(ENG) Lee Joon Gi x Moon Chae Won’s Flower of Evil tvN-Interview

Lee Joongi x Moon Chaewon share thoughts on playing married couple for the first time! Real-life friend chemistry♥ (feat. Mystery box game)

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Leiny Joyce
Leiny Joyce:
All her leading man shows affection on her and she knows how to flirt back but never cross line. She's very classy and hard to get.
I like that thay face each other instead of facing the camera. JG is flirting😏 but somehow awkwardly resisting himself from being crazy like he used to
Tomorrow with Yu
Tomorrow with Yu:
They got my heart when Joon gi hold Chaewon hand and proudly said 'it is Chaewon-i hand' when he supposed to guess the other stuff 😭💜
Mari Nakano
Mari Nakano:
They are seriously adorable together.
I couldn't get enough of them on Criminal Minds...loved their chemistry in it. Now they are finally playing a married couple!
MCW is looking more confident than before. LJG is really handsome 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Almp Imperium
Almp Imperium:
Their chemistry is overflowing😜. They look so comfortable with each other. I love it.
I never knew how soft her voice was. I agree that she's graceful and mature. I can see why men like that. I'm a girl and was so attracted to her this whole interview lmao. Joon Gi better get it.
Makeeda Roberts
Makeeda Roberts:
The way that they openly flirt with each other without getting uncomfortable is amazing 😂
The book worm
The book worm:
They look soo comfortable..look like a real couple..just date already 😍
Binal Doshi
Binal Doshi:
Are they openly flirting? Either way I am game
jamilatul muawanah
jamilatul muawanah:
2:20, when chaewon cutely said "Who specifically are you referring to?" and Junki replied, "you" CAN U BOTH STOP BEING CUTE
Omg this is adorable. I've never seen Moon Chae Won giggle like that <3
Your Majesty
Your Majesty:
Moon chae won is getting prettier and prettier😍 hope she will become more fames among International viewers she deserves more fame and appreciation for her talent and beauty.
Heeseungie's nose
Heeseungie's nose:
These two would make a great couple. They're so opposite. JG is a happy kind of person and very lively while Moon Chaewon is very gentle, silent, soft and kinda introvert.❤️
najwa kumala
najwa kumala:
when LJG said "uri Eun Ha -ya~" it just melt heart.. seems like he really call for their own daughter..
I like it when he said "WE decided" and he called her to ask if she was happy about the decision. Hehehe
marisol Jlag
marisol Jlag:
Finally Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won as husband and wife! Love them!! Thank you for sharing!!❤️❤️
I love how comfortable Chaewon is now with Joongi because it's their 2nd project. I love it when they're together. They compliment each other well and the chemistry is overflowing in their interview and drama. I wish they will be couple in real life 🥰 but if not it's okay 🥺 I still remember Criminal minds vlive where Joongi protect Chaewon with ball. He's a gentleman. I think Joongi likes Chaewon a lot since he can't hide it. When she said she's in love with the director, I think joongi was jealous a bit 🤣 then again 3:11 Joongi said "pretty ha Jiwon" and chaewon looked jealous/surprised 🤣
A Swann
A Swann:
I love to see that ChaeWon works with someone she's comfortable with💖💖💖💖 Moon ChaeWonxLeeJoonGi hwaiting!
Mae Heol
Mae Heol:
LOL~ Joon Gi was asking for snakes and alligators during the Mystery Box Game ~I'm dead XD <3....Also he was so cute when he was flustered during the countdown <3 And was such an adorable dork when doing the horse noises XP Lee Joon Gi so Handsome + Moon Chae Won so Pretty = Perfect Match, Great Chemistry. Even though they have opposite personalities, I'm glad that they get along so well and that Chae Won was comfortable bantering with him and teasing him back <3<3<3 Lol~Chaewoniee with the countdown~ so mean hahahahahaha XP XD
Jounine Condez
Jounine Condez:
both keep staring each other that never break..sweet
jamilatul muawanah
jamilatul muawanah:
Moon chaewon is cute everytime she stopped counting because Joongi wanted to ask a question. Then she realized it, "You are taking too much time!" 😂😂
meya luna
meya luna:
it's really nice to see them together again after criminal minds, their chemistry is soooo good whewww
Ashley Eu
Ashley Eu:
They’re so adorable I shipped them now hahaha lol
army bts
army bts:
When i saw joon gi in flower of evil i thought that he has a cool personality but then.........HE IS THE CUTEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD😭😭😭
Kay Drama Shipping Co
Kay Drama Shipping Co:
4:13 like the way she calls my oppa her oppa. ☺ ✌
Croatoan Cat
Croatoan Cat:
Just cannot deny their chemistry even on interviews like this!! ❤️ Wishing for them to be REAL couple..🙏💕
1:30 LJG agrees that he's 97% similar to his character...? or he's just agreeing bc MCW said it? x"D
Love how comfortable they are with each other 💕 thank you for the subs!
De Mey
De Mey:
Did you like it?
Yes, especially with u.

Me : 🙄 That's not even the question.
Just get married for real!
Sara Sabri
Sara Sabri:
OMG they made my Heart melting.. I'm Literly fangirling 😍😍😍can't wait to See their Drama. About this Question 5:08 ..Chae Wona, all of us are curious about this ❤️😘 hope it will be a great success in SK and the World, 🙏
renalia puspita
renalia puspita:
Oh my god, you are my saviour. Thank you so much for the subs. Even in interview they still act like a married couple, and the heartbreaking quotes from chae wonnie to describe their drama #sobs. Now let me go cry cry waiting for July to come.
Mrgrth Frnndz
Mrgrth Frnndz:
Im low-key falling in love with them lol
Tania Pitsal
Tania Pitsal:
Their chemistry is off the charts when he looks more serious and they both leave that "cute"/baby attitude things.
I just knew that Moon chae won was a shy type girl, because in her dramas she often became such a bold person, and Lee joon gi as expectation, a very warm oppa 😍
Their chemistry makes the drama more interesting!
Yoju Binggu
Yoju Binggu:
Thank you so much for Engsub🙏😍😍
stein lou
stein lou:
💙 you made my day and my expectations are dangerously rising, 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
joabi love salcedo
joabi love salcedo:
nakakakilig!!!!! sana sila na lang hehe
tipzy neko
tipzy neko:
Lee Joon Gi looks so young he's already 38 right?
Medg Gio
Medg Gio:
I like them since criminal minds
Rachael Dejean
Rachael Dejean:
This interview made me watch this drama and I DON'T regret it😳
Joongi is always so fun to watch😊 I can't wait for their drama
Salsabila Anwar
Salsabila Anwar:
moon chaewon look happier with lee joon gi, they're so cute together ❤
Aula Nuril
Aula Nuril:
I love their chemistry so much❤❤❤❤❤. The best drama of this year is "FLOWER OF EVIL"
Mika T.
Mika T.:
Thank you for your Eng translation. 😍❤
Rani Rusliani
Rani Rusliani:
Love them..love it...
chaeyeon no. one fan
chaeyeon no. one fan:
The are good together for real hahaha
barbie rimando
barbie rimando:
i watched almost all Lee Joon Gi dramas...so i would definitely watch this...then i found out Moon Chaewon will be his partner...i was more excited to watch this...they had a great teamwork in criminal minds, and now pairing up as a couple????...speechless...i'll just brew my coffee and watch...
ikay siang
ikay siang:
I love you both. So excited to watch Flower of Evil. God bless.😚😚💙
Siti Nor Atiqah bt Mohd Nor
Siti Nor Atiqah bt Mohd Nor:
Lee joongi totally my ideal type. cheerful ❤️
Aayush Shrestha
Aayush Shrestha:
The most waited drama for me i am waiting from 2019
Tina Lee
Tina Lee:
MCW: How similar are you to Bae Sung in terms of percentage?
LJK: What do you think?
MCW:....I wanted to say 100% but I'll say 97%
LJK: Thank-you ☺
MCW: Do you like it?
LJK: Yup! Especially when I'm with you. ❤❤
Khushi Pandit
Khushi Pandit:
Omg their chemistry!!! I don't want them to have a sad ending in the show. JAEBALLLLL
Anne Salvatore
Anne Salvatore:
Thank you soo much for subbing. Can't wait for Flower of Evil. 😊
they are so cute and playful together aaaaa SHIP
Moon Chae Won and Lee Jun Ki have been my favourite k-actors since forever and all I wanted was so badly for them to be in a romance drama because I just wasn’t content with Criminal Minds haha. I’m just so happy my wish came true and their chemistry is so good!! 😍🥰
Dian Kumalasari
Dian Kumalasari:
I'm in love with Joon-gi oppa laugh
Erika Raymundo
Erika Raymundo:
Love that countdown thing lol 😂
tinja warriors
tinja warriors:
Snidhi reddy
Snidhi reddy:
Here for healing after episode 15 tragedy. Mission accomplished TT.
vivijka vivijka
vivijka vivijka:
Tjank you so much for engsubs!😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️😁😍😊💝
Alison Blue
Alison Blue:
Wow another couple to be shipped! Previously, seo ye ji & kim soo hyun, now i have another one, which is this two!!! And the fact that both ye ji & joon ji had acting in lawless lawyer before. Wow!!
Melenia Allosada
Melenia Allosada:
Excited for joon gi new drma,, good luck
All In One
All In One:
In a drama Lee Joon GI practice how to smile properly?
Now I see wow that teacher are great LJG now smile better then do hyun soo
Leejunki 7878
Leejunki 7878:
Argghhh really can't wait for thissssss
Absolutely in love with this drama, sad it ended.
Angel Dd
Angel Dd:
They are very cute couple. I don’t like making a couple because of dorama but these two are so good together 😍😍😍 I cannot explain.

May each of you become more famous. I don’t get why LJG is not in the Top list because I prefer him over Jung-ki and Gong Yoo and wait for his doramas like crazy
Ermz B
Ermz B:
so excited to watch it soon!
Hoa Nhài Vũ
Hoa Nhài Vũ:
Love them so much ♥️♥️♥️
Moon Chae Won luv u bbong💕😍
Omma Mikee
Omma Mikee:
I love the way he look when he laugh.
naoxi lee
naoxi lee:
they are like married couple even in the interview....so cute😍😍
Coreen Wilson
Coreen Wilson:
Moon Chae- Won 😘😊👏can’t wait
Cesar Danganan
Cesar Danganan:
Thanks for the eng sub 😍
GD Noona
GD Noona:
I love their chemistry 😍
I like looking at them, being comfortable with each other 🥰🥰
(Maybe because they already worked together before)
Look at them teasing each other 🤭😅
dan riano
dan riano:
i didnt know jungi oppa is this goofy 😯 i thought hes the serious kind of guy but just look at those eye smiles
tika sari
tika sari:
I don’t even realize this already a month old.. omg why I’m so late
Lee Joon Gi's eyes and smile is so beautiful and attractive 😍😍😍they always make my day😻😻😻❤🙆🙆🙆
at last! with eng subs! 😁❤
Raflisha Lee
Raflisha Lee:
He dont look like a psycopath. HE IS CUTE ASF
I literally love the way she speaks.
Lydia Liem
Lydia Liem:
always thank you dear...
ahh i already feel their chemistry 🥺
Nuri Yati
Nuri Yati:
Finally you come back eonni, my favorite actress
Muhammad Bayu Wiranoto
Muhammad Bayu Wiranoto:
5:54 Lee Joon gi said "I heard a rumor that you are a dedicated Heesung lover?" Anyone know what does it mean?
Angel Heart
Angel Heart:
Thank you so much for Engsub😍😍
Lee Joon Gi likes making his fans cry too much.
From Scarlet Heart Ryeo to Flower of Evil.
My eyes can't handle it ><
Julie LikesUnicorns
Julie LikesUnicorns:
Lee joon gi is such a soft boi
shalu sparkz
shalu sparkz:
I know chaewon unnie is shy type but then 9:07 jiwon comes out like haha
Ilyrose Abarra
Ilyrose Abarra:
One of my favorite Korean Actress Moon Chea won. 👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕
Heeseungie's nose
Heeseungie's nose:
When JG laugh. I swear that's the cutest laugh ever
Mari Nakano
Mari Nakano:
Gunman! 정말고맙습니다!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
LJG ThaiFamily
LJG ThaiFamily:
Thank you for subbing🙏🙏
bts couples
bts couples:
You are so lovely with together😭😍❤
Michelle Lim
Michelle Lim:
Thank you for the translation. 😊😊
Ghina S
Ghina S:
Kalian cocok banget 🥺