Evolution of FarmVille 2009-2019

Evolution of FarmVille Games 2009-2019 | History of FarmVille Games (Zynga games) | Farmville 3 2019

Video by Game_track

In this video, I will show you guys that how the graphics of farmville games evolved over the past few years. After launching on Facebook in 2009, FarmVille became the most popular game on the site, and held that position for over two years. At its peak, in March, 2010, the game had 83.76 million monthly active users. Daily active users peaked at 34.5 million. After 2011, the game began experiencing a considerable decline in popularity. By May 2012, the game was still ranked as the seventh most popular Facebook game. As of April 30, 2016, its rank had fallen to the one-hundred-and-tenth most popular Facebook game as measured by daily active users, while FarmVille 2 had climbed to forty-second.

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Evolution of FarmVille Games 2009-2019 | History of FarmVille Games

⚫ FarmVille 1 - 2009
Link - https://ckk.ai/WYYg9

⚫ FarmVille 2 - 2012
Link - https://ckk.ai/Jp95

⚫ FarmVille 2: Country Escape - 2014
Link - https://ckk.ai/RVBD

⚫ FarmVille: Harvest Swap - 2015
Link - https://ckk.ai/CmWe

⚫ FarmVille: Tropic Escape - 2016
Link - https://ckk.ai/zdXQk

⚫ FarmVille 3: Animals - 2019
Link - https://ckk.ai/B7KVO

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Thanks for Watching!
Sai Fia
Sai Fia:
the only reason why you just created facebook account is for this.
Locutz M
Locutz M:
i prefer the old school setup mannnnn i used to rush home just to play this lol
Márton Szabó
Márton Szabó:
The first Farmville was the only good one. You've had (almost) full freedom of what you wanted to do with your farm. Now it's just a scripted game where you can only do what the game tells you to. Only my opinion.
For some flashbacks I search for this because I’m missing those good days
Jay Pascual
Jay Pascual:
Yooo i used to spend my allowance on internet cafés to harvest my crops before it withers
2009 was the best of of all. I love this game and cherished it with all my heart. Farmville 2 was my favorite too but the first one is what I would pick if I were to choose.
c a t i e r a i n
c a t i e r a i n:
This made me feel nostalgic wtf
SIMP Slayer
SIMP Slayer:
I remember when i was on high school, i was so addicted to this game and i even learned how to cutting classes. The feels when farmville gives you a happy moments in your life. Glad I played this game, not those new ones.
gurjas singh
gurjas singh:
Childhood memories refreshed. I used to play daily for 3 hours. Me and my friends were huge fans of it back then
I played since the start of the original, the new ones kinda suck. But I guess thats just nostalgia talking.
Moon Noggin
Moon Noggin:
Zynga is ending forever Fv 1 .. it's tragic. I have made life long friends playing it. I loved trapping the avatar as well. fun times .. busy photographing my farms on the last before it dies forever Dec 2020 .. the year just suits it.
I remember the og trap your character glitch so that you didnt have to harvest. Made an account when i was 6 so i could play lol, odd, I'm 18 now almost 19, my mom showed me this game, this was also when you could see your friends posts underneath games lol. Wow facebook has came a long way.
Shei Lai
Shei Lai:
i missed the original farmville 💔
I was once really addicted to this game. I miss the old farmville.
Lachchu AR
Lachchu AR:
*I need 2012 farmville2🙁*
Bring back the classic farmville with only one farm...
The Maniac Mower
The Maniac Mower:
I remember playing this back in 2009 stoped playing about after a year I started. Still have the game on facebook have not checked it out since last i played but would be interested to see how my farm looks after being abandoned so long
The best version was Farmville 2 - 2012
Alex Delashmit
Alex Delashmit:
This was the only old Facebook Game from my childhood that is still very very much alive. All my other favorites closed down.
Bernard Go
Bernard Go:
Ahh Farmville, where you trapped your character in hay so it can do actions instantly. Where you had multiple throw away emails and fb account for the game, the time where you used fb just to play games like pet society, restaurant city, crazy planet, wild ones, etc
Moon Noggin
Moon Noggin:
Farmville 1 will always rule .. no sittin' around plopping one plant in at a time .. they had the mega-combine, you could plow, plant, then harvest in one click of 800 or more plots. I cant believe they let the game go. Why didn't they just sell it to someone who could keep the game going. It's very sad to we who have raised our grandkids playing it to teach them math and for pure enjoyment for 12 years!! That's a lot of days of friend and family fun. I don't know if I will trust Zynga with my time and money any more. Farmville 2 was another game that they bought. I didn't like it when it was owned by the other company either. This is a fun little video tho. Thank you for making it.
Patrick Ponz Reyes
Patrick Ponz Reyes:
farmville my childhood <3 i can stop crying at this video JUSTIN BIEBER THE BABY SONG AND THIS <3
Mika C:
Mika C::
noooooooo I loved the first one
Michael Zhang
Michael Zhang:
It’s sad to see it getting shut down :( all those good memories...
Alex_rabbit iGOT7 Ahgase&ArmyTH
Alex_rabbit iGOT7 Ahgase&ArmyTH:
I played on 2014 Now I am back to play again!
I remember playing this game when i was younger. Everyone played it including my parents (who barely play games anymore) and all my facebook friends played it. My facebook feed was full of people sharing gifts and in-game animals and I didn't kind because I played too. And we'd all visit eachother, help with crops, collect eggs from chicken coops and it was amazing... Then the game slowly started to shift, "missions/tasks" started crawling in. Most of my friends as well as eventually myself lost interest and that era of everyone playing it came to a close. While Zynga's old FB games were, let's face it, cow-clickers, they were still alot of fun regardless. And then they started shutting down many of my favourite games (Particularly Empires & Allies, which was replaced by some generic looking Clash of Clans clone) and that's when I started losing interest in Facebook games, which were probably the main reason I joined Facebook in the first place. There are still a couple of facebook games going but the era of Facebook games has come to a close, especially with the dawn of the similar but uglier mobile games market.
Jehu Manuel
Jehu Manuel:
The FV2CE is can't buy any crops/trees as many I want and the game can buy twice for the gold. After that is key which means is bit of frustrating

Also the animal can't buy as many I want; then can produce sources in once every you fed them
noob _world
noob _world:
2012 childhood memories man i used to play every day and i wasnt going to school🥺 everything destroyed my childhood memories
Seriously, am I the only one who noticed the graphics went from extremely cute to more juvenile with each new release? Why?
Franz Jared E Manahan
Franz Jared E Manahan:
Thank You Farmville you made my family happier cuz of u . Open the gates My Legends🔐💘
The astronaut
The astronaut:
I prefer farmville2 2014 i play it since my childhoom despite i restart the game from 0 each time i change device ☺😀😉
.... nostalgia hit me hard...
F4H33M H4S4Ñ
F4H33M H4S4Ñ:
I miss the old school Farmville. ❤️
Lil Jet Gaming
Lil Jet Gaming:
I wonder if Facebook will make a VR version of FarmVille for there oculus headsets?
Kedel Masterkey
Kedel Masterkey:
There was another game similar to the old original version of Farmville, using the same character models. Anyone remember the name of that one?? It had us walking around a city of some sort, with other players around
Awesome video😃✌️. Keep it up the hard work 😍👌. Thanks! 😎👍
holy shit the feels bro, the feels
Karun Manohar
Karun Manohar:
Hey! Is there any possibility to restore old game stuff? Or just start again? And thanks fot this.
RB Mert
RB Mert:
Iam playing this game 2012 version
most of this is FV2. there's millions of us who play the original FV for 12 yrs now and sadly it's probably going away at the end of 2020 along with all flash games
Baconeater5000 Craddock
Baconeater5000 Craddock:
The thing I wish would happen for FV2 is taking out all the events. I have so many events that are expired but I can't get rid of the building; the only way to do so is to do the event, but in this case I use my supplies to get nothing in return. Plus my game lags very hard now.
Abhishek ABU
Abhishek ABU:
man i really miss those child hood days playing farville 1....i created facebook only to play this n those days i didint had computer in my home..i used to play going to cyber cafes.....i played till level 91...wished they never deleted this game :(
Xiane Viel Matos
Xiane Viel Matos:
i have the 2014 version of this
Kunjal Patel
Kunjal Patel:
Is farmville still available on Facebook? I used to play some years back
Makoto Akiyama
Makoto Akiyama:
Ana Rakestraw
Ana Rakestraw:
I played the 2014 one.. this video is kinda nostalgic
Shelly Ustası
Shelly Ustası:
2012 good
naida glidewel
naida glidewel:
"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους
Juicy Sxnix
Juicy Sxnix:
Nice video 😁
Andre Roberson
Andre Roberson:
Goodbye Farmville :(
Μάριος Κ.
Μάριος Κ.:
I am just pressing the like button
İbrahim KAYA
İbrahim KAYA:
2012 best
Nurkamalia Azhari
Nurkamalia Azhari:
I miss the first farmville
Saltshaker 2.0
Saltshaker 2.0:
What a memory.
Played since it got released in 2009, couldn't ask for better childhood
ElTurro WTF
ElTurro WTF:
Aguante la Villa 31
A mí me gusta más el FarmVille 2 xD
majdi alabbar
majdi alabbar:
1:32 the best 👌👌👍
Lachchu AR
Lachchu AR:
MK Studios
MK Studios:
Is the entire video of a single game?
just a G E I S T E R
just a G E I S T E R:
Bro ... 2012..
Liezel danganan
Liezel danganan:
Anyone playing this game? 2020
I created facebook account because of this
DrawK Design
DrawK Design:
2012 ⭐❤❤
Ömürcan BÜLBÜL
Ömürcan BÜLBÜL:
2009 the best
Mei Lim
Mei Lim:
I prefer the 2012 tho
Rhydell Solis
Rhydell Solis:
I came here because Farmville will shutdown in Dec. 31 . We will Miss U
Leonard Andrew Villanueva
Leonard Andrew Villanueva:
RIP OG FarmVille
boran öcalan
boran öcalan:
2012 versyonu ne güzeldi yaaaa
The 2th version is the best one, now I hate the animals can't move
Ah be milletin çiftliğine girip sövüp kaçıyodum ne güzel günlerdi be
If you love farmville hug me tight
FV09 Best version
ZomerZim Pronounced By ZoomerZim
ZomerZim Pronounced By ZoomerZim:
Noob 0:19. To Pro 1:10
Mr Nilsson
Mr Nilsson:
I don't know why literally all game designers nowadays use this boring graphics. Not only children aged 5-7 play games... 😑
Asher Potter The Gryffindor
Asher Potter The Gryffindor:
Rip 29.09.2020
iamhighly_favored channel
iamhighly_favored channel:
Laki na pinagbago ng farmville
Joha Vasquez Peralta
Joha Vasquez Peralta:
Yo lo kiero pero esta vercion en mi celu y no se como
Dux Academiae Generalis
Dux Academiae Generalis:
I prefer FarmVille 2

1. FarmVille2
2. FarmVille (I didn't play it)
3. FarmVille Escape
Davut Baran TAŞKIN
Davut Baran TAŞKIN:
O primeiro era muito melhor
فهد العجمي
فهد العجمي:
Old is gold
Franka *66
Franka *66:
So, it basically got worse and worse...
Goodgame farmer daha iyiydi
N I D Z O:
FarmVille 2 is the best!
used to play this but was kind of stupid ...stardew valley is way better lol