Everything Google CEO Sundar Pichai just said to Congress in 16 minutes

Pichai testified before a House Judiciary subcommittee about whether the company's search practices are breaking antitrust laws. Here are the best moments from the hearing.

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100+ komento:

Maximilian W.
Maximilian W.:
The fact that we are watching this on Googles very own YouTube is... interesting...
Imagine doing this investigative research on Google, using a MacBook Pro, after your daughter went to pick up your grocery delivered by Amazon, while she was on Instagram.

Wow what a world we live in
Don Gonzalo
Don Gonzalo:
Chairman: why google steals from honest companies?
Google CEO: Mr Chairman, Goog....
Chairman: thankyou next question
balu g
balu g:
I think all the questions are searched in Google and asked to CEO Sunder.
Conan Edigawa
Conan Edigawa:
We need EA Games at this thing
Tevin Vezina
Tevin Vezina:
Didn't get a chance to catch the entirety of the hearings so thank you for taking the time to upload these!
Data Science
Data Science:
I was waiting Sundar to say, congressmen you can google it, but he didn't being a gentleman he is.
Udaybhaskar Bujuti
Udaybhaskar Bujuti:
Why ask questions when you don't have time for answer.
Strength and Grace Movement
Strength and Grace Movement:
Here we go again. Congress venting and interrogating and not really asking to truly understand. What the f%^# is the point of this?
Sundar: I know, you Googled top 10 questions for tech boss last week.
Congress: oh, I should have tried Yahoo.
Nicolas Brunet
Nicolas Brunet:
wonder why Microsoft wasn't included
Alphabet also owns a small video share Company called YouTube.
Mitchell Vargo
Mitchell Vargo:
It’s so annoying, all these are the same. They ask a question and already have the answer they want to hear, no matter what the people say
David McKinstry
David McKinstry:
It would be great if our government officials understood tech
The Desi Lifestyle
The Desi Lifestyle:
This man speaks much more humanlike than Jeff Bezos and Mark ZuckerBOT combined.
Kathy Wang
Kathy Wang:
The congress use Google's cookies to say they are stolen, how interesting the congress is😂😂😂
Tom MacKean
Tom MacKean:
Chairman: "My question is very specific. Some anonymous business have made broad claims about some sort of theft of some things. I can't give you any details but you are definitely guilty so I'll move one"
Asad Khan
Asad Khan:
I wouldn't go hard on someone with all of my data lol
Conan Edigawa
Conan Edigawa:
You should never answer these questions straight forward. That's how you end up in a trap, and your words end up getting thrown back in your face.
Kabilan Mohanraj
Kabilan Mohanraj:
They just want the CEO to accept whatever their investigation shows and give him no time to justify or to disagree with the accusations of the company's actions.
Jerald Macachor
Jerald Macachor:
When kindergarteners try to grill college professors. Ok I know, it’s not fair to the kids.
Jarvias Owens
Jarvias Owens:
Google did 👍🏾. You guys should have watched the whole stream, it went down ☕🍿
mangesh burange
mangesh burange:
Congress expect only one word answer
Shehnaz Rehman
Shehnaz Rehman:
Such a peaceful personality he has.
Harsh Kumar Gupta
Harsh Kumar Gupta:
what is this? ... 1 minute for questions and 30 seconds for answers.... This is so not fair
Otabek Akbarov
Otabek Akbarov:
thats a very interesting question.... let me google that
Altamash Sayed
Altamash Sayed:
From IIT to Google my man Sundar still giving Viva's.
David Ebubechukwu
David Ebubechukwu:
Who have noticed that YouTube is not massively recommending this video to many people and this is meant to be a trend... LoL
If I was any of these guys, after about the 4th time of being interrupted I would've just said if you're not going to listen I'm not going to talk
shushovan dey
shushovan dey:
Everytime they said "google", my google assistant woke up. 😅😅
Josuke Urbalejo
Josuke Urbalejo:
There are a lot of people in need of internet education and how businesses work on the internet.
chance to Raise
chance to Raise:
I'm I only person thinking that Congress is asking more questions to sundar not to tim
The congress man has no mind to listen, he just wants to read out what has been given to him.
Rod Fer
Rod Fer:
Why was Microsoft not questioned?
Diego Lovell
Diego Lovell:
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez:
“I appreciate it” why say this lmao
Jacirema heathman
Jacirema heathman:
Humm interessante
Frank Diamond
Frank Diamond:
Lol high tech photographer taking photos of screen
Olivier de Broqueville
Olivier de Broqueville:
They only tell us what we already know and hide tons.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin:
Mr chairman I've list of all the questions that you've searched before this hearing , Should I answer unlike any other candidates before 😶
Will Flannigan
Will Flannigan:
It would be great if we could get some timestamps for this, thanks!
The Desi Lifestyle
The Desi Lifestyle:
I stream video games to Amazon’s Twitch, Facebook, and Google’s YouTube. I wonder why Apple never got into streaming.
DeAndre Haynes
DeAndre Haynes:
Mr. Jordan is way too much for me
Im just scrolling down the comment section laughing at the people wanting to take them down, when they could not spend a day without their products
rushaan shah
rushaan shah:
@CNET..please make sure the next time you upload these..we actually have some answers to hear and not only questions..
Junayd A.A
Junayd A.A:
These boomers need to get out of these law offices or whatever they’re called and we need some younger people in there..
Rahul Varma
Rahul Varma:
"Mr. Congressman..."
Butt Channels
Butt Channels:

The neutral platform”

steven gao
steven gao:
Wow they should put this stuff on 8pm TV instead of another seasons of Bachelor, Idol, MasterChef etc etc etc
bolaji carmichael
bolaji carmichael:
Like when you realize that you spend 90% of your time on the google part of the internet. Get out.
Leon Pope
Leon Pope:
Are you committed to the Love of God in Yeshua Hamashiach!
Y Zhang
Y Zhang:
Tech company can't have too much power. Or else they would do evil things easily.
Andrew Eckerberg
Andrew Eckerberg:
i wish yelp HAD disappeared from the web. They're the real extortionists on the internet.
Conflict of Interest point is spot on!
Edward Duma
Edward Duma:
like all others, they are users of others - leftist slogan you work and I get rich on your back. what's new - people be careful the are spying on you
Muhammed Fazil
Muhammed Fazil:
I like this interview..... These congress men are asking questions what I really think they are doing all part of the world.... But what ever other side reply is.... We are comitted bla... Bla...
The guy is reading answers on his screen
Paris Malaspinas
Paris Malaspinas:
I expected Google assistant to answer these questions haha
M W:
Google is Bias!!!¡
Leon Pope
Leon Pope:
Google do you ask I Am That I Am to keep you humble, meek and modest?
Mizzbrenn just sayin
Mizzbrenn just sayin:
This is interesting to hear
Gerard Tolan
Gerard Tolan:
Looking down at the table for his script, cant remember a speech or a few lines.embarrasing
Rahul Chakraborty
Rahul Chakraborty:
Wow they want pichai just to say something controversial.
abadir abdo
abadir abdo:
I can't wait nothing to happened
Rumy Khan
Rumy Khan:
Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave all the answers in a beautiful and correct way. I support Google on behalf of Bangladesh,
Film Probe
Film Probe:
Finally the questions are something tech CEO's understand.
queen sandie
queen sandie:
but sometimes it's to much information given Away by google
One thing to know from this hearing is that Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, is a protector of Big Tech. He is among the top who receive Big Tech donations, from Google.
Mr. Jordan voted to refuse labelling Big Tech companies as monopolies and says antitrust wont solve political bias. He is also among those that states that Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook are NOT MONOPOLIES.
George Sweeney
George Sweeney:
Backhanders to congress
To much power to few. No privacy 100%
Mr jordan must be crazy, when the world listens to the who.
Jordan Lucero
Jordan Lucero:
Jamie Christmas
Jamie Christmas:
All I’m learning from these discussions is that our Congress is even worse and ignorant than I imagined.
Thom Strom
Thom Strom:
These congressmen who ask the question read anecdotal emails from biased, angry and hating people.
The Chairman looks to be biased. Does definitive investigation reveal that the chairman is a lobbyist .
haroon gool
haroon gool:
Split the other companies but leave Google please:) its saved my life too many times idk
Mario Manestar
Mario Manestar:
why ask questions when your talking to a robot
Nare P
Nare P:
Time to improve bing search engine.
is it just me or did pichai just promote google services instead of answering the questions?
My google home kept getting on while watching this, maybe she was mad 👁👄👁
Marmik Chaudhari
Marmik Chaudhari:
Sundar Pichai is the best CEO of the world......✌️🙂
jamie lunes
jamie lunes:
My name is SUNDER damn! I Understand😂😁😄😍
blazing void
blazing void:
Even if sundar pichai doesn’t get mad I do get mad when the Congressmen interrupts

Like he can’t even finish want he is tryna tell
Nare P
Nare P:
Steeling selling crushing!
Why conduct this when you don't have time for the answer? Frustrating!
Hahaha, Jordan is a clown!
Looks like those small businesses lie.
ronnyandjamiejoy Sandvick
ronnyandjamiejoy Sandvick:
DONT TELL US WHAT YOU DO WELL, tell us what harm you have done since that is the accusation!! Answer the question!!!
Gandluru srikrishna
Gandluru srikrishna:
If they're already decided on what answer they want what's the point of these testimonials?
Vik M
Vik M:
Why ask questions when you don't have time for an answer.
Amit Singh
Amit Singh:
Learn first, how to listen someone before asking questions.
That Mr Jordan only cares about his election and his candidate. Don’t we have much pressing issue here. I see misguided concern. 😅
Edward Duma
Edward Duma:
A charge of $1 @ 1 Billion customers = $1 billion at $50 = $50 Billion !!!!!!!!
Leon Pope
Leon Pope:
Google do you think you are the real I Am that I Am?
Noob CanadianTrader
Noob CanadianTrader:
Congress: Lets google what questions to ask them!
Predicted Random
Predicted Random:
It's probably already too late ... You cant cut off all arms of the data collecting kraken
Are these congressman really concerned about Google's revenue than something to do with these pandemic conditions. And btw Sundar Pichai has worked really hard his whole life he deserves it....Id but the congressmen sounds like some spoilt arrogant child.
What will happen if they even lie. Will thier monopoly be broken. Or these things r just to content the general public.
Google 💯
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira:
Let him speak!!!!
Dhaval Bhatt
Dhaval Bhatt:
The best of all CEOs....