-Hot reaction even before Reply1988 broadcast start
-Best ratings 4.7%, 1st among the other broadcast aired the same time
-As expected Reply1988 first broadcast doesn’t disappoint us
-Starts with ratings 6.474%.. hunch that the drama will hit big
-Reply1988, touched by the name called ‘mother’
-Reply1988, peak ratings surpassed 8%
-Reply1988 episode 3 average ratings 8.4%, peak 11%
-Kim Sungkyun touching breadwinner character, new generation fathers respond to it
-Reply1988 10% best ratings record, no.1 rivals
-OST “Don’t worry, dear’ also do well, 1st place music chart
-Reply1988 breaks new ratings record… 12.65
-Why teenage watch Reply1988
-Reply1988 repeatedly hitting high ratings with peak 13.8%
-Reply 1988 best ratings 15.4%.. rating rising up without a hitch
-Remarkable ssangmundong superman… Reply1988 first place ratings for 7 consecutive weeks
-Reply 1988 acheive highest ratings again’Cannot be stopped’
-Swept away the music charts… 4 songs in the top 10 ‘
-Reply1988 average 16% peak 17.4% highest ratings ever.
-Reply1988 average 16.3% peak 18.3% highest ratings record
-Reply 1988 writes a new record for best ratings of 20%

2. 소라 빵 = https://www.google.com/search?q=%EC%86%8C%EB%9D%BC+%EB%B9%B5&oq=%EC%86%8C%EB%9D%BC+%EB%B9%B5&aqs=chrome..69i57.1176462j0j1&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8

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Ryu yeol star:
Reupload trans video of last bts of reply 1988 since no audio from previously uploaded video. - rys
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Umira H:
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Andiena Elsafira:
This is not a drama, it's just a record of their daily life
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Jan Vethar:
I just finished watching the drama and have never been so sad for something to end. :( Would recommend 100%
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Frances Harlyn Quinzel:
Maybe because all the scenes in the drama is so relatable that it makes the people who watches feel so sad. 😢 The nostalgia, the memories, the time and our Youth, it's something that we can never returned to. All of it will become beautiful memories and that's so sad.
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Leigh Fababier:
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Brooke Penelope:
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Sweta singh:
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Dong ryong is dong ryong in real life
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Junette Hannah Calpe:
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Stefanny Sandy:
even on 2020, I still re-watch the drama. Do not be afraid that we will forget you guys. This drama is the best until now❤️
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Awanda Gita:
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Ines Pramita:
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melchor elleo Llovit:
This is like the Korean Version of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where parents are also part of life
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Jesus is coming soon:
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Fai Rul:
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Zara H:
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Virna Lisa Ascalon Tan:
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I'm Team Taek.
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Vincent Sit:
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I hope all the casts still keep in touch with each other cause im more alive with this family more than my own fam.
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apriall a:
This is sooo late but im still gonna watch this cause i miss this drama
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Megumi Kim:
i just finished watching today and i cried bucket of tears 😭😭 this drama really hits home, maybe because its relatable, bcs of the values, or the nostalgia of youth, that no matter how happy our youth is, we can never go back and it will just remain as a happy memory. I cant believe it took me 5 years before watching this masterpiece, i really love REPLY 1988!!♥️♥️
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ple lee:
I just finished it and I couldn't from criying a lot. Are there any special for this?
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Emyat Boiser:
I love how attentive ryu jeon yul is to Hyeri crying 😭 i love you na talaga junpal ❤
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Diana M Ramirez:
0:53 when Ryu Yeol has his arm around Hyeri ❤️
I want more behind the scenes, do you know where to find one?
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Nita Herlina:
Liat bts nya aja aku nangis 😭😭😭 kayanya pas scene bora eonnie nikah semuanya pada nangis ya
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세븐틴's Carat:
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Melda Siregar:
I'm not a type of person who likes watching Korean drama. I have been watching this Reply 1988 movie, recommended by my friend, because this Covid19 quarantine situation. This drama is really a masterpiece. All the characters in this film are amazing. I really feel sad when it's ended :(
Please please...continue Reply 1988 story. please make it up to 100 episodes
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Lulu Evi Andayani:
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••Knowing Girl••
••Knowing Girl••:
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black hole:
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NooNae in your area:
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Amelia Putri Saraswati:
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firgina eklesia:
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Pls recommend me a kdrama to watchh i cant still move on heueheue:<
If the viewers felt the warm touch in heart just by watching, what more these actors and production who actually did the drama.
For sure they have created a family by the end of drama.
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Skyrene Razon Bacalso:
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FoxyFox Roxy:
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Anisa Wahyuningrum:
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rebecca m:
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I am an Orbit:
This is too cute,, why did i just notice this now,, Jun Yeol was looking at Hyeri at 7:04 and at the end of the video at the final photo the two were close together in the group photo 7:36 above Bora cuties
just finished watching this drama and unto my second time.
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Nara Valera:
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jaemin's abs:
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Watched it several times, would end up being sad the drama is over, then searching around for bts, variety shows etc and few months later watch it again, and the circle goes around till hyeri and ryu get married 🤪👻
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MAGIS Jomari Gabriel:
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Kristel Bliss Romano:
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I'm crying rn 😭 I will miss this dramaaaaa so much. I will never forget my favorite drama i watched during my teenage life. ❤️❤️❤️
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Tom Hilado:
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Honey Rhoriz:
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Shaina Saludaga:
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AiKa Lo:
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Jessa V:
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Ajung Avise:
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Princess Olarte:
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Anisa Wahyuningrum:
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Nurain Syazmira:
7:04 🤧❤️
hey this is Chiyo
hey this is Chiyo:
how to move on? love you all Ssangmundong people!😭💓
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Lizette Baconga:
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another name:
I just finished watching this drama TT theyre all cute
1:16 it's still hard to believe that Sunwoo-Bora is not real
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cucu s s:
Im 23rd but its touched my heart. So warm ...:) Casts r the best too
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Wannie Nation:
0:53 YeolRi 😍😍
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Valerie Feeds:
Watching this bts alone makes me cry, i cried bucket of tears while watching the shows😭😭😭
I’m still hoping for an extension of reply 1988! It will be better to feature their married life. 😭😭
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Ellvionealyn Francis:
Love every character in this drama.
You guys did amazing job
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Sherly Amelia:
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Jinkook Bangtan:
Recently binged watched this drama it taught me so much...literally wanted it to never end 😭 It’s a must watch 100% recommended
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Suraseela Vidana:
Love this drama soo much,we also felt huge pain when at the end of the drama .such a great and amazing and drama.when we feel this much sorrow we can understand how the actors ,actresses and staff feel who worked for a long time.love you all.never forget this amazing drama❤️
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Ina Oronan:
The best kdrama I've ever watched how I wish it didn't ended 😭 a drama that's hard to let go indeed, if I will given a chance to live my life based on a drama for one day it would have be the reply 1988 💞
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R Narito:
1:47 hahahaha
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jhulia garcia:
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maya safira:
OMG from all of the scenes we definitely can see how Jun-yeol always get his eyes on Hyeri 😍 he always protect her and even look a slight jealous when Deok-Sun holds Noeul’s hand 😆
I hope they will continue the story of reply 1988
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Shagun Priyadarshani:
It's not a drama it's real. Sangmundong family is real😢😢😢❤❤❤❤
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Lea Alarde:
When they cried not because they need to but because they feel to. 😭
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Shiela G. Pineda:
Loving reply 1988 soooooo much😘😘😘😘 every character, every scene, it was really amazing, loving the story, I feel like I am also a part of their very wonderful neighborhood, the amazing parents, siblings, classmates and colleagues, the 5 super friends who have made my days during the pandemic period, a super enjoyable one. I will never forget this drama, it feels like I also went back to my childhood days with them and reminisced it with sooooo much joy.❤❤❤ Cheers to all🥰🥰🥰
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Sakura Fairy:
Ohhh, I miss Reply1988 again. Okay gonna rewatch it for the nth time. 🤭🤭🤭
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YixieL Z:
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Crystalene Fernandez:
This drama will be my best drama i watched
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Rinchin Lamu:
Park Bo Geum💗 You are just so good in this role.... Was so happy to see you guys married in the drama... I like you two as one🙈💗 I cried in every episodes.. Thank you for showing us something very relatable to real..... Really I can feel the warmness of family and friends in this drama💜
2:26 how Ryu look at Hyeri 😍
7:00 aww baby
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Ajung Avise:
I want to cry 😭 I wish they make season 2
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Ain Syuhadah:
Better late than never. Love them so much :))