Eurovision Movie REVIEW

Eurovision Netflix Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & movie review 2020! Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams & Dan Stevens compete at Eurovision!

Eurovision Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the 2020 movie starring Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams and Dan Stevens for Netflix! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy Eurovision in 2020 on Netflix and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Will Ferrell Movies - 00:00
European Settings - 1:12
Europe - 1:54
Eurovision - 3:10
McAdams & Stevens - 5:06
Directing - 6:23
More Sketch Than Film - 6:33
Low Key Music Movie - 7:11
2nd Tier Pitch Perfect - 7:32
Conclusion - 8:05

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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Hannah Doyle
Hannah Doyle:
It is kind of funny, as a European, seeing Americans discover Eurovision. I didn’t realise they didn’t know what it was
alex li
alex li:
I once hit speorg note when zipper caught my ja ja din dong.
Graham Norton is the UKs actual presenter for the Eurovision so he's technically not playing a part
Daniel Dickson
Daniel Dickson:
The biggest joke in the movie is that the UK has any chance of winning therefore hosting the competition 😂 we've not won in a looong looong time. And for good reason too 😂😂
Francis Viola
Francis Viola:
When Dan Stevens character said "Mother Russia does not agree", I felt that.
Quick note: Eurovision has been around since 50’s not 70’s and it was a way to bring Europe together and unite people of different cultures through music after the war.

Also, ABBA are not the only big music names to come out of Eurovision. Celine frickin Dion also won Eurovision before she was mega famous. This contest has a rich history and means a lot to so many Europeans.
Andy McCurdy
Andy McCurdy:
hahaha grace: the movie is to over the top also grace, she hasnt ever actually seen the bat shit crazy performances that really do happen at eurovision.
“You can’t find a bad setting in Europe”

...she’s never been to Hull, UK
Lukas DiSparrow
Lukas DiSparrow:
I'm glad American's made that movie because now Americans are introduced to Eurovision. It only got 2 American actors but the rest is wonderfully cast with divert European cast wich a lot of movies lack so that is a HUGE THUMBS UP, they made this movie with a LOT OF RESPECT to Europe, Europeans and the contest. This movie deffo got 12 points from me!

Americans may not like this movie too much because they don't understand the concept of Eurovision like Europeans have no clue about what the fuss about SuperBowl is about. Ecurovision's got 2x the audience and unites all countries.
‘Overly silly’ - literally the norm for actual Eurovision performances
Matgo Styles
Matgo Styles:
"A short sketch dragged out over hours" is the perfect description of the Eurovision Song Contest every single year! I propose Grace does a watch along of next year's contest just to see her reaction of how crazy the whole thing is.
M Z:
What's crazy is that this movie comes out the year we don't have an actual Eurovision. I guess this will help those in need of their does of annual Eurovision content lol
Grace: movie gets overly silly
Movie: Ferrel in a hamster wheel
Eurovision: Creates self parody Love, Love, Peace, Peace where a man doing tricks in a hamster wheel is barely even where the silliness begins
But Without
But Without:
Lmao Grace still calling Abba, Arba... 😂🤦‍♂️ just proving the movie right about American’s ignorance of Europe haha jks jks great review Grace!
Juan Quispe
Juan Quispe:
6:36 Grace: "The movie can be overly silly which is when Will Ferrell runs..."
This is a reference to Ukraine, Grace. They did this at Eurovision in 2014 where a guy ran in a giant hamster wheel lol. Whoever is reading this, search for "Mariya Yaremchuk - Tick-Tock LIVE ESC 2014". ^^
Julius Maloney
Julius Maloney:
Grace: “It’s a movie about music, where the music never gets to an 11. There’s an occasional 8, but it rests at about a 6...” so basically every Eurovision Song Contest. 😉🕺🏼💃🏼🕺🏽💃🏽
Cookie Cracker
Cookie Cracker:
In addition to Abba , Celine Dion also won Eurovision in 1988, I believe that's the way she became famous too.
R Step
R Step:
This movie blows Pitch Perfect out of the water in every facet. From plot to soundtrack.
Russel Hicken
Russel Hicken:
Also Graham Norton is the actual commentator for the British broadcast of Eurovision and has been for quite a few years since he took over from Sir Terry Wogan RIP. Xx
Lost In Limbo
Lost In Limbo:
Eurovision has been around since the 1950s and is shown to over a billion people every year. By the way, love how you say ABBA, very American lol
Lilly M.
Lilly M.:
the most unrealistic thing about this is that the UK is hosting, bc would they actually have won???? and the most realistic thing is that the songs are at a steady 6 lol. as a european i'm slightly terrified but imma watch the heck out of it anyway obviously.
Victor Contreras
Victor Contreras:
Hi Grace, loved your review and will certainly be watching the movie soon. However, Russia in not "one of the only countries in the world" with anti-LGBT laws. Sadly, being of the LGBT community is illegal in 65 countries and punished with death in 10 of them.
connor yup
connor yup:
Grace: There’s a running gag with an elf.

*shows picture of gnome*
Well Eurovision was never known for having musical masterpieces but camp bubble gum pop of diverse regions.
Russia is one of the only countries in the world who are still draconian about LGBTQ+ rights? Uuuuuuh... 😅 No. There are a lot.
Jason Lam
Jason Lam:
Freakin’ loved this movie. Entertaining and funny AF. Sure the story isn’t original, but who cares! It’s hilarious and the music is great! The perfect movie to watch at home right now.
Fun fact: Celine Dion also won the Eurovision contest when she was 16 for Switzerland.
Eurovision has been around since the early 50s. It was an idea to bring Europe together through music after WW2. It is huge in Sweden. You should check it out.
T Murphy
T Murphy:
All of your American comments seem hilarious to a British person who grew up with Eurovision.
"ABBA won Eurovision?"
Haha. Love you Grace.
One correction, Eurovision is running not since 70s, it started 1956.
I loved the "hamster wheel" is very realistic to Eurovision.
Alex Papas
Alex Papas:
It's so incredible to see Grace getting a small taste of what Eurovision is... Grace, please consider watching Eurovision next year!
M. S.
M. S.:
Eurovision has been around since the 1950’s.😒

This is why Americans are not invited to the party.🙄
skaven matt
skaven matt:
I actually really enjoy this movie, the finale' generated some actual feels, Steven's not so subtle but subtle enough performance gave some feels too. I love the running gag about them being siblings, but maybe not. This is miles above holmes and Watson, For a Netflix movie, this is a 10. For a real movie, maybe a 7
I adored this movie. It was made with so much love and affection for Eurovision. Brilliant songs, great performances. Rachael McAdams was wonderful. Eurovision started in 1956 by the way Grace. It’s the most watched tv show by far every year.
Ingrid Gonzalez
Ingrid Gonzalez:
I'm in it for McAdams and that's it
Yutaka Tamanaha
Yutaka Tamanaha:
Wait a movie where the characters are actually good people??? In these times, I could use that.
Son Of Thunder
Son Of Thunder:
the songs that they sing on this movie are absolutely beautiful...I'm a huge fan of viking and fantasy type music...the double trouble song is soul touching its beautiful I can't even put it in words...awesome movie👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
So I host a ESC watch party every year and my country does so badly every time but it’s just so fun to watch. Also Eurovision Song Contests have such a weird range from bad to so bad it’s good to actually good acts. And like someone else said in the comments, it’s just batshit crazy at times.
So yeah, excited to watch this
And it's been around since the 70s?? 😂 No ma'am, it's much older than that. Try 1956.
Felix Reißig
Felix Reißig:
The first Eurovision Song Contest actually took place in 1956. The fact that so many Americans have never heard of the contest is astounding to me, especially since the world is so digitally connected these days and here in Germany pretty much everyone knows what the Eurovision Song Contest is
Chris C
Chris C:
Just finished watching and LOVED IT! it was funny, heartfelt without being overly corny I thought. The characters were lovable and the music was good! Did not expect to love it as much as I did. As soon as I heard Rachel was in this I knew I had to watch it and man did she not disappoint. Loved her character.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones:
"The music only gets to about a 6." Soooo.....still better than any of the songs in actual Eurovision then
Guillermo Jr Boy
Guillermo Jr Boy:
I learned about Eurovision from Epic Sax Guy. Man's a legend.
I enjoyed Rachel’s ‘Björk-esque’ impression on her character while talking with the Elves, I wondered if she was McAdam’s inspiration.
Have a look at Graham Norton’s previous years’ narration of Eurovision and you will understand how his commentary was absolutely perfect.
Jared V
Jared V:
What Grace!!!?? you didnt know about Eurovision?? WHAT!!
The Local Diva
The Local Diva:
I feel like Grace should've watched an actual Eurovision contest in full before this movie. Will Ferrel's performance was not silly, the real competition is so much more campy and over the top!
Vanessa Green
Vanessa Green:
You've clearly missed 95% of the (inner) jokes pfff
Cedric Mathew Hudson
Cedric Mathew Hudson:
As someone from Belgium, the Eurovision song contest is the most INSANE contest ever. The songs are over the top and outlandish, which is part of the fun. It's so weird seeing people from the USA discovering it since it's been around for almost 65 years 😅😂
It reaches more than 11 it reaches like 1 million with the last song is perfect it deserves an Oscar for original song
Russel Hicken
Russel Hicken:
Grace... Eurovision is the highlight of my year. It's AMAZING! Xx
I actually thought this was much better than Pitch Perfect...
Joey W
Joey W:
Eurovision is all about campiness and theatrics, so I'm excited to go into this with that mindset
Cullen Bloodstone
Cullen Bloodstone:
As a major Eurovision fan the trailer made me see they didn't realize how big and important Eurovision is for a lot of countries
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley:
I was actually pleasantly surprised. Maybe it's current times but I've grown more fond of just 'feel good' movies. It was a sweet film, enjoyable & funny if a little cringe at times
Grace check the top 2019 eurovision entries. Unfortunately we couldn't hold it this year because of The C word but that will give you a good indication of what to expect
Nikolaj Jensen
Nikolaj Jensen:
As someone who genuinely loves Eurovision and lives in Europe, I had so much fun watching the movie.
Maria Gawecka
Maria Gawecka:
Eurovision got canaceled this year, good that we at least getting a movie about it.
Nick The Gamecat Howe
Nick The Gamecat Howe:
I cringed when everyone broke out dancing and singing. But I enjoyed the movie. Also the elf parts are amazing.
Chrys Kes
Chrys Kes:
if I remember correctly the first Eurovision was in 1956 it started as a radio show with just ten countries I think. The interesting part is that the contest started as a way to unite a war-torn Europe as the countries were rebuilding after WW2.
Danielle Ngontang
Danielle Ngontang:
Really Grace?! You never heard of it 😂. It's a big deal and an amazing one. ❤️ You missed out 😉👍🏽🙌🏽
Alyce Eliza
Alyce Eliza:
YOU CANT MAKE THIS UP.... in what alternate reality is this possible from an entertainment news person
Alex Davenport
Alex Davenport:
Being from the UK, we know that Europe hates us, they especially show it during Eurovision. It was only a throwaway line but I'm glad they mentioned it 🤣🤣
Liam Rizzi
Liam Rizzi:
Honestly every time an American discovers Eurovision they always are like “why aren’t we apart of it” 😂 but as long as this movie has the important aspects of Europe being united and a complete celebration of Europe and our different cultures I can’t be mad :)
Cara Lee
Cara Lee:
The hamster wheel was an actual thing that happened (minus the accident), it’s not just the movie being over the top
Deirdre Gibbons
Deirdre Gibbons:
Húsavík is indeed a really beautiful town. It's my favorite town in Iceland. I was so happy to see it chosen as a filming location, and even happier to see it is actually playing itself in the movie. And it even is the subject of a song! Thanks to this movie, I really hope more people will take the chance to visit Húsavík. There really are some great activities and experiences: whale watching, a new geothermal spa using sea water, cozy restaurants, a small ski area, horseback riding tours along the beach, interesting museums and a microbrewery. It also makes a great base to explore areas like Lake Mývatn, northern Vatnajökull National Park, Dettifoss, the Arctic Henge and Langanes peninsula.
Maltese Fella
Maltese Fella:
I am from Malta (in Europe) and I am glad that a movie is recognizing something that we've been a part of throughout the years.

I hope this is not a mockery of the contest though.

Thank you, Grace :)
Norton is one of the best thing each year in Eurovision.

He just mocks them
As an European who's watched Eurovision, I really liked the movie. I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously, because yes is goofy, but knowing how much Will Ferrel likes the contest (he said on an interview he considers the movie "a love letter to Eurovision") is all in good spirits. Also, when Rachel and Will's characters are cycling in Scotland, the song you hear and the street artist playing the piano, is the 2017 Portuguese winner.
Ethan Edward
Ethan Edward:
that SPEORG note..........GORGEOUS....
Raffaela E
Raffaela E:
I think you need to be a ESC fan (or European) to appreciate this film properly! I love ESC and I was so sad we did not get to the competition this year.
I've loved Eurovision for years (Mexican living in Australia), so surprised you hadn't heard about it before. I liked the movie and was so excited to see cameos of actual Eurovision winners <3
Cristian Valbuena Gonzalez
Cristian Valbuena Gonzalez:
Wow it's unbelievable that US citizen didn't known about global events outside of USA.... Shocking 🤯🤯🤯
Charlotte Hickles
Charlotte Hickles:
Best part of euro vision is having a euro vision party 😍 everyone comes together and watch it. There some crazy acts on there. It’s such a fun night x
I enjoyed it. There were couple of mistakes which I cant believe Will made shadowing the festival 1 year! Spain doesnt perform in semifinals, they go straight to the finals being the Big6!
Vinnie J
Vinnie J:
Just watched it and really liked it. By the way, the real eurovision is even a little bit more over the top.
Jason Tan
Jason Tan:
I really liked the movie. Rachel McAdams did a great job with the dramatic moments. I really felt what her character was feeling.
Ian Heinzinger
Ian Heinzinger:
Dude like I think you missed the point of what to say for this review. It’s a story with the heart that we need right now, and more heart than most, and it has one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard in my life!!!
Fabian Rampage
Fabian Rampage:
"Demi Lovato Shows Up In A Fun Cameo, I Won't Ruin It"
Well Technically You Just Ruined It, Cameos Are Supposed To Be Surprises, Doesn't Work When You Tell Us It's Coming.

It's Kinda Like When She Told Us That Bullseye Was In Daredevil Season 3 And That He Was The One In The Daredevil Suit Before The Season Even Came Out On Netflix 🤦‍♂️ Don't You Think That's Something We Would Like To Witness On Our Own?
Glorious Mustache
Glorious Mustache:
Eurovision wasn't found in the 70s. It was in the *50s!* Simply, ABBA won in the 70s which made it more popular.
After watching Anchorman 2 in the theater, I promised mylself Will Ferrell ain't having my money EVER again!
Ernest Amarteifio
Ernest Amarteifio:
I actually really enjoyed this movie. Rachael was great. A bit disappointed that she wasn't the one singing though. Will wasn't at his usual funniest but his singing was surprisingly good.
Sophia G
Sophia G:
We used to watch Eurovision in my german class in hs lol
Steven Eversden
Steven Eversden:
Damn you Grace, I reluctantly watched and I loved it
I just watched it this afternoon with my parents it was really funny haha
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor:
Also, Jaja Ding-dong is a masterpiece 😂
Just watched it and it was really entertaining and touching; I actually loved it.
jaja nooraldin
jaja nooraldin:
It’s simply jaja ding dong 🤷🏻‍♂️
Lol I thought the title was WandaVision because I glanced quickly and I got rlly exited 😂
3:59: Will Ferrell was in Israel last year for the contest.
Yes I know, Israel isn't in Europe.
Steve Denniss
Steve Denniss:
I agree with a lot of this, however I think to truly appreciate it you have to have grown up with eurovision. When you say the music never gets 11 I think it does because it almost perfectly captures the exact styles and themes of eurovision acts. Great review though
Nicole L. Vaughan
Nicole L. Vaughan:
My family loved this movie!!!! 🇨🇦❤️ We also all think the “11” movie moment is the song “husavik” at end of the movie.
Tom Waldgeist
Tom Waldgeist:
I'm european and love Eurovision and liked the movie. I think the movie was both very american and very european at the same time. It's like you said a heart warming afternoon film that we shouldn't take too seariously.
Grace Doran
Grace Doran:
I love Eurovision but I’m really nervous about watching this. Americans normally don’t get Eurovision.
paige chow
paige chow:
Awww I’m looking at all the crappy feedback. I thought it was a good film. Yeh not the best. But flicking through Netflix I laughed so much!
Passive Agressive
Passive Agressive:
This contest is an European classic and much loved. As a European I ADORED THIS MOVIE. it captured the aesthetic and the kitsch lovingly. I loved the storyline because it is well known that when a country wins they have to host the following year at great cost and I love that about the story (fun fact Ireland have won so many times they go to great lengths to lose. Lol). The song along is magic and wow Dan Stevens!
Karibou Busca
Karibou Busca:
Really enjoyed the movie. Made me like Mc Addams. While Eurovision has less impact these days, I used to watch it as a kid in the 80s and were cheering up for my home country France. So many good memories. Good the US is discovering this. :)
Anand Shridhar
Anand Shridhar:
As an Indian, I have loved the Eurovision song contest year after year but this trailer was so damn cringe... Am scared to watch it actually
I Kinda want to see a movie about those murdering elves of Iceland! lol
Elijah Ruelas
Elijah Ruelas:
This isn’t an award winner by any means, but I enjoyed the movie. I was surprisingly moved by the song “Husavik.” The song reminded me to be thankful for the people in my life and the land that I grew up in.