"Euphoria" and 'The Kissing Booth' Star Jacob Elordi Takes 5 and Answers Questions

#JacobElordi explains why Heath Ledger is his idol, the power of hit show "Supernatural," #Euphoria, and his favorite holiday film.

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jessica lyons
jessica lyons:
The kissing booth...just did not show case his acting ability. I watched the finale of Euphoria and he stole the episode. Just great.
emma hrahsel
emma hrahsel:
I'm so crazy in love with him
Xiomya Donaldson
Xiomya Donaldson:
His American accent was spot on in the movie , I didn’t even know he was Australian wtf
So fresh and so clean clean
So fresh and so clean clean:
He was so good in Euphoria like damn
WinchesterSpn XOXO
WinchesterSpn XOXO:
the fact he loves supernatural makes me love him even more
Mary Smith
Mary Smith:
He is so cute. And talented, too.
Liyaa Seals
Liyaa Seals:
his aussie accent makes him even more attractive lol
gözde mandal
gözde mandal:
is it weird that i still want to see him in kissing booth 2 but i watched euphoria and i know it would be a downgrade for him? i think i just wanna see him in teen dramas tbh
Natalie Koertje
Natalie Koertje:
His voice is so different in real life he has the Australian actcent
He is like my favorite thing actor
Erin Fagan
Erin Fagan:
The dark knight and 10 things I hate about you? Sir I love you
Michelle Miranda
Michelle Miranda:
I'm officially crushing on Jacob now that I know he's a Supernatural fan
Koli R
Koli R:
the way that i would simp over this man, he's so adorable
Alisa Garcia
Alisa Garcia:
he really stole my heart when he started talking about how much he loves “the nightmare before christmas.” it made me so happy! 💀🎃👻🖤
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez:
His favorite scene from 10 Things I Hate About You is my favorite 🥺💗
Kyla Szemplinski
Kyla Szemplinski:
He looks a lot like a young Steven R McQueen aka Jeremy Gilbert from Vampire Diaries (when they both had long, shaggy hair). Seriously, they should play brothers in a movie!!!
Madeline Garrett
Madeline Garrett:
he watches supernatural. i’m really about to lose it
Alyssa Christy
Alyssa Christy:
His accent thoooo😍
Emily Joy
Emily Joy:
What I want to know is:
Has he actually watched the kissing booth
Kristin Cabatingan
Kristin Cabatingan:
I am just actually in love with him
Britney Mangan
Britney Mangan:
flower jimin
flower jimin:
IMAGINE HIM DOING AN ASMR,,,,, surely gonna be the death of me
Fatima Saparalieva E-1-19
Fatima Saparalieva E-1-19:
This man has a really good taste
Stephanie Kolb
Stephanie Kolb:
I feel like Heath is watching over him and guiding his career from above. 🌀
Niki Diamond
Niki Diamond:
Tell me why i never knew he was Australian.. i-
They showed brokeback mountain and brought back so many emotions 😩😩😩
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora:
Damn what a cutie
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith:
I hope him and Joey aren't broken up. They are my favorite couple.
candio supreme
candio supreme:
Where is my supernatural fan club?
yasmin Ne
yasmin Ne:
aaa deu vontade de ser ingles pq n entendo nd vei kkkk mais shippo jacob elordi e joey king pena que terminaram:( (noah e elle ) amos vcs love you
kamilly Martins
kamilly Martins:
Hi, you're handsome, I'm going to marry you.
Stephanie Jimenez
Stephanie Jimenez:
He’s gorgeous lol I love younger men!
Maddie Wray
Maddie Wray:
DanielMilagros PomalesNieves
DanielMilagros PomalesNieves:
For me it Will always be: The Kisses stand and I Aldo think that Joey King is the best person he could and that Jacob Elordi will never have.
Brandon Calvilo
Brandon Calvilo:
I'm a new fan!
He is so good! In euphoria!
Omg that breakdown scene
I totally forgot he's in the kissing booth
I was like, wait i think i saw him before while watching euphoria
That short haircut makes him so hot
I want to see him in even more daring roles!
Since he idolised ledger, a gay movie would be nice
Chloe Fewell
Chloe Fewell:
omg his accent i can listen to it forever
What a cutie. I love that he is such a Heath fanboy. Unfortunate we'll never get to see them act in something together. I'm sure it would have been amazing.
Makay Smith
Makay Smith:
Omg I have been in love with Supernatural for a long while and never knew he was a fan now I am for sure going to a convention trying to meet Jacob
he reminds me of Heath :)
E Handriani
E Handriani:
i m so crazy in love with u..ooh that s smile make me crazy 😂 Lol
2:14 I just kept replaying this. He likes supernatural!!!
Judy Tidwell
Judy Tidwell:
Euphoria needs to be banned!!! Bad influence !! Same on u Jacob for loving this show so much...
Emily Ashton
Emily Ashton:
wow I’m even more in love with him now😣
Harshita Bhuyan
Harshita Bhuyan:
His Voice!!!!!
Karina Wijaya Lie
Karina Wijaya Lie:
Omg he is so cute like cuteeeee
Mahala Townsend
Mahala Townsend:
Archana praveen
Archana praveen:
omg i just realized jacob doesn’t follow thekissingbooth on instagram but he follows euphoria like oh my god what the hell
Angelus Oh
Angelus Oh:
I’m loving him even more
Jada Samuel
Jada Samuel:
i’m painfully in love with this man
Skye Brailsford
Skye Brailsford:
He has the same favourite romcom as me 💕
flower jimin
flower jimin:
i can download this in mp3 and listen to his voice all day
Nasya Sihombing
Nasya Sihombing:
The fact that he says “grade 6” rather than sixth grade makes me feel like we have something in common and are totally compatible with each other LOL 😂😂😂
Lina Therese
Lina Therese:
When your favorite movie is 10 Things and Favorite TV show is Supernatural....and favorite Christmas movie is Nightmare Before Christmas.
Stydestiel .25
Stydestiel .25:
He loves supernatural like me OMG❤
DanielMilagros PomalesNieves
DanielMilagros PomalesNieves:
The Kissing booth never
Lauren Hewang
Lauren Hewang:
If anyone has read the book
Did I mention I love you (there are two other books from the series, DIMI need you and DIMI miss u), he reminds me of Tyler idk haha
Delfina Gou
Delfina Gou:
just when i thought he couldn’t be more perfect
It’d be cool to see Jacob Elordi and Jared Padelacki stand next to each other... they’re about the same height.
audrey g
audrey g:
O MG he watches supernatural!! my dad went to highschool with Jensen ackles
Valentina Sasson
Valentina Sasson:
immmmmm love jacob its a betifull person im want to see on reality life
Chloe H
Chloe H:
The hoop 😭
Quilla Reissig
Quilla Reissig:
XD he's cute!
Freakin hawt! 😍
unknown unknown
unknown unknown:
Jacob, pls make a movie being a superman!!!! u looked like Kent!!!
Such a LarGe BeAn
Juliana Silva
Juliana Silva:
Aí mísera com um boy desse eu nem ia sair de casa ...gato lindo
Sanchita Nath
Sanchita Nath:
He is so cute
Lis santosss
Lis santosss:
que homem!!
He’s soooooo cute
Edleuza José de Oliveira Oliveira
Edleuza José de Oliveira Oliveira:
Eu achei vc por inteiro, na Barraca do beijo. Pois, essa garota Joey King ao seu lado foi sensacional. Pra mim, foi a sua melhor atuação. Forma uma grande parceria. 👏👏🙌😘🙌🍀🍀🌻
Dakota fata
Dakota fata:
where my Aussies at
Marcos Antonio Silva
Marcos Antonio Silva:
I´m just wanted to be Zendaya ,
Melieaa McCollum
Melieaa McCollum:
i knew he had an accent. i dont like jaw lines but wow his is beautifully shaped..he doesn't have a beard and i forget what it's called but yeah i love that and my god i hate him in euphoria but i wanted to check social media before i really hate him forever😭😭
Hazel Cox
Hazel Cox:
I did not know he had an accent
Does he know that heath is dead?
Jisu Log
Jisu Log:
Is he from Australia?
Salimatu Musa
Salimatu Musa:
isnt heath ledger like dead.....
Isha khan
Isha khan:
He dated Joey, Zendaya and Kaia all under two years like damn is he ok? Who let’s Zendaya go, that too for someone basic like Kaia...damn. Dude is Nate in real life lol
Nandini Singh
Nandini Singh:
Ohh myy god.. Jacob is so cute...
From what I've gathered so far... I don't think the two are broken up. Its just that the attention that is drown in the relationship stomps on the way of showing they wanted to be known for their careers not just for the relationship. They are both so passionate you know.

But i might be wrong. No one really confirmed if they're broken up. Haha
rezö niçle
rezö niçle:
10 things ı hate about you
Nıghtmare before chrıstmas
Ros Ulep
Ros Ulep:
He is so handsome😍😍😍😍😍

Gorgeous, hot, beautiful. He is perfect.
Cute Agnes
Cute Agnes:
Drool alert <3333333333333
He could be the next superman
Nil Erkan
Nil Erkan:
Arkadaşlar aşık oldum ...
Jaz B
Jaz B:
Supernatural, 10 Things I hate About you and The Nightmare Before Christmas....where can I sign up!
Bruna Kelly
Bruna Kelly:
Tendi tudo
god he´s so hot
Jimena Islas
Jimena Islas:
Tus números de la suerte son el trece y el nueve porque eres el signo de cáncer
lil shartie
lil shartie:
wait...is he British?
lili M
lili M:
So beautiful
LeoSeba Flores
LeoSeba Flores:
Baby 😍
I’m only here because i was told somebody said something about Supernatural
Veronika Rivera
Veronika Rivera:
I love him
Salimatu Musa
Salimatu Musa:
isnt heath ledger like dead.....
His American accent is FANTASTIC
Hannah Zielonko
Hannah Zielonko:
Whoa....okay so 10 things I hate about you is one of my all time favourite movies and Supernatural is one of my favourite shows...I didnt think he could be more attractive...wow
Emely Ulloa
Emely Ulloa:
I Love you 😭😭😭😍😍😭😭