Eric Spoelstra Postgame Interview - Game 5 | Heat vs Celtics | September 25, 2020 NBA Playoffs

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics - Full ECF Game 5 Highlights | September 25, 2020 NBA Playoffs

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37 komento:

Steve Talon
Steve Talon:
I like that Spoelstra's not making excuses. He knows the team has to play better next time. Tbh....I don't think this series was supposed to be easy, but Heat should've closed this out. Bad refs again but nothin new. Really wish Butler could've been more aggressive but I think he acknowledges that the team got too comfy and let go of the pedal. I think Spo, Haslem and Riley will be watching film rn and find a way to make adjustments on offense and defense so that this poor shooting night and effort doesn't happen again. The Heat aren't the Clippers or Jazz bc they know what's at stake but people forget that. I trust in Spo to get them to bounce back, play harder next one and win this in 6.
Brody Harmon
Brody Harmon:
You no I’m not that mad,I’m actually kinda happy we lost the game,and yes there was some questionable calls by the refs against the heat but Boston was really just the better team out there,but the reason I’m not mad is because I know that we’re gonna go full throttle and execute are plays much better as we have in the other games,because if you saw how the heat play you can tell they let off the gas to much before they close out out the game.MUCH LOVE TO THE CELTICS❤️❤️
Eric Lofstrand
Eric Lofstrand:
I still don't understand Dragic getting fouled out. I thought anytime a defender is in the air, it's a blocking foul?
Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry:
Holy shit he looks like my math teacher!
Jun Bel
Jun Bel:
Spo experimented with his rotation players and it back fired
Kamron Lockett Gibson
Kamron Lockett Gibson:
Erik Spoelstra is 62% in the playoffs. Playoff Record: 82-50
I like Miami's chances in this series but I'm concerned about the NBA Finals.
algene romero
algene romero:
This game is a gifted. Thats it.
Kid-Playz-Games 1
Kid-Playz-Games 1:
2 likes but no views?

Youtube Is High Rn
johansen contreras
johansen contreras:
It's always rigged and it's always the refs fault whenever your team lose smh
Stephrn Adu
Stephrn Adu:
Brad just got out coached. The Celtics led the most of these games in the 4th Q and still couldn’t win the series. Wow
Riche Grullo
Riche Grullo:
Gave Tyler Herro more time to play inside
Sweet Girl***
Sweet Girl***:
👲 💔 💕
Follow Me If You Agree With Me
Follow Me If You Agree With Me:
What’s different from Miami & other times every loss we take it upon ourselves. Regardless of the reason for the loss. Accountability, Learn, Comeback.
ofer amar
ofer amar:
The players didnt give tha ball to tyler because theirs ego .
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard:
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Kenyon McKee
Kenyon McKee:
In my opinion i believe they should run more plays for herro more especially when jimmy butler is out of the game he makes the correct a lot of the time and he scores the ball so easy I didn’t like that while 3rd quarter dragic was shooting every possession.
Bill Antoniadis
Bill Antoniadis:
boston will win the next game it will come down to game 7
George Gamboa
George Gamboa:
UD couldn't even fire up the heat. Smh absolutely disappointment
Ronny Sanchez
Ronny Sanchez:
A true Heat fan However, the Heat, always stay relaxed and not focus.
Yankale Golan
Yankale Golan:
Spoelstra was outsmarted this time
Christian Alvarez
Christian Alvarez:
If you can see the Boston is down by 12 in the 2nd half..with The help of the refs they are now closed in the game.
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua:
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Malik Salami
Malik Salami:
Who ever is reading this have a blessed day stay safe!!

Small basketball youtuber looking for your support her
What is with this pandemic? Is having no audience making refs make so many bad calls? The last game Tatum pushed Butler and was called for foul. I was ok with it but Tatum also had last touch on it. Also, Dragic offensive foul on a layup up in the air?? But Heat played awful. Even Herro wasn't so confident in taking shots. It's like he suddenly got shy from shooting. I think they may want to start Herro to get into rhythm. I underestimated Curry before but the reason he gets everyone going is the rhythm he sets. I also noticed this with Steve Nash. You need to get everyone in rhythem they will make their shots.
alex sanchez
alex sanchez:
Finally the Celtics destroyed the Zone nonsense lol.
Coach Please play Tyler Herro more! His making more of an impact then Duncan Robinson from the start of the game!!!!
Peaklistik Lim
Peaklistik Lim:
You messed up coach for not starting Herro after his impact in game 4.
Christian Alvarez
Christian Alvarez:
Its OK for the heat that they lose in the game..they can payback in the next season if they got Giannis A, Eric bledsoe, Danilo galinari.
Gwen Marie
Gwen Marie:
G E:
celtics in 7
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos:
Heat fans mad rn
emmanuel lumigat
emmanuel lumigat:
Heat win...on game 6
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment:
Spoelstra’s a good coach but he’s no mike malone
Ibra's Music
Ibra's Music:
Why does his forehead stick further out than his chin
Christian Alvarez
Christian Alvarez:
Dragic fouled out because of the call by the refs that is not a I don't believe the Boston work hard in this game 5.
Spoe was outcoached. He didn't inspired his team to win this game. He should be fired. Lacked of gameplay.