
I just wanna know why she's on house arrest
Common Sense
Common Sense:
Once you reach a pinnacle in Hollywood stay there for ten years then get the hell out.
Donald Trump☑️
Donald Trump☑️:
They’re eating their own now 😂
I think it's about adrenochrome and that she was on the flight log to Epstein's island..... busted, Jimmy Kimmel has the same problem.
Sly Symbiote
Sly Symbiote:
Such a cop out. Not once did she take accountability for her wrong actions and pushed blame this way the weight of her wrong doing doesn’t have to be on her. Shame on her! She so worried about her status in Hollywood that she can’t even be an adult and take responsibility. I lost all respect for her. Not that I had any to begin with
Lisa Love Ministries
Lisa Love Ministries:
Maybe Ellen’s like Steve Harvey just likes her personal space. She always helps people, can’t image her being mean and hostile. She can’t control people but now she knows her staffs a problem she can “correct” it in this #metoo #BLM propaganda. It’s systemic no matter who’s name is on the door. 1 John 5:19
"Since I was caught, I now apologize."
Good bye Ellen! That wasn't an apology, a mass letter really, she needs to be taken off the air!🇺🇸🤔
John Smith
John Smith:
She's/He's a part of Pizzagate 🍕