Epstein's alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell set to be arraigned next week

The woman accused of recruiting and abusing underage girls involved in Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring is set to face a judge in New York federal court next week. Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested and charged Thursday. Human trafficking expert and author of "Hidden in Plain Sight," Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco, joins CBSN to explain the latest.

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Ninaboosexy sanchez
Ninaboosexy sanchez:
Hope she lives to sing like a bird
Aquarian American
Aquarian American:
We still haven't seen a mugshot.
Add more cameras and people to watch her 24/7, more oversight of the jail.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God:
Alleged? No, she participated 100 percent of trafficking of young girls.
Joe Boyko
Joe Boyko:
You got the title wrong... She isn't Epstein's *_"accomplice..."_* She's his *_HANDLER._*
Otaku_McLovin420 *
Otaku_McLovin420 *:
media keeps saying he took his own life😂😂😂seriously. media should just give it up. no one believes the suicide narrative.
david forte
david forte:
She's got hundreds of videos of the high power people having sex, all rooms were recorded to blackmail them ...that's how they got money.... hopefully she will give them all up
With Witt
With Witt:
She kinda look “suicidal” already guys
Steven Clary
Steven Clary:
She is as good as Dead. The story ends here unfortunately
Irma Velazquez
Irma Velazquez:
They will fake her death too just like Epstein’s death FAKED
Tommy Mount
Tommy Mount:
She NEEDS to stay alive. They need to do everything they can to keep her safe. If they do, she can change the tides of history
GAIL rowland
GAIL rowland:
This arrest will lead to many more. Big names in Hollywood, fashion, government, corporations, education & music.
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup:
The Clintons already sent their assassins
Tell us about reptilian prince Andrew! NO? Shameful British Royalty. Charles is a dirtbag too.
Travel Review
Travel Review:
Why does the media continues to claim that Epstein took his own life when everyone with one neurone knows that it's not suicide.
"took his own life in jail" heh
Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez:
Daaammmmn....is she still alive? I thought she would have accidently choked while swallowing her socks.
Logan Luther
Logan Luther:
"nearly a year after Epstein took his own life in jail." Says CBS News, who fired an employee for leaking a hot mic video of a reporter saying they had everything on the Epstein case and they never aired it.
Another soon to be COVID-19 victim.
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson:
0:19 The media is so outta touch with reality. Epstein didnt take his own life.
Ashley Ice
Ashley Ice:
Remember the days when the media was a reliable source and we had investigative journalists... Journalists who would have blown the lid off of the Epstein death. Journalists who would have brought it all to light for those involved..
December 14 Rapture
December 14 Rapture:
Ghislaine Maxwell is the most powerful woman in the world right now.

They are watching you boys.
In a few weeks the news report will read:
"Earlier today Ghislaine Maxwell was admitted to the ICU exhibiting severe Covid-19 symptoms. A few hours later she was pronounced dead."
Pass executive order 1110 end the federal reserve
Pass executive order 1110 end the federal reserve:
Make sure the judge ain’t bribed or anyone is threatened to change the outcome of the verdict.
Insidious DrNine
Insidious DrNine:
I think I can solve the puzzle.
Now I understand why there is no mugshot. So that her "dead body" will have no recent picture to compare to.
Michael Eli
Michael Eli:
When will the FBI start arresting the “Johns”??
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney:
She’s still alive?
The great shakeing
The great shakeing:
Her days are numbered, tic tic tic, the queen and hillary are not amused .
Lucy Lanuchi
Lucy Lanuchi:
We only have the news media's word that she's been arrested no one has seen it with their own eyes like we did when they arrested Rodger Stone
Just waiting for the news that she "committed suicide"
Aidan Daniels
Aidan Daniels:
She’s a dead woman
J Polar
J Polar:
Christmas lights and Jeffrey Epstein don't hang themselves....... I wonder what Maxwell's excuse will be.
Nick Machiavelli
Nick Machiavelli:
1+1+1=3: She's rich + epstein had no REASONABLY EXPLAINABLE income + her father got busted for exactly the same thing= she was his boss.
iheartdragons126 !!!!
iheartdragons126 !!!!:
One of my favorite song. Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing.
Dean Ossiander
Dean Ossiander:
I never understood how Epstein could afford three expensive properties, a jet ... blackmail, drugs, money laundering ???
Alicat 72
Alicat 72:
Maxwell and Epstein procured children for rich and powerful people to have sex with. They probably filmed everything, too, so people could be blackmailed.
Coincidentally, she'll be held in a jail where the all the cameras fail at once during her suicide.
Miriam Mona Lisa Lora
Miriam Mona Lisa Lora:
Still waiting for Ghislaine's mugshot . what up in that department?
...and epsteined the week after that.
Jeff the Gangster
Jeff the Gangster:
Well let's make sure that this 1 does end up like Epstein
David Willis
David Willis:
Yeah Derpashitz will try to discredit the witness's because they will be coming for him soon.
Myriad Montaine Professional Cat
Myriad Montaine Professional Cat:

how does one become a “human traficking expert”? LOL

im not trying to joke about all this but i thought that was oddly funny
Sophie Peraaud
Sophie Peraaud:
Is there a pool available on when she gets whacked?
Lol. Every time I see a partial headline, I think "found dead."

Google Name
Google Name:
How about where is her mugshot. We always get a mugshot when anyone is arrested especially famous.

Y’all better stop overlooking the tiny details.
Irish Mule69
Irish Mule69:
This won’t end like we all want it to...
Ivan Fukinov
Ivan Fukinov:
I think we’re past the whole “alleged” thingy,...
Jared Jeanotte
Jared Jeanotte:
“tOoK hIs oWnE liFe In JAiL” sure he did
LLamas Land
LLamas Land:
They should sell all his posessions and pay treatments to the ladies abused, and the coworkers that he stole from. 🚨 First things first.
Barry Snow
Barry Snow:
This "title" should speak volumes to how far the 'trafficing' went... CBS executives are telling you "alleged accomplice" in case their names 'leak out'...
Soren Ingram
Soren Ingram:
Prince Andrew is SO So.. Happy
That Ghislaine Maxwell can tell the Truth about every encounter he has had when
"Partying" with his long term BFF Jeff and (Friends)
Edge HODL:
Next week? I dont think she will survive that long....
Vyrnard Walker
Vyrnard Walker:
It's amazing how "MEDIA" can lie with a straight face. She said Epstein committed "SUICIDE". WOW!
Cj Foust
Cj Foust:
"one year after Epstein killing himself in jail" 😂😂😂
Daniel L
Daniel L:
I didn't see the whole headline, I was expecting it to say "maxwell found hanging in cell"
Steve Beaty
Steve Beaty:
I know what she'll say, "Gak..Gak" and the nothing.
David M
David M:
All I'm going to say for now is that I hope, if she doesn't have a bail, to have ALL the cameras working at whatever facility she will be confined to.
All of Epstein's properties, planes, and network didn't happen because he had a half dozen customers. This story has to be *MUCH* bigger than any media is reporting.
Ben Reilly
Ben Reilly:
Maxwell found dead with 2 gunshot wounds to the back of the head!

Coroner has ruled it a suicide by asphyxiation!
Maybe Hillary will finally get caught. We all know those missing emails were because of these two.
Brooklyn Brookly
Brooklyn Brookly:
I want to hear the names that's going to come out of her mouth everyone's going to be shocked when she releases the names
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia:
"took his own life in jail"
*Internet rolls eyes*
The Atomic Bitchwax Official
The Atomic Bitchwax Official:
She’s going to “suddenly” die from covid19 .
Ranaldo Bobsled
Ranaldo Bobsled:
I'll betcha she's gonna be accidentally killed like Jeffrey was. $20 says it happens.
"Took his own life"
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve:
"How were they able to get away with it for so long?"
😒 uhm, they were rich....so, there's that.
autumn conway
autumn conway:
"alleged "? He was convicted!!! Respect the victims!!!
They need to HEAVILY investigate every single person she's EVER had contact with. Every person she's seen in a photo or video with, and every person she's contacted by phone or Internet better be calling their lawyers IMMEDIATELY and coming up with some damn good alibi's. The depths of their rabbit-hole MUST be uncovered. The people DEMAND it!! We don't care who it digs up, we want THE TRUTH!!!!! As long as she names name's and provides evidence, she can walk free for all I care. She's not really the one we ACTUALLY care about. We want the people who partook of her "services".
Allen M
Allen M:
Also accomplices are the WH and MSM.
Worth Thompson
Worth Thompson:
Tf u mean took his own life😂😂😂
Young King
Young King:
The US and the UK have an "elite class" that enjoys to exercise their power over the powerless just as the Nazis did.
Hi Fwend!!!
Hi Fwend!!!:
Yeah right, Epstein killed himself, but with a little hep from his friends the billionaires and royalty.
Salt life s S
Salt life s S:
Watch her 24/7. In police custody.
April Fitch
April Fitch:
Yea “he took his own life in jail”
lmfao not hardly
Norbert D.
Norbert D.:
When she said "he took his own life "i laughed so much
David Chase
David Chase:
"Main Stream Media"="Operation Mocking Bird".
Sucker Free
Sucker Free:
Trump removes the NY AG and finally get an arrest? Coincidence?
Marcel Edel
Marcel Edel:
All I can say is: About ***king time she got caught.
Hayden Williams
Hayden Williams:
Donnie Deutch looking nervous af rn.
Dan Cook
Dan Cook:
It’s sickening record unemployment homelessness long food lines and record virus numbers and Trump celebrate the mafia rule of law trumps buddy
“Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay each one for what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” -JESUS
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭22:12-13‬
I love how the reporter said Epstein "took his own life" as if anyone would believe that lol...
KC Nwaneri
KC Nwaneri:
Five gets you ten she'll mysteriously die in two weeks. We need to know where AG Barr is at all times.
It'll be pretty depressing to hear about her mysterious death next week.
"alleged" accomplice lmao if it was any other case the news would just jump to conclusions and say they're guilty
She'll somehow come off as some kind of victim in all of this....
Edyson Maldonado Baten
Edyson Maldonado Baten:
Extract every bit of vital information from her before she's sentenced to prison!
Jam 8604
Jam 8604:
She’ll be dead now soon won’t make it too court 😂
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen:
She already given all info needed to go after everyone involved ...this just a front for show time to round up world wide signal send on 4th July ...will close out around Sep 2020
Didn’t CBS have the story years ago and spike it to protect their pals?
Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger:
So the victims either came from a "low socioeconomic class or good familes". There are a lot of poor people who are good families. Kimberly should apologize for that statement.
Next week, "She dies of COVID-19."
amer ica
amer ica:
Love how comments are turned off on many other news source tube channels. Thanks cbs.
Already seen the news reporting she's got Covid lol can see what that's getting lined up for
I'm surprised she is still alive.
mike matthews
mike matthews: