Elon Musk: The Scientist Behind the CEO (and How He Teaches Himself) Documentary

This mini documentary takes a look at how Elon Musk sees the world through a scientific and engineering mind - and how this fuels the businesses he has started. We will also take a look at how he taught himself about different industries: from banking (Paypal), to rocket engineering (SpaceX).

Elon Musk champions the use of physics as a way of thinking. And believes that more people should be innovating in manufacturing - to help build the city of the future. Rather than entering the finance, law, or internet based industries. This video also takes a look at the 'reasoning from first principles' framework - which will allow anyone to view their world, personal and business, just like Elon.

Elon Musk's Book Recommendations + Others (Affiliate Links)
• The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: https://amzn.to/3kNFSyW
• Ignition: https://amzn.to/3i20BgN
• The Foundation: https://amzn.to/3i753dU
• Benjamin Franklin: https://amzn.to/2G24eWX
• Six Easy Pieces (Thinking Behind Physics): https://amzn.to/3mUvIP2

Other topics covered in this video include:
• Elon Musk's book recommendations
• The books he read to help him start SpaceX
• How he joined a Mars society when he moved to LA, helping him start his new space venture
• Elon Musk's biography as a child - looking at his schooling, what he read, and how he viewed the world
• Elon Musk quotes - showing how he views the world through a scientific mind - showing why he started his own school, and Neuralink
• A look at his college days - when he would sell computer parts out of his dorm room, and building his own rocket kits when he was younger
• How he surrounds himself with smart people - which fast tracks his learning and education in new industries
• And the expectations when hiring people for SpaceX or Tesla

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Yuval Steuer
Yuval Steuer:
“who controls the memes controls the universe” - Elon Musk
J.A. Entertainment TV
J.A. Entertainment TV:
He is an alien
NickyLegendz CH Gaming
NickyLegendz CH Gaming:
One day, he will be the guy in our history lesson, and also the guy that replace the history lesson.
I'm 15 year old boy also from South Africa, and Elon Musk has shaped my views and ideology, because of him I'm working on creating a startup, and plan to use the funds from that to finance others, and help make humanity reach its true potential as a civilization I hope I get to work with him in the near future, I'm setting myself an ambitious goal of becoming the words youngest billionare, the current being Kylie Jenner at age 21

Edit: I made this comment after first being off some medicine I have been prescribed for a while, usually I wouldn't make a statement about my efforts and work but I wasn't in a solid place mentally
Mofax Zulu
Mofax Zulu:
Physics should be mandatory subject for every student in the world. Teach it like religion
Erik Loiselle
Erik Loiselle:
Even if Elon were a robot or an alien, i'm glad he's around. He makes good change!
Cường Vương
Cường Vương:
"Too many smart minds are working on making people click on ads!" 15:47
Ingrid Bens
Ingrid Bens:
The world is so much better a place because he is in it! Live long and prosper!
David W Hamilton
David W Hamilton:
That’s why it’s a no brainer to invest in Elon musk 100% of my money has been invested in Tesla since 2015
He’s made me a millionaire and I still think it’s just the beginning.
20 Percent
20 Percent:
If you’re going through rough times, please don’t give up.
Better times are coming ❤️
Richard Albert
Richard Albert:
this man is the most important man alive today.
Anik Samiur Rahman
Anik Samiur Rahman:
Just one CEO with a PhD vyes to build the future when few thousands other CEO with a MBA are practically in competition with each other to make the planet uninhabitable.
Rollo Pollo
Rollo Pollo:
Musk is equal parts, Edison, Tesla, Feynman, and Ford.
The Amazing World Of Jag
The Amazing World Of Jag:
Me vibing with a rocket kit in South Africa...
I can 100% Guarantee that Elon will clone himself.
Addicted Investor
Addicted Investor:
Finance is easy Engineering is hard, Finance makes rich people engineers make a lot of money. A combo of both seems to get the best long term results
Lgx Hight
Lgx Hight:
' Elon even went to Mars, surrounding himself of smart aliens and learning from them '
Robert Hugojay
Robert Hugojay:
You become a good trader by taking one trade that makes sense, not ten that don't make sense.
Liberty or Death
Liberty or Death:
Finally a super rich dude that strives to better humanity for humanity's sake.
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen:
He's one of the most influential men in human history.
I didn't pay attention in physics class. I may just read those books though...
Littlebird Gyo
Littlebird Gyo:
*As long as he doesn't become evil and takes control of the earth, is fine for me.*
samu el
samu el:
New game: Drink a shot whenever the narrator says "Elon Musk".
Budz buddington
Budz buddington:
Some of the greatest minds in history are self taught.
Džastins Rečs
Džastins Rečs:
Teachers: school is the best way to learn

Elon Musk: I dont think soo
john snow
john snow:
Basically Elon finds ppl smartter than him and then 😈he take 50% of their skill 👨‍🔬 by downloading through cords
Glenn Scott
Glenn Scott:
Too bad my father (RPI '52) didn't live to see Elon's companies and methodology.
Energy Eve
Energy Eve:
“When it comes to happiness, it is reality minus expectations”
I love it lol
Jerome Prater
Jerome Prater:
When I was a kid, my fear of the dark was not so much associated with the lack of photons, but the potential presence of unknown and unseen corporeal entities.
Frog Man
Frog Man:
They say you need 10 000 hours to master something. Elon needs just one book
Brian Kenneth Kondas
Brian Kenneth Kondas:
Elon just a guy who takes calculated risks and surrounds himself with talented people. He’s not a God or an Idol. There can be more people like him and I hope there will be.
Zac Chapman
Zac Chapman:
“Silicone valley”
My eye: *twitches*
Theodor Gheorghe
Theodor Gheorghe:
Even though i know everything you can learn about elon through the internet, i keep watching content like this and this one really stands apart by the quality of information it provides, amazing job!!! just turned up notifications for the channel :)
Much Derp
Much Derp:
Actually he's a paradox. He's an AI that built himself.
Sherri Lynne Vonch
Sherri Lynne Vonch:
He is brilliant and has a huge heart. And vision mixed with a terrific imagination.
daniel ash
daniel ash:
He is his own one of a kind man made millionaire who has never seen a single thing he didn't like.
Dr.Spectra Phantom
Dr.Spectra Phantom:
Elon musk is my inspiration! I want to be a neurosurgeon but at the same time I want to be a global entrepreneur where i will inovate not just healthcare but every industry(Space,sports,tech..) I am only 14 But I know I will achieve my destiny
Danny Chenski
Danny Chenski:
"When he was a kid, elon would read for 10 hours a day"

Me: * exists video *
Rebecca Willson
Rebecca Willson:
In order to make profits in the stock market, one has to have a good strategy and proper knowledge of how the holders manipulate the market.
Deep Space Angel
Deep Space Angel:
Whoever is the author of this piece, thank you! Not only it is informative but deep understanding and the well deserved appreciation to Elon's work shines through it. More people need to understand this because we shouldn't just admire Elon. We ought to help him with his efforts on our own too.
5K Subscribers Without Any Video
5K Subscribers Without Any Video:
In his biography by Ashlee vance ,it is told that he loves the word F*ck
Super Universe
Super Universe:
You just gave me a Eureka moment right now. Thanks!!
You just helped me on my career right now.
Anatoliy Andrushchenko
Anatoliy Andrushchenko:
Somebody read book: Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance
Oscar Castellanos
Oscar Castellanos:
I'm still trying to convince myself the dark is only the "lack of photons". 🥺
Not scary: dark
Scary: dark + real venomous spider
Scary: dark + dogman
Scary: dark + bad ghost
Mahesh Odedara
Mahesh Odedara:
3:40 Elon is reading Sheldon Cooper's notebook
stefano ciamarra
stefano ciamarra:
Myself afraid of the dark: running to my mom everyday for my entire childhood.

Elon afraid if the dark: "dark just means the absence of photons in the visible wavelength. It’s really silly to be afraid of a lack of photons. I am afraid of the dark anymore.”
Love watching videos like this. Meanwhile, I would really love to learn more about investing in stocks. always good to have the knowledge before investing to avoid mistakes.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller:
I wonder where his charging port is.
Angelica Luce
Angelica Luce:
"Especially in subjects where HE COULDN'T SEE THE POINT of learning them" - THAT'S one of the strongest reasons I LOVE ELON!
i have the right answer about who elon musk is:

elon musk
Elon musk
ELon musk
ELOn musk is
Geateya Dhotre
Geateya Dhotre:
"Physics and computers"
2 of my favorite subjects, time to be another elon
“Silicone Valley” chuckle.
Manfred Konrad Richter
Manfred Konrad Richter:
"...a scientist and Physicist from inside...", cute pleonasm.
14:38 - "you must ask the right questions" - irobot.
C TheeZee
C TheeZee:
Elon musk is elon wearing a musk.
Gabi Rybak
Gabi Rybak:
I wish Elon takes me away somewhere from this world. I could be a volunteer and live in some colony on Mars or the Moon. Seriously..
As an engineer with a manufacturing background I take a certain exception to your conclusion that rockets traditionally cost as much as they did (do) because of the supplier base profit needs. The space launch industry is relatively speaking, a small industry dominated by governments. For a variety of reasons, governments desire to have their own domestic launch industries. Because of the exceedingly small numbers of actual launches, for example the Ariane 5 had four launches in 2019, there is no incentive to make the rocket reusable, and little ability use the economy of scale to lower cost. Governments use their launch industries to supply jobs and tend to spread the facilities around the country in uneconomic ways. Moreover, cost plus contracts give incentive to increased expenses and delays. Private manufacturing must be profitable to survive. Government and their sponsored companies have no such mandates. Private manufacturing knows that no company has an expertise in everything and the way to success is to be the expert and supplier of your core processes. Ford tried total vertical integration from growing rubber plants and mining iron ore to the production of the final automobile. They failed in that endeavor. SpaceX has suppliers and always will. What they do manufacture with enormous agility is their core product, absorb anything relevant to the process that is new and find the world's best suppliers in noncritical parts they have no expertise in. SpaceX also inspires. The world's best engineers wish to work for Elon Musk. SpaceX gives young engineers enormous responsibility incredibly early and the opportunity to make a difference. Where a young engineer at Boeing works for an accountant CEO, is responsible for changing the copier printer ink cartridge and may become lead at developing a new window gasket. At SpaceX a young engineer can be instrumental ushering in the future.
Great video totally watched it all
mike robinson
mike robinson:
Elon Musk is the Real Deal . The Production Engineering Processes Tesla use are the Future .
Bob Waters
Bob Waters:
"Silicone valley"? Wtf?
I hope many people watch this and understand Elon for who he truly is: a visionary, a scientist, a engineer, a human wanting to propel humanity onto a better path into the future.

Too many conversations I’ve had with people thinking he’s the evil of all evils, or that he doesn’t do anything for SpaceX or Tesla but “bank roll” then. Too many lies and misunderstandings.

He’s not perfect and his personality might it be for everyone. But he’s earnest and endearing and wants the best for the planet and humanity. Whatever you think, he will go down in history as one of the greats (and I mean, he’s only just getting started!)
Josh Saunders
Josh Saunders:
amazing.. I got my first computer when I was around 10 and learnt basic as well..
Then I started a tech company and sold it...
Now I write A.I for companies on my 3rd company.
Live like Elon!
Syed Habib
Syed Habib:
I like the quote "happiness =reality- expectation." Its so true
At around 3:00
And 4:30 somewhat.. do one thing at a time. And only that. Lock yourself.. no other desire. Do or sleep.
Brendan Wright
Brendan Wright:
0:57 silicone valley!? sounds like a good company name for a fleshlight rival
i dont read books to learn i figure everything out myself
Michael S.
Michael S.:
Severely under-rated video, the explanations and reasoning are very well spot on, good job!
Nevin Kuser
Nevin Kuser:
I'm still waiting for Elon musk to finally admit that amphetamines fueled his studies.
Elon musk who?.
Nah when westerner do something then they're this and that. But they actually discover from someone else who discover it first.
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell:
Elon's so similar tp myself. He's what i could be if i lived up to my full potential
Carol Carranza
Carol Carranza:
When I read his biography I said he must be half alien!! 😜 He is blessed with a brilliant mind & we earthlings are blessed to have him especially at this time in history!!
Elon Musk made me get paid music money through PayPal to this day! 🙌🏼 the man is a superstar! 🙌🏼🎶✅
Master Reality
Master Reality:
"he who controls the memes controls the universe" EM
Larode Fargholm
Larode Fargholm:
Whoever is reading this, hear me out... If you haven't already, you do not need to read the book " Elon Musk " written by Ashlee Vence anymore cause this dude over here just covered 85% of it in the best way..
Superb Meme Art
Superb Meme Art:
Elon Musk’s brain is a “Musk M-Elon”
14:33 "the first self driving tunnel is almost completed. " (previously known as Hyperloop). If you are about to fail at something, redefine your goal or pretend it never existed. XD but no doubt he is smart
I think it is really intresting that each year my university and others do an event where students form groups and try to create the highestvalued buissness (just a game not a real buissness) in over a time of like 5 periodes. Each year alot of students compete and despide the guesses economics students aren't the best. It's the physicist.
There's nothing to be afraid of lack of photons.
Nashier Sirajan
Nashier Sirajan:
The wisdom from Elun musk was applied by Chinese people.
J d
J d:
He is a space traveller with a mission in his mind, no matter what and how many!!
Lukas Molzberger
Lukas Molzberger:
Hehe, they gave him the hairs of Einstein and out came Cristopher Walken. 😀
Manav Patra
Manav Patra:
Talk about the epitome of SELF-LEARNING and SELF-EMPOWERMENT!!!
Ruturaj Desai
Ruturaj Desai:
"the path to the CEO's office should be through engineering or design.." very true
Muka Zero
Muka Zero:
Oh our meme lord 🙏
Gus Levy
Gus Levy:
Elon is clearly an INTJ who has the fortune of having the ability to assume great risk. Most INTJs are held back by their inherent rationality...Elon clearly does not as shown by his entrepreneurial pursuits in diverse industries.

He was blessed with genes that formed him into a blend of Newton and Leonardo da Vinci. We’re lucky to be able to witness it.
Sayyad Hussain
Sayyad Hussain:
Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous,Who taught by the pen—taught humanity what they knew not. (surah Al-alaq 3,4,5 A)
I don't know
I don't know:
What is darkness?
Me: Absence of light
Elon Musk: Absence of photons in visible wavelength

Difference between Elon and Me
Fabricio Fercher
Fabricio Fercher:
A SCIENTIST should question the system they live under, most of them are working for this outdated and corrupt system today.
is he the antichrist?. wait and see.enjoy visual toys while you are to blind to see your future
Grizzlly 03
Grizzlly 03:
13:00 So Were Going To Act Like He Wasn’t Moving Images Off The Screen, Real Life Tony Stark
Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper:
Christians-if u want to understand and know the future look into the bible
Elon musk-if u want to understand and know the future look into physic's
David R
David R:
I really wouldn’t omit his training in economics. His understanding of economics gives him the critical understanding it’s importance. You can’t do this stuff without that.
this vid may have just changed my life.. i m predicting this..
Having photographic memory like Elon helps a lot too.
Bernardo Puppin
Bernardo Puppin:
Inerviewer: Elon, describe your love as new parent for your son.
Elon: "an AI is trying to mimic what the human cognitive processing does to its fundamental mechanisms"
Stefany Carrasco
Stefany Carrasco:
Elon is AMAZING! Really, this guy is a genius that works for the progress of technology! He is super special! A visionary!

PS.: I loves the Harry Potter references
Arjun Jassal
Arjun Jassal:
He has young sheldon's notebook that's how he is a genius
Victor Cavallo
Victor Cavallo:
Someday, instead of a history class, there will be an Elon Musk class.
Eternally Conscious
Eternally Conscious:
Literally we should make a statue of this man.