Erik Speolstra Emotional Postgame Interview - Game 6 | Heat vs Lakers | October 11, 2020 NBA Finals

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100+ komento:

Spo you did a hell of a job, the whole team did . True fans are grateful for the effort this team showed. Thanks for a great year
Jay Gomez
Jay Gomez:
Underrated coach, imagine what he has done with teams that considered players as "scraps" and with rookies? He needs to hold his head high... Congrats, still coach, you still have done a very good job...
Willie Bender
Willie Bender:
I like how Miami made no excuses just took their loss like adults. They didn’t say they had more help that’s why we lost or butler didn’t say I didn’t have enough help or my guy’s IQ wasn’t high enough. He said I didn’t get the job done. I respect that statement
Leon Teodosio
Leon Teodosio:
He's too hard on himself. What his team did was more than amazing.
Mad King
Mad King:
“You have no choices about how you lose, but you do have a choice about how you come back and prepare to win again." - Pat Riley

Heat Nation! 🔥

Hang your head up high. We coming back stronger!
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally:
Spo is the next great coach! Just give him the players!
Mason Anderson
Mason Anderson:
These guys were written off the moment they were matched with the Bucks. But they didn't fail, then written off against the Celtics. They did not even miss a beat. This team had so many 'no name' players starting the season, now everyone knows who they are. CRAZY good and Jimmy was absolutely inspirational.
Andrew Olive Tree Mixing
Andrew Olive Tree Mixing:
Just noticing how Spo said no one on their team envisioned they would lose this game. He also mentioned they thought for sure they'd be playing a game 7. Comparing that mentality to PG saying it was never a championship or bust season for them. Big difference
Here's a guy who didn't give af about the media!! RESPECT
Spo’s the best coach LeBron ever had.
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel:
As a laker fan, he is one of the most underrated coaches ever. RESPECT
Jeremiah Fuertes
Jeremiah Fuertes:
Honestly they just need one star piece and they could win next year. Giannis and Butler with a healthy squad?... Speolstra has to be the best coach in the league.
You cant hate this guy hes such a real individual respect the Speolstra hes the man.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe:
I’m a Laker fan but I respect tf out of Spo. The man is all class!
Carlos Deron
Carlos Deron:
What a gentleman, Even Kobe would be proud of this team. Mad Respect to Erik and the Miami Organization. Respect.
mike sauce
mike sauce:
Die hard laker fan. Nothing but absolute respect for this team and coaching staff. Amazing heart. You guys will be back
Bill Billy
Bill Billy:
Heat fans should be proud. Great team
Karim Amin
Karim Amin:
Coach of the year. Stars should be lining up to join the Heat after this.
You’ve gained more respect than the winning coach!
Wesley Wright Jr.
Wesley Wright Jr.:
I want to know who the 263 people are that “disliked” this video!!! What’s not to like about Spo being genuine?!?! #HeatNation🔥🔥🔥
Oba*** Man
Oba*** Man:
The heat gave everything they got in game 5, their legs were all gone.
fantastic poor
fantastic poor:
There is really something about a man's tears. The way he wiped his tears😭.. U did a great job coach!
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby:
To get emotional shows how much he’s loves the game of basketball 🏀
Felipe Ornellas
Felipe Ornellas:
A team of underdogs. Tough and talented underdogs. Hard working, never say die and so on. I'm a laker fan and I'm proud of this Heat squad, they earned their spot in the finals despite being not one of the most "amazing" teams at the start of the season. Hard work and ethic pays off.
Richard Lisondra
Richard Lisondra:
He's a competitor. It was a hell of a ride! You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame someday. Thank you, Coach Spo! You really made us believe that anything is possible.
If thats how he feels, I can't imagine how the guys in the locker room feel
It wasn’t a hump, it was a mountain. Heat nation has nothing to be ashamed about.
Korey Sylver
Korey Sylver:
When Spo retires, his name will go beside Pat Riley’s as the two most important non players in Heat history
Hidden Burst
Hidden Burst:
The Miami Heat deserves credit for their effort and having a nice series with the Lakers especially their Head Coach Erik Spoelstra
s jay
s jay:
being able to bring his team into the finals with having an underrated player... only great coach could do that
Manne Feroz
Manne Feroz:
I have NO IDEA why this man is hanging his head...the whole world thought EVERY game was going to be a blowout like this because the Lakers had more size, a better record, and the 2 best players on the court. Spo took that heat team and took out Giannis, the Celtics, and gave a superior Lakers team all they could handle for 5 of 6 games, with a lineup that was wracked by injury..

Once a champ, always a champ.
Goat Reacts
Goat Reacts:
"Alot of tears in the locker room"
Brian Wong
Brian Wong:
I have no idea why he's beating himself like that. Lakers are stacked with seasoned veterans with MVP's/All-stars/past championship winners. I'm more impressed that he even made it to the finals out of all the teams out there.
Luis Briseno
Luis Briseno:
As a die hard laker fan, it hurts me seeing Erick cry.
Javier Orozco
Javier Orozco:
Love my heat no matter what. Congrats to the Lakers well deserved win. Hell of a year everyone counted us out. As a loyal fan I’m very proud of how far they got. #Heatnation
Aloha Wholesale
Aloha Wholesale:
Coach I would’ve cheered for you against any team except for my Lakers. You always have my respect for you and GM Pat Riley.
As a Lakers fan I'm happy the Heat showed everyone, especially the Lakers, that even when they were depleted they are more than just another underdog and I truly hope that they win their chip soon
Dr. Nathan Thomas
Dr. Nathan Thomas:
I love the fact that a coach actually has emotions in this day and age because half of the players don’t care but spo really wants to win they’re gonna need some more help to get it done though
Loong Michael
Loong Michael:
HE did a Great Job with all the players. Honest truth, Heat was never expected to win. Its just for the experience. Heat do not have the Size and depth like Lakers. This is a soft win for Lakers. Hope Pat and Erik will built up this Team and really give Lakers a fight next season.
Alfonso Urzua
Alfonso Urzua:
As a Lakers fan.... Heat really made me think they were going 7 games and beat the ish outta the Lakers.... Jimmy Butler is NO JOKE !!!!
SOS Hollywood
SOS Hollywood:
Spo is so underrated he got Jimmy and a bunch of sophomores to the finals, they beat the two East favorites. Genius coach
I have never seen Coach Spolestra so emotional. It made me emotional. I remember when he was promoted to Head Coach for the Heat and really had to earn the respect of the fans and NBA. So honoured to watch his journey. Heat Nation forever! MAD RESPECT that he gave props to all the families in the Bubble and listening to him talk about the important beyond winning. The camaraderie runs deep through this team.
Brahim Karoum
Brahim Karoum:
He is Young Popovich absolutely top 5 coaches of NBA right now
Butter Fly
Butter Fly:
Coming from a Group of San Antonio Spur's Fans.
We are Proud of you and want you to know we had your back.
Butler, Herro, Robinson, Bam Bam, Crowder Awesome Awesome !!!!
Wow, what a season, The main reason why they were able to accomplish this is all because of Mr. Spoelstra. Give credit where credit is due
Every comment rn: "As a Laker fan..."
If there's going to be 1 team that everybody remembers LOSING in the NBA finals. It's going to be the 2020 Miami heat because of how much heart, strength, courage, and hard work that this team displayed through the unforgettable NBA season
Shitty Drummer
Shitty Drummer:
Laker fan here just want to thank the Heat for leaving it all out on the table.
Spo can't wait to finally get his hands on his new Greek toy.
Huey Porter
Huey Porter:
One of the most underrated and my favorite coaches he deserves all the respect
M Batson
M Batson:
Spo is a great coach and I want him to get his damn respect, too! Pat Riley wants loyalty and this man has been loyal to the Heat from day 1. *Filipino pride*
Charles Williams Jr
Charles Williams Jr:
Y'all need 1 more star miami and y'all can maybe Win.....

*DOnt get Russell Westbrook
Melody Lover
Melody Lover:
When a man wipe his tears like a little kid using the back of the hand means the hurt is real. Bro did good. He was the only Coach to beat LA in 2 games instead of one. The East got something to worry about next season.
Jesse C
Jesse C:
As a Lakers fan: Speolstra is one of the best coaches out there
Stephanie Flores
Stephanie Flores:
That’s a man who cares about the game!
Jason Romer
Jason Romer:
I know frank vogul is loving this since we always kicked him out the playoffs when he was with the pacers
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka:
I’m glad the heat cleaned up their act after game 1. They fought hard and there’s no denying that. I called lakers in 6 though just from how hard I knew this heat team would fight.
Polo The God
Polo The God:
Losing hurts man..that’s how you know your heart is in something you...Snead a tear or 20 and go right back to work.
Spo being too emotional for an interview yet he started by congratulating the Lakers. Truly a man of class and profession, man I love being a heat fan, we'll be back in the finals no doubt.
Jonathan Dejesus
Jonathan Dejesus:
Congrats to the lakers..I cant help but still be so proud of my team..this year is special and even in a loss I'm screaming #HEATNATION
Vyshakh Vathielil
Vyshakh Vathielil:
Give Erik Spoelstra his Coach of the Year already!!!!
Trunks Gold
Trunks Gold:
Die Heart Laker Fan but much respect for this coach,he loves his team
warren kang
warren kang:
"Erik Speolstra" damn at least spell his name correctly.
Dj Mbenga Finals MVP
Dj Mbenga Finals MVP:
Jimmy deserves a lot of respect after ppl have said all these years PG > Jimmy 💀 foh
Bakary Dembélé
Bakary Dembélé:
You’ll come back stronger next year king
Eddie Rakosky
Eddie Rakosky:
he’s been a great coach for a long time
anthony evans
anthony evans:
Coach spo you’ll always have our respect! You one of the greats!
he would've been coach of the year if the post season was included 100%
José Pablo Cruz
José Pablo Cruz:
As a Laker fan, big cheers for this Heat team. They just showed what real talent is, not as Milwaukee or Boston. Great season 🙏🏻 much respect
Jergens Gaming
Jergens Gaming:
A big respect to this man, he did everything in order to bring his team to the NBA Finals. 😢
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
Not even gonna lie I had them going out to the Pacers and when they faced the bucks I saw them as underdogs and started rooting for them because my team (the suns) didn’t make the playoffs and I was surprised that the heat made the finals if they sign another superstar next season then they’ll be a huge contender
This breaks my heart... when you work so hard to accomplish something, and you see all the time spent convert to no value at all. Hats off to this great coach, team and organization! The true champions of our hearts.
Patrick Okubo
Patrick Okubo:
If it wasn’t such a pay cut, Adam Silver should consider running for president.
This guy did the unthinkable and brought the Heat to the Finals. Give him credit
young dussie
young dussie:
Best part of the pandemic was watching the Miami Heat come together as underdogs and defied the odds, they were a true example of team work, something I believe this country can learn from. Great jobs guys, Everyone here in Miami are proud of you all! #HeatNation 🔥
Daniel Zheng
Daniel Zheng:
Heads up, Heat had already proved themselves how great they are. No one will underestimate them no more. Respect to the whole Heat team.
yno Pilapil
yno Pilapil:
I always thought Erik Spoelstra was overrated...until this season.

A truly great coach. Pat Riley has an eye for great talent!
Just his reaction let’s you know that Miami wasn’t bullshittin, at all. They was coming if Lakers didn’t do what was demanded.......
Best coach in my opinion playing 2 rookies and making the most of what little he had to work with and being the underdog in most series they played.
Jimmy is oldschool, thats why i love him!!
maikee flash
maikee flash:
Respect. Thank you coach for a great season. Use this pain as a fuel for upcoming season
Michael Dawodu
Michael Dawodu:
I think Eric Spo deserves to be in the running for hall of fame coach when he is all said and done maybe one more win in the finals but he’s proved himself to be a high level coach
daniel hernandez
daniel hernandez:
where my heat fans at!! Our team did a hell of a job we never gave up, even at the last second. That's what heat nation is all about, it isn't about being flashy or even being the best. Its about leaving it all on the field and having no regrets after knowing that they 100% tried their hardest. I'm proud of my city, we lost to a great team but we went down with a fight.
Shawn Wilson
Shawn Wilson:
Spo your a class act!!! Best coach in the league. I wish you the best and many more years of success 🙏 ❤
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams:
Your the real coach of the year!! Nothing to hang your head down on!! You showed great courage Spo!!!
Jamdun H
Jamdun H:
You done a great job coach, proud of you and the guys, and for sure the heat will be back even stronger, only missing a real center🔥
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:

Literally nobody:

Avery Bradley: "CRYING with Bronny"
Spol has nothing to be ashamed about. He’s gonna be the head coach for Miami for a long time coming
The Mask Of Truth
The Mask Of Truth:
On behalf of Lakers Nation, hats off to Jimmy Buckets and the Heat. These dudes came in heavy underdogs and instead of laying down, they played with heart till the end and made the Lakers earn this chip. Respect 🙌🏼
It’s unbelievable to realize this team reaches in the finals despite 0.2% chance of this team to make it in the finals and being able to prove them wrong says it all. They may have lost by their experience will bring it coming next season.
Shan 323
Shan 323:
Much respect for Coach E, Jimmy B, and the Miami heat
Danny Cooper
Danny Cooper:
What!? Greg Olson is on the Seahawks??!! I didn't even know that!! It's over!
Gregory Soto
Gregory Soto:
As a laker fan, I’m glad we faced a team that didn’t just lay down after a 3-1 deficit. Heat has some heart, much respect.
Chill Nation
Chill Nation:
As a Filipino big Respect to you coach Spo🙏🙏😢😢😢I feel you po kahit na Lakers fan ako Bilib na bilib ako sa Narating ng Miami Heat grabe Daming tao na hindi inakala na Miami Heat ang makaabot ng NBA finals😭😭
Paul Labor
Paul Labor:
Thank you coach spo 🙂 we are so proud of you 🇵🇭❤️
Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson:
You’ve been a great coach since stepping in and coaching Heat and all the success that comes with it, talent is a blessing, but without the proper type who know how to utilize the talent and put the team in the beat position you can to winn! Great coach man ✊🏾 top 15
I gotta say that it’s even more endearing how much it’s affecting them emotionally. This wasn’t your typical underdog getting bounced reaction, they truly bought in to the belief that they could win it all and it got them within 2 games of doing so.
All the haters that said this would be an asterisk championship in the bubble, ask coach Spo how much this would have meant, and how much it hurts not to win it? This bubble was hard for every team and person in it. And they all knew whatever team ultimately won, would definitely deserve it and will have earned it. Congrats to the Lakers. Heat will be back.
The heat gained more respect than the lakers winning