EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn Beckham Reveals Why He Never Followed In Dad David Beckham's Soccer Footsteps

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18-year-old Brooklyn Beckham has turned his passion for photography into a new book called 'What I See.'

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G Venchy
G Venchy:
He looks like that kid who has rich parents but still sells drugs for no reason
"Why not sports, or *soccer* ?"
"I played *football* for 15 years..."

Yo daFilm
Yo daFilm:
"Why not music or sports and soccer?"
"I did football for 15 years"
That's right man, FOOTBALL!!
Everytime I hear soccer is like I call american football Rugby
Authentic Aesthetic
Authentic Aesthetic:
He looks like male version of Victoria
Alejandra Valenzuela
Alejandra Valenzuela:
I feel bad for Beckham cause he probably want atleast one of his kids to become a soccer player but none of them want to :/ well maybe harber will
sue carrigan
sue carrigan:
I was his dinner lady, he is a beautifully sensitive young man, I used to pick up feathers on the play ground , Brooklyn asked me what I was doing, I told him that before my father died he made it clear that he would send me feathers to let me know that he was doing good in the after life, bless him he started picking up feathers for me, I will never forget Brooklyn, he’s a great boy
curt wall
curt wall:
Must be annoying when everyone expects brooklyn to be like his dad.
Good luck to him
heather holyland
heather holyland:
Jeez some real ugly souls making comments on here ..
He's a young lad , didn't choose his parents , trying to find his own way in life ..
its like a doctor's son who doesnt wanna be a doc. every human has a special talent or passion for something different
Jimbo Rasp
Jimbo Rasp:
He's an artist. Good for him
He talks just like his dad and closes his eyes as he says certain things. Same media training
Corne Van Gulik
Corne Van Gulik:
Finding your own way is hard enough, let alone if the spotlight is always on you
I can respect that
He's adorable. I wish him loads of success!
You can tell he’s so down to earth like his parents!
Keith Foester
Keith Foester:
don't you guys get it. don't you guys ever been a teenager or went through that phase to understand. he would probably see these comments and feel worthless. you don't know how even your own flesh and blood feels sometimes. so just be nicer in your comments and if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.

just a teaching point.
brandon pitzer
brandon pitzer:
Great to see the boy pursuing something he's passionate about
bill davis
bill davis:
Good for him looking at the picture of his father,this young man has talent
well he could actually do something worth while with his high profile ... like photojournalism and work for organizations like worldpressphoto or natgeo. It's photography, but with a meaning. Pictures from these two organizations have changed the world... He's still young but that would be a great path for him.
O K:
Any different from Kim Kardashians selfie book? Just that this is about the Beckhams...so not buying it
Villy Vassell
Villy Vassell:
Seems a decent lad well adjusted,, young man,
abby weaver
abby weaver:
Yalllllll Thats my boyfriend😍😍❤️❤️ hes like exactly like David though and Im in loveeee
kms hes a photographer... only cuz his dads rich can he get away with that
Trimm Trabb
Trimm Trabb:
I think it's awesome how he is following his own passion and dreams instead of following his parents! people will definitely compare him to his parents and how they were in their career. He is so beautiful, mixture of both his parents <3
why did they show Mariah carey in thebeginning?
maya husanova
maya husanova:
he is cute child! 😍! god bless their family!
Another Dimension
Another Dimension:
Encouraging every person who does what he really wants !
Anthony David
Anthony David:
He is young kid who is finding his own path. He is well spoken and articulate. I am the same age as his dad and would be very proud
B B:
when he looked hot and clean
This is one family I can commend for "normalizing" their children. Making them get jobs n stop from the bottom of course there will be the obvious of getting certain things, but they seem like average parents minus their status!
Bellaxx x
Bellaxx x:
His voice is so low 😍
sarah s.
sarah s.:
ohh he can speak!?
Joshua 1
Joshua 1:
I wish he had played football I'd love to see another beckham at united but he clearly doesn't have passion for it
Jodi Kendrick
Jodi Kendrick:
Yes could you imagine growing up
Worn them as parents. Wow. Love this famous family.
Don S
Don S:
He never followed his dad’s footsteps because he wasn’t good enough.
Nicky S
Nicky S:
Kudos to the Beckhams cause he seems like a nice chap! Wish you luck and success Brooklyn!
Brynley Jones
Brynley Jones:
*Brooklyn: I now have 1 million followers on instagram.
David: I've got fifty.*
Angel Irbin
Angel Irbin:
Because he was born rich and grew up in the US. He feels set for life and those guys have little motivation to do anything.
BEBA & Alicia Pagán
BEBA & Alicia Pagán:
Von Morris
Von Morris:
I’m always on the fence with rich kids. They don’t have to struggle financially or go through certain trial and tribulations like normal people, but the identity forging must be difficult. As an average person, I’ve never had to live in someone’s shadow. That must be hard.
Might also have something to do with the fact he isn't good enough, i'm pretty sure he got dropped.
Yeony Lee
Yeony Lee:
he exactly looks like his mum when imitating her pose 😆
Laura Dembeck
Laura Dembeck:
Because he's nowhere near good enough
Cheeky_monkey Xxx
Cheeky_monkey Xxx:
Like he's accent 😍
Ish 1290
Ish 1290:
David is hotter than his son.
sue carrigan
sue carrigan:
i remember him when he was very poorly as a small child, i think he had croup, he fell asleep on my lap at school, i couldent bear to wake him, i youst to pick up feathers on the playground that my father sent to me, brooklyn asked me why i did this, so i told him that my father was in heaven and he sent them to me to comfort me, he started picking them up and putting them in his blazer pocket, he was the sweetest child, i feal so proud of the way he has grown up, please send my regards to the girls and louise, god bless to all of you xxxx
T J:
Better to go in your OWN direction. Alway's...
whizzard blizzard
whizzard blizzard:
Lol he can be a photographer for his mom's fashion line. It's so easy for him.
I have a good feeling about him🙄 *not a fan*
Christy S
Christy S:
I got his book yesterday and it's amazing!!! Love you Brooklyn
mr caution
mr caution:
00:37 of all David Beckham history you put his picture when he was with la galaxy !!!!
Bridget Burns
Bridget Burns:
He hasn't the talent or skills to be anything else,there,s a lot more to it than just wanting to be.
Tiana Quattro
Tiana Quattro:
Glad Brooklyn is so much like his dad and they're like so cose its so cute, it's like there is another young david again
ellioshie m
ellioshie m:
He is talentless...like his mother.
Petty white
Petty white:
I love this. I love when celebrity kids create their own path and dont do the same things that their parents did. Theyre their own people so Im glad Brooklyn's found his own unique niche
His impression of his mom was spot on
El Rey de Escarcha
El Rey de Escarcha:
Proud of you Brooklyn.
Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend
Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend:
I have a crush on Brooklyn.
Didnt need to work for a living like his parents they fund his lifestyle end of. No motivation required to excel or move up the social ladder as he is already rich. I would have done the same to be honest.
Syafiq Norkhalim
Syafiq Norkhalim:
@1:57 - "Pretty impressive young man."
Ermmm sorry but no, there's nothing impressive about getting the gigs due to his fame which was given at birth. Not saying he isn't a good photographer, but he didn't earn those gigs properly like real professionals do, so there's no need to be impressed.
No Bias
No Bias:
0:54, reason why pre-Southgate England failed.
LLamas Land
LLamas Land:
So cute, all the best for him.
dirkson boliv
dirkson boliv:
I cracked up when he makes that silly expression about his mom posing for a pic..hahaha what can you expect your mom is posh spice Victoria ;)
Living in US for most of the time, he still has British accent.
Meg S
Meg S:
Crazy to think he is the son of a Spice girl!! I feel old 😂
Arno LT
Arno LT:
Nice brushing old Brook' (yeah I know the Beckams)
Jerome Alve
Jerome Alve:
skinny legend sighting at 0:05
Bang average looking bloke
fn jk
fn jk:
The reason he didn't follow his dad's footsteps is because he shite. The title makes him sound like it was his choice hahahaja chap had the talent 👌🤣
teenie beenie
teenie beenie:
Stutter • Allan Scott
Stutter • Allan Scott:
Respect geeza ✌️☮️✌️
Lovely since born _
Lovely since born _:
Wait for Harper to be footballer😍 she doing great in playing footballer.
esther w
esther w:
Gosh he looks exactly like David Beckham when he had a clean bald hair cut!! The face cut the lips everything!! God bless :D
Zayn Zayn
Zayn Zayn:
He doesnt sounds like english boy
Thats so posh spice. Hehe to pose. Love her.
Pharoah Akhenaten
Pharoah Akhenaten:
What's the interviewers name. He looks familiar like hes from movies or MTV
Brett Deutsch
Brett Deutsch:
My favorite part of this video is the comments from people who are complaining about the word "soccer."

It never gets old.
Creative child indeed
Mekako gio
Mekako gio:
Real reason you all haters wanna be Brooklyn easy to see
"#jealous because you are
Moe Winchester
Moe Winchester:
Next few years... Cr7 son quit soccer's. 😂
little bit wiser
little bit wiser:
The mistake was bringing his family to Los Angeles! Home of the worldly living.
His boys would've had a better chance (interest) in taking after their Dads athletic ways had they stayed in Europe.
Amanda Tijerina
Amanda Tijerina:
What a sweet young man.
Y K:
Basically he can do whatever he likes due to his parents no talent needed
He looks stoned, good lad!! I'm glad they've all chosen their own paths in life, so talented and lovely, he wasn't a huge fan of football, poor lad was expected to be able to score loads of goals for England and sing like his mum, xx
S M:
What the hell is SOCCER? It is FOOTBALL⚽
Nothing admirable about nepotism!
who's here after the engagements?
William Harvey
William Harvey:
Wat a lovely family.
Felita Notoharmono
Felita Notoharmono:
he looks alike victoria.👍
Eva Lee
Eva Lee:
His voice is more manly than David's 😁😁
Kimbo 74
Kimbo 74:
What s all the fuss ? What am
I missing ?
These hosts are so clueless.
I read the Page Six article, and sources say that Brooklyn lacks in basic skills.
Page Six: They added: “Brooklyn’s best at pressing the button on the camera.”
His photography book is just a collection of blurred photos, it's just a vanity project.
Edwin Manzanares
Edwin Manzanares:
Omg i love Victoria
Brooklyn looks like Victoria!
Cause that would require hard work and dedication
teenie beenie
teenie beenie:
football** but yea, I'm sure David is gutted to not have a son into football.
Where's that "rolls eyes" emoji again?
Rumorady -
Rumorady -:
Good luck 🅱 rooklyn!