Eurovision movie: Rachel McAdams on working with Will Ferrell and Graham Norton - BBC News

Eurovision may have been cancelled this year, but fans can look forward to a new Netflix movie about the song contest.

The Story of Fire Saga stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as two small-town singers who chase their dreams and represent Iceland at Eurovision.

McAdams talks to the BBC's Colin Paterson about what she couldn't stop laughing about, and being a fan of Graham Norton, who makes an appearance in the film.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is released on Netflix on 26 June.

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Why is everyone so mad? I think this movie will be so funny.
Reading was dropped quickly by the media.
Clayton Hider
Clayton Hider:
That last song in the contest was Epic!! Gave me chills!!
dave angel
dave angel:
What about the stabbing murder I mean covid related death in Glasgow. Was that virus white or black ?
Mark Selvin
Mark Selvin:
The trolls are out
What an amazing movie watch it If you haven’t
I just saw this movie and it's actually amazing. If Will just wrote and didn't actally appear in the film, and maybe just take out that forced awkardness he spoon-feeds into every one of his films it could have been even better.
Just watch it for Rachael. She's worth a month's subscription at least
Check out all the outraged white folks. 👀🤣😂🤣😂🤣
N ike
N ike:
Aqsa Khan
Aqsa Khan:
Al De Niro
Al De Niro:
I thought adverting was banned on the BBC? How much of a backhander did BBC News get to put this on?
Star Star
Star Star:
0:54 Not until you pass the checkpoints in ISRAAAAEAL
Michael Devaney
Michael Devaney:
God she's beautiful
Wow these comments are so cringy. There are some weird socially inept people out there in the world, many of which are in these comments.
Mary Oldbridge T.
Mary Oldbridge T.:
Liked this movie, especially, Rachel and Dan Stevens characters. Enjoyable and great music!
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh:
bbc show b movies also
Zane Alam
Zane Alam:
Some symposiums are encouraging & defending the apartheid colonies to occupy the other's land.
Shroom 85
Shroom 85:
Really good movie
Is this some kind of bad joke?
it sure ain't entertainment
tom rea
tom rea:
Stop paying your licence fee the days of impartial news are over
[taken from the bbc impartiality guide lines]
Where our content highlights issues on which others campaign, we must
take care not to endorse those campaigns, or allow ourselves to be used
to campaign to change public policy. But this should not prevent us
highlighting issues and offering our audiences choices about how to
confront them.

now if you think that the bbc doesn't have a political agenda that endorses other ppls campaign and is influencing policy where have you been for the last few years. The policy of creating a narrative around news and not reporting based largely on fact but feelings. The news should report what ppl are saying from both sides with impartiality when they are opposed in confrontation. Not setting them out as 2 sides of a "war" to sensationalize the story (and peddle more 'news')then pick a side of the argument to promote as the good guys and the bad. Conversation and facts are good, to factionalize and demonize just radicalizes ppl further from the core conversation
Bit cringe
Ferdinando Fer
Ferdinando Fer:
#bbcnews #GiorgiaMeloni #FratellidItalia #Lega #MatteoSalvini #notizie :.
Illuminati symbols
Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2
Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2:
Why do we have to pay a licence fee, to watch this crap.
Jack W
Jack W:
Vacuous rubbish.
Ger -
Ger -:
I think he should consider acting 🤦‍♂️ it’s not his first time
Elizabeth Francis
Elizabeth Francis:
Creepy, super lame and satanic as usual - hahahahaha
YoshiPeach Mario
YoshiPeach Mario:
And Graham is going to have her on his talk show to promote their movie, the merry go round continues
2020 just keeps on delivering disasters..
Grand Miser The 3rd
Grand Miser The 3rd:
Woke left wing luvvies
Free Saxon
Free Saxon:
Reading lads forgotten, no riots, no news nothing, just another freak circus that is called Eurovision
Why r the actors white.???.....
Steven True
Steven True:
Remember *Hatari* 🇮🇸 2019 Iceland Eurovision
Sea Bell
Sea Bell:
"So campy". Is this LGBT abusing Viking-face like Black-face?
JA Purnell
JA Purnell:
they have nailed the europeon cheese, this is what they are like no joke in europe
Super Hans
Super Hans:
You can already tell this is gonna be one of those films with 0% on rotten tomatoes. Looks awful
Lee Roden
Lee Roden:
Lawrence K
Lawrence K:
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I'm not familiar with the actual contest so I'm not sure what role Graham Norton has with it, but his part in this movie was absolutely awful. He has no ability to react according to what is happening, every single thing he says is delivered with the same tone, even if it's something spectacular.
Jigsaw John
Jigsaw John:
God help us, and save us, from this utter pile of c.rap.
cringe at this political biased bollocks. Eurovision is about so anti UK how dare the bbc promote this when they're funded by our tax payers
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
I heard this movie is an immediate candidate for those "Razzie Awards"..
Igor Igor
Igor Igor:
Netflix + Eurovision = disaster
Pepe TheFrog
Pepe TheFrog:
Quit the bs adverts, report on real news. How about some investigative journalism into why the gr00ming gang report has never been released?
Lawrence Leo
Lawrence Leo:
Another pupets :D iluminati slaves!
Neil Wilde
Neil Wilde:
Defund the BBC
casting american actors for a eurovision movie? when there are so many amazing european (non-british) actors? bad choice
ZZ Smile
ZZ Smile:
Urgh She lost me at "Israel". Glad you had fun whilst the country is terrorising Palestinians.
Mark Selvin
Mark Selvin:
BS American actors in a film about the Eurovision what is next I can't imagine
Can't Hollywood find any original ideas they just seem to make remake after remake
Or make shite like this
Bring more film making back to the UK we have great movie industry and a history to prove it
Advertising on the BBC 🤔

There isn't meant to be adds on BBC

Defund the BBC and cancel you're propaganda license
Matt Burrows
Matt Burrows: