Airing 17th Oct 2020
Starring Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seonho, Kang Hanna

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Jani's Spell
Jani's Spell:
I don't know that they talk this fast, so I just finished half of it.. Please forgive me because I think I will uploading it really late.
I'm really sorry 🙏🏻
lucyyyzz m311
lucyyyzz m311:
Idk but in 1st ep I kinda shipped Suzy with second lead😅
Shall V Queenie
Shall V Queenie:
When the all four actors is VISUAL MONSTERS😍
Liyana Fuad
Liyana Fuad:
Suzy so beautiful and gorgeous 😍. team startup hwaiting.
Ankeeta Arya
Ankeeta Arya:
While everyone is waiting for suzy & NJH Or Suzy & kim seonho pair.... I am looking forward for kim seonho & kang hana pairing. I hope they have their own love line in drama.
Your Name
Your Name:
its stupid The first love should be with the Lead girl
Shall V Queenie
Shall V Queenie:
Suzy looks like a first lady😍😍 so beautiful 😍
sweetbyme _
sweetbyme _:
I want to support start up drama bcs kim seon ho funny guy... Fighting kim seon ho
Priyanka Sanglakpam
Priyanka Sanglakpam:
Hotel del luna director is back with Start up . yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i miss IU
Hayet Amel Djebbar
Hayet Amel Djebbar:
Nam joo Hyuk so handsome
Marie Carla Barnido
Marie Carla Barnido:
The character of Kang HaNa I'm so curious. I think her character is interesting.
Adianez Ollitsac
Adianez Ollitsac:
Suzy ❤️ seon-ho team here!!!!
Raray Ist
Raray Ist:
Kim seonho charming
amberley vidyaputri
amberley vidyaputri:
how am i enjoying this even tho i dont get a single thing
June June June
June June June:
Waiting ENG sub now? 😁
June June June
June June June:
Waiting the sub!!
cheska hernandez
cheska hernandez:
Thank you so much for the sub! I appreciate it! I am excited for Start up! Dosan and Dalmi! Suzy superr gorgeous❤️🥰😊👏
Rachel Maharaj
Rachel Maharaj:
6:06 wow. I cant wait to see the relationship of the sisters unfold. My question is, who named the "sandbox"?
George F
George F:
This drama series is gonna be awesome. 👍🏼
With Red Velvet singing the OST, and the beautiful cast members, Perfection.
Why do I see a Japanese remake of this drama in the far future with Ayaka and Rio of NiziU.😂
kim seun ho ❤️
Thanks so much for the engs sub. I'm loving this drama. Can't wait for next ep.
Fahira Khairunnisa
Fahira Khairunnisa:
Makasih kak😍😍
Wilfreda Manatad
Wilfreda Manatad:
I ❤ the team up suzy ❤ kim seon ho.
Anggun Br Sihotang
Anggun Br Sihotang:
when the sub is finished?
Summer Winter
Summer Winter:
Thank you so much for the sub!~^^
bambi {*****}
bambi {*****}:
Thank you
Angelica Comparan
Angelica Comparan:
I’m obsessed
fatima sy
fatima sy:
Nam joo hyuk 💘💘💘
Shall V Queenie
Shall V Queenie:
Thank you for the sub 😍💕
Enno Warsih
Enno Warsih:
Kenapa aku malah suka sama kim seon ho yah?
susii channel
susii channel:
Terimakasih untuk subtitle nya Kaka😍😍
Fitra Aulianty
Fitra Aulianty:
Nemu channel ini dan langsung komen pake akun asli wkwk 😂 anyway, gomawo sub-nya mpok 😍 nonton demi liat interviewnya Kim Seon Ho
Enjay Santolorin
Enjay Santolorin:
I'll be back after 3 hrs 😂
Been busy studying but finally I have time to watch this properly WOW it’s very intriguing and interesting listening to them talking about their characters and how they immersed themselves into it👏👏👏👏👏👏 thank you so much for this and the subtitles 👍🤗🙏
Mila Jelita
Mila Jelita:
Terimakasih min subnya
d nofriany
d nofriany:
Sub indo nya dong