Emphysema - Pathophysiology (COPD)

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Marinko Todorovic
Marinko Todorovic:
Dude, you have some serious talent! Keep that s**t going. Now everybody can see why creativity and art are important in every field of science. Wish I have even one professor at my university who will teach like this way, using only colour markers, their creativity and teaching skills. RESPECT!
John G. Mueller
John G. Mueller:
This is such an excellent visualization of how Emphysema stole my ability to do the things I most enjoy. You can't compromise with it once it starts. I quit smoking cigarettes in 1968; traded my 3 pack a day habit for a pipe full of Borkum Riff. I chewed on that pipe for twenty years before I started losing my teeth at age 50. I changed to cigars until I had to quit 4 years after I was diagnosed with the Big E. I used to be an athlete now a good day is when I can cut my small yard or take out the garbage. If you haven't quit yet don't wait til your 70! My brother quit 27 years ago and hes 81 and going strong!
Julius Bernotas
Julius Bernotas:
I'm happy I didn't start smoking earlier in my life.
Alexandra Lessard
Alexandra Lessard:
Excellent video! I'm a student in Respiratory therapy and this is just perfffffffect for me!
Is there a way to downlaud your draw?
Thank a lot for your video!
Ivan Acevedo
Ivan Acevedo:
Excelent!!! I'm medicine Student and this helped me alot!!!
thank you so much for explaining all this.. i have to count on videos like this to understand my study's rather than the books. you do such an amazing job explaining i can't say thank you enough!
maria hanson
maria hanson:
Thanks for this my dad has it and it's sorta helping me come to terms with his condition x
Dr. Shirajum Monira
Dr. Shirajum Monira:
Beneficial for me... Toooo much!
.... Loved the video... I never tried to understand emphysema.... Thought I won't be able to get into it... But this video made it so easier... Really thank u...
Chung Seng
Chung Seng:
Thank you so so much! I think I don't need to go to attend my class anymore xD
John M. Chisanga
John M. Chisanga:
THANK YOU SO MUCH,really helped in my exam. You just nailed it for me. Thank God I opened this channel.
Dr. Frieka AKA [Daniel-Constantin]
Dr. Frieka AKA [Daniel-Constantin]:
Wow, I struggled so much learning this from a bad written book. But everything makes sense here perfectly! Thank you very much for this!
liana sajith
liana sajith:
Essentially, it all made sense. :-D
Love your videos. They are saving my life!
muhammad siqaf
muhammad siqaf:
how well this fellow explains the medical condition... someone to have closely followed, if not taken over Dr Najeebs(the genius/the most respected) Lectuers in medical science.Keep it up brother
kephas elimon mwanza
kephas elimon mwanza:
great and nice staff there Armando..
wu song
wu song:
great video... the bearing should be heavier on the protease to make it imbalance right? but just small issue. great video.
Sophie Tan
Sophie Tan:
It is hard to find someone that can draw and understand physiology at the same time. =) Good job! =)
You just earned yourself a sub, top quality video!!!
Dr.Ahmed Alaa drake
Dr.Ahmed Alaa drake:
perfect !! so clear and your explaination is amazing :) please more videos ;)
Bilal Bangash
Bilal Bangash:
Wow.I thought pathoma videos were easy
keep it up and as a request i think it would be great if you had mentioned the clinical signs and a little bit of morphology as well.
Da Ze
Da Ze:
Sir, you are a genius! The method of instruction you use is absolutely perfect!
Renato Rodrigues
Renato Rodrigues:
This is the best explanation I've ever seen! Your talent reached us here in Brazil! Congratulations for that. Keep that beautiful work going!
Andrea Lindh
Andrea Lindh:
Aaaaaah oh my god, you are amazing! If I pass my pathophysiology exam on monday I have you to thank for it! Thank you for your amazing videos!
Vivien Heinze
Vivien Heinze:
Thank you so so much for this video! Super informative as always!!
Thank you for sharing your skills and talent, this helps me review the disease... keep on posting!
Ruchika Megha
Ruchika Megha:
thank you..your teaching skill is so good🤗..
You're so much clearer and easy to understand than my school's professor.
Jem S
Jem S:
This was beautiful to watch, honestly has made this topic so understandable. I wish you could do my whole internal diseases and pathophysiology synopses haha bless you, thank you so much!
Rebekah Palmer
Rebekah Palmer:
This was so good! I was lost reading my textbook before but after watching this I can understand exactly what its saying. Thank you! 

-Nursing student
Elisa Castro
Elisa Castro:
thank you.... love thiiiis <3
Alisha Tusing
Alisha Tusing:
Very helpful, thank you so much for making and sharing this information.
Thanks a lot. It helped in understanding the air trap in emphysema.
Noemi Y
Noemi Y:
I enjoyed this, thank you!
thankyou, i'm a family medicine resident doing my respiratory rotation atm, this pretty much summarized everything in a fun talented and easy to comprehend way
This is a GREAT video!!!! I will let all my RT classmates know about you! Keep 'em  coming! THANK YOU!!!
Reem sameer
Reem sameer:
you are amazing , u made it so easy to get the idea
thank you so much 
Arab Star
Arab Star:
I interested in watching ur videos ... I hope all our doctors explain at the same way
Leonel Mondragon
Leonel Mondragon:
You should get payed for making these amazing tutorials and the great artistic images you produce!!!
I really love videos like this one (:
You are amazing <3
James Bui
James Bui:
Your videos are always amazing, informative, beautifully drawn, and easy to understand. I wish you could teach all my classes
Thank you for the wonderful video. Do you happen to have the drawing for this pathophysiology? I was not able to find it in your website.
Rach L
Rach L:
Thank you, very clear explanation and great drawings!
yogayantra Dominique
yogayantra Dominique:
Thank you Armando, as always.
Good video but the lighting is too bright and sometimes I can't see some of the words
Allan Cfc
Allan Cfc:
Thank you for making the things to be so simple now!!! =)
jill rago
jill rago:
yey! thank you for this...
C S:
Dude love the videos. Totally helps me in my pathophysiology! Excellent work!
You're just amaziing. Thank you so much =D
Robin Owen
Robin Owen:
I think I have this from smoking. Been for a CT scan and seen the doctor and he told me my lungs are done
adrienne zarifis
adrienne zarifis:
Thank you so much for your videos. They helped while studying for NPLEX board exams  and also now for OSCE. Thank you so much for your time and efforts.... truly amazing work.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee:
love love your videos!!!! thank you and keep them coming!
Mihika Patil
Mihika Patil:
can I get a PDF of your presentations if it is possible?
Btw, loved your videos❤️
Great creative presentation ,, keep up the good work :)
Crystal Chou
Crystal Chou:
I am a physio student and we all watch your video for revision. Thanks a lot!! :)
selventhiran kajenthiran
selventhiran kajenthiran:
perfect explanation..
the best by far of any explanation I have ever seen, clear clean right to the point, I am very impressed
Tricia Kay
Tricia Kay:
loving the videos they are making understanding so easy and your drawings are fabulous. thank you please keep them coming loving your work!!
Justin V
Justin V:
Do you have any videos covering Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS? If not can I leave a request that you make one? Thank you
pok lyna
pok lyna:
Thank You Very Much. This is a great way to make it simple to understand . Nursing Student/
Mohsin Fareed
Mohsin Fareed:
Great video. thanks for your effort. I agree with wu song about the protease imbalance sea saw. I actually noticed in other videos you did . it again small thing . Still great great videos.
It's a good and usefull video! But the balance you draw at 6:50 should be the other way since protease are "heavier" because of neutrophils augmented contribution, don't you think?
Macey Walker
Macey Walker:
Amazing, as usual
Ding ding ding!! Heads up!!
Round 2 is inbound,and round 1 is only gonna get worse.
once again man thank you for this awesome lesson
Evans Shadreck 1
Evans Shadreck 1:
Thank you mate, I'm wiser now .
Ashleigh Linkenheimer
Ashleigh Linkenheimer:
essentially this video was essentially very good. Essentially, I learned a lot.. essentially.
TIlak Sevak
TIlak Sevak:
Great explanation!! Thank you so much! 🙏🏽 🙏🏽
congrats on the camera man!!!!
it is absolutely a great animated video
but it is a little note wanna add , There is no obvious Fibrosis in COPD particularly speaking emphysema and this makes a sense as if it occurs it will be a mix between obstructive and restrictive lung diseases
and also will be no dilatation of the bronchiols
U r awesome .

Can't u add more videos about the respiratory system , cardiovascular system & G.I.T , Mainly in pathology & physiology ?

Waiting for your videos

ThanQ again
The Path of Eudaimonia
The Path of Eudaimonia:
Great videos, man! I absolutely love your channel.

One small remark: Shouldn't the balance around 6:30 weigh to the other side, with the activity of proteases being more substantial?
Rudrik Thakkar
Rudrik Thakkar:
Very helpful, thanks!
really thanks alot <3 ... very helpfull indeed
thanks bro :)
hexat sky
hexat sky:
thank.. you give good explanation (Y)
Medic Mike
Medic Mike:
I'm a paramedic student and this video was an excellent source of information. Thanks!
Micahella Taño
Micahella Taño:
Great video. Learned a lot from this!
Connie Alves Mphetang
Connie Alves Mphetang:
WOW...awesome video, thank you so so much... :)
SAlraee 24
SAlraee 24:
Hey love videos very straight forward. What references do u use for ur videos
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown:
awesome thanks so much.. your drawings help and you explained it super well :D
chak de india
chak de india:
lectures are very easy to understand and so good ..thank you sir
Thanks alot. Very nice and simple explanaition, stunning visual presentation and very helpful. Please keep up the good work!
any good references for this please?
Your Videos are great but what's happened to the picture quality in the last two ?
Melissa Sukosd
Melissa Sukosd:
Do you sell booklets of the diagrams you've made? Or are the individual images available online? Thank you!
Samjo Saadat
Samjo Saadat:
man....what a great video!...saved me time to go over hundreds of ppt slides...nice video editing 
Miguel Quintana
Miguel Quintana:
Awesome but the anime guy was unsettling. 
Flavia Marques
Flavia Marques:
Thank you so much for that awesome video!!!
Vandana Persad
Vandana Persad:
this video was really good. thanks alot
Sedna Yo
Sedna Yo:
Please keep uploading...u are awesome
-Med student
Very well done. Thank you.
Just gotta say... thanks for these videos. They help a lot.

you have (a lot, but not all) professors in universities getting paid good money to teach--no present ppt slides to students, but us students flock to youtube and search for these helpful videos to understand and learn what we're being taught in school...While paying the institution anywhere from 25k~60k a year. I dont get it.
W Fox
W Fox:
That's awesome man. Thanks so much.
Ollie Tugman
Ollie Tugman:
very good vid. thx man :) :)
Kamilla Mathiassen
Kamilla Mathiassen:
Excellent video ! Thank you so much.
Dani Rofoo
Dani Rofoo:
you are always helpful .. Thank you so much
saad borhan
saad borhan:
Thank you so much
Rubilyne Macabeo
Rubilyne Macabeo:
patho exam in a few days! this saved me bunch of time from reading my textbook and looking at ppt slides!!

-2nd year nursing student 
Marie van Rooyen
Marie van Rooyen:
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