Emmy Raver-Lampman Remembers When Leslie Odom Jr. Fought for the Cast of Hamilton

Emmy Raver-Lampman was an ensemble member of the original Broadway cast of Hamilton, and later portrayed Angelica during the first leg of the show's national tour. In this clip from Collider Ladies Night, Raver-Lampman remembers the close personal relationships formed in the wings on the theater, traveling to the White House, and how Leslie Odom, Jr. (Aaron Burr) fought for the cast during their very hectic year.

For more with Emmy, including a deep dive into her role in Netflix's The Umbrella Academy, check out the full episode of Ladies Night, premiering soon on collider.com!

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Sam Hodges
Sam Hodges:
Hamilton has got me through quarantine.
olivia claire
olivia claire:
is anyone else going thru and watching all the cast interviews or just me
nicole lawrence
nicole lawrence:
Don't ever say that ensemble looks like a walk in the park. It looks like you guys were competing in 5 different Olympic events, at the sa.e time. And then you still had to help you best friend move in the middle of it.
1:07 "It is non-stop"
Me: i see what you did there
Leslie Odom Jr. made Burr much more sympathetic than the historical figure.
Alyssa Mattix
Alyssa Mattix:
Did anyone else starting singing “Nonstop” when she said nonstop 😂😂? Can you tell I’ve listened to the soundtrack like 1,000 times?
ya basic
ya basic:
3:27 “i talk to someone from that show every single day” DAVEED!!
fightmaster 4456
fightmaster 4456:
this is so cool seeing that 4 or 5 years later they are still friends and remember the experience which shows how epic hamilton is
-Lunar Dayz-
-Lunar Dayz-:
I can't be the only one who has just been playing every single cast interview there is to be found over quarantine. Please don't tell me I'm the only one.
• nova •
• nova •:
Holy shit, I already loved Emmy so much after watching The Umbrella Academy but now I find out she was in Hamilton and I’m obsessed with her
Leslie Odom Jr was all class in Hamilton
Kelvin Kao
Kelvin Kao:
Wait, what do you mean "it looks like a walk in the park?" Noooooo. It looks... mind boggling!
The amount of references she’s made, probably all unintentional.
King Zande
King Zande:
I love how she takes sooooo long to answer a question. 😂
Creativa Artly
Creativa Artly:
The cast interviews are amazing. I’ve been diving into everything Hamilton that I can find.
Adamari Gonzalez
Adamari Gonzalez:
i’ve watched hamilton 21 times and it has gotten me through stuff. these people have gotten me through this whole quarantine and everything on my social media is hamilton.
Lucia Bella
Lucia Bella:
Is it just me but when you are looking at the performers behind the actress/actors you sometime see her individually?
Professor Nichols
Professor Nichols:
I thought this said LOJ fought the cast of Hamilton.
S S:
@1:08 “-Gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious, bear with me. Are you aware we’re making history?”
Globetrek Diva
Globetrek Diva:
She trying to keep it private but we all know who you talking to everyday ❤️
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say:
After watching Hamilfilm it’s tough to get it in my head that they all had to be that good every single night.
Nathan Nadal
Nathan Nadal:
Tbh the musical taught me more then my history books😂
Harvey Gary Williams
Harvey Gary Williams:
I didn’t know this channel was still on YouTube. This musical is sooo beautiful and life changing. Thank god for the Obama administration.
Devina Chugani
Devina Chugani:
Emmy Raver-Lampman is such a ray of sunshine i love her
Felicia Royers
Felicia Royers:
I just watched season two of umbrella academy and it was soooo good. And I am so jealous of her she's dating Daveed
Is she dating Daveed Diggs?
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
why does “meeting the obamas” sound weird to me
Ambria Ashley
Ambria Ashley:
Emmy!!! Love her so much. So excited that she'll be on the Central Park show singing now :)
Angie Jackson
Angie Jackson:
We so appreciate each of you and your professionalism. Thank you guys!!
v j
v j:
Well said. Great Interview! Love LOJ that much more. She's a Great Performer and personality in her Own right.
AJ Bee
AJ Bee:
Great interview. I think about the ensemble members a lot.
Kane Cantell
Kane Cantell:
I heard a rumour she was in Hamilton
Jessalin Lee
Jessalin Lee:
The interviewer is amazing! She always asks great questions and Emmy is so sweet 🥰
Zion Wiltshire
Zion Wiltshire:
“Non stop “ 🤣😭
“Allison”? 😳
Sign seen in a window: 180 days of COVID-19 quarantine, and I now know all the words to all the songs in Hamilton.
Jazz Luna
Jazz Luna:
I never knew she did Broadway too!!! That's awesome! I only knew her from TUA
Ryan French
Ryan French:
I love her! But, take a shot everytime she says "and, and, and"! You'll be drunk! Lol
Line Danzer
Line Danzer:
Love, love, love The Bullet!!! I'm a huge fan. The Ensemble dancing during the intro of George Washington was nothing short of genius on behalf of the choreographer and the Ensemble's delivery was flawless and totally awesome. The acting, movement, and choreography they delivered required a lot of practice and discipline. I mean, come on. They fought the war, did a wardrobe change and made it look so easy. Hamilton is my ish!!!!
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp:
Leslie Odom Jr. Rocks!
Charlotte McKenna
Charlotte McKenna:
“And and and “
Alina Joy
Alina Joy:
But where did her right earring go
B L A C K 《P R I D E》
B L A C K 《P R I D E》:
Emmy was in Hamilton? I'm mad I missed that.
Nathaniel Wright
Nathaniel Wright:
Like what?
Anna Richardson
Anna Richardson:
Why she only wearing one ear ring?
Will Strickland
Will Strickland:
Where was she?
Aaron Burr, Sir
Aaron Burr, Sir:
So my clone..?
Heather Schmidt
Heather Schmidt:
If she is the one in the picture with Groff, she played a role as an ensemble member who was present for every death in that show. I've heard her role named for the resemblance "The Bullet"
Just Dingo
Just Dingo:
And and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and................. you can tell it's a different type of excitement.
And and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and I'm happy for her and the cast
Awele Oniah
Awele Oniah:
Guys is this the same Disney Hamilton or
Jonathan Wade
Jonathan Wade:
Her during this video every 30 seconds like

I mEt tHe ObAmAs!!!!!!!!